Slavery 101 – dating as taught to girls

Women are groomed to enslave men. This is no secret.

They openly, unabashedly, share their tips on how to capture and keep men as their possessions, and some writers make a good living by sharing their advice on how to be a good slave owner. Women’s magazines are filled with articles telling them how to get and keep a man and women read these articles enthusiastically because they want to learn all the tricks.

Sherry Argov is a New York Times bestselling author. Her books, Why men love bitches and Why men marry bitches use humour but the message is clear. “Men control the world, but women control the men.

Having control in a relationship manifests in many ways but attempts at control are quite simple. Get the man you want, get him to marry you, make sure he doesn’t leave or cheat on you. Those are the basics. What happens in the daily manifestations of that relationship merely depends on how good you are at slave owning.

Books aimed at teaching those three principles are a self-help market unto themselves which generates significant income for the authors. Quite often these enslavement techniques go awry and they result in a different sort of book.

Feminists wish to tell us that men are toxic, abusive, and dangerous to women. Radical feminist lawyers wish to tell us that battered women get stuck in toxic relationships because they are vulnerable to male power. Dr. Lilian Glass, while still blaming men for being toxic, finally hints a bit of the truth behind the problem.

Dr. Glass says women become “toxic men magnets” when they convince themselves they can tame “bad boys” – that’s the ego talking, she says. Others quietly believe their love is like no other – that’s naiveté. Others still are addicted to drama, mistaking intensity for love.

The problem is not the men, it’s that women want to own them.

While Glass acknowledges that so-called toxic men can be completely non-toxic in other relationships, she doesn’t quite make the leap to switching who the victim in the relationship might have been. Given the advances in psychology, she feels that women “can do a lot more now than walk away – you have options. Sometimes a bully needs to be bullied.” Slaves are, after all, an investment. If you can tame your slave it’s better than trading him in.

In case you wonder if the word “slave” is hyperbolic, Sherry Argov clears that up.

That’s the big picture, your happiness. And health. You should never care what a man thinks of you — until he demonstrates to you that he cares about making you happy. If he isn’t trying to make you happy, then send him back from “whence” he came because winning him over will have no benefit. At the end of the day, happines, joy…and yes…your emotional stability…those comprise the only measuring stick you really need to have.

A good slave does more than just care though, he is a laborer. They work for you. If they’re a good slave they do it without question or lip, they don’t try to escape and, ideally, adopt a Stockholm syndrome response. Argov outlines the value of attaining this state of submission.

With a woman he’s crazy about, he’ll put in all the overtime in the world. He’ll be doing things for you, he’ll be considerate, he’ll want to please you, he’ll try to cheer you up if you are down, and he will enjoy every moment because you are the person he values most.

So the question that we need to ask of women is: why do they want a slave?

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    “So the question that we need to ask of women is: why do they want a slave?”

    A. Duh, because I’m worth it! 😉

    While not holding my breath, I’d truly love to see some feminist type women answer that question. The denials and/or explanations would be entertaining.

    • JJ

      I use to date a woman like this in San Diego. A real looker too. Problem is, she was just short of the wall and knew it. In her prime, she took advantage of wealthy, and played men like she threw somebody else’s chump change.

      She told me once that “Had I ever met you in the club, I would not even given you the time of day. I would not even have acknowledged you!”

      My reply was “And?”

      Her: “Seriously, had we not been introduced, you would never have been able to even talk to me. I would have blown you off.”

      MY reply: “I have a clever word for that sweetheart. NEXT!” I shouted it at the place we were eating. I brought a friend with me, and he just watched her slack jawed. She was gorgeous in the super hot way, but both of us agreed she would…let’s say never be the mother of my children.

      These women only want to learn tricks, like many wanna be players do. They don’t want to value the person, just get the wallet (if a woman), or tail (if the man). The other person is merely the flavor of the week they masturbate unto/into.

      I’m happily married, and glad I left that shit behind.

  • Grunt

    “So the question that we need to ask of women is: why do they want a slave?”

    The hamster would be hitting Warp 10 in short order.

    • Jason Gregory

      Warp 10 hamsters–the new green energy! :-)

  • TheSwordintheChalice

    “With a woman he’s crazy about, he’ll put in all the overtime in the world. He’ll be doing things for you, he’ll be considerate, he’ll want to please you, he’ll try to cheer you up if you are down, and he will enjoy every moment because you are the person he values most.”

    I see no problem with this…so long as it’s bidirectional. If he’s considerate, the woman he’s with should be too. If the man is feeling depressed, he should come home/visit his lady knowing that she will listen to him and cheer him up. If he does things for her (buying gifts, taking her out to dinner, etc) then these actions need to be reciprocated.

    And if he enjoys doing everything mentioned above because he truly values her the most, then she should at the very least be worthy of said value. A relationship where one partner is put on a pedestal and given everything while giving nothing back is revolting. A relationship where the love, respect, finances, and help go both ways in equal quantities is to be cherished.

  • SlantyJaws

    In timely fashion I just spotted a love hearts Valentines day meme doing the rounds amongst some people I know, goes a bit like this:

    Don’t marry a rich man, marry a good man
    He will spend his life trying to keep you happy
    No rich man can buy that

    The general consensus from the ladies commenting seemed to be that having a good rich man was ideal as if you marry for love alone you’ll “spend your life working”.

    The facepalm factories are going to have to step up their production methinks.

    • John Narayan

      Note to self, hide the Ferrari in my aircraft hanger when dating. It all makes sense now!

      • Bench

        You can dock the hanger in my space station. That way, they’ll never find it.

      • chewbakka

        That’s actually much better advice than you might think, regardless if you were joking or not. I’ve “blown off” women subtly by just mentioning stuff that isn’t true and isn’t a direct statement. I’m not advocating any PUA reverse seduction techniques but it can save listening to a lot of bitter whining. Short version – she thinks your not what she’s looking for she moves on – so move her on.

    • Hg_CNO_2

      And there is a flip side. Even for the so-called other side, the so-called ‘ambitious’ women (I know many of these, including my mom and a few exes), who supposedly don’t ‘mind’ working, they want their efforts amplified by their slaves.

      This has been my big beef. Women who have to make it their business how ambitious I am, and use their own ‘ambition’ as justification to demand even more of you. The closest reciprocal comparison I can think of might be a male jock who expects his wife to stay in perfect shape even after birthing his children, never to falter, or suffer the consequences. Bottom line is, many might think this is remedied by busy-bodied women (ones who must always be doing something), when in reality it is sometimes worse. They expect your ambition to far exceed theirs (whatever theirs may be) and to ALWAYS complement and amplify their own ‘ambitions’. Such is the nature of the slave-master relationship. “However much I am doing, you are always doing more!”

      Fuckers. My ambition is none of their business.

  • Strong Independent Man

    As for the bullying, women nowadays know very well how much power they hold over men in marriage and relationships and use that knowledge to threaten and bully their partner to get what they want and to beat him into submission. These toxic women will tell their partner once they managed to ensnare him into marriage that he will now do whatever they want or they will take him for everything he owns and take away his children.
    The Patriarchal Overlord spoke about this on Honey Badger Radio a few months back.
    The real question is how do we stop men from getting married and signing away their rights without realizing it?
    Do we start aggressively promoting mgtow? or something similar – internet campaign – don’t get married?

    • Duke

      A married friend of mine said exactly that, he said his wife completely threw off any pretenses of civility, and said to him in a round about way… You either do what i say, when i say it….. or im going to take yer inheritance, take yer children, take yer freedom, ……..and yer done!!!
      I was appalled!!

    • antifeminist

      @strong independant man. I think the patriarchal overlord hit the nail on the head.., men do sign their rights away when they get married. I’ve talked to many men who are currently paying child support and/or alimony and they act or give me the impression they really thought “this would never happen to me”. They acted in a way that led me to believe they were still in a state of denial or shock as if the reality of having to pay money to a woman who is no longer their wife still had not sunk in. I sort of formed the belief these x-husbands are still clinging to the idea that one day as if by magic they’re going to wake up from a bad dream and find their paychecks are no longer being cut in half and they’ll no longer have to get by on half rations. They x-husband I work with seems to live in a fantasy state of mind wherein he has no clue where the other half of his paycheck has disappeared to.
      I think the answer to one of your questions “how do we stop men from getting married” is to better educate men about marriage. Most if not all of the men I have had conversations with about this topic are smart enough not to invest their money in an obvious ponzi scheme or money market account with a crappy and pathetic yield, but were seemingly oblivious about the financial risks they took they moment they said “I do” and were married. Some x-husbands I have spoken with gave me the impression their marriage was somehow “FDIC” insured and they were taking on absolutely no risk whatsoever (except buying expensive anniversary and valentine presents and “for no apparent reason” shopping sprees at the mall”.
      Until all men are better educated and know the financial risks they’re taking on, we do need to discourage if not warn men against marriage and encourage mgtow until and only if marriage is overhauled. I’m no expert on the topic of prenuptual agreements, but from what little I know, most men considering marriage haven’t even bothered to do basic research on this topic – the word “prenuptual” never even crossed their mind.
      Do we start aggressively promoting mgtow? or something similar – internet campaign – don’t get married? The answer to these questions is “yes to all of the above”
      I’m a man who has gone his own way and despite this economy, i’ll be able to retire in my mid forties – don’t think I could have done this if I was married. The very idea of being milked like a cow by a woman who conned me into marriage and then gleemed while killing me with alimony or child support makes me sick..

      • tvsinesperanto

        There’s a lot to be said for your comment AntiFem. It is too late for many men to ever wake up to the risks waiting for them in marriage, they have bought into the blue-pill world far too deeply. You can warn but most will not heed your warning & will probably think you’re a bit paranoid to boot.

        However the next generation is a different matter altogether, it’s not too late for them, they CAN be reached.

        Fathers, educate your sons about marriage, I know I will be. Don’t have a son? Teach your daughters that taking advantage of someone that they are supposed to be looking out for, just because they can, is unacceptable behaviour. Again, this is something I will be doing.

        Raise them with these values deeply ingrained and the next generation may just have a chance where so many of our generation didn’t.

    • John Narayan

      Posters and stickers at the UNI’s

  • Mark Trueblood

    “That’s the big picture, your happiness. And health. You should never care what a man thinks of you — until he demonstrates to you that he cares about making you happy. If he isn’t trying to make you happy, then send him back from “whence” he came because winning him over will have no benefit.”

    This is a strategy for eternal unhappiness, misery, and toxic behavior. One of the worst attitudes people can have is the concept that others are responsible for “making them happy.” People can be nice or mean to an individual, but happiness is a choice.

    “Women are groomed to enslave men. This is no secret.”

    I don’t necessarily fault women for looking to maximize their resource appropriation from men, any more than I would fault a man for looking to maximize their supply of willing sex partners. Part of freedom is the freedom to make bad choices, and if a man chooses to be in a relationship with a selfish woman, he deserves part of the blame. The biggest problems come from the aid, subsidy, and coercive force given to the woman by society and the state.

    Which leads me to my next point: people seeking to appropriate resources from their partners is NEVER, EVER going to end. Business owners seek to maximize their profit. Sports teams want to win. Employees want a better salary and benefits. Humans are naturally selfish, and that’s ok. However what we must demand is a situation of civility, equal opportunity, and equal accountability. Obviously, the male-female dynamic is grotesquely unbalanced and corrupt in modern times, but men are our own worst enemies for enabling this situation to manifest.

    One of the only differences between “conservative” gynocentrists and “feminist” gynocentrists is their differing strategies for maintaining a pedestal and effectively appropriating resources from men. And I assure you, in the very near future a whole lot of people are going to be looking to move from the Left side of the pedestal to the Right side of the pedestal. This is already happening. It’s up to men and women who genuinely desire equality to identify & reject the Right side of the pedestal as readily as we do the Left side of the pedestal. This will be a major bone of contention between us and our “allies” on the Right for some time to come.

    • captive

      They’re both the same pedestal… Chivalrous “I’m a woman so respect anything I say and do it without question no matter how excessively wrong, disproportionate, or unjust it may be” nonsense – using their carefully bred pitbulls as weapons or demanding the utmost verbal attentiveness or respect solely on account of her sex under threat of serious sociological violence.

      Like classing the dude who had a drunk fling with a vindictive woman with Jeffrey Dahmer.

    • SlantyJaws

      Freedom without knowledge is just another kind of slavery. A lot of men make these bad decisions because they just don’t know the realities, and nobody in wider society is interested in educating them, not the news media, not entertainment media, not the government and certainly not many women. On the contrary, all of these institutions have a vested interest in maintaining that ignorance for as long as possible.

      In those circumstances I find it hard to point a finger of blame. If men were widely aware of the realities of gender dynamics in relationships in modern western democracies and still chose to enter such relationships, then I’d be a lot less sympathetic.

      The bottom line is most men aren’t given the freedom to make the right choice through knowledge and have to find out the hard way, so the cycle continues, although it’s changing now thankfully. Articles like Diana’s need to get much wider circulation in order to redress the balance.

      • Mark Trueblood

        Before the advent of the internet, where one can learn new things with the click of a mouse, I would be inclined to agree. At this time, I don’t agree. Society, religion, government, etc deserve blame but that does not alleviate men of personal accountability for agreeing to a disastrously bad financial contract.

        • SlantyJaws

          How many men are going to actively search for this information out of all the possible clicks they could make though? Because that’s the only way they’re going to find it, until this stuff starts to get more widely reported in the MSM. And if they do search for relationship advice they’re more likely to come across one of the many feminist blogs and columns out there which will just reinforce the disinformation the rest of society is feeding them. They’d have to recognise the issue exists first, and by the time they do that it’s usually too late.

          Despite having had some extremely bad experiences with women I only stumbled across the MHRM because I was specifically searching for statistics to show to a feminist I was arguing with who felt disinclined to believe my experiences.

          If by contract you’re referring to marriage, then I guess men are educating themselves as marriage rates plummet, which is why governments are starting to class cohabitation and even long term relationships legally in the exact same way as marriage, again highlighting the essentially gynocentric nature of western governments.

          However I was mostly responding to your comment that “Part of freedom is the freedom to make bad choices, and if a man chooses to be in a relationship with a selfish woman, he deserves part of the blame” which is what I assume Diana’s article is likewise addressing, referring to relationships in a broader sense.

          I just find it hard to blame men as a whole when nobody’s telling them any different, or at best alternate viewpoints are either not very visible or drowned out by a cacophony of slurs, demonisation, and just bad advice.

          Otherwise I fully agree with you.

          • Mark Trueblood

            Let’s say that a plain woman with a good job gets swept off her feet by a hunky, sweet-talking con artist who “makes love” to her and cajoles her into buying him lavish gifts, and then he vanishes without a trace a couple months later. What would be our reaction if other women defended her by saying “she couldn’t have known that this was a possibility, she was infatuated, and society programs women into seeking a knight in shining armor, she is a helpless victim.” Our reaction would be that 1. The guy is a scumbag. 2. The woman was obviously infatuated. 3. Society does train women to idealize a knight in shining armor but none of these factors alleviate her personal responsibility for making bad choices.

            A man would have to be living under a rock, with both fingers plugged in his ears, for his entire life to not hear at least some data that marriage is kinda screwy in this day and age. Given that, before he gets married, he should do his due diligence to ponder whether it’s a good idea.

            I’m not saying that it’s all his fault. I’m saying that as men, we have to hold other men accountable for their decisions. If we don’t, we have no standing to demand that women hold themselves and each other responsible for their decisions.

          • tvsinesperanto

            I think you’d find that, even if they were handed this info on a silver platter, the vast majority still wouldn’t believe or heed it.

            A friend of mine got the full treatment from his ex-wife, abuse, surprise divorce, financial devastation, family court, parental alienation, consequence-free fucking with his access to the kids, the whole nine yards. Yet, even after I told him about the MRM & red pill philosophy, & even after experiencing it himself, he STILL, to this day, sees women as the primary victims of divorce & refuses to see how the system enabled his ex-wife’s vindictiveness & greed.

            I just had to face palm. He simply would not be told.

            Even now, several years later, I still slip in the odd red pill comment now & then but he doesn’t want to hear it. Blue pill to the core & will never change. If his divorce didn’t snap him out of his stupor, nothing will.

            Still, even though I am sure it’s pointless, I refuse to give up on him.

    • ContractorFactor

      “That’s the big picture, your happiness. And health. You should never care what a man thinks of you — until he demonstrates to you that he cares about making you happy. If he isn’t trying to make you happy, then send him back from “whence” he came because winning him over will have no benefit. At the end of the day, happines, joy…and yes…your emotional stability…those comprise the only measuring stick you really need to have.”

      Yes this is most certainly a creatively rationalized blueprint for the exact opposite – namely unhappiness, misery and toxic behavior. Since happiness definitely comes from the inside not the outside, this is simply the irresponsible delegation of happiness/health to the external world supported by Briffault’s Law (regarding “no benefit” to her). Assigning an external control metric for one’s happiness, joy and emotional stability is like gambling your well-being away on red or black at the roulette table. Good luck with that one.

  • captive

    I’ve got some great pictures from a book I found from my mother about how to intentionally provoke men to anger to see what “rights” they haven’t yielded to you yet:

    These books are from “The Family” AKA “The Christian Mafia.”

    • stansbury

      Dude,WTF?? Explian that shit!

      • captive

        I can’t as it’s the notes from a seminar. It’s just a few pages from a Bill Gothard book who is a key player in the development of the “Seven Mountains of culture” conquest strategy.

        Basically it’s a mind-control apparatus for controlling people in Evangelical dominated cities:

        Here’s the “Seven Mountains” video that caused an uproar on the left when Sarah Palin was VP Candidate. Unfortunately for the people who were upset about it, it’s been instituted in many areas so it’s a little late for complaints:

        It’s a plan for government theocracy and it is the main system in my N. Cal county as well as many others around the nation. I assume their secret catch phrase is something along the lines of “Proles, animals, and atheists are free” or something along those lines.

  • Katsuni

    The answer really isn’t that complex; women are being told from birth that men exist to cater to their every whim and need, they’re told from their parents that they’re a little princess that deserves the world on a golden platter with diamond studs because silver just isn’t good enough for her, and they’re told from magazines and the other women of the world that she deserves to be waited on hand and foot. In fact, they’re taught that a man who ever even asks for so much as the slightest hint of recognition at all for all the hard work they put in for her is clearly a waste of flesh of a human being and should just die in a fire if he even wants so much as a sandwich now and then.

    Yes, he can buy you a car, provide all the income so you don’t need to work at all, bring you a wealth of gifts, cook every meal for you as a master chef, treat you like a goddess made manifest in human form, but if he DARES to ask for ANYTHING in return, no matter how small, he’s an asshole.

    At some point along the line, women have been taught that a “healthy relationship” is 100% one-sided, where the man does all the lifting and work, and the woman can just relax and be catered to. If there’s any marital issues at all, it’s obviously the man’s fault, because he’s the one doing everything, so if something’s wrong, he has to have been the one to do it wrong.

    This generates a closed loop of increasing expectations, however… if someone expects to be treated as a queen or better, then eventually they grow accustomed to the constant attention and desire more. She asks for more, and the guy is told he’s obviously not doing enough, despite that she’s doing flat out fucking nothing for the relationship at all.

    Don’t worry, it’s not your fault for being absolutely useless as a human being and a spouse; it’s a man’s job to do all the work for you. The guy gets told over and over from his friends, magazines and any other source he checks for that he has to man up and put more effort in to please his pampered princess. The woman, on the other hand, gets reasserted by her friends, family, and everyone imaginable that she deserves more than a man who can’t be bothered to go that extra mile for her.

    The problem here, is that it’s an infinite loop; he’ll go that extra mile, sure.

    Then another.

    And another.

    And another.

    At some point, the fact of the matter is, you can only go so far and to such extremes until even that becomes normal and boring.

    What’s that? You increased your income by 20% just to shower me with more gifts? Well… you increased your income by 20% last time too, and the time before that. That’s just not really showing that you care all THAT much… you should really try increasing it by 40% next time I start to feel moderately dissatisfied.

    In the end, it becomes impossible to please her because she’s stuck in an infinite cycle of wanting “more”, and never being satisfied with what she has. Any time that she would’ve had a chance to be slapped upside the head with reality, instead she has it reinforced that this is how a relationship is supposed to work.

    Then she feels mildly dissatisfied and leaves the man. Though, of course, not without dragging along 50% of his earnings for life in the process.

    She does this a few more times until she’s worn out every man she’s been with, and goes just once too far… and then she tries to find another man, and her beauty is gone, her personality is akin to toxic sludge, and she’s a caustic element in every relationship she enters as she has no value as a human being beyond her physical appearance. She’s never learned to be a descent person, to work at anything, or to provide any value of any kind, not to pay bills, not to clean the house, not to take after the children, nothing; she has zero use to any man anymore, and then… then she can’t get another one; she’s past her prime and has lost the only thing that she could ever provide, and now she asks “where have all the good men gone?”.

    I dunno, where have all the good women gone? You sure as hell aren’t among their number, and are more of a leech when it comes to relationships than the songbird you think yourself to be.

    The fact of the matter is, relationships are a two way street; it’s give and take. You give some, he gives some, and you both benefit. It’s symbiotic.

    Women have been taught that relationships should be parasitic, however, and that’s how their lives fall apart; they’re a parasite that’s only useful for being a drain on other people with no value nor return on their own part.

    Of course, once she’s drained several men, that’s fine, she now has several incomes in the form of various alimony and child support payments from various different guys, and she can coast off that for the rest of her life, yet even so, she’ll feel somewhat disappointed that she has no one who will put up with her bullshit anymore, and that she will never again have her income increase by large steps again, and won’t have someone to wait on her hand and foot any longer. She’ll actually have to learn to cook her own meals, to take her own car to the garage to get it fixed, and carry the laundry upstairs by herself.

    Such a sad end for her, having to actually return to life like any sane, normal person would have to.

    Boo fucking hoo.

    If she hadn’t been an emotional and financial drain on a remarkable number of people in her life to get to that point, I wouldn’t care; she’d learn to be a useful human being again and return to society, but it’s too late, she’s already ruined the lives of so many others in the process. At this point, this tiny, mild slap on the wrist simply isn’t a fitting form of retribution for a lifetime of spreading misery and malice.

    Wanting “more” is not a problem in and of itself, so long as you’re willing to work and put effort in to get more. It’s when you want everything, and then want more than everything, and want everyone else to be the ones to bring it to you that you become a terrible person.

    And no, simply being female isn’t enough payment for everything you want. You actually have to earn it via some other manner.

    At some point, our society has to place realistic expectations upon women so that they can be happy, rather than setting them up for failure. This “I’m female, it’s the only valuable trait I have and will pay for a palace” mentality has simply got to stop. 51% of the world is women, and clearly, that means that, even if every single man gave every single woman they lived with a palace, even then not every woman can possibly get a palace unless she’s willing to share via polygamy.

    Of course, that wouldn’t leave her as the special snowflake any more, so that’s not going to happen either.

    So, that’s what we’re left with. These women have been taught their whole lives to keep a slave, and that they need never provide anything of value in return. Is it really any surprise that this situation exists at this point?

    It’s not all women, fortunately, just the few pampered princesses, but the proportion of princesses is ever increasing, and the number of women who actually understand they have to provide in equal measure what they take is gradually falling behind. Eventually, every princess hits rock bottom and asks where all the good men are. The answer is they’re with the women who provide something of value to the man instead of heaping on the abuse.

    It turns out men actually prefer a woman who isn’t a piece of shit, go figure.

    • nick

      Kinda long but a good read. Well said. Although you forgot the part where she fakes suicide for attention 10 times per year but otherwise Great post.

    • roeboat72

      You just perfectly described my last relationship haha.

      I found that no matter what I did she would get accustomed to it and then act as if I never did anything for her and she did everything. I remember how I used to give her massages often as an act of love and kindness to help her after her long days as a CNA. One day I got busy with something else and the next morning I got grilled from her anger that I dared to not give her the promised massage. She had become so accustomed to it that I rarely got anything in return, except for maybe the occasional token “Thank You”. Later on she would continuously go on about how I never did anything for her and ho0w she did everything, but yet conveniently forgot about how I helped get her CNA license and classes, or how I took her to her CNA classes every day on my own dime.

      It was only a few months later she kicked me out because I was no good, even though I had done more than any of her previous relationships combined haha. I fully expect she will become exactly like the example you mentioned, once her physical beauty falls away she will find herself unable to get a man who is willing to do everything for nothing. Then she will truly wonder where have all the good men gone.

    • TarzanWannaBe

      “More” for HER because all is never enough. So HE better get to work! haha

    • tvsinesperanto

      “She does this a few more times until she’s worn out every man she’s been with, and goes just once too far… and then she tries to find another man, and her beauty is gone, her personality is akin to toxic sludge, and she’s a caustic element in every relationship she enters as she has no value as a human being”…

      …and then becomes a man-hating feminist.

    • WontStepUp

      “This generates a closed loop of increasing expectations, however… if someone expects to be treated as a queen or better, then eventually they grow accustomed to the constant attention and desire more. She asks for more, and the guy is told he’s obviously not doing enough, despite that she’s doing flat out fucking nothing for the relationship at all.”

      I saw an example of that overseas. The women in this particular country aren’t accustomed to men opening the door for them, so they’re swept away by the Western guy’s gallantry – the first time. The second time, they’re already used to it. By the third time, that former gentlemanly act has become a demerit for the guy because each subsequent opening of the door isn’t so exponentially better as to reinvent the concept.

  • Redfield

    Toxic men magnets?? The thing is what is a toxic man in the Doctor’s opinion? And how do you know when you have made your slave owner happy? Ladies please give more direct guidelines/meanings to these very important insights, considering possibly only 29% of men have a desire to marry or be in a committed relationship in the U.S. it is obviously of great importance to someone to know, not sure who, but it could be important perhaps 20 years ago! MGTOW renders it surplus to nearly all male requirements …

    These women should send this sort of information off to the few eligible men out there :) It should really improve their chances of becoming the sort after slavemaster in a man’s life! Truly ladies keep it up it’s working wonders, men just can’t get enough of you, we wouldn’t know what the fuck to do if we didn’t have one of you as our slavemaster :)

    • John Narayan

      Feminism is a magnet for toxic women!

  • Duke

    I believe the biggest and most viral poisoning of the relationships between males/ females in the US, is the perversions in American law enforcement that have given any sick bitch with emotional issues, a billy club to beat any male lover over the head with, any time she feels the slightest whim.
    The massive amount of “Empowerment” that these perversions to US law enforcement have given American women in the immediate, are now starting to show the long term costs. Immediate gratification always has its longer term costs!!!
    History will show, that these perverse manufactured statistics Alliances within the American law enforcement community did women no favors in the long run….. because we are in fact seeing men turn away from relationships with women, just to keep their basic civil rights intact.

  • August Løvenskiolds

    Sherry Argov’s quote, “Men control the world, but women control the men.” can be used as the basis for a sharp answer to the feminists’ claim that “men don’t need safe spaces because the world is their safe space.”.

    “What are you afraid of, honey – that your slaves will get together and figure out that you are their slavemaster?”

    Karen Straughan faced this very claim at Ryerson in the Q&A session.

    • captive

      The idea that the “world” is a “safe space” for men is the biggest lie that Feminism has ever invented… The world is much more dangerous for men than women:

      • tvsinesperanto

        Good video & good on you for using Vimeo instead of those Google+ pimpers at YouTube.

        Oh how I hate them!

  • justman

    >>Women are groomed to enslave men. This is no secret.

    Not only that. Women are grooming men for slavery.

  • Stephen Jarosek (aka Codebuster)

    With a woman he’s crazy about, he’ll put in all the overtime in the world. He’ll be doing things for you, he’ll be considerate, he’ll want to please you, he’ll try to cheer you up if you are down, and he will enjoy every moment because you are the person he values most.

    And then, if she should get bored with her devote slave, she can divorce him, take him to the cleaners for alimony, and claim child support. And should she be unable to leapfrog immediately to another provider, she knows that thanks to affirmative action and all those millennia of women’s oppression, she will be given first priority to the comfiest office jobs in air-conditioned offices where they manage the slaves toiling in the dust and heat outside… or maybe even take away a man’s job if she wants to dabble in the trades for fun or for a laugh.

    Which raises the question… how stupid, exactly, are men to have allowed this whacko situation to emerge? With their “SUCKER” tattoo etched indelibly into their foreheads and wearing their “kick me” tags on their backs, maybe many do deserve to be kicked into oblivion.

    Love Diana’s posts… never disappointed.

  • MGTOW-man

    Diana, your article here is a great example of what I say too. Women—feminist or not—in general…vastly general, that is, want to run everything. Everything means just that: EVERYTHING. Men’s emotions, inner thoughts, politics, jobs, schools, families, courts, churches…you name it. Nothing is exempt from their feelings-skewed idea that it all should revolve around them…and only them. To exacerbate this dilemma, apparently, most women do not even know this is a common trait shared amongst their sex…and thus, if any male or “outside’ female disagrees, their feelings-induced protective shields cause them to automatically say men (and women) like that”hate women” are mean bigots, sexists, and oppressive brutes–whatever exaggerates and helps them GET MORE!.

    Understand women, how they work. Understand men, how they work too, and we will have half of our work done. It is women like you who are lighting the way many times too. In fact, it is women like you who have taught me so much about women, both personally and like you do here.

    Thank you for your honesty—no matter what it costs you. I am sure you make feminists squirm as much or more than any man can do.

  • VAWAVictim

    Women use VAWA or the threat of VAWA to bully men very often. That’s what the feminazi was referring to with “you have options”. A friend of mine recently said “Nowadays, the cops are their daddys. You don’t do what they want – they call the cops. They smack you because they know you can’t smack them back.” but he didn’t know until I explained it to him that VAWA is behind that.
    Its surprising to me how many guys know nothing about or how insidious VAWA is, but hey, I didn’t know either.
    That bullshit needs to be repealed, and don’t give me that “Well, there are some women who actually get abused.”. Just because “some” women actually get abused, all men should suffer? Oh yeah, right. That’s just how the feminists and manginas like Biden want it.

    • captive

      You’ll love this video:

      • tvsinesperanto

        The rest of the conversation with police while she is in the car…

        “This man is FILMING me!”

        He’s allowed to do that. Has he attacked you or harmed you in any way?

        He’s FILMING me!

        As I said, he can do that. I suggest you pull your head in & go to your doctor’s appointment. We’re not sending a cop out for this crap.

        *Police hang up*

  • Drp29655

    And this is why I often avoided dating when I was single. I had no desire to be anyone’s slave and did not want to be held responsible for someone else’s happiness.

  • comslave

    When I was in college, I was told marriage was the slavery of women.

    So okay….

    Then I don’t get married.

    Now I’m told I’m a selfish jerk.

    Because I don’t get married.

    So, okay…

    I’m selfish because I don’t want to enslave a woman.

    Just working through the logic here.

    • captive

      You’re only a selfish jerk to not get married if you have money – otherwise you’re a creep – possibly even a neckbeard.

      You didn’t pay attention well enough in feminist theory.

    • Cam

      The “selfish jerk” line has been around for decades buddy – as you probably know.

      It is just another of the typical shaming type ploys/tactics attempted by woman on single men. That is men who want to do their own thing and not have a woman and children around their necks 24/7. You will rarely ever get this type of stupid line from a male.

      In any event you should have some nice comebacks by now when anyone hits you with that kind of moronic trash speak. Plenty of material here to draw from.

      There really seem to be too many woman out there who that think it is so unfair that a man should just live his own life and do what he wants when he wants and get to keep his hard earned cash as well.

      In my experience there are an awful lot of woman out there who want a guy they can wrap their finger around and get to do virtually what they want. They want to rule the roost and that’s that. It is a good reason to stay single because you avoid being entrapped by these kinds of people.

      Sadly I see too many men who just go along with that type of scenario – sometimes to their severe detriment.

      Go to the right section of any large bookshop and you will find numerous books written by woman on how to attempt to change men, to control men and to manipulate them. They think they are so clever. It’s all quite blatant as the author of the above article correctly contends.

    • John Narayan

      It’s called women wanting to have it both ways, it’s women with this mentality that are the selfish ones. Self centered brats think the universe revolves around them. Worse then children. Meh!

  • Jim Doyle

    And Friday is the holiday celebrating all this. What are you going to buy me to prove how much you love me? Remember – I looooove chocolate, but please no trite old roses! I want jewelry or something. Me? What am I buying you? Like I love you? Silly slave! Don’t you feel all powerful and manly now, the big hulking provider?

    For all the hype about Valentine’s day in advertizing in the media, how many women actually kind of roll their eyes over this crap? Probably a lot. Of course it’s nice to get something as a token now and then, but all this blow out with flowers delivered at the office is eye-rolly. Okay, not many go on to get anything for their husbands, but I bet half the time they suspect it would fall flat.

  • MrWombat

    Spent a few hours watching a married couple in operation the other day. At regular intervals, wifey would give hubby something to do. Open window. Make coffee. Change baby. Get me the remote. Sometimes justifiable, sometimes transparent busy work. Sometimes couched in a “honey please could you …”, sometimes simply issued as an imperative.

    The point is that she got compliance from him each time. Each time he was “Sure, no probs!” and proceeded to do whatever it was. That’s the entire goal of the exercise. That’s what it’s about.

    You know, I can’t help thinking that the dynamic would have been more honest if she simply had started calling him ‘Boy’.

  • Caprizchka

    There’s a huge subculture of individuals who actually relish being’/living as a “slave” 24/7. However the number of aspiring “slaves” falls well beneath the number of experienced/reputable/referenced “masters” and non-pro “mistresses”. Men outnumber women on the “slave” side and non-pro “masters” well outnumber non-pro “mistresses” even if sex doesn’t determine how seriously or ethically one takes up “the sash”. Professional mistresses, on the other hand, don’t even have to be all that informed just attractive with lots of props and fetish wear. Lots of women make a living this way–ordering men around or perhaps physically “abusing” them and getting paid to do it. Blame the customers!

    Out in the vanilla world, however, it seems to be mostly female-dominated, with women “enslaving” men so as to impress their mothers, sisters, and girlfriends. However, an awful lot of women secretly or not so secretly crave being in the opposite role but don’t dare disappoint their female critics. For every socially engineered condition there is a blowback, you only need to know where to look.

    However, oddly enough, I also see the very weird but increasingly common dynamic of a female “slave” who has her “master” caught in her apron strings. How could this dynamic actually make both parties happy? Whatever happened to integrity of dynamic? Another disturbingly increasing dynamic are “masters” who “dominate” women into “topping” them. Strap-on provided!

    I’ve got nothing against whores or their johns/janes but it would seem to me that a lot of heartbreak could be avoided if people were just open and honest about what they wanted. However, both men and women are encouraged to lie and otherwise assume that the opposite sex is untrustworthy and therefore one is self-justified in lying. What a mess.

    My advice? Figure out what dynamic you want and go for it but preserve one’s character first. What possible satisfaction can be obtained by discovering that you’re married to a doormat who is not even strong enough to resist your manipulation tactics? Does anyone actually achieve happiness by being manipulative and money-grubby? I doubt it. Trusting relationships take time–that heady feeling is your conscience telling you to wait…wait…wait…before committing and signing on the dotted line.

    • Andy Bob

      The dynamic usually doesn’t appear until after the deal has been signed. At least, that’s how it usually works. Prior to marriage, aspiring slave-owners use very subtle methods to persuade their future slaves that she is worth whatever sacrifices she requires of him. Such women know how to play the affectionate and supportive soulmate who is financially responsible – and not prone to nagging. In other words, most of these women can disguise their disgust at having to preted to love men they deem unworthy for as long as it takes to secure whatever it is they want from them.

      Once that it achieved, out comes the three-ring circus of crazy crap that very few men would knowingly sign up for. Most men who find themselves stuck with these women have no wish to participate in some slave/owner psycho-drama. They think they were entering mutually loving relationships. They have no idea they are being very artfully played by mercenary narcissists whose skills of manipulation have been taught, condoned, applauded, encouraged, rewarded and sponsored by every entity she has ever encountered from the moment she issued her first post-natal wail.

      Don’t be misled into thinking that men end up in relationships with these women because this is their secret wish. Most of them were outright conned.

    • brentlol

      Have you ever been in BDSM relationship? Do you know people in the community? If not I would respect if you didn’t make claims of ignorance. While I’ll agree that there are women who claim to be doms (I won’t use the master/slave terms because thats a specific subset of a broad community) who don’t know the first thing about dominating and think its about slapping someone around and bitching at their leisure. I, and many other subs I know, wouldn’t stand for this bullshit, and those that do are master manipulators that are more cruel than any dom. In most BDSM its the sub who has the most control, they may not be the dominate within sex play but when it comes decisions for and about the relationship they have the most control. I kept the terminology gender neutral in that retort for a reason. BDSM coupling are just as complex as any other and shouldn’t be painted into a corner and is never black and white. Which is true of any relationship. I should also note that through may own experience and those I know BDSM relationship are often considered healthier than those within the “vanilla” world. Sure monogamy may be nearly nonexistent and couplings are considerably shorter, but those that do last last (often because of the nonexistent monogamy.) When it came to relationships embracing my kink has been liberating. When the difference between good and bad sex play is all about communication than its more likely to extend into the rest of the relationship.

    • John Narayan

      “For every socially engineered condition there is a blowback, you only need to know where to look.” I see so many women 35+ in a panic, childless, and in some cases jobless, that I doubt will find a man. Men are waking up, there is a change in the air, men do talk about this stuff but not around most women, there is no point.

      So many men are MGTOW in everything but the MGTOW label, they don’t like to be labeled.

  • dubs

    The vast majority of women I know are subs.

    Interting thing about subs :

    1. They have to be tended to
    2. They are non-agents
    3. It’s the dom that has to setup the machines, the chains, the hooks, it’s the dom that actually does all the work.

    Women’s appearance of weakness is their strength.
    Men’s appearance of strength is their weakness.

    When a woman is in dire straits, appears to be helpless, the proverbial “damsel in distress” what happens? Men come out of every oriface to help her.

    This is the source of manipulation, her illusion of weakness.

    If she does for herself, she is being butch and no one will help her.

    While men study STEM subjects about how to build, how to engineer, etc
    Women study things that actually influence public policy, the social side

    So men control the world
    And women control the men

    I’m starting to think maybe some aspects of equality-feminism are a good thing, creating a “genderless society” removes alot of the power of women over men.

    Also alot of the “Traditional Conservative” stuff about wives being submissive to husbands is a farce, the man runs himself ragged trying to please the helpless submissive queen.

    In short

    Most of the ideologies of the world serve to trick men into thinking they have power and control, when in reality almost everything they do serves women materially, psychologically and so forth.

    The best way to counter it from an MHRM point of view is to reach other men in our lives and TEACH them.

    Esther Vilar’s “The Manipulated Man” was a godsend for me.

    I recommend sending a copy to every man and boy you know.

    Information is power.

    PS – If you look at “gender essentialist” feminists like Radfems and whatnot, you’ll notice a fair amount of them come from Christian Fundamentalist backgrounds, they went from one spectrum of being “special” to the other spectrum of being “special.” In both cases, they believe in a natural female supereriority. The proof is that they can “feel it” in their hamster.

    • TarzanWannaBe

      Re: your “PS”, thanks! I’ve noticed for some time that feminists and religious fundamentalists function, cognitively, in the same manner. The script (myth) is of the same boilerplate used by (probably) all ideologies. Just change the actors, build a stage, adjust the lighting, shout ‘action’ and begin reading the lines, Voila! Their lives now have purpose. lol

  • paxmaxi

    Why do they want a slave? Seriously, who wouldn’t? If you can get away with it and even have your slave believe that they want to be your slave, well hey sounds good to me. I want one!

  • Scribbler G

    What we are experiencing is the rapid evolution of society and culture fighting against biology, and it isn’t pretty. Women just aren’t as concerned with what’s good for me in the way that men are with what’s good for women – and it’s been that way for long time. Given the current political environment, giving women so much political and economic power over the past 100 years, is it any wonder that women are pressing their advantage on every front without consideration for how it effects men? Given their sexual liberation with birth control, is it any wonder they seek higher status men by making themselves available with no commitment, in the hopes that they will “punch above their weight”? Given how little they are programmed to care about men, is any wonder that they treat men who they think are beneath them sexually like they are invisible?

    Nah, not at all. The key for men is stop taking them so seriously. To stop looking for “love” and buying into the sucker’s game of romance and monogamy. Drop the idea that women will remain loyal “no matter what”. Women will move on to a better deal – they are programmed for it, and they will not feel guilty about it. Men should also recognize that women want a man who is desirable to other women, so you should always keep your options open, regardless of whether in a relationship or not. Your wife/gf will always desire you more if other women want you, if they are guessing a little bit, if you are a bit of a mystery.

    This is all the opposite of what we are taught in terms of women’s goodness. and romance and “love’ but if you play by those rules you will end up very unhappy. You will be emasculated, at best and more likely brokenhearted and broke. Men – take care of yourselves first and foremost, a woman is not the key to your happiness.

  • Mr. Sungame

    I think I was 16 when I noticed the trend of “giving more than I receive” with women.
    I would do something for a girl, with a promise that “Sure I will help you out/do the same/pay you back tomorrow” and when I came to collect I got a “Sorry, I don’t want to right now, how about you help me out again”.

    It took me almost the same amount of years to realize that this is an inherent trait with women. (I base this on the fact that every woman my own age and younger I have personally ever met fits this bill)
    Women are happy to take from you, but are extremely picky about giving back. And if you point this out to them you end up as the villain.

  • Duke

    This book will clear up alot of the vague eries.

  • Hlaford

    I think the classic literature is far less vague on these concepts. You simply pick a fictitious character, say Scarlet, and give her a role of a spoiled brat that is entitled to dispatching men to any kind of despair, including a quest of her own happiness. Once things fly south, and I mean waaaay south, such a character may even rise from the fictitious ashes, on the expense of others, like this…


    …simply to screw her own life even more thoroughly in a subsequent attempt.

    After being screwed over, again, a “man of her life” does something like this…


    … and goes his own way.

    Unfortunately many real life stories do not have a happy endings like this.