Murderess Jasmine Richardson attends Mount Royal University

Jasmine Richardson

In April of 2006 12 year old Jasmine Richardson lured her boyfriend into helping her murder her parents and her younger brother so that she could go live with him.

The cited news story attempts to paint a picture different than the reality that Richardson was the mastermind of the crime by posting a younger innocent looking picture of her and giving it the caption “Before Jeremy,” and then showing picture of her in goth make-up, stating “and the transformation begins.”

But police investigators uncovered internet communications between the couple that clearly identify her as the one who instigated the crimes. Her first known communication about the crime was a message to the 23 year old boyfriend that said “”I have this plan.  It begins with me killing them and ends with me living with you.”

Pussy power at 12? You betcha. The power to solicit murder, provided the recipient is of weak enough mentality.

And it was Richardson, who, after hearing her eight year old brother plead, “I’m scared. I’m too young to die,” plunged a knife into his chest. The boyfriend followed that by cutting the boys throat. The couple murdered her parents in another room of the house.

In a follow up to this story, Richardson, who was sentenced to 10 years, is now out of prison and in her freshman year at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. Her parents and brother remain, as far as is known, dead.

In one particular bit of coverage from 2009 there were still concerns that this young woman did not understand the gravity of her actions.  View it here.

660 News, which reported the follow up story about Richardson attending school at MRU, did not reveal her name in their bit. They say it is because her “identity is protected.”

No it’s not. Her identity and deeds are PUBLIC RECORD. Her name is Jasmine Richardson. She is a murdering bitch now attending school at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and you can find her listed in the registry at

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  • Jean Valjean

    Scummy bitch.

    I hope our Canadian brothers can pay the university a visit and post some photos of her and let her “peers” know who they are going to class with.

    That’s not harassment. That’s the right of citizens to know when predators are in their midst.

  • Roland3337

    If I were a student at that university, I’d be running around campus, putting up posters in the men’s bathrooms and dormitories to warn the boys about this scary little bitch.

    But is an excellent and much needed start.

    • scatmaster
    • Fizzy

      I wouldn’t be surprised if running around/putting up posters got you kicked out of school or a harassment charge, or a restraining order or… Universities will go to insane lengths to maintain the appearance of supporting women independent of any relevant facts.

      Imagine some guy goes around putting up pictures and then tries to say “I was legitimately concerned for my safety”. Unfair as it is he might get in serious trouble! Of course, disagree with a woman in the wrong tone of voice and the words “legitimately concerned for my safety” would put you in jail.

      Oh well. Universities suck.

  • Dr. F

    Good grief !

    If ever is needed a Hans Solo to come out of nowhere and blast the evils away at the right time I’d say it’s now. I’ll also say Hans in this case is

    • Jean Valjean

      That would be “Han” Solo.

  • James Huff

    Thank you, Paul. I’ll keep searching for more.

    • Paul Elam

      Nope, thank YOU. I am so busy that I will often miss these kinds of stories unless people like you give me the heads up.

      • typhonblue

        Please put Karla Homolka on In her new identity.

        • scatmaster

          What is her new identity?

          • Raven01

            Leanne Teale
            Karla Teale
            Leanne Bordalis
            Karla Bordalis
            Leanne Magnotta
            Karla Magnotta

            The Teale name was used while still with Paul Bernardo when she was knows as Karla Leanne Teale.
            There are unsubstantiated although not unexpected reports of a multiple name changes. Leanne Teale being the most commonly referred to in media as it is the one used upon release from prison. Athough she is married to Luka Magnotta who also changed his name to Thierry Bordelais. So, all permutations are valid assumptions.

          • PrincessOfPower

            Raven01 was super-close, but not quite head on… Karla Homolka (aka Bernardo, Teale) now goes by the name Emily Bordelais.

            Her new husband, Thierry, provided her with not only an unspoiled surname, but three bouncing babies as well! Those who follow her activities (she’s an internet nut!) think it’s heartbreakingly ironic that she now has one child for each girl she murdered.

            Those who are interested in that sort of thing can read all about it (extra! extra!) at:

            As for that murdering bitch Jasmine… I assume she’s attending school under an assumed name. The fact that her name was leaked during the preliminary phase of the investigation rendered it utterly useless to her. She has family in Ontario, and “we” were worried for a while that she might decide to come here!!! Sorry, Alberta :(


      • getreal13

        I know you’ve heard about the woman in Canada who killed her baby immediately after giving birth, threw it in the neighbors yard, and then tried to cover it up. The female judge let her go on probation, and stated that the father and grandfather had no say in what she did because they could not understand what she was going through. This happened recently.

  • Boxer

    Thank you Paul and the rest of the staff of register-her dot com. As you might know, in Canada, female criminals are never identified in the media. This gives a tremendous amount of power to murderers and abusers in selecting new targets and murdering again. If anyone doubted the absolute necessity of this website, consider it in that context.

    We should hope that the murderer Jasmine Richardson gets treatment for her homicidal tendencies and will sincerely reform her life. It will truly be a sad day if she kills again, and those of you who put her name up have to release an “i told you so” statement to the international media, from the US.

  • scatmaster

    Gentlemen, bombard the above comment thread. You can use your Facebook, Twitter account, etc.

    Let them know she is attending Mount Royal University and use the register-her link.–_Killer

    Been as I am from Canada I need to find an anonymous proxy and IP blocker so I will get at it in a bit.

    It is time to bombard.

  • scatmaster

    Here is a screen cap of what I posted.

    They removed it almost immediately.

    Still could not hurt to bombard.

  • scatmaster

    How come I can only see my previous post when I log in?
    The copy and pasted below after I log in.

    If I am logged out it does not appear.

    Gentlemen, bombard the above comment thread. You can use your Facebook, Twitter account, etc.

    Let them know she is attending Mount Royal University and use the register-her link.–_Killer

    Been as I am from Canada I need to find an anonymous proxy and IP blocker so I will get at it in a bit.

    It is time to bombard.

    Tis not showing up in the latest comments either.

    • Denis

      They ban you by blocking your comments from public view. It’s very devious and deceptive.

      I don’t think you can post with an IP blocker and proxies don’t work unless you purchase secure ones.

      • scatmaster

        Interesting Denis as I have the screen cap of it posted.

        Maybe I will try it without the IP blocker. The one I am using seemed to have accepted it.
        I will try again.

        • Denis

          Your comments exposing her name (screen cap’d) are not viewable on my computer.

          • scatmaster

            I never exposed her name just a link to the story on register her


            I just looked at it again.

          • Denis

            There are no comments by Scatmaster when viewed from my computer. There are a few other’s that have posted the information though.

  • scatmaster

    It is fixed.

  • Raven01

    Thank you for outting the bitch Paul.
    If not already on register0her Karla Homokla along with her alias belongs there. Actuall I think your Canadian fans would appreciate an article on her as our government has blocked most pertinent information about that case. She was evil enough that they realised they screwed the pooch in a big way granting her a pussy-pass.

  • Raven01

    Deal I’ll find the sources to verify what facts I can through the Canadian net filters after work tomorrow.
    I do think she could be multi-listed as a sexual predator and murderer if what the investigators found is suffinceint to protect against action against any of your projects. Technically speaking she was convicted of lesser crimes and sentenced to 12 years.
    Well, someone types faster than I do and beat me to it.

  • Masculist Man

    Why does Canada have these bullshit laws that say you can’t identify female criminals?

  • Perseus

    The cited news story attempts to paint a picture different than the reality that Richardson was the mastermind of the crime by posting a younger innocent looking picture of her and giving it the caption “Before Jeremy,” and then showing picture of her in goth make-up, stating “and the transformation begins.”

    The soulless fucks behind such calculated lying witchcraft to protect females and malign males deserve the worst of the worst and we can only hope that they get their rightful dose. Fucking assholes. You hear that, editorial feminista? You’re a depraved f-u-c-k-i-n-g a-s-s-h-o-l-e, and you are in the crosshairs of justice. Hold tight, your is on its way ….. and it will be thorough.

  • Perseus

    One of the great things does is highlight how ‘everyday’ these psychopathic females are in appearance. They look no different than the harpies we work and interact with everyday. These witches lurk among us, and our vagocracy encourages every female to nurture and manifest that inner witch.

  • Sirreaper

    Funny the story on Yahoo from the Calgary Herald says “Her name is protected by law”

    Good work Paul.

    • Kai

      I think her name is protected by law because she’s a minor. But if that’s the case, does it apply to male minors as well? I don’t know.

      • Boxer

        Hi Kay and Sir Reaper:

        In Canada we have a law known as Youthful Offender Statute or Youthful Offender Act at both the federal and most provincial levels, which protects all minors (19 and younger) from identification for crimes. There is a related compact in the Canadian media (not federally enforced by law but universally upheld) which protects people involved in sex crimes (usually women) as though it will somehow protect the victims also. I am not a solicitor so can’t give chapter and verse, but I look forward to people in freer societies (the USA) like Paul Elam outing people who commit heinous atrocities like this. It’s really just common sense.

        As a caveat, I do not think people should harass this Richardson bitch or try to get payback for what she did. That is what people are spouting off about on other sites linked here and it will be counterproductive if it happens and will cast our efforts in a lousy light. I do think people have the right to know elements of a person’s past, like this, so that they might make an informed decision as to whether to associate with such scum.

        In short, I think the best tactic is spreading information and using it to enlighten ourselves, but I hope nobody’s going to go all vigilante on this snatch. Mostly because I don’t think she’s worth the life or freedom of any normal person. She needs to be shunned and people need to know what she’s done, lest they let her into their lives and suffer the consequences.

        • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

          Male sex offenders are subjected to the Hester Prynne treatment. A Scarlet M for Murderess.

  • Tim Legere


    I attempted to register Karla Holmoka on but the system stated that she has already been submitted. However, I could not find her (i.e. via the search option) on the web page. Has she in fact been registered and should be viewable? She is, in my opinion, the “poster child” of a woman using the “Abused Woman” syndrome to her infamous advantage. Please let me know.

    • Denis

      I entered her in June but was wondering why she never made the final cut, considering her notoriety.

      • Paul Elam


        MD fixed for us. Sorry for the problem–_Killer

        • Just1X


          all those entries render the text description as one word per row


          Anyway, whatever the rendering, that’s a great site – congrats all round

          good night

        • Tim Legere

          Thanks Guys!

    • Denis

      There is considerably more to this story,

      Dr. Peter Jaffe is a notable feminist researcher in domestic violence who spent much of his early career focusing on women in shelters only. He was integral to producing Ontario’s dominant aggressor model, custody assessment practices and compulsory screening practices for child sexual assault (girls only-RUCS protocol). He currently sits on the Ontario domestic homicide review commitee which produces an annual report on domestic homicide.

      Jaffe was also the “expert witness” at the trial of Paul Bernardo who said that Karla Homolka could have been a “battered woman” who was not responsible for the drugging, raping, and murder of several teenage girls, including her little sister Tammy. Never mind that at the time of this incident, holiday videos showed a beaming and preening Karla, totally besotted with Bernardo and not the least bit abused.

      • Raven01

        Before the tapes of the abuse/rape/torture were destroyed they should have sat Dr. Jaffe down and gave him a dose of reality and forced him to watch them in their entirety. Unless he is as bathouse crazy as that pair I am sure it would have left a lasting impression.
        Nightmares for life and the knowledge that not all women are angels is less than he deserves but would be a start.

  • scatmaster

    Evil personified as we have also seen with Richardson they killed their own sibling. Sick.

  • justicer

    A comment on Karla and her Helpers. First, the reasons why that “researcher” supported the “battered wife” alibi. The incriminating tapes (of Paul and Karla having their way with the victims) were hidden from the police…by the lawyer who was defending the couple. In law, he did not have the obligation of supplying evidence against his own client; but he went a lot further than just ignoring the tapes, he hid them, assuring Karla of getting off lightly.
    Much more interesting is that Katharine MacKinnon, US academic and arch-manhater, was recruited to supply the same “expert” testimony in favor of Karla, which she did with gusto. Perhaps she found the winsome Karla much to her personal taste, this being a lesbian caper at heart… we don’t know.
    I have attempted, from time to time, to add this bit of history to MacKinnon’s Wikipedia page; however, either she herself or her staff ritually vet the page to ensure that it contains nothing but puffery and idolatry.
    Good work, boys, in uncovering the Medicine Hat villainess. After the mass murder, she calmly went out, had sex with the boyfriend, and ate a great big sloppy hamburger.

  • justicer

    “Everyone, welcome Jasmine Richardson of Medicine Hat.
    Jasmine tells me her hobbies include Facebook, MTV, and the DateSite. She’s taking cooking lessons and has mastered the art of hamburgers. Last summer, she authored a special, artistic licence-plate in metal shop; it had pink numerals and a spot where you can fill in your own phone number.
    Jasmine has suggested we do an essay titled “What I did _not_ do last summer,” and I for one am considering it.”

  • jmnzz

    So what are they gonna give her when she kills again? 5 years? 2 if she cries?

  • Raven01

    Did information about this come out in the US?
    L.B. at 16 I can see not being identified under the current laws but can see no reason that her REPEAT of murder at age 20 should involve having this twisted womans identify shielded.
    This is EXACTLY the type of woman we need on register-her so the next guy that gets involved with her can punch her name into the database and see if she pops up picture and all.
    Not specified in the 1st article is the gender of those she killed although in the second offense she killed ONE of her babies….. On CBC it indicates that both murdered children were male.
    Any bets on the surviving children being female and being taught by mom how to kill boys and get away with it?
    What I wouldn’t give for enough information to file a FOI Act request.

  • TheGreatJman


    Agree with you or not, I have to admit your writing is thought-provoking. While the article is inflammatory for my tastes, I certainly can’t condone what Jasmine did. Also given the gravity of her crimes, it seems to me she got off with a slap on the wrist. Had this been orchastrated by a male of the same age, I’ve no doubt he would be in jail for the majority of his life.

    That being said, I’d be concerned about the safety of this individual at school now that the word is out. I certainly don’t advocate violence against anyone, but some people may take this one step further than just creatng awareness. I do think the crime was horrific, and the boyfriend took the fall. Being in Calgary, I do know this recieved substantial news coverage at the time, and was met with general public outrage at the short prison sentence that she recieved.

    • Stu

      Typical. You need some more red pills man. It isn’t her that is in danger, it is everybody else that she associates with. It is her that plans, and carries out triple murders, of her own flesh and blood. Just imagine what sort of person can kill their own parents, and butcher her own little brother while he begs for his life. Just think of what sort of person she is.

      The need for people to know who she is, and what she is outweighs anything else. This isn’t just some non violent kiddy fiddler, or some DV perp, she is a mass murderer that can cold bloodily kill her own flesh and blood. What next….will she be baby sitting someones kids.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Seems to me that Mount Royal being in loco parentis for Ms Richardson takes on a very sick meaning.

    I imagine that many of the parents of other freshmen princesses aren’t very keen on having this princess room and board with their little cherubs.

  • KatieCaliente

    Paul, i enjoy your work, and I think kids should be judged as kids, and not adults.

    On a side note, i attended a rehab center in NC at the age of 20 for my alcoholism….Id answer that I’m merely coping with a society that doesnt want me, but my sex therapist threw Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs” at me, in response to her or it’s incompetence…never wrong…never wrong….

    *(she or he or it, is not responsible to provide services to me, even tho i went out of my way to attend gender therapy and she got paid for it…but that’s all ok…to hell with me)
    But that’s another weird CIA bizarro social enginerring story wherein GENDER BINARY
    must be broken!
    (and im crazy….WTF)

    At rehab,
    This lady hated my guts for telling my mother off….when it came time to be deported to south florida…she told the cab driver i was going to a bus station.

    Luckily, im so friendly, i quickly learned we werent going to the Airport, fixed that one fast, and she was pissed.

    Then, this kook says I owe no money to the treatment center.

    THREE YEARS later, she got me owing 3,000 bucks!

    The bitch.

    All because I dared to tell my mother off in her office.

    It’s criminal what some of these folks do…it’s SOCIOPATHIC

    (My little rehab story for you as you mentioned working at one.)

    No one holds these women accountable for their anti-social behavior, including murder.
    There’s a serial killer….crazy Karla from belgium, or some dive, also walking around free,as well.

  • B

    I noticed the Karla Homolka interest in the comments and registered to share a link that gives probably the most up to date information on Karla and her activities. Ive been a member of the forum for quite some time and it is an invaluable resource for information on the crime (from interviews, court transcripts, images to contemporary information)

  • DarkByke

    This one hits a little close to home!

  • CriminalMinds

    for those people who say that they would be terrified to go to the school with her.. why would u be scared? she was 12 and i grew up with her and it wasnt till a year before the murders did she completely change. i moved away from medicine hat and woke up to find her on the news i was shocked. that doesnt mean i would be scared to be near her it not like shes just gunna randomly kill u. how would you feel if someone started putting up posters of you when u were trying to start a new life?

    • Poester99

      Do you honestly think that killing her whole family was a one time mistake by an otherwise honest and trustworthy person? This is a solid indication that she is capable of turning on anyone who gets in her way with an equal amount of ruthlessness and (as you comment indicates) she is very good at hiding her true motivations. I would watch my back and be careful not to “step on her toes” if I had to have any interaction with her.

    • Poester99

      should we feel sorry for her because she’s an orphan?

    • Katie

      I agree with you. And she changed because of Jeremy Steinke. I just can’t understand why most of the people here can’t see that.

  • Katie

    All of you revolting men calling for Jasmine’s blood, you actually really repulse me. She deserves the right to a peaceful life, not harassed on campus by you witch-hunters trying to make her look like Frankenstein’s monster!

    • Paul Elam

      OK, so let me get this right. She murders her parents and little brother, and you want to talk about her right to a peaceful life. We talk about justice for the murdered, and you talk about us being repulsive.

      Fuck you, and fuck her. End of story.

      • Katie

        Yes, it is end of story. End persecuting Jasmine. It’s bad enough that she lost her childhood because of a pedophile man, but now you want to take away her future as well? Justice is being served, as the pedophile man is serving 25 years to life. The fact is, Jasmine is now free and deserves to find happiness, and that’s all there is to it.

        • taengoohwaiting

          yes,take away what life could give her which is peace and happiness…a psychotic bitch does not deserve peace,let her be pelted with eggs before she steps back into society first

    • Stu

      Triple murderer deserves a peaceful life. Men who talk badly of her deserve……..what? Us disgusting men must deserve something. Her, she deserves……a peaceful life lol.

      Witch hunts? You can call something a witch hunt when someone is pointing an accusing finger at someone and yelling “witch”, or anything else that they are not. You know, like “rapist”, or “abuser”, or you know, like the main stream media does to us by claiming we are terrorists, misogynists, (insert unfounded accusation here)

      Or like you are doing now, ” you revolting men” Well I suppose a feminazi would consider men that do anything but grovel at her feet and worship her and any other life form with a vagina…….a revolting man.

      • Katie

        She’s not a triple murderer. This website is unfair to Jasmine. “The couple murdered her parents in another room of the house.” Um, no, Jeremy Steinke murdered her parents in the basement. The cited news story is more accurate than this article. It’s a fact that she changed after she met the pedophile. If she had never met him, then her parents and little brother would still be alive.

        You shouldn’t talk badly of Jasmine. She’s a sweet person now that she’s away from the influence of the pedophile. Her childhood was stolen from her, she missed out on so much growing up incarcerated, why doesn’t she deserve a peaceful life?

        And I’m not a “feminazi.” I defend Jasmine because she has paid the price for her involvement in these crimes. Why should she pay any further? Let her be.

    • Patrick Henry

      I hate to break it to you but she committed a triple homicide. She killed her fucking family! That makes her a monster of the highest order and monsters don’t like to see the light of day. Shine on AVfM.

      • Katie

        Why doesn’t she deserve the chance to restore herself? Jeremy Steinke corrupted her. He is ultimately to blame for all the murders. Give Jasmine a chance.

        • MrStodern

          If I got molested as a child, and then killed someone, I would not expect anyone to take it easy on me. And they wouldn’t, based solely on the fact that I have a dick and two balls.

          ‘Nuff said.

          • Katie

            But if you had killed someone when you were 12, you would received the same sentence as Jasmine, would you have not?

          • MrStodern

            As I said, I’m male. So I highly doubt that.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            12 year old males that kill are often tried as adults and sent to adult prison after they age out of juvie.

            How many 12 year old girls do you hear of being tried as an adult?

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          Why incarcerate her in the first place, since it’s always the male responsible?

          • Katie

            In Jasmine’s case, it was a man responsible. A pedophile man by the name of Jeremy Steinke.

        • tallwheel

          I will agree that she should be given a chance… just as soon as we as a society begin extending that same chance to people of both sexes rather than only the one.

    • Phil in Utah

      What has she done to earn the right to a peaceful life?

      • Katie

        She was put away, she lost her childhood. How would you like to spend the majority of your teenage years growing up incarcerated? She has paid her debt to society, so she’s entitled to a future, and I hope it is happy one.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          Finding—and photographing—Karla Homolka – Canada –

          Poor Karla Homolka can’t catch a break, either:


          Jul 12, 2012 – Finding and talking to Karla Homolka was hard enough. Taking her picture was a whole other challenge.

        • kiwihelen

          You ask would a boy child be treated similarly?
          Her equivalent in the UK would be the killers of James Bulger, two 10 year olds. They were released on life licence at age 21 under new identities. One broke his licence and has been returned to custody. The other has not (yet) broken his licence or his cover.
          I’m not familiar with this case, but I would hope she is also on life licence and even a DUI or public disorder offence would return her to custody.
          No matter what factors led to her killing her family, she should be held to account in the same way as anyone else, many people are victims of abusers and don’t go on to murder their family.

          • Katie

            Ugh. I have just read up on that case. So, one of them is a pedophile. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other one isn’t, he just hasn’t been caught yet. This shows that boy offenders need to be kept in prison longer than girls because they at a higher risk of reoffending, whereas Jasmine is not likely to reoffend.

  • Stu


    I can’t believe it, right now I’m watching Dr Phil, and he has a female DV monster on the show, and her daughter is dobbing her in big time. They have numerous videos of her assaulting and abusing the father. It’s gone on for nine years.

    I knew it, too good to be true, Dr Phil is already starting to point to the guys shortcomings. One of them, why do you put up with this and let your children continue to be subjected to this……OMG. Does he need to ask.

  • Katie

    This website is very unfair to Jasmine. She lost her childhood, why do you men want to take her future? She has paid her debt to society, what more do you want? You talk about justice for the murdered, but why don’t you talk about the pedophile man, Jeremy Steinke, who corrupted and raped Jasmine. She was only 12 years old! And she didn’t murder her parents, the pedophile man did. I don’t grovel at her feet and worship her, but I have so much empathy for Jasmine because of the way you men are hounding her.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      I’m a woman. So is Kiwi. Women with a sense of justice condemn murder.

      • Katie

        But she has been held accountable for her actions. What kind of sentence do you think Jasmine should have been given?

        • kiwihelen

          Your gender bias is fascinating, why are boy victims of pedophiles more likely to become pedophiles themselves than girl victims? Do you even believe there are women who rape minor children?
          Back to my original point, if Jasmine is out on licence do you agree that she should be returned to prison if she breaks the terms of her licence or not?

          • Katie

            Kiwi, sorry if I gave you the impression that Jasmine was sexually abused. I don’t think her father abused her or anything like that. I was referring to the fact that Jeremy Steinke technically sexually abused her since he was a grown man sleeping with a 12 year old girl. Unless that’s allowed in Canada? I’m not Canadian so I’m not familiar with their laws, but isn’t it statutory rape if a 23 year old man sleeps with a 12 year old girl? Ok, so Steinke is technically a hebephile, isn’t that worse than a pedophile? Is it legal in Canada for 12 year old girl to marry a 23 year old man?

            To answer your questions, I have a close friend who was a victim of a pedophile, and she has not grown up to be one herself. I know there are women who rape, but are you talking about female teachers sleeping with their 16 year old male students, because that is a bit different to a 23 year old man raping a 12 year old girl.

            I think Jasmine is on license until she is 22. After that, she won’t be, and when she turns 27, her criminal record will be wiped, so there will be no record of her having committed a crime at all. Um, it depends on what type of crime it is. If it’s a minor crime, like shoplifting, then no, I don’t think she should be returned to prison.

            Men on here call me a troll because I don’t conform to the “Let’s make Jasmine dead” line of thought. Am I not allowed to give my opinion of why I think she shouldn’t be dead?

  • Katie

    Jasmine lost her childhood, why do you want to take her future? Leave her be.

    • Paul Elam

      Lost her childhood? No, her little brother, the 8 year old boy who she murdered, lost his chlidhood.

  • Katie

    You men are all commenting on how evil Jasmine is, and calling her a “murdering bitch”, when the real reason she changed was because she met a pedophile MAN.

    This says it all: “Steinke wasn’t much to look at, and was dumb as a proverbial stump, but he gave the impression of being some sort of leader of misfits which was exactly what JR was looking for at that time.”

    I actually really hate Jeremy Steinke for what he did to Jasmine.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      …so. The DEVIL made her do it?

      • Katie

        Jeremy Steinke made her do it. Look at her Yearbook photo from before she met him. She is so happy in that photo. You can sense from that photo that she didn’t want to kill her parents then. It was only after she met Jeremy Steinke that she started to think about killing her parents, and instead of discouraging her, Jeremy Steinke actually encouraged her to fantasise about it, because he told her that he “loved her plan” when she told him she wanted to kill her parents.

        • John the Other

          “made her do it” because she’s an inanimate object with neither volition or personal agency. Bullshit.

        • Stu

          You feminists are all the same, you stick up for any woman no matter what they do…….worse then stick up for them, you blame men for the things they do.

          Anyway, what would you know about what she is like….you talk like you actually know her or something. Oh, you looked in a year book……..a window to her soul. Lets face it….she has a pussy, you have a pussy……so she can do no wrong in your book……and all you have to know about her is that she has a pussy to qualify as an angel

          • Katie

            She is rehabilitated and a sweet person now. That’s all you or any of you men here who hate her should be concerned about. She is finding it challenging to adapt to life on the outside as it is, and you want to lynch her for something she did six years ago. Are you going to hold it against her for the rest of her life?

          • Arvy

            Frankly, Katie, nobody here gives a damn about her adaptive challenges and you’re certainly making no new friends for her. Now take the hint and FUCK OFF!

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            Sure. She was a sweet person. Then whats his nuts came along and dirtied her up.

            Now, she’s a really sweet person again.

            Just for clarification – the term “pedophile” doesn’t apply here. I know it’s good for shock effect, but a 12 year old teenager would make him a” hebophile” not a pedophile.

            My Grandmother was legally MARRIED at age 12, and had my father at age 13. 12 years old is considered an “Age Of Reason”.

            So cut the crap.

            “Nice” girls don’t slit their little 8 year old brother’s throat.

            Not under any circumstances.

            If you need affirmation that anyone will EVER find that “OK” or “not her fault” you need to keep shopping it elsewhere.

        • PrincessOfPower

          Katie — what kind of magic are you weaving that gives you the power to “sense” whether or not someone will end up killing their parents simply by peering at Yearbook photographs? If the so-called experts shared your uncanny ability, we could do away with police, investigations, courts, and the whole lot!

          You say that Steinke is the one at fault because he told Jasmine that he “loved her plan.” First and foremost, even you are admitting that it was HER plan. An intelligent person might take this to mean that it was Jeremy who felt the need to act tough to impress his young Vampire Freak, and not the other way around — but since you have that magical, sensing ability, I’m sure that you’re right and all the intelligent people who have shared their comments here are wrong.

          • Katie

            Jasmine made a suggestion, it was hardly a real plan. She was just, throwing a fit, you know?

            Exactly, as you say, Jeremy agreed to it, and said he loved it, because he wanted to impress Jasmine. How is it her fault that he took it way to the extreme of actually doing it, and executing it, and her parents and brother? She got swept away with the speed with which it all happened, when the fact is, Jeremy should have broken up with her as soon as she started throwing fits about her parents.

            I can’t understand why all the people here who hate Jasmine can’t see that. Jeremy can’t be retarded. Jasmine would never have gone out with a retard. No. Just no. She has higher standards than that.

    • PrincessOfPower

      Hi, Katie. As the author of the (mascaramurder) article you’ve quoted here as “proof” of Steinke’s guilt and Jasmine Richardson’s innocence, I must say that I think you missed the point of the article almost entirely.

      Steinke was no Svengali; very far from it, in fact. The guy was/is borderline retarded. He hung with a younger crowd because people his own age didn’t accept him, not because he was/is a sexual deviant. The notion that he preyed upon young girls like Jasmine is absolutely false and only serves to distract attention from the real issues at play in this case.

      I, for one, am sick of hearing about what Jeremy Steinke “did” to poor, defenseless little Jasmine. That girl was in the driver’s seat cruising toward her own destiny. If I had to say I felt “sorry” for one of them, it would have to be Jeremy, because that kid never even had a chance…. Jasmine, on the other hand, had a loving, supportive, and resourceful family behind her that would have helped her on her way to becoming anything she wanted to be. She chose to plan their deaths and watch them die so that she could become a full-time mall-goth with her lover.

      It should be obvious to anyone who has paid even a little attention to this case that while Jeremy Steinke was (and always will be) troubled, unintelligent, and immature; Jasmine Richardson is very gravely mentally ill, and unlike her ex-boyfriend, she cannot blame her horrendous actions on a low IQ or an abusive/unstable childhood.

      • Katie

        Why, hello there. :) Are you stalking me? Cuz that would be super. Lol

        Um, what was/is the point of your article? Jeremy borderline retarded? I don’t think he is because retards usually don’t murder people. He had enough sense to plan all this without Jasmine’s help. He knew what he was doing all along. Retards can’t help being retarded, but Jeremy knew how to drive a truck, even when he was off like a rocket on the night of the murders.

        Jeremy can’t use his home life as an excuse. He treated his mom like shit. He was just trying to be the badass he thought Jasmine expected him to be. It’s not her fault he went through with the murders, she didn’t put a gun to his head and order him to do it, or else.

  • Katie

    Jeremy Steinke poisoned Jasmine’s mind and turned her against her parents. For anyone saying that she is a psychopath/sociopath, and would have killed her parents even if she hadn’t met Jeremy, then why didn’t she kill them a year earlier? It’s stupid to say she was waiting around for someone like Jeremy to come along, so she could talk him into helping her murder her parents.

    • Raven01

      You are a fucking moron.
      She dragged a blade across he defenseless 8 year old little brothers neck and watched him die.
      She hated her parents because she resented them disapproving of her choice(yes HER CHOICE, unless you are going to suggest women are too stupid to own property, vote, drive, etc) to engage in precocious sex and behave like a common gutter skank.
      So, SHE decided to kill them all in cold-blood. And, her you are blaming only the man.

    • kiwihelen

      At what age do you think a girl/woman should be held criminally responsible. By your implied logic Myra Hindley and Maxine Chapman who were both adult female accomplices of male sexual predators were not to blame.
      Fair enough, but if women don’t get held to account as criminals then neither should they vote, own property or drive. There is rights but there are responsibilities too, you can’t have it both ways.
      I’m a supporter of prison reform, but I am not prepared to condone different treatment of male and female criminals, regardless of age.

      • Katie

        How old were Myra Hindley and Maxine Chapman, and what was their involvement?

      • Ballast

        Everyone should be held responsible for their actions according to the age and ability to reason. A 12 year old child is still a child. Sure in some cultures a girl is available to marry as soon as she bleeds. Neurologically it does not make her an adult. I’m not saying that the girl in question here doesn’t have a screw loose, but there are good reasons that in democratic countries children are not given the vote, are allowed to drive, drink or smoke.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    She killed her family.

    Trust me, she’s “stronger” than any one else here.

    • Ballast

      I agree. I’m curious though, do these sorts of people ever deserve redemtion? I’m torn on the subject.

  • Katie

    My heart goes out to Jasmine. I just want her to be safe, happy and well.

    • Raven01

      No doubt she would have been had she not chosen to murder her family.

      Now, where did I leave my can of Troll’B”Gone?

  • Bombay

    Please get rid of the troll.

  • MrStodern

    Apparently you don’t realize that there’s women paying for her education as well. Women who’ve gone through worse than what she did, and still not murdered their own little brother. Women who would probably have a problem with what Jasmine did if they were aware of it. But people like you don’t want them to know, do you? You don’t think anyone deserves to know that someone has blood on their hands so long as those hands belong to a female, do you?

    People like you do no service to anyone. You do not make the world a better place, for men or women, and neither does Jasmine so long as she still breathes. She deserves to die just like all the other murderers.

    • PrincessOfPower

      Mr. Stodern, I think the purpose that Katie serves is really rather obvious: Stay in school, kids!


      • Katie

        Lol how rude. I am in school. Tsk tsk.

        • Suz

          No kidding. Shut up; grown-ups are talking here..

    • Katie

      Jasmine didn’t murder her little brother. All she did was stab him once and not very hard. She confessed to that, but not to slitting his throat. Jeremy did that.

  • scatmaster

    Apparently I am a pervert. LOL!!!

    • Katie

      And apparently Jasmine is a “murdering bitch” and a “sad stain on humanity.” LOL!!!

      No. Jasmine is a sweetheart. :)

      And as far as Anonymous’ comment…um since when did the world revolve around an eight-year-boy? So, an eight-year-old boy died. So what? Eight-year-old boys die every day. Where are your tears for them?

      Hypocrites, the men on this website.

      • Turbo

        UUrrgghhh, that is not an up vote, that was my mistake, meant to be a down vote. Or 1000 down votes if I could. Wish we had an option to reverse an error like this when made.

        • Katie

          Why is it this such a big deal to everyone here? How many innocent civillians has the US military killed in over a decade in Iraq?

          Wow, it’s like day the Columbine masaccre happened when the US dropped more bombs on Kosovo than any other day. How many people died on that day? Yet you’re getting all upset about the deaths of just three people.

          Get over it.

  • Katie

    Can Jasmine and I kick you men in the nuts for, you know, kicks? LOL!!!

  • Kimski

    Please remove this fucked up teenage girl from this forum for adults, Paul.

    She has nothing but her own delusions to contribute with, and needs to go somewhere else and grow the fuck up.

    • Ballast

      Oh I don’t know, shes sparked debate and some interesting points of view from her opposites. people have made their points clearly and in a variety of ways. perhaps trolls can be useful?

  • Feuillet

    Just keep Katie as this site’s clown, so people who visit us will know feminism’s true face.

  • BlueBlood

    This girl, Katie, has no faculty of logical thought. More than that, I’m actually concerned she’s not far from doing something crazy to an innocent male child.

    What she doesn’t realise is that even if (in her twisted logic) Jasmine was not the mastermind of the murders (which she clearly was), the law states that even by suggesting the murders (not to mention participating in them, which even the severely disturbed Katie admits) she has committed Conspiracy to commit murder. This is punishable by the same penalty as murder.
    This is also a major flaw in “Prison Break,” which is otherwise an enjoyable show :-)

    • Raven01

      This girl Katie is a femmie troll, has no knowledge of the murderous twat Jasmine other than they share similar genitalia and therefore supports her right to literally get away with murder and place 100% of the blame at the feet of the nearest male.

  • Katie

    I have lots of knowledge about Jasmine, thank you very much, Raven01. I happen to have read the book and Kitty LeClaw’s article “Reforming a Runaway Devil.” Jasmine did not slit her brother’s throat, she only lightly stabbed him. Like, what’s the big deal here? She couldn’t go through with killing him, Jeremy stabbed and slit her brother’s throat. End of story.

    Lol at Perseus. Very creative. Um, what’s a rape apologist? Wtf? Ohhh, you think I don’t think men can be raped? Hmm well, if it’s a male student and a female teacher, then no, it’s not rape. Sorry.

    Fuck Texas, Brittni Colleps is like a political prisoner, there was no crime committed here. And you men go on about women who make false rape allegations – what about Brittni, who is being unfairly punished for the actions of 5 pervert males?

    BlueBlood, in 5th grade I kicked this boy in the nuts as hard as I could, with all the force I could muster, when the teacher was out of the room. I did it for the lolz, ’cause my friends and I were bored. When my teacher came back, my friends all told her that I kicked the boy because he kept pulling my hair lol and she believed me, so I didn’t get in trouble at all, while the boy had to go to the nurse’s office.

    My friends and I laughed so much, and it felt so so good kicking him, and it was so funny seeing him in so much pain on the floor . I don’t know any girl who doesn’t enjoy kicking guys in the nuts. It’s an adrenaline rush.

    Oh, btw, this story is hilarious –

    CANADA FUCK YEAH!! LOL!! You rock, girl!!

  • Katie

    Jasmine doesn’t have a dick lol. But suck a dick? Eww no, thank you, men are such useless creatures. Eww. Just eww. Um, I don’t have a younger brother, but if I did, I’d kick him in the balls for entertainment lol. I enjoy seeing men in pain. And yeah, what Jasmine did isn’t a big deal to me or her.

    Editors note:——————————————————

    To Tara Olsen,

    This site is the flagship of the men’s rights movement and has zero toleration for the advocating of violence. Your comment stands here, forever, as an example of a hatred we do not ascribe to now or ever.

    Translation – Banned.

    Dis regards.
    Dr. F

    • Dr. F

      The following is quite illuminating.

      I googled Katie’s email address and look what turns up.

      What follows is a copy from a webpage that is a “questionnaire” for individuals that have kicked a boy or man in the testicles.

      Tara Olsen, (Katie here) has answered this questionnaire and as you can see is exactly the repulsive sorts we are fighting.

      Over to you now sweet girl. We are all ears.


      Were you the man, or woman involved?(or see it/hear about it?): woman

      Specific technique used and # of times?: kick with clogs on

      To what degree was the man disabled?: very bad

      For how long was he disabled?: a couple of hours he had to lie down in the nurses office

      How bad were the injuries(if you know)? (ruptured?): he missed school the next day his nuts swelled

      Womans age and training?: 14 none

      i didn’t even know this kid. i just wanted to find out what it was like to hurt a boy there. i kicked him as hard as i could.

    • bewildered2

      don’t know if you’ll ever get this, but just so you know. you are a piece of shit. no good woman in her right mind would say or feel the things that i’ve read here. you are sick, deranged, and thankfully very much the minority in your sicko fantasies of anyone being a ‘sweetheart’ when they are a remorseless murderer. as for making light of a child dying, and his parents dying, because of a shit head brat who definitely is no where near ‘sweet’ and doesn’t deserve anything near a peaceful happy life, go fuck yourself you stupid cunt. sorry for my language everyone else, but i’m just venting it out here.

  • Human

    I totally agree with you in that she is a murderous bitch, but to say that he wasn’t totally responsible for his actions.. come on! He was a 23yo banging a 12yo. What’s the deal with this ‘pussy-power’ expression?!? You talk about women’s vagina’s like they are some instrument of voodoo. It had nothing to do with ‘pussy-power’, but everything to do with human weakness.

    • Paul Elam

      I guess you didn’t read it carefully enough. It was her plan. She plunged a knife into her little brother. Oh well, never mind.

  • Human

    I did read it carefully enough. I understand it was her plan & I agreed with you that she is a murderous bitch. She deserves everything that is coming to her. But I tell you what, if my girlfriend came up with some crazy scheme like that & wanted me in, I wouldn’t be dumb enough to go along with it now matter ‘how good the pussy is’! He chose to go along with it & therefore he deserves everything that has come & is coming to him as well!

  • Suz

    Unlike her boyfriend, you aren’t “borderline retarded.”

    Are you?

  • bewildered2

    well thankfully ‘katie’ is gone now, but for a minute there i was about to hear her a new asshole (vagina?) with words. but forget her, she’s an idiot and anyone reading her nonsense here could see that. as for this jasmine p-o-s, i really do think she deserves to be outed. it doesn’t matter how old she was when the murderous rampage of her family took place, she was a willing participant, and even the mastermind perhaps as has been presented. she’s getting something that she doesn’t deserve: a life on the outside. everyone knowing the atrocious acts she committed is a small price to pay for the freedom she gets, the freedom her victims will never ever get to know. fuck anyone that shows sympathy to that piece of trash. i hope she is reminded of her actions everyday and that the guilt eats her up inside. the end.

    • bewildered2

      tear not hear. argh.

  • Supernaut

    Astoundingly, this is the first time I’d ever heard of this psychopath.

    Obviously the crime itself, and the fact that she’s free 7 years after committing it, isn’t ‘news worthy’ outside Canada (I’m in the UK).

    I suppose it must be another example of the admirable restraint we’re accustomed to seeing by the press here, who wouldn’t dream of publicising, let alone sensationalising such an extraordinary story, and let alone one involving a “babe”.

    Well and truly memory-holed.

    God help us.

  • lucee

    i support women’s rights as well(being a female myself)but i also believe that men should be given equal rights.what that troll Katie said about enjoying watching men squirm in pain without actually having done anything gives us ladies a bad name!how can she say it’s no big deal that a poor innocent 8 year old got murdered simply because he was a male?makes me shudder to think what will happen if she ever gives birth to a baby boy.jasmine should be punished for what she did.she was not an innocent flower who was coerced into the life of crime.the moment her boyfriend handed her the weapon to stab her own baby brother should have been a wake up call in itself.and yet,she actually went through with it,which a ‘normal’ big-sister shouldn’t have been able to.she is filthy scum,who,at the very least,should be thrown into a rodent infested jail-cell for life!ditto for karla homolka,myra hindley,and all the other heartless,sadistic killers,irrespective of their gender.