Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

And small undocumented wars are diamond producer’s best friends.

Several weeks ago, I was snubbed by a grocery store cashier. I had inadvertently offended her, and she made it clear to me, and everybody nearby that I’d gotten ideas above my station. My offence, as closely as I can determine it was to flirt with her, deliberately mis-reading her comment as a sexual come-on and suggesting “not just now, but perhaps later” – said by me with a deliberately bewildered look on my face. I thought at the time – and still do, that my remark was harmless and entertaining. I was not the only person amused, but the cashier to whom I offered this attempt at wit found it decidedly unfunny. She had to shut me down – and did so with a demonstration of social status. She flaunted her ring at me.

The diamond was – to state it delicately – fucking huge, and the ring likely cost somebody $30,000 or more. “I’m taken, by somebody who’s financial resource far exceeds yours.” It took me a second or two of goggling at this slice of some man’s annual salary to realize : A] she was choosing to take my flirting seriously and B] reacting with the most heavy-handed snub she could muster. It probably didn’t help matters that on realizing it, I laughed.

But what I didn’t do, and had I the the opportunity to do over, I still might not have bothered to explain the following:

I have a problem with diamonds.

I do not like them. This is partly an inherited prejudice from my geologist father, but partly a dislike I have learned on my own.

Diamonds, which many people seem to regard as being valuable as a result of their scarcity or their demand, are in fact, about as scarce as gravel.

In reality, diamonds would create a glut on the market if they were traded openly. Fortunately for the producers, the mining, rough stone distribution, and cutting of diamonds is an international monopoly, managed mainly under the DeBeers group of companies.
The purpose of this monopoly is to limit the supply of diamonds entering the consumer market, and to limit public information about diamond abundance.

Since the actual mining of diamonds has always exceeded the demand, diamond producers are not able to maintain artificial scarcity stockpiling. If they did, the volume of stockpiled diamonds would continuously increase, and would create a new problem of large scale theft from storage. A strategy they have developed to create a false sense of scarcity is the physical destruction and concealment of un-mined diamond fields. Another method is the sequestration of existing stockpiles.

In 1990, I was shown a set of photos taken on a mining exploration project under development by the company then employing me. The project was located in Ghana, on the west coast of Africa, although I worked in our offices in Vancouver. The photos showed a convoy of around 180 cement trucks. Imagine a large scale construction project requiring hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of cement.

These were brand-new cement trucks, freshly painted with the DeBeers logo on the rotating drum. The destination was not a construction site, but a beach. The trucks were lining up to pour cement into the ocean.

No amount of security would prevent a market flood following successful theft of diamonds from a large secure storage location, so one technique used by the DeBeers group is to regularly dump tones of diamonds onto the ocean floor, mixed with cement.

While it was not obvious to me at age 20, one of our geologists explained to me that the concrete contained an aggregate of diamonds rather than the conventional gravel. Both gem quality and industrial diamonds are so common that the diamond producing cartels have to bury tones of them every year to maintain an illusion of value.

The second problem with diamonds is their relationship to slavery, war, and bloodshed. On the African continent, they serve as a trade currency, financing tribal warfare and trade in arms. A recently established trading agreement called the Kimberley Certification is intended to restrict trade in conflict, or “blood,” diamonds. Sadly this has served mainly as a tool to protect the monopoly of the DeBeers group of companies.

Diamonds mines are typically filled with an abrasive dust which if inhaled – scars the lungs of mineworkers. This could be easily prevented by employing normal dust – suppression methods used in other industries, and by some diamond producers. De Beers currently holds a legal exemption in South Africa from the mandatory dust suppression method of spraying water when drilling, on the grounds that the dust in its mines is uniquely harmless. This exemption, and it’s reason, illustrate how seriously to take statements from DeBeers about their efforts to curtail trade in conflict diamonds.

The Kimberly protocol – intended to prevent the trade in diamonds financing bloodshed is subscribed on a voluntary basis. Being self-enforced by diamond producers, it is observed only when convenient. Many people claim the kimberly process successfully restricts the trade in conflict diamonds. Having worked in mining exploration, it is my opinion that such people are either naive, or simply lying.

Now, Ill freely admit, it’s men who dig diamonds out of the earth, who select them, who raise investment capitol to finance mining exploration projects, and it’s men who exploit slave labor in the mining operations. And based on my knowledge gained working for a mineral exploration company, it’s mostly men who are the slave labour in diamond mining operations. It’s also men who organized international cartels to control a monopoly on shiny but objectively worthless stones.

But the reason men do all these things is that women demand it.

Women, all claims of patriarchy aside, are in charge. Women control 2/3 of disposable income. Women control access to sex, women own all rights of reproduction, and thereby, control men. (Whether they wish to admit it or not) More women than men vote. And, it is not a coincidence that in this society we keep calling a patriarchy, it’s 93% of workplace deaths that are men.

The use of diamonds as a trade currency for indentured slavery, and the arms trade enabling the warlord model of regional government will continue as long as western consumers (read: women) create a demand.

Every time I see a woman wearing diamonds, whether they’re earrings or a big fuck-off diamond engagement ring – I am reminded of what they actually finance.

If you want to stop a war, or slavery, or torture, you stop buying the commodities which finance it, like diamonds.

ADDENDUM: Antz made an excellent point in the comments below, the substance of which I think is important enough to add here.

The consumer appeal of diamonds is only superficially the glitter. Artificially produced diamonds are chemically and visually identical ( except under high magnification ) to naturally produced stones, but the “fakes” have very little market appeal, why? Because an item of diamond jewelery is symbolic of male sacrifice on behalf of women. The men who die in diamond mines and in small wars, the blood and corpses behind that shiny ornament on a woman’s finger confer a sense of personal worth that she’s so special, that so many men have labored, fought, died, sacrificed and killed other men – for her bauble. That’s the true appeal – and its deeper and more primal than just how many dollars the diamond cost or how big it is – the size of the stone is a measure, certainly – but it’s the blood and the cruelty that matters. And if I’m wrong – why aren’t all diamonds used in jewelery manufactured rather than mined.

But don’t forget, if women ruled the world there’d be no war. Also, we live in a patriarchy.

[Publishers note: For skeptics of this article, watch HERE.]

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  • !!SPARTA!!

    I remember reading like a long time ago that there is a way to make diamonds by exerting a shitload of pressure and heat onto coal.

    • Nergal

      You can do it with any type of carbon. You can also grow microscopic diamonds on stuff by passing methane over a superheated tungsten filament.

      • Eff’d Off

        @ Mr Dexter, this article really opened my eyes up. I had absolutely no idea about any of this.
        It takes the shine off those gems that’s for sure. Thank you.

        @ Mr Nergal. Thank you for the inspiration for the following cartoon that I dedicate to you and of course our MD.

        Without your post I’d have been left with an inky pen nagging me to do something. :)

        [img] making Small.jpg[/img]

        • Nergal


        • Simon

          LOL! exactly what the diamonds are worth imo…

          • http://none Atlas Reloaded

            Nope-to me it is what the women that demand them are worth.

        • Nergal

          I made one for you. I’m not quite the cartoonist you are and I did mine in ms paint, but I think it’s still funny.


          • Eff’d Off

            HAW HAAW !

            Thanks for the 9 panel gem. My fave is “I wish these losers would leave me alone.”
            That single frame kinda says everything I was trying to say in my recent Dr F.
            It shows these whimpering jam-heads for what they are. They just do n o t get it and they w a n t it soooo bad.

            Keep doing them and we shallst walk proud as cartoon soldiers in a strange cartoon world where the weird can be normal. :)

          • Introspectre

            I’ts KALI TIME!!!!

        • Introspectre

          LOL, he needs to save some of that gas to give her the dutch oven treatment in bed. Maybe she’ll shine like a diamond herself afterwards!

          Awesome, Eff’d!

          • Introspectre

            I pissed off a feminist, mission accomplished.

          • Paul Elam

            :) :) :) :) :)

        • MateNeo

          Holy shit!!!! Eff’d Off….. I lold really hard…. hahahhaahha!!! You truly rock.

        • Adam

          Oh blow it all out yer ass! :D

    • Watertiger

      Most women bypass THAT method…they just apply a lot of pressure and heat to their poor boyfriends! POOF! Same result!

      • Eff’d Off

        Fuck that is funny.

  • Nergal

    *standing ovation*

    Fuck diamonds. Rubies are actually more useful anyway. Almost every tool you’ve used for grinding employs industrial grade ruby. Aluminum oxide. The diamond dusted shit is mostly a rip off.

  • Simon

    Fantastic article.

    This topic winds me up more than any. Mostly due to the stupidity with which the general public approaches it.

    Diamonds have artificially inflated prices. This is bound to cause the deaths of millions of men (and how many of those men actually give a shit about diamonds).

    And if you think your diamond is ‘blood diamond free’ just because it has some crappy certificate you’re an even bigger idiot. You still contribute to the demand for diamonds and thus contribute to deaths.

    About time this issue was addressed on this site. Better late than never.


  • Paul Elam

    Excellent article as usual, and just the tip of the iceberg where it comes to a badly needed form of myth busting.

    Yes, women do create the demand for diamonds that result in slavery and death. It is also because of female consumer tastes that we had thousands of baby seals clubbed to death on pack ice, a critical drop in the population of Ridley Sea Turtles, horrendous forms of animal testing for cosmetics, and the list goes on an on.

    One of the (of fucking countless) stupidities of the Dear Woman video was the inference that men are solely responsible for the destruction of the environment while women were, of course, more conservation minded.

    What was it one of the Bobbsey Twins said? “We honor your deep connection to the earth”?


    How deep is a diamond mine, Dexter, or the grave of a 10 year old African boy conscripted to carry a warlord’s gun?

    • Eff’d Off

      Hey wait…. just a minute here.

      You say… “What was it one of the Bobbsey Twins said? “We honor your deep connection to the earth”?”

      Yeah, they do care about Mummy Earth. – Check it out.

      [img] 1.jpg[/img]

      [img] 2.jpg[/img]

    • AntZ

      “How deep is a diamond mine.”

      Most diamonds come from surface strip mining. The mines leave gaping wounds that can be seen from space. The Mirny mine in Siberia is the largest of the scabs that female greed has left upon the Earth. Mirny produced about 10 million carats before it was played out. This would feed the apatite of America’s women for 90 days.
      Here is a picture of women’s “deep connection to the earth”:


      • AntZ

        By the way, the buildings behind the giant mine are the city of Mirna. The entire city would easily fit inside the gruesome monument to female greed and privilege.

        Mirna became a ghost town after most of its residents fled the toxic cocktail that continues to seep out of the mine. You can see red and pink hues created by various chemicals poisoning the city’s water basin.

        The hole is so large that it creates an atmospheric disturbance above it. After several crashes, air traffic is now prohibited above the Mirny mine. Today, the only way to see it is from space. Or, just look on a married woman’s finger.

        • Simon

          fantastic analysis

      • Eff’d Off

        Holy crap !

        I thought on first glimpse that this image was a bit of a joke.

        Just think, if the tradition was to wear moon rocks instead of diamonds then the moon would now be the size of a beach ball.

      • Merlin

        Excuse the language, but “FUCK” that is some hole!

        Thanks for posting this Antz, it’s a bloody eye opener for sure! And as you say, that’s there supposed appreciation and connection with the earth…and all largely for the vainity of a female troglodyte eh.

      • Denis

        That’s just the open pit. The toxic tailings ponds are much, much bigger.

        • Merlin

          Genuinely shocked Denis!…

          In my minds eye, I always thought of a mine as something akin to the gold rush type. I had no idea that the planet was damaged so much regarding diamonds, all largely in the name of vanity. It’s quite extraordinary.

        • AntZ

          BY THE WAY …

          It is not the diamond that is a woman’s best friend, it is the pain and agony that was endured by those who dug it up.

          Simple technology for generating real diamonds using high pressure equipment has been available for years. These are not “pretend” diamonds, these are real diamonds, chemically identical to natural diamonds. However, man-made diamonds have little value in the marketplace.

          Women want to KNOW that the rock on their finger cost the blood, sweat, and tears of an army of men. THAT is what matters. The diamonds itself is irrelevant. What a woman wants to wear, as a badge of honour, is proof that “men will kill and die for me.” The diamonds are worth so much BECAUSE of the river of blood, sweat, and tears that they leave behind them.

          Like Maya warriors who made jewellery from the body parts from conquered enemies, women want proof that their man will DIE AND KILL for her.

          • Manuel Dexter

            I’ve added an addendum to the article based on your reply here Antz.

          • Introspectre

            Telling of the “gentler sex”, isn’t it?

          • Introspectre

            Oops, I did it again.

          • Patrice Stanton

            Must respectfully disagree. I’ll bet ‘most women’ haven’t a clue. I normally have lots of them and before reading this article – and even being aware of yet not having seen the film (documentary?) “Blood Diamonds” – I was unaware of the connection between diamonds as a commodity of war. I realize of course many (most?) mines are in Africa which in large part means political ‘unrest’. I was aware of artificial price-fixing/monopoly of DeBeers however. For me the appeal of ‘diamonds’ (I bought ONE ring 20 years ago with teeny-tiny diamonds) was always the ‘rarity’. That’s how great my training in geology was. Taking the article’s research on face value certainly blows that out of the water.

          • Paul Elam

            I agree with you Patrice. I don’t think most women have a clue. I don’t mean this disrespectfully to you, but that is part of the problem in this culture.

            Women are clueless.

            I know, a damn good many men are too. But when it comes to abject ignorance of how the world works, of current events and social/political realities, women are cloaked in more ignorance than low ranking klansman.

            I remember once watching the news with a particular woman. The story was about tropical storm Allison and the utter destruction it caused to the area in which I live. In fact, this anecdote happened just a couple of days after the roads became passable.

            I was watching the story intently because I had friends I still had not been able to reach.

            In the middle of the story, she blurts out, in reference to the newscaster, “That tie does not work for him.”

            And that is my experience generally. Even many women who engage in more in depth analysis of news and events always seem to filter it all through some sort of bizarre filter that leads back to whatever is about their personal interests.

            I know there are some women that are the exception, but truth tell, I would expect the average man to know about blood diamonds, and the average woman to not care, even if she did know.

          • !!SPARTA!!

            The thing about that, is that most people know about blood diamonds, but think that because the one they buy has a certificate that says “THESE AIN’T NO BLOOD DIAMONDS”, it absolves them of all responsibility

          • Benjamin

            So, being that what you wrote is true… when will more men speak openly about the pressing need to disempower women, especially the repealing of women’s suffrage?

          • Nergal

            I don’t know. I’m not interested in repealing women’s suffrage, but judging by the youtube videos I’ve seen, you could easily get 1000 women to sign a petition to end women’s suffrage if you were.

            I’m more interested in limiting the scope of interactions that feminist groups have in society.

            There shouldn’t be any feminist groups calling meetings with the President to discuss the shape of his new economic policies. That’s fucking scary to me, to have people who can barely manage to tie their own shoes shaping economic policies that effect millions.

          • Nergal

            *affect,I mean. Still hungover a bit from hittin’ the sauce last night.

    • keyster

      The Unconscious Men are not regularily exposed to the average woman. They mostly interact with air-headed New Age women within their little sphere.

      Which was to my point earlier…they really need to get out more, but then there’s so much gosh darn stress and contention out in the real world, it upsets their inner peace and they’d have to have their Chi aligned.

  • Paul Elam
    • Nergal

      I have. The crazy bitch kept trying to get me to impregnate her.

  • Pankaj

    So, there is a giant cement formation under the sea.. obviously close to the beach, where tons of diamonds are buried? Point me to it and then I will believe you.

    • Manuel Dexter

      Its in Ghana, west of Accra – if you find it, try not to get shot. Also, fuck you.

      • Eff’d Off

        Ha Ha !
        Mate that reply is flawless… This bit in particular: “Also, fuck you”…

        You funny fuck. I love it. :)

      • Pankaj

        You could be more precise. We all know the lochness monster lives in Lake Erie, but that doesn’t help many lochness enthusiasts.. Funny coincidence huh?

        Also, no thanks for the fuck you. Such things are the refuge of those that don’t like being questioned – (e.g. feminists).
        FYI – Diamonds are very useful stones for cutting metals and other hard random crap. Try not to think with your “left” brain and imagine everyone thinks the way you do.

        • by_the_sword

          The Loch Ness monster allegedly lives in Loch Ness dipshit. Hence the name.

        • Paul Elam

          You asked a fair question in an insulting, insinuative way. So you got a fuck you.

          Appropriate response.

          • Pankaj

            Please point out how placing a condition on believing a certain claim is insulting. The way I see it, merely questioning this idea itself is insulting, because the claimant has no evidence, only emotion backing it up. In this way, this claim is identical to those of feminists.

            Here is a breakdown if you need it. And yes this will sound patronizing (although that’s not my intent), but does not make my point any less valid.

            Man with a brain: Where did this “Patriarchy” that you talk about exist in the way you claim it to exist?
            Feminist: It exists in the America. and Also Fuck you!

          • Paul Elam

            “Please point out how placing a condition on believing a certain claim is insulting.”

            Nope. Figure it out on your own. Or don’t.

          • Pankaj

            I won’t because it is not a “figure it out” thing. Its actually nothing but sheer fragile ego, lack of evidence and emotionalism.

          • Paul Elam

            And that is the last personal insult you will deliver to me or anyone writing for this site.

            Do it again, and you’re out.

          • Pankaj

            No need. I am out anyway.

          • Elderswami

            this guy has always been a know it all punk.

          • MC

            Yes, only feminist answer questions and tell you to fuck off after….

            I don’t think I’ve ever heard a feminist even use the words “fuck you.” I don’t think a “fuck you” is enough of a jab to discredit a post so they could avoid answering your question.

            Manuel Dexter answered your question in the best way possible. It’s the same way I would answer the question if my best friend had asked it.

            You accusing him of using feminist tactics however, is your way of implying that he’s a feminist? A way to discredit what he’s saying perhaps? Kind of like a….lol

          • Nergal

            Anybody who says MRA’s are a monolith has got their head up their ass.

            It sucks that Pankaj took things the way he did. The way I read it was “Here’s where the diamonds are, there’s my evidence,so fuck you for insinuating I was lying.”,but not a general “fuck you”,as in “get the fuck out of my face,asshole”.

            The way Manuel Dexter said it, were I in Pankaj’s place,I would have probably burst out laughing.Even if I had wanted to hold a grudge,the use of “fuck you” as an afterthought displays too much wit for me to take it seriously,or personally.

            In any case, if we wanted to fact check Mr.Dexter’s claim,one could google a few pertinent key words and the information you need to know could be tracked down in a few seconds.

            I understand the skepticism, but I don’t understand getting all worked up at each other.

            We’re better than that.

  • scatmaster


    • Eff’d Off

      Nice one Scatters.

      I might just print them out and stick them on all the rusty autos down my street.

      • scatmaster
        • scatmaster

          Ah yes I remember that evening with the fire roaring in a condo on the side of a mountain in North Conway, New Hampshire where on bended knee I asked my future wife to marry me.
          The look on her face at the ring was to my sex addled brain at the time a sign of the love she had for me. Boy was I an idiot.

          • Eff’d Off

            Ah, we all do dumb stuff.

            I remember dating a girl once who thought angels flew amongst us and giraffes had two bones in their necks.

            It’s just that some of us stay dumb ya know ?

            You’ll be fine come the day you have her diminishing in the rear view mirror as you choof off somewhere else.

            IMHO of course.

          • Josh

            can i get that in bumper sticker form please?

  • http://none Atlas Reloaded

    LOL-Family Guy did one their great commercial sppofs of this; that famous DeBeers commercial showing a silhouette of a couple, and playing that passionate music in the background? But this one it shows the woman dropping down obviously in in BJ position then it says “She’d pretty much HAVE to!”….after the husband presents her with a diamond.

    My version would be the same except when the woman drops down it would say “If she demands one from me she pretty much CAN.”

  • Lovekraft

    People who flaunt their wealth, such as cars or clothing, in this climate of financial uncertainty and urban squalor are like pigs preening over their filth.

    Contemptible and garish displays.

    • scatmaster

      In the renovation business it is called house porn.
      They just have to flaunt their $100,000.00 kitchens.

      Attention Whores


  • Herbal Essence

    “If you want to stop a war, or slavery, or torture, you stop buying the commodities which finance it, like diamonds.”


    If we want to stop abusive wives, bad mothers, or male-hating family courts, we stop marrying the feminist women that enable it.

  • Merlin

    Great article Manuel…

    Have to say the details kinda made me sick to my stomach. It’s nothing less than an abomination! Just shows how fucked up the world is when you realise this really goes off.

  • George Rolph

    I was once stalked by a femle ex actress who, having informed me that she kept a gun under her pillow “in case any of my lovers do anything to piss me off” got miffed because I decided to back off. Hell hath no loonies like a woman scorned. She then proceeded to call me at all hours of the day and night for weeks at a time before finally sending the police to my house claiming I had made threats to her on the phone. Unfortunately for her and good for me, I had recorded every call I had ever made to her and she to me and kept the tapes with a copy of my phone bills. When the police came I simply produced both, let them listen to her rants on the phone at 4:00am and they pronounced her nuts and told me nothing further would happen. They were serious. She never got arrested and charged despite my repeated requests. Ho hum.

    On the lighter side. Here is what happens to white knights when they drink too much:

    • Eff’d Off

      Holy shit. That is some story.

      You were smart as can be to record your calls – excellent insurance.

      Here in Australia the law says it’s illegal to record someone’s voice without them knowing about it. You have to remind them every fifteen seconds that they are being taped.
      Mad I know, but get this: Also by law, any phone taping device must have an automatic “beep” that goes off every 15 seconds so that the person being taped is reminded of this.

      Now with the advent of the Iphone and various apps then this of course is a moot point, but I do believe that the law still will nip at your nuts if you forget to remind the other person that the call is being recorded.

      Aw fuggit’. This legal stuff gives me the shits – too complicating for my wee brain to catch up.

      None the less I’d record away and publish and be damned if I was ever in that situation.

      • Gilgamesh

        You might want to talk to peter nolan about your legal concerns.

        • Adam

          I’m not certain for all the down thumbs here, Peter has been in a position where he has (unfortunately) had to learn all about Australian laws and a man’s responsibility.

          If it can help other men from another terrible situation then this recommendation is not some vapid take-it-elsewhere-punk response like what it may appear.

  • quackademic

    Gender-feminists do not attack all men equally. Gender-feminists don’t like hetero-males, and are slowly purging them from higher education and professional life in America.

  • Merlin

    Hey folks, check this link out…Apologies for being off topic as such, but just had to post it!

    Another Lawyer kicking some ass, and it’s gotta be good new…

  • Ed

    What makes a diamond a girls best friend? A diamond is nothing like a dog. They do nothing for anyone. Except one thing…they signify that they own something…a man.

    • Quartermain

      Between a diamond and a dog, I would take the dog.

      • scatmaster

        Between a diamond and a dog, I would take the dog.

        Even to the end man’s only friend.


        • MateNeo

          This picture brought tears to my eyes.

          • Eff’d Off

            Yeah it did the same here mate.

  • Hayden

    I share the authors feelings about diamonds. In my white knight early twenties, I purchased one for a woman. I now see entering marriage in America as utter stupidity for a man; so I guess the purchase of an overpriced unethically mined clear rock is argueably the perfect iceing on the brother-you-just-fucked-up-your-life cake. Thanks for a great article on a important topic.

    • Ugly Bumper

      Not defending the diamond prices here, but not all natural diamonds are unethically mined – buy Canadian diamonds if you still want them. Of course, ethically-mined diamonds are even more ridiculously priced.

      • Paul Elam

        What on earth would be a reason to buy diamonds, other than essential industrial use?

        • AntZ

          Industrial diamonds are virtually all man-made.

      • Opt-out

        All diamonds that adore the entitled consumer are covered in blood, the blood of men. I absolutely do not believe that all diamonds are blood diamonds until some poor fuck mortgages his house to please the unappreciative. The only way for that diamond to be cleansed is for something of equal value to be offered in return. That would be in the form of CASH for those who think there wielding the magic vagina and NO, we still ant getting married. Peace my MR Bros!!!

    • Donn

      Hayden, I was wondering if you had an email address or something? I wanted to talk with you more about the law school thing if that was possible? If you don’t want to post your e-mail here we can do it through another venue as well, just let me know

      • Hayden

        Sure Don. My email addy is However, I will tell you now that I do not recommend law practice to anybody.

        • Benjamin

          Yes, Hayden…

          In college, I was a taxi-cab driver. And, cabbies are everybody’s shrink, at 2:00 AM… we pick up where the bartender left off.

          I cannot tell you how many lawyers I drove home, after they were out drinking, who were miserable with everything in their lives. The practice of law was sucking out their humanity, their honor, their family relationships, etc.

          At the time, I wanted to study to be an attorney, myself… but boy I saw the light.

          Of all the fares I ever drove, I had only one attorney who was happy. He was in my car, with a woman about 15-20 years younger than he… and he was so ebulliently happy! I asked what he did for a living, and he said he was a lawyer.

          I was surprised, and told him how all the lawyers I drove were miserable and despondent. He replied, and I kid you not, “I just retired two days ago; we’re moving to Florida tomorrow; and you could not pay me enough money to take ONE MORE CASE”.

          • Hayden

            Yep. I could not be happier with the career change to nursing. I keep my law license active in one state, but the thought of having to ever use it again to make a living makes me want to puke.

            I like the idea over at The-Spearhead of an article every now and then on career advice for men, and it is great that it comes up every now and then on aVfM. There are a lot of smart guys here with a lot of life experience and similar philosophical perspectives, whose advice could really benefit the younger guys who grew up in single-mom households getting bogus career advice from a damn woman.

            Career advice from a woman is worthless because their entire working life is tainted by their vagina safety net. They live their entire lives with a financial safety net under them thinking that if things get too rough, they can just leach onto and use up a man. If they are halfway attractive, they get a constant financial subsidy from a parade of men, not to mention the government. Many of the worst life and career mistakes that I made resulted from taking the advice of women when I was younger.

  • Yakenjokin

    I see our feminest thumbs downer is at work here,, how pithy,,, how lame

    Excelent article however, never liked diamonds for the reasons as stated within the article.

    • Introspectre

      “I see our feminest thumbs downer is at work here,, how pithy,,, how lame”

      Her highness does not approve.

      • http://none Atlas Reloaded

        Perhaps her Higness can go the way of Mary Queen of the Scots..?

        • http://none Atlas Reloaded

          ok Paul I meant simply that “she” can go to hell…but if that was too violent then you should remove it.

          • Paul Elam

            Works for me.

  • Eff’d Off

    Interesting isn’t it.

    I mean one has to dig to find stories like this, but they are there alright.
    In fact it’s becoming epidemic and all the more reported as blokes are getting jacked off big time.

    Enough said.


    • Quartermain

      I would have more respect for the producers of these shows if they would title them “Spoiled Rich Bitches” instead of “Real Housewives”.

    • quackademic

      This is an example of the benevolent and all loving “inner matriarch” that is inherent in all women.

  • scatmaster

    I see our feminest thumbs downer is at work here,, how pithy,,, how lame

    I see it as a badge of honor. I have got under their thin skins.
    I fantasize it as been Amynda Marcotte slamming away with her index finger


    all the while causing her blood pressure to sky rocket and one of these days it is going to blow her sky high.

    Not advocating anything here now. Sit down mantatz.

    • Paul Elam

      If she fell over dead right now I wouldn’t even stop between bites of a burger to say something. Don’t care what mantitz says about it.

      From the scribbling’s of Marilyn French:

      “My feelings about men are the result of my experience. I have little sympathy for them. Like a Jew just released from Dachau, I watch the handsome young Nazi soldier fall writhing to the ground with a bullet in his stomach and I look briefly and walk on. I don’t even need to shrug. I simply don’t care. What he was, as a person, I mean, what his shames and yearnings were, simply don’t matter.”

      Feelings mutual. What happens to women, as a class, at this point in time, could not matter less to me.

  • criolle johnny

    What about chocolate? This is a bit more complex issue and I’d appreciate it if you would investigate and publish your findings.
    As a chocoholic, I need to know.

  • Stu

    I’ve had numerous discussions with people that think that women are more environmentally friendly then men. Load of bullshit. Every time I’ve lived with a women….I just can’t believe the level of consumption….the amount of crap they go through. The endless pile of shit they buy….it’s like a revolving door……crap in…..crap out. They pump those gas bills and electricity bills so high. They sit around inside in the middle of winter dressed like it’s summer…with heater blaring all the time. In summer….if you have air con…it will be on all the time. They buy clothes and shoes and throw them out when they are still good to make room for the next wardrobe of shit…..thats if you can get them to throw them out.

    Diamonds. I’ve said it a million times. They are not valuable…..they are worthless. What are they used for. Ok, industrial applications…cutting tools. But when they were first mined….they had no use at all… was just because…..women liked the sparkley things…..and slaves were put in chains and wars fought to get them for them. Gold is the same. What practical purpose makes gold worth more then iron. In fact it has less use….because it’s a weak soft metal. It’s value is because women liked it…..lusted after it in fact.

    Women use much more of all the worlds resources then men. They go through more clothes…use more toiletries and skin care and hair care products…..the use more medicines and gas and electricity. Everything you use had to be produced…..and the materials and chemicals had to come out of the environment. Energy was used in the creation of these products…..and in their transportation….and rubbish is created when them…and their packaging is disposed of.

    This is typical woman thinking for you. I know a women who fancies herself as a greeny. She had a pushbike…hardly ever rode it……she brought one of those electric motors and battery packs and her husband installed it on her bike. She was proudly showing it off to me the next time I was visiting. I said… you think this bike is environmently friendly. She said yes. I said…actually it was more environmentally friendly without the electric motor. I had to explain to her that she peddled the bike before…….using no source of power at all…..except her legs. Now it uses electricity….and everytime you charge it……it’s taking coal and gas which is burning out of your sight… generate the electricity to charge your batteries. Also…that motor had to be manufactured……so did those batteries…..that took mining….which used oil to drive those big pumps and drilling rigs….and I bet that moter and batteries were made in china….and shipped here on a ship running on oil. And when they die….in the end….they will go to landfill. How has your bike became green when it now uses all those resources to power it…..and all those materials that it didn’t need before…and all the extra rubbish that will be created when it’s life is over. You have turned your bike from a peddle powered form of transportation to a coal burning bike. And whats more…everytime you twist your wrist on the throttle…..your husbands electricity bill is going up LOL

    I finished by telling her….the way to be green is to reduce the use of materials and resources….not increase it. I should have told her that some guys had to rape the earth for those metals and chemicals to make her motor and batteries….and more guys are raping the earth to supply the power to charge those batteries. And some animals habitate has been wiped of the face of the earth to make way for strip mining……and a sea of oil rigs. All to save her legs from the effort of peddling. She drives her car nearlly all the time anyway.

    Yes, most women seem to think that men should be producing all the things they want and use by magic…without touching the environment. Cities can be built without cutting down any trees…..or mining any materials…..or using any fossil fuels……same with farms…….roads….us dumb arse men just don’t know how to do it.

    • MC

      Gold has value because it’s a rare metal that was once used in place of paper money. Instead of giving say, $40 to a shop keep, you give them 2 silver coins or 1 gold coin, or paper money that was expected to hold value as gold.

      It was simply a form of accepted exchange, the same way the paper money you’re using now is. Paper money doesn’t have any practical purpose either, even less so then gold.

      I doubt you’re going to ask your employer to start paying you in iron any time soon.

      I also don’t know how cities can be built without cutting down any trees or mining ANY materials? Magic?

      And raping the earth? Am I molesting it when I walk on it too?

      • Paul Elam

        Did you get the earth’s consent BEFORE you took the first step? Huh? Did you?

      • Stu

        No currency in the world is based on gold anymore. And I think your missing most points I made. It isn’t me saying we are raping the earth….I’m quoting others…..same with building cities without material or destruction of the environment. It’s greenies that complian about all these things, while they drive, live in houses and apartments etc

        You’re totally wrong about gold, paper money too. Paper money was used to represent gold at first. It represented actual physical gold held in storage, and was convertable to gold. It isn’t anymore….your paper money is not backed by any physical commodity anymore. It’s actually debt. Gold was used for money because it was valued….not the other way around

        • MC

          I know currency in the world isn’t based on gold anymore. And I probably didn’t write clearly what I meant, but when I said “or paper money that was expected to hold value as gold” I meant it represented actual gold held in storage, like you said.

          When I said that gold “was once used in place of paper money” I meant that gold was exchanged via coins/paper money/bars, unlike now, where the paper money is just that. Paper. I could have written it more clearly and less confusing like.

          I didn’t know you were quoting others when you were having the “rape the earth” speech. It sounded like you were saying it in your own words.

          • Nergal

            Did you know that any group of people can create a currency based on anything?

            All you need is the valuable resource ready to trade for the bills or whatever units you use.

      • Benjamin

        Good afternoon,

        Umm… you guys are all mixed up, regarding gold, and why it’s used for money.

        Turth is, gold is the most valuable metal for various practical applications. One of those, these days, is for electronics/electrical wiring. Gold conducts electricity better than almost any metal (silver is better), and gold does not break down over time due to corrosion.

        The fact that you can cover things in gold and it will not tarnish or rust away is extremely useful and valuable, practically. And that has been true since long before electronics. Gold’s value is enhanced by its being the most ductile and malleable (soft) metal known to man. (Although someone actually posted on here that that was a weak point for gold.)

        Someone here also posted that people could make a currency out of any old thing they wanted to… but that is simply foolish. (No offense intended, friend… you simply posted a foolish thought… everybody does it sometimes, right?)

        Well, you can make clothes out of anything, too… but crepe paper is a bad choice, for good reasons.

        Likewise, when people are free to choose their own currencies, they will, in very short order, choose whatever is rare (but not too rare), durable, easily divisible, fungible, and identifiable.

        It happens to be that gold is the best substance for that. It is not a matter of opinion, nor culture… gold is the best money, for real reasons. Silver’s very good, too.

        Paper and cloth are not.

        If gold were much more common than it is… it would be used instead of copper for many purposes. But, to repeat the most important point: the fact that gold is so extremely valuable for practical uses, is what causes people to adopt it as money. Not because it is worthless for practical purposes!

        I hope that you’re all very well.

        • Nergal

          I already knew everything you said. I also knew that gold was originally valued because it was a soft metal that was easily worked and resisted corrosion.I was gonna say that before, but I don’t like to spam.

          I also know that palladium is at least as rare as gold and is also useful in electronics. A currency based on palladium, or copper, or even bronze,nickel,or cobalt would be vastly superior. Name a mineral, and I can tell you for sure that it would be better to use as a currency than the system we have now, which is IOU’s with IOU’s backing it up.

          What’d you think I meant, a currency based on soup?

          • Benjamin


            No, I thought you meant a currency based on thumb-tacks or ribbons or shells, or some other thing, like soup… because I often read and hear statements that people make to that effect.

            People who make those statements are usually defending the type of money that we have, these days, in the developed countries. They say that a group of people can make anything money that they want to.

            If I heard you wrong, in that I grouped you with those people, and if you’re not one of those mis-guided souls, then please accept my apology.

        • MC

          I knew gold had more reasons for being valuable, I just didn’t know what the reasons were. I just felt he was trying to put gold in the “worthless” category, so defended it with the only thing I actually knew about it. It’s rarity and use as money.

          Good to know it has serious practical purposes.

  • Tom

    Interesting video. Listen to what the interviewee says at 4:30 about men/women and relationships:

    • Tom

      actually starting at 4:05

  • B.R. Merrick

    I never thought diamonds were beautiful. You can also cut a jewel entirely too big and garish, making them even less appealing.

    This article is an excellent exposé on how coercion, when introduced into the market, can kill. In a truly free market, unregulated by the government, those “precious” diamonds would already be unearthed and sold. Much of what this company is doing is ignored or actually made worse under protection of the state.

    This article is also a fine example of how value is created in the human mind. Nothing actually holds any value outside of the abstract. Therefore, when a child is denied cookies that are right in front of him all day long, day after day, week after week, except for one or two, the value increases in his mind. Women who want big, ugly diamonds will want them even more if they are increasingly unavailable.

    What this company is doing, on multiple levels, is coercing the minds of individuals with deliberate falsehoods and obfuscations. Coercion is death, also taking place on multiple levels.

    My dad made my mother’s ring out of gold and an opal. She has worn it proudly ever since without complaint. The ring has no intrinsic value, but it is now, in the minds of many who know about it, as priceless as those idiotic (and ugly) crowned jewels.

  • Pankaj

    Regardless whether you want to engage in the whole diamond ring ritual or not (I highly recommend that you don’t.), Diamonds by themselves are very useful stones. Anyone who claims that they are abundant should send me a pound (or Kg if you are on MKS person) of diamonds. See, I am moderate, I don’t want the tons, just some as proof.

    Until then I will dismiss such claims as leftist myths and diamond haters (which is far more irrational than man-hating! They are stones for god/science sakes! how can anyone hate them?!). So there you go, you have your opportunity.

    • Manuel Dexter

      @Pankaj – You’ve outed yourself as a dishonest, bad actor. The article is explicit in stating that diamonds are very expensive – despite being common. You’re indulging in the pretense that their abundance makes them inexpensive, ignoring the fact that they’re controlled by an highly organized cartel of diamond producers. “Anyone who claims that they are abundant should send me a pound”

      You liar – this dishonest horse-shit calculated to draw people into arguments over your fabricated minutia while the major problem is that an artificially created scarcity of an abundant and worthless commodity drives war, slavery, bloodshed and sacrifice to indulge the whims of privileged pricessess.

      • Opt-out

        I would love to mail Pankaj a pound of something that in readily available these day.

  • Aharon

    True that women still control most access to sex. However, for some of us that is changing with ghosting and mgtow. Personally, I usually say no to women who want to go meet up or go out as I usually find women more trouble or more of a headache than they are worth. Men can say no to sex too.

    Years ago, I sold high-end jewelry. As I recall it requires about 1,200 tons (if the claim is correct) of mined ore to find a single one carrot diamond though smaller sizes are far more frequently found. I used to joke with my co-workers that I can’t believe the fuss made (especially by women) over diamond rings as they are simply old pieces of pressurized carbon on top of a tiny amount of metal. For many young women urban yuppies, a one carrot is now not good enough. Now they want a two carrot to out-compete their girlfriends.

    The success of by the diamond advertisers with women is much the same as the success by the feminists with selling women with their promises of utopia and happiness. The diamond trade would not go on if women didn’t expect and demand diamonds and men refused to buy them. Much the same can be said of our consumer driven world with women being the majority of shoppers and buyers of mostly unimportant products. The natural resources mined and then used in manufacturing, shipping, and building a retail based causes much world devastation and pollution. Women blame men for polluting the world yet women love to jump into their cars made with raw materials and drive to the shopping malls burning gasoline, etc.

    • keyster

      The connections are not obvious to them, because they don’t think that deeply.
      They prefer mindlessely consuming to contemplation of any negative consequences. It’s their nature.

      Ask the next woman you meet where plastic comes from.
      She’ll probably become angry that you’re trying to trick her into looking stupid, while never being able to answer the question.

      • Gilgamesh

        Where does it come from? I know oil is involved but I don’t know the rest.

        • Nergal

          It’s made through uniting long chains of hydrocarbons together.

          It’s a process that is reminiscent of rendering soap or wax from fat, though the exact same process is not used.

          • Eff’d Off

            Well,, I have to confess ignorance here.

            I thought it grew as a natural coating around products wot ya get in the shops ‘n stuff.

  • Gru

    My 8th grade earth science teacher told us all about the DeBeers Monopoly and that was back in the early early 80’s Nothing has changed in 30 years they are smart players.

    I’ve bought 7 diamonds in my life for 3 different women. Are they still around? well my highschool sweetheart is still around but we have a kid together. She can be a real bitch but not as bitchy as all the others.

    I don’t think I’ll buy another one after this last catastrophe. The one that has lead me here to this site. So something good may have come of it but it has cost thousands and thousands to get here.

    • Simon

      Welcome man. Unfortunate that you had to waste your time on those diamonds but at least you realize the mistake made (which puts you ahead of 99% of men at least).

      7 diamonds??? fuck… wonder why you needed more than 1 diamond per woman (really you should need 0)

  • keyster

    I can’t imagine telling a woman you plan to marry that she is NOT to expect a diamond of any kind from you, going in favor of the relationship continuing.

    The “House on a Finger” is a very powerful social symbol. A symbol of validation that a man has found you worthy to be his wife; the bigger the rock, the more worthy you seem, the higher status you have…to other women. It also indicates how committed he is to you and how much money he makes; the rule of thumb being that it should be worth at least one month of his pay.

    “Showing off” the rock to female family and friends is an incredible high for women, that only serves to indicate their rather shallow and materialistic value system.

    Show me a woman who just wants something simple and not “too showy”, and I’ll show you a woman probably worth hanging on to. This woman is an endangered species however.

    • Simon

      thumbs up… however if I do eventually want to marry, that is EXACTLY what I’d be telling her (no diamond).

      If it destroyed the relationship then so be it (would consider it a bullet dodged).

      • Eff’d Off.

        I have been married twice and neither got a diamond out of me.

        A gold ring each and as nice as they are in their different ways they made no fuss of it and were delighted.

        So buck up blokes, these girls are out there – rare as diam… I mean rubies.

  • by_the_sword

    “Honey, I don’t believe in diamonds on account of the slave labor and tribal wars, so I got you this lump of coal. It’s anthrocite coal so it’s environmentally friendly and you can use it for so many things, not like a diamond at all which has very few uses…

    “No I don’t want to marry you, I want you to shovel the coal into the stove and cook me some dinner.”

  • Ben

    When I went to my programming class this morning, this was the EXACT title of our lab assignment — Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. We were to write a program that could generate different size diamonds based on responses to menu questions. I just thought that was a strange coincidence. Needless to say, it started a conversation about diamond rings. Many girls in the class had them. I just really had to bite my tongue after just having read this eye-opening article. Especially after personally having bought two diamond engagement rings for two fiancees that ditched me before the wedding. Luckily, the jewelry store took them both back for a full refund in both cases.

    • Benjamin


      I have your same name, and I am also a programmer, like you. However, I’m older and getting paid for it. (Probably not for much longer, though!)

      Anyway, may I advise you against considering government marriage, ever again?

      A strong, simple, masculine name like Ben makes women easier to bed, anyway.

      But, find a good wife or two or three… but avoid government marriage like a horde of Huns. (One Ben to another.)

      My woman wears a gold band I bought her– no rock– and she has known from before I married her that there were going to be more young women coming into the family.

      It’s up to you, but I’d recommend you consider doing the same.


      • Ben


        Thanks for your advice!

        I don’t know of very many, if any, women in the United States who would not be insulted if a man didn’t spend at least 3 month’s salary on a diamond ring upon asking her to marry him. In fact, they want more than 3 month’s salary when you consider that, in most cases, the man has to lie about how much money he makes in the first place just to get her attention. In that case, it is more like 6 month’s salary. Eventually he cannot live beyond his means and pretend to earn more than he does, as he destroys his 401k to buy a Porsche. This is the time that she will leave.

        You know, it is really screwed up when you consider that women look at men who make the same amount of money or less than themselves like dirt under their feet. Men must outearn women just to get a second glance. And even then, the man is under the magnifying glass until he can prove that he is not a potential abuser of some kind. Then, they complain that there is a pay gap. But….. they won’t have it any other way. Women are the selectors of the human race and, thus, are the ones who control the pay gap by creating this condition for men to have access to sex. I say FUCK EM! LOL

  • SingleDad

    Monty Python has nothing on you Eff’d Off…lol.

    • Eff’d Off


  • Tom

    What Women Want From Men: Interview about Internet Dating


  • Opt-out

    What a wonderful writing and a great example of what happens when a commodity is horded. The label “Blood Diamond” is well deserved. We are surrounded by blood diamonds adorned by those of self proclaimed entitlement. Every diamond you see is soaked in the blood of man. Men bleed searching for it earning almost nothing in the process. Men bleed as it’s brought to market and a man bleeds as he tries desperately at his own personal expense and loss to purchase it in the hopes that this little daisy is different. Most women have two or three blood diamonds stocked away in there trophy case, pulling them out on special occasions to recall her ill gotten spoils as she continues to stalk new prey. She is covered in blood and celebrates it daily, she deserves it. Her blood diamonds are a symbol of her conquests and she guards her bounty like a smart man guards his wallet. The abusive predatory women is not new, its roots are galvanized in a past deceptively shrouded by lies in order to continue the slow bleed.
    I love how some fondly speak about the old days when things were different and how the world has changed in the last 30 years. Really, things are different? By who’s fucking standards??

    I know, I know this is an isolated incident, forget you saw this and just go back to believing what we tell you. You will be fine, fall back to sleep now; you have work to do in the morning. These types have been around for decades and our western feminist driven society has worked diligently to assure maximum efficiency. Killing men is no-longer required and had the Black Widow been born in different times she could have enslaved her victims as she set back and received here monthly stipends.
    Here is another term we should get use too as we have all been victimized by it, BLOOD MONEY!! Blood money comes in many forms, one example might be inheritance. When we receive an inheritance we are receiving blood money. In order for that asset to be cleansed of blood it must be utilized in the same manner as it was earned by the benefactor. Often this benefactor made considerable sacrifice to provide an inheritance. Often the benefactor is a man. Sadly most inheritance is squandered by GUESS WHO? Another example of blood money is perhaps the most sinister as it symbolizes a state sponsored redistribution of wealth from a saver to a consumer in the form of alimony and child support. This form of blood money is the sickest of all because it is a slow bleed!! It takes time and is extremely painful to the victim who lays broken and lost. They find themselves working towards nothing but to choose otherwise lands them in the pokey. Men will pay for being men, one way or another.
    Today we find ourselves in a particularly dire situation as blood money is drying up and men are losing our ability to earn. Men have gone from being gainfully employed to the unemployment line. Not that the powers that be are concerned about the wellbeing of men, only the precious blood money we provide. This brings up another term Paul coined and we should all be familiar with, “Man Bomb”. As we continue to witness the United States slowly slide off a cliff we are seeing the most liberal of news organizations report fear of potential riots in the streets. We also see another phenomenon which would have been unheard off in the past, the anti-gun crowd buying guns. Government and media are correct to fear this but they, like most will miss the point entirely of such a tragic event. Those on the streets will not be women or the slut-walking entitled. If it happens and I hope to God it doesn’t you will see men in the streets. Desperate men who can’t feed themselves much less the state sponsored beast they are forced to support. These men will not be there to protest nor will they be there to protect organizations such as NOW or the powers that support it. This will be a very tragic time for men because it will be men who will pay the price. It will be men who die and it will be men who are blamed for the outcome. It will also be men who commit the atrocities, against other men. Its during these times that each of us will be forced to defend our homes and our lives. Make no mistake; we will be vilified for doing so. Once the dust settles we will have history rewritten in the interest of protecting the perpetrator while they deny reality. I for one cant stand the idea of another man giving their life for the undeserving powers that be but it will happen if something doesn’t give. Let’s hope we have not passed the point of no return because the alternative could spell the end of men. In reality I guess it matters little if it happens or not, men will pay either way. Be well.

  • Tom

    After watching several videos, I highly recommend George4title’s Channel:
    Survive and Thrive TV

    • Paul Elam

      Tom, thanks for posting this. I have been looking for something like it for a long time. I made contact with him and he has agreed to come on the radio show to be interviewed.

      I think this guy has LOTS of good information, directly relevant to this site.

  • Introspectre

    The diamond industry is indeed evidence of how woman massively contribute to worldwide corruption; which I suppose the feminists will also deny. I guess princesses are too high and mighty to account for their own behavior and I can’t count the number of women who seem to love the idea of nobles and autocracy. So don’t expect a government of women to prevent the crony capitalism we have now and replace it with true free markets.

    I knew for some time that the diamond industry was dirty and literally gets men killed, I just didn’t realize how dirty. I get disgusted every time I see anyone wearing diamonds, but wouldn’t you know; it’s only women who usually wear the big gluttonous diamonds. Thanks for the insights Manuel.

    • Gilgamesh

      Incese anyone reading doesn’t know this, women also contributed masively to Nazism. Most of Hitler’s support came from women, and women used the Gestapo to get rid of their husbands.

      • Introspectre

        They’re still doing it. That’s why Marx said women are ******* ******.

    • http://none Atlas Reloaded

      LOL ya ALWAYS speak my thoughts when I lose words for them! Women (nearly ALL) would love a state of feudalism. Lords, vassals, kings, QUEENS…and of course…knights.

      The whole Constitutional idea was very much a male idealism. Is. Read a bit of the Middle Ages, you’ll find more often than not the male nobleman was over-ruled in his own castle by his wife and concubines. The man would find solace in going outside, hunting, fishing and fighting “for her honour”! Feminism started in Medevial Europe.

    • http://none Atlas Reloaded

      And the Middle Ages is rife with evidence of women living a life of pampered pivilege. Only noble women, sure but poor men’s lives were no better then poor womens. Worse in fact.

      • Introspectre

        Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

        The more that things change, the more they stay the same. Including the denials.

  • Lysander Spooner

    I’ve never seen this but title in On Topic: Blood Diamond.

    • Simon

      thumbs up…

      this is a good movie (it begins to expose the sheer cheapness of the lives of those men who are killed for the profit of a few) however it does not go far enough.

      You have to remember that this movie must appeal to the dumbed down masses and therefore will not go deep into the root of the problem (or in any way point the finger at those who create demand for diamonds).

      This movie also has an idiotically happy ending. Claiming that certificates for ‘blood diamond free’ diamonds shut down the slave trade for these worthless rocks… as if now everything was rosy and the past forgotten.

      Bullshit to that.

  • Mr. J

    I often wonder what percentage of females thinks the same way about diamonds, I know there are some.
    I always had a funny suspicion about diamonds and leaned more as time went on.

    Anyone have any opinions/experiences on how many females don’t care about diamonds?….interesting subject.

    • keyster

      But about 5% might claim they don’t care to men they like.

      • Mr. J

        There has got to be some tree=hugger types that don’t want them.

        • Ben

          You don’t want them, either. The tree huggers tend to be radical feminists. Nearly all of the girls on campus who set up tables outside and ask student’s to sign petitions for greener energy are from the women’s groups.

  • Stu

    New a woman who had a very expensive diamond ring stolen. She was hysterical. The diamond ring lived in her jewelry box and rarely ever got worn. She told me it was worth X thousands of dollars. I asked her if she was going to sell it….she said no… way. So I told her she has lost nothing. She didn’t get it. I said, your life is no differnt now then it was before the ring went missing. Just pretend it’s still in your jewelry box and forget about it.

    She still didn’t get it.

  • George Rolph

    @Eff’d Off Re: Recording.

    When the police from the Kensington branch turned up at my house and I played the tape to them one of them told me that recording was illegal “unless you have resonable grounds to think a criminal offence may take place.” He listened to her roaring and raging and then said to me, “I think this comes under ‘reasonable grounds'” He also asked me what tipped me off that all was not well in her head. I told him that on our first date and when drunk on wine (which took place at her house) she had told me that she had “had a lot of fun driving my ex husband insane.” When I asked if she meant REALLY insane or just bugging him a lot she replied, “He hurt me. I hurt him” and would not go into any more details. I realised that if I did anything to her that she might construe as “hurting her” I could be targeted myself. I then made the decision to record all conversations on the phone between us. My answer machine had that facility built in. Glad I did.

    You may want to read the Act carefully concerning recording calls just in case the provision for justifying recordings also applies in Oz.

    • Eff’d Off

      Thank you for the post here, very muchly appreciated.

      I will do exactly that as you suggest and post here soon what I have learnt.

      Good call.

    • Eff’d Off

      Ok,, I found this about the law in The U.S. re taping:
      Federal law allows recording of phone calls and other electronic communications with the consent of at least one party to the call. A majority of the states and territories have adopted wiretapping statutes based on the federal law, although most also have extended the law to cover in-person conversations. Thirty-eight states and the District of Columbia permit individuals to record conversations to which they are a party without informing the other parties that they are doing so. These laws are referred to as “one-party consent” statutes, and as long as you are a party to the conversation, it is legal for you to record it. (Nevada also has a one-party consent statute, but the state Supreme Court has interpreted it as an all-party rule.)

      Twelve states require, under most circumstances, the consent of all parties to a conversation. Those jurisdictions are California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington. Be aware that you will sometimes hear these referred to inaccurately as “two-party consent” laws. If there are more than two people involved in the conversation, all must consent to the taping.

      Regardless of the state, it is almost always illegal to record a conversation to which you are not a party, do not have consent to tape, and could not naturally overhear.

      Federal law and most state laws also make it illegal to disclose the contents of an illegally intercepted call or communication.

      …and this about the law in OZ re taping:
      Each State and Territory prohibits the use of a listening device to record a private conversation to which you are not a party. In some States and Territories, a party to the conversation may record the conversations without the other party’s consent. In all States and Territories, a party to the conversation is prohibited from communicating or publishing a record or a report of that conversation except in very limited circumstances.

      So here we can record but not publish any part of it but you can’t record a conversation you are not involved in, as in eavesdropping.

      Either way I still say record away like mad and cross a fiery bridge later.

      It sure as hell saved you a lot of heartache as the cop you spoke to nipped it in the bud when he heart that nutter woman on your tail.

  • andybob

    “Every time I’ve lived with a women….I just can’t believe the level of consumption….the amount of crap they go through.” Stu

    This is so true. Had a few flatmates through university years and a year or so after. One of these was a woman. She was a consumer virago. I’d come home on winter days to find heaters blasting away in two different rooms while she’d been yapping on the phone for hours in a third room. We’d go through rolls and rolls of toilet paper each week. Every electrical socket in the place was being used for some contraption or appliance (from yoghurt makers to water urns). The guys, on the other hand, consumed very little.

    She was, you guessed it, a pinko greenie eager to right the wrongs of the world. Oh yes – she became a feminist within weeks of moving in. She felt especially hard-done-by because, as a very beautiful model, she came to the realisation that she must have been ‘exploited’ more than other women. All that sitting around looking vacant while being well-paid was the Patriarchy’s plan to keep her oppressed. I got to see up close and uncensored just how eagerly women identify with being victims. She was no dodo (got a master’s degree in hard sciences) and still turned out to be a silly, slogan-weilding whinger. She’s now quite a miserable, lonely person and I blame feminism.

    Most women I know embraced feminism like toddlers with a fluffy toy. It has served them very well. I think the sense of entitlement it gave them makes them feel that the world’s resources are theirs for the taking. They also feel that it is men’s task to provide those resources.

    • Rich

      Indeed..VERY True!! Women are absolutely CONSUMERS.. just like the “Borg/Hive mind” mentality and programming that they unwittingly follow. It doesn’t matter HOW many degree’s or what so called education a woman has, she is still a selfish, vindictive, greedy, brain dead being that is little more than a mass of conflicting impulses and defective.

      Yes they surely do use up far more toilet paper, electricity, shampoo and SO much more. I have a daughter and I can put three rolls in there and they’re gone in a week. When it was me growing up with three brothers one roll would last at least a week or two, even with FOUR of us using it.

      Women LOVE to play the victim because they all feel, just by being female, that they’re deserved of sympathy, empathy, validation and support. A woman’s entire PSYCHE is based on her getting more and more empathy and sympathy and being the center of attention. The feminists, being “women” (sort of), KNEW this about women and that’s why they knew that all they had to do was going on and on about how women were oppressed and victimized by men for centuries and that, coupled with their incredible gullibility and desire for vengeance would be all it would take to get them to jump on the radical and goddess feminist bandwagon and that’s all she wrote.

      Even when you tell them over and over again to control the resources, they can’t do it. They have virtually NO self discipline or control and can do little more than follow their feelings and hormones, like an automaton.. then they can’t figure out why so many men consider them to be somewhat less than human.

      For women, their entire existence is a never ending quest for greater validation, support, empathy and sympathy, which is how THEY view “love”. So when they want something new or expensive, they want money to be spend on them, they want you to listen to them.. it’s ALL viewed as her getting validation and support. The more you spend on her, the more she views her own self worth and thus, because the spending has elicited an emotional response, she views this “validation and support” as SHE would see it, as “love”.

      Most women can’t even figure this out. So when a man tells her “Dam baby, you have a hot ass” upon first meeting, then they have sex right away and he’s hardly calling her, she can’t fathom why he only wanted her for her body because he was SO nice (because he validated her by saying she had a nice ass) when they first met.

      I would tell them.. hey dingbat.. you think you have a brain…USE It.. oh sorry, I know that most women were totally absent when it came to getting their logic and reality circuits installed…but he was NOT telling you you had a nice ass, how beautiful or sexy you were because he was acting like one of your GF”s and trying to give you validation and support to boost your self esteem or self worth you idiot.. he was doing it because… wait for it…..wait for it.. I know it’s hard to fathom but.. ok, here we go.. because you have a NICE ASS that he wants to bend over and bang!!.. Wow.. amazing revelation I know.. amazing that men say what’s on their mind and their words should be taken at FACE VALUE and no more or less.

      You DON’T have to read anything more into it to find it’s “real meaning” at all.. but this is what women think is normal and it’s what they do on a daily basis. Women are not from another planet….they’re from another Dimension altogether.

      This is why feminism is exactly what a woman is waiting for, for in it she gets to be the eternal victim, seek constant revenge upon men for the imagined wrongs which, even if the historical ones are proven wrong…one little time where a man didn’t give her the compliment, the hug or kind word that she needed just WHEN she needed it means that all men are deserving of her hate and vengeance.

  • Perseus

    I found it hard to believe as well, but sure enough:

  • Feminist Hypocrisy Tracker

    I can’t add much other than my appreciation for your article.

    I found this extremely interesting and I love to learn something new.

    I wonder just how much/many diamonds there are in the world and what the value would be if they were traded.

    Fascinating stuff

  • Engagement Ring NZ

    What the heck, is the beauty of the diamond such a corrupt. Or perhaps, its the dirty hands of people who manipulates it.
    The way I see it, the most abuse are the women.

  • quackademic

    Paul, excellent work here. Im seeing more and more references to AVFM, and for MRA’s throughout out the web.
    Its a slow process, but seems to be gaining in momentum from this time last year.

  • BobbyL

    Diamonds= more female narcissism. Just say no to diamonds. I consider cubic zirconia to be a part of game. Not that I would even pay zircon prices.

  • Kanye knows…

    If she still wants to have a diamond, it should be set in a ring made from the bones of the 10-year old African boy whose life was extinguished so she could have her sparkly trinket.

  • Rich

    The vain mentality of women in regards to their diamonds and it’ being their “best friend” is disgusting and pathetic, to say the least.

    Like a recent commercial that is running where a couple are washing the car and he gets on one knee and proposes, but then gets all pissed off when she see’s that he got the diamond at a “discount store” shows, women JUDGE themselves not even by What the man buys, but by how MUCH he spends on her. Hence women judge their own VALUE by not only how much money the man she’s dating or marries makes, but by the expense of the gifts and things he gives to her.

    Even if it was a million dollar diamond by he got it for $10, almost all that would matter to most greedy, self centered materialistic cunt women today is how much did he spend on ME.. which translates into “how much am I worth!” That is because women LIVE in a world of incredible insecurity and they’re constantly on the lookout for validation and support.. for “proof” that she is worth something because she herself feels that she is worth shit.

    Since women are pathetically materialistic and vain to unimaginable levels for most men, everything in their psyche is about their own vanity which really all boils down to one major mental issue.. INSECURITY in all it’s forms. That is what RULES a woman’s mindset.

    A very telling comparison between men and women is this; A dog is man’s best friend…but what is a woman’s best friend.. a freaking piece of shiny stone. A dog is a friend, LOYAL companion unlike most women today, is forgiving, trusting and will save your life in countless ways and give up it’s life for you. WTF will a diamond do for you…. nothing! It’s all about making HER FEEL that she has some kind of value and since women have NO clue how to increase their own self esteem, they look to a man’s money and what he’ll buy for her or do for her to TRY and give her that self esteem boost. Of course it never works for long and within days or even hours she’s feeling like crap once again, complaining about being bored, needing to do or experience something new or wanting some new dress, new piece of jewelry or the like to try and give her another dose of self esteem to satisfy her daily fix.

  • Ashley

    I’m a lesbian and I’ve been with my girlfriend for five years. She is a very traditional person and wanted to have matching rings made. I agreed but I told her that we are never owning diamonds. Not only are they contributing to human suffering, but I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on any type of bauble.

    • Eff’d Off

      Fair enough Ashley and good call.

      If I ever get married again (nah… but IF I ever did) I’d do as you do as well.
      When you say bauble I think to myself that single word alone kind of levels the playing field with other shiny things.

      Nice one mate :)