Mother-daughter team? Shopping for cars with rape lies

In what appears to be an intergenerational scheme to extort property and money out of an innocent man in Potsdam, New York by two would-be false rape accusers, the judicial establishment in America has managed to do what would seem to be the impossible.

Sink even lower.

It is a sickening story, demonstrated to be perhaps even worse than the alleged criminality of the women involved.  Some facts that come immediately to the surface are already a matter of public record. Christine L. Laraby, 45, and Miranda L. Laraby, 17, assumedly a mother-daughter team, allegedly managed to extort a 1997 Subaru out of a man by threatening him with a false allegation of sexual assault against the younger of the two women.

Emboldened by the man’s capitulation, the couple returned later, allegedely, demanding new tires and $500.00 cash, promising they would follow through on the earlier threat if he did not comply.

Like I said, a sickening story, but I am not talking about the accused liars in this case.  News accounts of this case indicate the women were charged and released on their own recognizance.

That is right, the prosecutor and presiding judge in this case allowed these two to walk out of jail without paying a dime in bail money.

Unsurprisingly, the women’s lack of concern about their actions was evident even before being allowed to walk with no bail.

What do these mug shots tell you?

false rape liars

accused rape extortionists

Do these women appear to be under arrest, or at a carnival taking fun pictures in a coin op photo booth?

These, gents and ladies, are the faces of untouchables.  One look at their smug, smiling faces, and you can tell that they just know when this is over they will walk off without a scratch. And they are a reflective of a system of justice gone so far awry where it concerns false rape claims that not only do women know they can get away with it, it is now attractive enough to use in extortion plans.

feminist governance

Another face of feminist governance?

But wait just a moment. Here is another smiling picture for you, that of District Attorney Nicole M. Duvé, for St. Lawrence County, who, on her government website, is pictured above the following alleged mission statement:

“It is the mission of the St. Lawrence County District Attorney’s office to fairly and diligently represent the People of the State of New York and the People of St. Lawrence County in all criminal proceedings, to safeguard the rights of victims, and to seek justice with steadfast and ethical determination.”

It is a statement that will likely prove far less credible than the charges against the Laraby’s.

We are attempting to gather more information on this case at the present time, so some of this information may be subject to correction.

But for now, this one has pussy pass written all over it.

For those interested, the contact information for Duvé is as follows:

48 Court Street
Canton, NY  13617
Phone: 315-379-2225
Fax:     315-379-2301

AVfM will be following this case.

  • Phil

    Any feminist who screeches about women not being taken seriously when making a rape accusation should read this.

    • Quartermain

      The feminist would still deny, deny, deny.

    • Ben

      Feminists can read?

      • Izzey

        Selectively, and with extreme bias.

        • Paul Elam

          Well, maybe they could get some more practice by reading the writing on the wall.

          It says, I am here to fuck your shit up.


      I only care if men read this.

  • AntZ

    “What do these mug shots tell you?”

    I think they should be called “smug shots”.


  • Eff’d Off

    A line up ? Nah, this be a Slime up.

  • Quartermain

    Maybe we should take a petition to disbar District Attorney Nicole M. Duvé.

    • MasculistMan

      Good idea. I’ll back that.

  • Umbriglio Fafadone

    I hope these two twats fry, but I suspect nothing will happen.

  • scatmaster

    Has anyone found an email for the false rape abettor, err, the prosecutor?
    I stutter but even if I did not I am sure I would start if I got her on the phone. I wish my response to at least be measured a little.

    • Terry
    • MasculistMan

      Fuck going to her,go to your superiors and the media and by media I mean the internet,not that old dinosaur known as the old media.

  • Jade Michael

    The mother should be stripped of parental rights. You have to wonder what things are like on the homefront. Where is dad, if he is even allowed to be in the picture? Would a teenaged girl, who has a healthy father’s influence, jump to the occasion to act so irresponsibly, even with mom’s influence? I doubt it. This woman’s uterus should be ripped out and shoved up her ass where her brain apparently is.

    • Hayden

      We need an MRA living in NY to report the mom to child protective services for endangering her child through participation in a felony. It will cause a mess in their lives.

  • Ben

    Let’s see if the “No Drop” laws apply to these women after the guy drops the charges out of chivalry, as falsely accused men routinely do.

  • Keyster

    Either fix false accusation law or rape law.
    As long as one is so disproportionate to the other, there will be women who take advantage of it. Send a message madam DA.

  • Luek

    At least there are pictures of these criminals that can be circulated on the internet to warn other men about them. Also, I know MOST men reject the concept for some damned reason but a false rape accusation is a rape and should be prosecuted as such not as some silly girlie prank. Very real and lifelong damage is done to the victim when these false accusations are made.

    • Paul Elam

      “At least there are pictures of these criminals that can be circulated on the internet to warn other men about them.”

      Hmmm…Interesting idea

      • Izzey

        Hmmm…very interesting.

      • Victor

        It reminds me of that Tom Leykis episode where Tom spoke to the owner of the website (I believe that was the address). It was basically a website where a woman could search on the name of the guy that they were currently dating to find out their story. A lot of women could go on there and write horrible stuff about men to warn other women.

      • ScareCrow

        You suggested a “false accuser” database.

        I “think” I have a better idea.

        While investigating the Kevin Driscoll case, I noticed that many police, judges and DA’s all resort to “mafia” style tactics – including threatening witnesses, intimidating jurors etc…

        Another thing I noticed – once these people get into the spotlight, the scurry away to another county, state etc…

        How about a SH!TlLIST of these people – complete names, pictures, addresses etc – of JUDGES, ATTORNEYS, and LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL?

        Perhaps, both the false accusers and “perverts of justice” can go onto one web-site?

        I’m gonna look into domain names – perhaps the false rape society, and others can all be contributors to it?

        Thoughts anybody?

        • Paul Elam

          Remember what you posted here. Upon the Summer solstice you will be smiling.

          But don’t worry about domains or anything else. It is already happening. If you want to help, please email me privately.

        • MasculistMan

          Excellent idea,ScareCrow. I’ll back it.

      • scatmaster

        I would save the pics somewhere. They could be removed.

  • Nergal

    I used to think being alone was the scariest thing imaginable. To be utterly alone,like Burgess Meredith in the twilight zone after the bomb fell.

    I know now there is something scarier, to have people with the mental and emotional maturity of children holding your life in their hands.


    Take a good look gentlemen and ladies, for this is the face of unbridled horror-the blind idiot god Azathoth piping away in his subterranean chamber, to the screeching rejoinder of bat-winged devils.

    Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Algernon Blackwood, they all got it wrong. Evil isn’t eminent,preternatural,and awe-inspiring,it is banal. It is the smiling face of the idiot,finger poised above the red button whose pressing spells nuclear holocaust for this planet. Horror is being the only sane person in the lunatic asylum,with the deranged being the bulwark against your starvation in a cell, your guts writhing inside you to the rythym of mad screams,pitiful whimpers, and desperate weeping.

  • Promoman

    Exhibit A of what I’ve been saying for years: Women learn much of their fuckcraft from Mommy and their female peers. They’re indoctrinated to believe that it’s OK to live life decitfully, foolishly, and hypocritically. It’s little wonder that women are in reality Peter or rather Petunia Pans rather than the vaunted, sage beacons of maturity and wisdom that we are led to believe.

    • Luek

      We should not forget the enablers who are usually men unfortunately. The DA’s office has to have some men in it as assistant DA’s so why are they not outraged over this farce and to the system of jurisprudence? The silence is deafening. Two major felons getting released on their own recognizance? Get real for a damned change people!

      • Promoman

        I concur. Men and a large portion of society are indeed shareholders in this clusterfuck too.

        • Mr. J

          Definitely……By 40 years of lack of action.

          “NBA”, “superbowl”, “final four”, “nascar”, and “world series” seem to be MUCH more important.

      • rebtus

        Some male DA or assistant try, but no luck.
        Paul Craig Roberts wrote about Wenatchee, Washington child abuse witch hunt. Then U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno was requested to sent investigator. She refused. There was a report that on AAG was going to resign if DOJ did not investigate. What happened to the AAG is not reported. Link;

        As early as October 3, 1995, Washington Governor Mike Lowry requested U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno to send a U.S. Attorney to investigate the Wenatchee child abuse prosecutions. Miss Reno, whose own claim to fame resided in false child sex abuse prosecutions (now all overturned) and who was kept on a short leash by Hillary “it takes a village” Clinton, steadfastly refused Gov. Lowry’s requests.”

    • MasculistMan

      Exactly bro. We’ve been lied to and now the facade of feminism is removed and we see the hideous creature underneath.

  • Gru

    off topic but I wanted to link something from s4m. This guy is a genius:

  • reasonable

    Here is something to cheer you guys up.

    If only a little bit. It’s still sad that the man had protect himself prior to the entire situation happening. Otherwise, he’d be up shit’s creek. I’m betting the woman wasn’t punished in any way for doing this either.

  • Ray

    The lack of bail money is very interesting. Yes, more details would be nice to know. I’m very averse to speculation. Is there historically a gender double standard in New York? Youbetcha. Is this another example of that?

  • Nergal

    You know how some people are always saying we could go far if we got some celebrities on board with the cause?

    Looks like we may have a potential friend in a big name Hollywood star. Russell Crowe is active in at least one men’s issue that will make some of the mothers in the MRM, such as Hestia, very happy. He’s anti-circumcision.

    He does seem to be dithering a bit here, but not backing down from his original conclusion.

    For what it’s worth,there’s the link. And it points to a possible situation of mutual benefit. If not Crowe, there will surely be someone with balls enough to stand against the PC and feminist crucifixion squad.Celebrity sponsorship may not be quite so far off.

    • Hayden

      I understand that Crowe retracted his Tweets against circumcision because he got labeled anti-semitic for making them. The MRM has so many goddamn attackers from so many goddamn directions that it is frustrating. It was obvious that his comments were merely pro-man (male baby) and not anti-jew, but in the name of PC, he had to step away from the public position. I swear, if there are any jewish men out there reading this, clear your heads and get on the team my friends. You are cutting off your nose to spite your face with this kind of crap.

      I understand if a father wants his son circumcised for religious reasons, but have no doubt, the so-called medical support for the practice is pure propoganda. I have personally spoken with a couple of male pediatricians about it, and they each pointed out how bogus the “medical evidence” in support of it is. The one female physician (family practice) that I spoke with at length about it was determined that it was right for all male babies, but the dumb bitch did not even know the study history the way the male pediatrians did. I will not deal with a female physician or dentist for my personal health care unless I absolutely have to.

      • Nergal

        Yeah. That seems to be the case. The problem,I think was poor wording. It doesn’t explain, but I suspect Crowe may have said he wanted the practice “banned”,but didn’t realize that he was conveying the wrong message with that statement to Jews and Muslims. I suspect he wanted an opt-in or opt-out scenario on circumcision, rather than circumcision being the de facto procedure.

      • MasculistMan

        Ask her her opinion on female circumsision.

  • Ray

    What is the bail for a man falsely accused of domestic violence? Some places it’s around $30,000.00.

    When I serve on jury duty, and am sworn in to panels, or whatever, I always add the stipulation, “Under Duress.” There’s no way I would ever voluntarily serve such a corrupt legal system, with its gender feminist influence, as we have today. In my case it’s on the record, and when the judge tells me it’s my duty to serve, I proudly tell him, “According to the Declaration of Independence, it’s my duty not to serve.”

    • slwerner

      Ray – ”When I serve on jury duty, and am sworn in to panels, or whatever, I always add the stipulation, “Under Duress.” There’s no way I would ever voluntarily serve such a corrupt legal system, with its gender feminist influence, as we have today.”

      Would any one here wish to serve on a jury for the first-degree murder trial of a man who pushed his wife through the window of their 25th floor apartment during an argument? What if that man had had previous DV charges brought against him, and his wife had a restraining order against him?

      Okay, I realize those must sound like rather foolish questions to ask around here.

      But, what if the genders were reversed?

      Amber Hilberling Ended The Argument – Charged With Pushing Husband Out Of 25th Story Window

      Would you also decline to serve on a jury if it were the repeatedly abusive wife who murdered her husband?

      Wait! What am I saying!?!? This will never make it to trial. She’ll be given a “sweetheart” plea deal – to aggravated assault – and given probation.

      • Poester99

        The comments are disgusting.
        White Knight Chump “Everett” is desperately looking for mitigating circumstance such the victim actually ,stealthily, being the batterer
        AND/OR it’s all his fault for staying in an abusive situation (you know the kind that women get a slap on the wrist for murder due to battered spouse syndrome).

  • Merlin

    Smug spolit parasites! Criminals with not a scrap of remorse… There is no wonder that people end up taking the law into their own hands when you see this supposed justice. It really does make me sick to see their childish faces. How were they allowed to get away with the smug smiles?

    They obviously have never grown out of their baby state, and the justice department has endorsed the fact!

  • Jim R.

    It’s this kind of thing that leaves me speechless as I’m overwhelmed with rage.

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    Sorry got carried away.

    Na fuck it…..


    Feels better already.

    I don’t think these silly bitches see how this sort of carry on is driving good men away from women.

    Next time a women complains that she can’t find a man, I will direct her to this article, and ask her what is she doing to help.

  • Zuberi

    When I look it at those photos, I see the daughters of Zion. If you don’t know who they are, there’s a part in the bible that talks about such women. There are wicked to the core can should be avoided like the plague.

    • Paul Elam

      Brother Zuberi, on behalf of the plague, I register my offense to your comparison.

  • Ben

    When the media ignores stories like these but carefully crafts virtual assembly lines of stories of male pedophiles, cranking out new “pedophiles” nearly every day, it is doing the same thing the Nazis did with 1930s, black and white propaganda films about the Jews. People react to these endless stories of male sexual misconduct exactly as the feminazi media intends — as an indicator that more and more men are increasingly forming exponentially-expanding leagues of pedophiles. Also, notice that they only target POWERFUL men.

    I think this is an effort by the feminists to make the public believe that there is a “link” between male achievement and male pedophilia, which is an unimaginably obscene and destructive thing to do. They have literally paired traits crucial to male success along with sexual misconduct in the collective psyche of the public, to the point that no one combats the fact that male competitiveness and high-spiritness are seen as flaws, to be “drugged” out of boys as early as elementary school.

    Soon, due to this invented “crisis”, a total eradication of accused men’s rights will seem acceptable by enough people to make it actually happen right in front of our eyes. The public is being driven into a man-hating rage due to shows like MSNBC’s “To Catch A Preditor” and endless stories of male “sex offenders” in the exact same way that the German people were driven to programmed hatred of Jewish people.

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    I see a pair of boobs, I mean a pair of idiots who pray on vulnerable men. The system is aiding and abetting their criminality with near full impunity. Where is the deterrent factor for female criminals? It’s a joke, and clearly these two boobs know it!

  • Bombay

    The crime the boobs committed is not even a felony. So for them – it is no big deal….. This crime need to be elevated to the level of a death threat.

  • quackademic

    Ben, you post a lot about pedophilia and what is true and false about pedophiles. Have you ever read anything from the SNAP organization?? I don’t think its short for snapper, but i believe they have some interesting information.

    • Ben

      I don’t believe that I post particularly more about that than most other commenters. I try to have some balance to what topics I comment on. In addition, I have never posted about what was true or false about pedophiles. I am not a credentialed professional and would never be cavalier enough to speak on facts about pedophiles. Besides, why would I care about what is true or false about pedophiles? It is not they that I am concerned with. It is the falsely accused and Constitutional rights that I am concerned with. I post about what is right and wrong concerning the handling of the accused, equal protection under the law, rape shield laws, and the media’s unfair portrayal of this subject, based on inflated statistics. I am concerned with the FALSELY accused only.

      I looked up SNAP and was shocked to see this message at the top:

      “Increasingly harsh measures targeting already-convicted child sex offenders may or may not work. But publicly identifying not-yet-criminally convicted child sex offenders DOES work.That’s why we in SNAP have long pushed for reforming or eliminating the statute of limitations.”

      “Publicly identifying NOT-YET CRIMINALLY COVICTED child sex offenders”??? If they are not-yet convicted, then how can they be called “sex offenders”? This is another example of taking away the rights of men under the false guise of “protecting the children”. This is unconstitutional. That is punishment without due process.

      Now, what interesting information does SNAP have? I do not find the truths and falsehoods about pedophiles to be of any interest, personally. However, I find the rights of falsely accused men to be of epic interest. After reading their press statement, along with your belief that this organization has “interesting information”, and the fact that you accusing me of posting a great deal about what is true and false about pedophiles I am seriously wondering what you are trying to imply here.

  • MasculistMan

    The defendents have cunts,the prosecutor has a cunt and all three are most likely cunts. Sounds like the sisterhood in action.

  • anon