William Evans’ rebellion – 1936

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“America is suffering now for lack of the red blood of those who rebel”: William Evans’ Rebellion – 1936


FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 3): Stubbornly insisting he never should have been arrested for assertedly stealing his own child, William H. W. Evans, Ojai actor-writer, yesterday completed the twelfth day of a hunger strike launched in the County Jail as a protest against his incarceration.

Evans was arrested Thanksgiving Day on complaint of his divorced wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Evans, who charged him with taking the 6-year-old daughter of the couple, Deirdre, from Mrs. Evans’ Brentwood home.

Nothing except water has passed Evan’s lips since his arrest.

~ Refuses to eat ~

“I’m not going to eat, either, until they free me,” he declared belligerently from his cell in the County Jail. “Mine – is a ‘poor man’s’ stand against the deep corruption that exists in the administration of justice in California.

“I represent the dwindling tribe of rugged American individuals who are willing to fight for their convictions, fight as their forefathers would have done. America is suffering now for lack of the red blood of those who rebel.”

While Evans stated emphatically that he will remain adamant in his hunger strike, Chief Jailer Clem Peoples was plotting otherwise yesterday.

~ Feeding threatened ~

“The Sheriff is charged with the keeping of the body of a prisoner,” Peoples said. “He is bound by law to keep life in the body of a prisoner and deliver him in a healthy condition for court trial.

“If Evans does not eat soon, we will have to resort to forcible feeding.”

Evans already has been in court once, last week when he was held to answer on the child-stealing charges after preliminary hearing before Municipal Judge Chambers.

[“Jailed Man in Hunger Strike – Actor-Writer Passes Twelfth Eatless Day in Protest at Arrest,” Los Angeles Times (Ca.), Dec. 9, 1936, part I, p. 2; NOTE: The left-hand  photo, from this article,  was nationally syndicated (AP); Right-hand photo: Oakland Tribune (CA.), Dec. 13, 1936, p. 10-A]


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 3): Los Angeles, Dec. 10 – The chief jailer said it might be crackers, but William H. W. Evans, British actor-writer, said it was his “clear conscience” that enabled him to continue his 14-day hunger strike today while looking well fed.

Evans began refusing county jail fare two weeks ago in protest against his arrest on charges of stealing his daughter, Dierdre, 6, from his divorced wife, Elizabeth.

Chief Jailer Clem Peoples said:

“He looks better fed than I do. I wonder if he’s nibbling crackers, or something, at night?”

“I haven’t had anything but water,” replied Evans. “I’m in good physical condition because my conscience is clear.”

[“’No’ to Food – ‘Clear Conscience’ and not Crackers Keeps Him Looking Well Fed,” Syndicated (AP), The Ogden Standard Examiner (Ut.), Dec. 10, 1936, p. 6-A]


FULL TEXT (Article 3 of 3): Charges of child stealing against William H. W. Evans, 29, British oil salesman [this description of his profession seems to be erroneous], were dismissed yesterday by Superior Judge Valentine when the defendant produced a written agreement between himself and Mrs. Elizabeth Evans, his divorced wife, sharing custody of their 6-year-old daughter Deidre.

~ Represents self ~

Evans, arrested and returned here from Canada after he assertedly took the child last fall, represented himself in the court action.

Judge Valentine gave as his opinion that Superior Judge Heney, who granted the couple a divorce, failed to take the written agreement into account when he gave sole custody of the child to the mother.

~ Terms disclosed ~

Under terms of the agreement Mrs. Evans was to have custody of her daughter for ten months of each year, with Evans caring for the girl the remaining two months.

[“Child Theft Case Dropped – Judge Dismisses Suit When British Oil Man Shows Custody Pact,” Los Angeles Times (L.A.), Feb. 3, 1937, part II, p. 15]

  • Connor Ray

    His daughter could still be alive…

  • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

    The facts keep building. It is only true that women have ruled the roost of family law since ancient times possibly, and with current technology, this history may never go into a dark age again. You can no longer censor us easily. Our knowledge is being pushed out to the masses and even with legislation aimed at censorship it most likely won’t be enough.

    I hate feminists, but I almost want to thank them. In a single forty year stroke they have eliminated the “patriarchy.” Or I should say they have eliminated their own privilege they have always had over men, and soon will have to die like us to defend it while watching men marry foreign like I did; sad, but you asked for it. Soon, no one will ever remember women as precious wall flowers, but like the ancient days of old call woman out for their obvious contempt and BS like they did since before Biblical times.

    So, I thank you feminists who read this. I thank you for the Mary Kelletts who criminally prosecute innocent men, the upcoming knowledge of how you suppressed the history of Baby Farmer Serial Killers, women’s DV, child murder, and denial of men’s equal birth control rights to establish your own personal hegemony of wealth and greed through deception. Read about brothels in medieval Italy, say 14th or 15th century, and I hate to say it but that may be what you have in store for yourselves.

    The future does not look too good for you, and don’t expect me to lift a finger in your defense. After all, you are the one demanding equality aren’t you?

    I’m sure several people will label me hateful, bitter, or spiteful. I am a smidgen bitter. I just got my son after having been denied for almost two years. It was court ordered, but she has paid nothing. My story, like countless others are popping up all over the world. You will not be able to deny it forever. Your Amanda Marcotte is doing you..err. us..a beautiful service in her writings. Thanks Amanda, by all means continue.

    Let’s face it, the real bitter ones are the wymmins, and their actions have now put their dirty laundry out for all to see. Why accuse me anymore? I would think changing your ways while you still have time would be the best option. Oh, Amanda is still writing? I guess not.

    All I can say in regards to your vitriol and laughing is……go ahead.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Gender feminism derives from the Marxian theory that the “patriarchy” is the source of all evil on earth. That is the dogma of the Universal Church of Our New Middle Ages (called the university). Therefore the destruction of families is a holy crusade. Until the institution of the natural family is 100% obliterated their mission will be considered incomplete. The State owns all the children and the experts know how to programme them to be citizens (drones) of the world.

      As the State control increases (“progresses”) more and more unprotected (“single”) mothers will have their parental rights threatened, abridged and eventually (ideally) eliminated. This social engineering intention is documented copiously.

      • tamerlame

        That is not a Marxian theory, Marxism is flawed, but can the paranoid anti Marxist stop conflating everything feminist with Marx?

        • Sting Chameleon