More evidence released on the Ryan matter


Today the CBC released some of the R.C.M.P. video evidence of the attempted murder of Micheal Ryan by his ex-wife Nicole Doucet Ryan. I want you to pay close attention to a few things in this video evidence. First, how cheery she is about this whole situation.

Does this seem like someone who is in fear for their life?

Next, the section of the video where Nicole is asked by the officer about whether Mr. Ryan had beat her or was ever physically abusive. She replies in the negative.  I must admit I am having a WTF moment here in ten foot tall letters. She has no reason to lie to the undercover R.C.M.P. officer and when given the opportunity to let us know how badly she was abused she informs us matter-of-factly that she was not.

Last, notice how she reveals she had been planning this since September, and how she is still technically married to Micheal. She admits it would work out good for her if something were to ‘happen’ to him. You can hear her “uhh huh” about the  2:30 minute mark in the recording as she sits there nodding and smiling.

I believe in legal mumbo jumbo they would call that motive.

Yes this truly is the demeanor of an abused woman who is in fear for her life. We can see it in her smiles and happy disposition.

And yet the Supreme Court of Canada feels that putting this poor abused woman on trial should not happen.

Its time for Canadians to get their shit together and stop this misandric injustice system.

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Dan "Dannyboy" Perrins, up until a few years ago, was blissfully ignorant of what was going on. Then a series of events demanded he either grab his ankles and let a corrupt "just-us" system have its way with him or take action. He chose the latter.

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  • ContraTerrene

    Holy Poo.

    I always wanted to emigrate to Canada when I was in my 30’s but it looks like I dodged a bullet.

    A man’s life is obviously nothing there compared to a womans feelings.

    This has to stop.

  • MrStonedOne

    Well, obviously this is PTSD based hysteria,

    She was only happy because she thought that the evil male tormentor was about to be taken care of. it was retro-grade amnesia that made her say no she wasn’t abused by him.

    Don’t you know anything Danny boy?

  • napocapo69

    Danny, Danny, how do you to dare put that link?
    Now cbc will fall into the hate site category.

    • scatmaster

      It is amazing that the CBC posted that video which certainly paints her in a bad light. Perhaps the decision to publish was done over a few too many glasses of an expensive claret. The CBC is not male friendly.

      • GT66

        It’s not amazing, it’s a message: “See what we’ll let women get away with? You might be next.”

  • Kimski

    There must be a market for selling bridal figurines, armed with knives, for wedding cakes anytime soon.

    I don’t really know which is worse: That men continue to jump on that bandwagon, or that you can actually get away with murder, based on your genitals?

    • MarkofWisdom

      There already are a plethora of cake toppers with the wife killing the husband, whether they are “jokes” or not doesn’t really matter, those things exist and have a market

      • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        Do an image search for “divorce cakes” and you’ll see things just as nasty if not nastier. Think I even did a blog post on it a few years ago.

      • Kimski

        Yeah, I did a search and found everything from shotgun wielding brides to stranglers.

        -And yes you did, Dr.T.
        The first picture of divorce cakes are from a Shrink4Men, as a matter of fact.
        Pretty horrific scenarios on those cakes. The hatred must be immense. I don’t think the majority of buyers are found in the male demographic.

  • Stu

    I’m not surprised at this at all. Things really are that bad. That court knows all this, they just don’t care. Even if she had come up with a real hit man and had him bumped off, they would be searching for excuses for her. They would put the words right in her mouth, that he had abused her for centuries and use it as an excuse to give her a slap over the wrist. She’d probably even still be allowed to collect any life insurance for him. That happened hear in Australia in one case.

    • http://none universe

      Regarding the recent Ryan ruling.

      Or, perhaps the nine judges on the SCoC, and SC judges elswhere, are practicing an introductory form of law outside the jurisdiction of their respective sovereign nation.
      Unknown to the common folk, but World Tribunal or World Court Law, for example. Or something similar.
      How else can something so blatantly tilted pass the muster of this panel of nine?

  • malcolm

    Mother of God, that is one cold blooded woman.

    Hey, Nova Scotians – this woman is teaching your children.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/DannyboyCdnMRA Dan Perrins

      Your right about that.
      She is a teacher able to influence young minds and as well inflict more of her special brand of misandry on her pupils.
      Something I find to be completely unacceptable, beyond the fact that she is still walking around free without a proper trial having been done.

  • corbyworld

    “Did he beat you or anything? Did he ever lay a hand on you?”


    Duress, my ass.

    Lying Scthhum.

  • No Seriously

    Look i know appearances can be deceiving, but watching his side of the story on Youtube made me believe him immediately. I know it’s unscientific, but it’s just this gut feeling.

    And now this. I knew it. We knew it.

    Soldier on, Michael

  • Mr. J

    I don’t know if Canadians fry their brains with hours of obsessing over rich men who play “games” the way Americans do, but stopping that goes a long way towards “getting one’s shit together”.

  • http://www.forrettindafeminismi.com S. Jonsson

    Am I hearing this right? @ 2:58 she’s saying that he shouldn’t let the presence of their daughter offset him in killing the father?

    • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

      Holy shit.

      I think you’re right S Johnson. She doesn’t care if her daughter is in the house when her father is killed. I even get the sense she didn’t care if her daughter got killed in the process.

      Micheal’s a saint, this woman is a psychopath.

    • Kimski

      Am I the only one who suspects there’s a new ‘Dick’ lurking somewhere beyond the horizon?

  • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

    Someone figure out how to get that video and slap it up on Youtube.

    50-50 it’ll be pulled in a day.

    • napocapo69

      It would be immediately shut down for violation of digital content rights.

      Her husband can of course have access to this material, and do otherwise, for sake of his dignity

      • Talby

        Then we put it up again, and again, and again, and keep putting it up everywhere until the truth is heard.

    • http://www.forrettindafeminismi.com S. Jonsson
    • Christian “xXToYeDXx” Chiasson

      I’m uploading the entire video, unedited with some commentary to avoid any copyright claims… Fair use is the indie journalists best friend 😀

      • Christian “xXToYeDXx” Chiasson

  • Christian “xXToYeDXx” Chiasson

    I just wanted to point out that at around 1:30, the undercover RCMP officer asked her if Mr. Ryan has ever hit her, beat her or laid a hand on her. Her answer is a definitive no.

    Contrast this with the allegations she used in her defense,

    This video, which was obtained by the investigating RCMP team, was obviously obtained prior to her court proceedings, but was not used in court to bring doubt on her entire defense of victimhood.

    Also, at 2:20, she is asked how long she has been planning this. Her answer is “Since september”.

    This is an admission of premeditation.

    And at the end of the video, her last words are:

    RYAN: “Whether you’re legit or not, Whether you are a police officer or not, I want him dead”

    RCMP: “You want him dead don’t ya?”

    RYAN: “Yes”

    Why was this video not used in court? Especially considering it was the highlight of the entire RCMP investigation. They had her on video admitting that she was never abused, physically or otherwise, that it was definitely premeditated and that she didn’t care who did it, she just wanted him dead.

    • napocapo69

      I am a bit lost; if she stated that the husband was abusive, would it have changed anything?

      Everyone when attempting to kill someone, belives to have good reasons. That’s the reason we had a justice system, once upon a time….

      • Christian “xXToYeDXx” Chiasson

        Technically you’re right. An allegation of abuse, even if true, is not a proper defense for conspiracy to commit murder or premeditated murder. However, she did use an allegation in her defense and the court ruled that she had been through enough already, and they let her walk.

        My point is she admitted that there was no abuse of any kind from Mr. Ryan in this video.

      • feeriker

        If she had killed him in self-defense while he was actually physically abusing her, then she might have been justified, depending on the specific circumstances. But that’s not what happened here. This is a woman who can’t even consistently and clearly define the non-physical (i.e., emotional and psychological) abuse she claims to have suffered over the course of a relationship. Not even remotely justifiable grounds for retaliatory lethal violence, particularly of the premeditated sort.

  • donzaloog

    She blatantly tried to hire a hitman to kill her husband. She’s not an abused woman, she’s just an entitled woman who wanted her husband out of the picture. She should be in jail.

    • feeriker

      Actually, in that elusive and mythical “just” world, she’d be sentenced to suffer the same fate she had in mind for her husband.

      • donzaloog

        That would be perfect.

  • feeriker

    Its time for Canadians to get their shit together and stop this misandric injustice system.

    I think you should have substituted “Canadians” with “citizens of the western world.” Granted that this is a Canadian case, but the outcome isn’t at all unique to Canada. The misandric “justice” [sic] plague is all-pervasive throughout the developed world (and now probably in much of the so-called “Third World” as well).

    • http://none universe

      How ’bout it Canadians. Up to it?
      Take your time though. This is serious stuff happening here.

      In both World Wars of the 20th century Canadian brigades led victorious, and mostly unknown to this day, land charges in the most impossible of circumstances no other Allied nation was able nor dared to accomplish. But those were farm boys doing it (including striking secret fear into the hearts of a few Panzer Division unit members – heard the stories repeated in Legion halls).

      Battle scene changed though. Today it’s urban, information access and dissemination, computers and ability to convince.

      (Fck!) Hockey?

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/DannyboyCdnMRA Dan Perrins

        Some of us and more and more are joining the ranks.
        Your absolutely right about the victories (so many lives lost have a difficult time calling them victories) in both world wars, we also as I understand it hold the longest sniper shot or at least did back about 5 yrs or so ago.
        We also had Diefenbaker warning us to vehemently protect our human rights.
        And yet?
        We got lazy, stupid, crazy. Pick one or all 3 idk what happened.

        Just like every other nation we were promised one thing and received quite another from Acme Fem & co.
        And their lies just got bigger and bigger.

        @feeriker your right but it is a Canadian case and I am Canadian and it is my article so… lol j/k
        I get what your saying it just burns my ass this happening in my own backyard. I do try to rally the choir in my backyard to speak up and out against this sort of shit. I talked to at least 10 people yesterday directing them to AVfM.
        I hope they read my last line and spread it.

  • MGTOW-man

    Shame on us for daring to notice this discrepancy in justice. We must “hate” women…even other women “hate” women if they dare to be honest, see, and speak the inconvenient-to-feminists truth. Only the feminists know what is right for everyone, everywhere, about everything. (wink, wink)

  • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    It would seem the Canadian Courts learned nothing from the Shirley Turner travesty and homicide, infanticide and suicide (Google Dear Zachary for that horror show).

  • All Contraire

    Had Ms. Ryan been a little smarter and read the Feminist Handbook she would have known how to use the System itself to ‘murder’ her husband. No doubt her local Womyn’s Group would happily coach and support her every step of the way.

    Instead of stupidly trying to contract for her husband’s death, she simply could have gone directly to the Police and screamed “Abuse!” and the ever chivalrous and eager-to-be-gullible authorities would have rushed forth to rudely arrest, denounce, prosecute, convict and imprison hapless Mr. Ryan on his wife’s behalf. The State would have effectively ‘killed’ her husband for her. Jailed for years and registered as an abuser, he would be a pariah, lost to his daughter, unable to find work or even live again in ‘decent’ society. He would be as good as dead, done in by the State at no risk and no cost to her.

    In fact the “poor dear” put-upon Missus would actually have found herself rewarded as she basked in the glowing attention, sympathy and acclaim for courageously coming forward with her tale. Womyn’s Groups everywhere would have been able to use this inversion of justice as yet another cautionary example of men’s historic lethal violence and patriarchal oppression.

    How regretful the failed murderess must be feeling. If she’d just wised up and gone through the Feminist System in the first place to do the dirty deed for her, today lying Ms. Ryan could be crowing to everybody how she got rid of her *abusive* husband before He Killed Her!…..?

    But the really Big Question here is how very many women, more clever and less foolish, do get away with it?!

  • Klar

    This travesty of justice requires nothing less than a full blown public inquiry.

    We’ve seen before how crime lab workers have fudged results and cases such as Karla Homolka, the Gillian Hadley affair and numerous others where feminists working inside the system have interfered with the course of justice to further their ideology.

    Although I don’t yet know all the details, my guess is that the evidence needed for a proper decision by the SCC was not made available as a result of collusion and compromise within the prosecutor’s office.

    I don’t care if my theories are wrong – the decisions made by several levels of higher courts are so wrong that any wrong thinking on my part is trivial in comparison. There is literally no meaningful justice left in Canada with decisions such as these.

    The scariest part is how easy it is to pull this off and sweep things under the rug. As has been demonstrated many times during the last century, such a blatant disregard for justice by those charged with its care can only lead to outright tyranny.

    • http://none universe


      The bad news is that a full blown public inquiry is about to be launched toward the R.C.M.P.
      This concerning their mis-handling of the several calls of alleged help from the potential murderess (Nicole Ryan, what’s-her-name) reporting (non-existant) DV upon her from then husband Michael Ryan.
      Wonder at what sort of white-wash from this we are about to receive from the CBC (especially) and other MSM.

      • Klar

        It’s gonna be interesting the pretzels they’ll have to turn into to negate/explain/excuse the video of her in the car.

        There were already the usual comments from femplex reps on how the public might ‘misunderstand’ the video.

        It was surprising how the CBC commentator kept homing in on critical aspects of statements and her demeanor in the car. Wonder if he’ll be forced into sensitivity training or simply loose his job.

        The contortions required are going to have to set a new high in their belief they own the universe and can defy gravity.

  • http://culdesachero.blogspot.com/ The Cul-De-Sac Hero

    Just saw this Michael Coren interview with Ryan.

    So, let us get this straight. In Canada a woman has the right to end her husband’s life by just making the accusation of abuse. This seems to be the precedent. Anyone still want to tie the knot? I thought Canada learned its lesson when the feminists somehow justified Karla Homolka getting 11 years for killing her sister.

  • Rick777

    Yea she got a pussy pass on this one. No doubt about it.

  • florin604

    There are still a lot of good people here in Canada. we’ll not let things go the way they are…. the underground movement gains momentum

  • http://www.fathers.bc.ca KW

    From a friend in another Canadian province: “When I attend trial Tomorrow and Wednesday the feminist militants will be on the other side of the court grinning and glaring as they have been since the start of trial. On the 16th when I attend the trial of female murderer Jennifer Bird on a resumed charge of the murder of a man on New Year’s Eve 2011, another group of the militant feminist left will be there too. With the accused legal bills all paid, the only person there looking after the dead man’s reputation will be me. they will definitely charge that the dead man (who cannot bear witness in his defence) was abusive and violent. And the only evidence in this regard that will be entered will be the Murderers. I have seen it happen before.. Up front and close. The militant left in the courtrooms will be well dressed and secure and PAID to be there. i will have enough money for a cup of coffee. Maybe. ”

    Please write to the Prime Minister of Canada (pm@pm.gc.ca) and urge him to fire the supreme court of canada, or at least hang them for treason.