Uncle Bern Endorses AVfM Radio

This video gives a rousing endorsement of the new “A Voice for Men” Radio program now available at Blogtalkradio.com.

The endorsement comes just a couple of days after the first airing of the program and is an important statement of solidarity between AVfM and Chapin’s Inferno.

The program airs on Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, US.  Registration required.

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  • Keyster

    Knowing Bernard Chapin is listening really puts the pressure on to do even better.

  • Stu

    So he didn’t donate to the shows fund raising. Gee, what a mangina :)

  • Sad_Dad

    I sent an email to uncle Bern earlier this week after the show and asked if he listened to the show and if he would also say a few word in support, and he replied that he was already in the works on a video he just had to upload it too youtube. We need to work together to get our point across. And I have just one thing to say. Uncle Bern’s the man!!!!

  • elvis

    Go Uncle bern!!

  • Peter Charnley

    I expect the ultimate dream for MRA’s would be for a TV show – of the genre of Fox News. Although Fox News, from what I have been told (I am not American and have never watched it), is apparently somewhat of a neo-conservative – soft on womankind – media blancmange as far as feminism is concerned. Correct me if I am wrong about that.

    But, back to MRA’s, and the possible realisation of a mainstream TV show (and even an entire channel) that, unlike Fox News, would not just diplomatically sideline political correctness and feminism – but would deliberately aim at open and vehement attack with a view to totally annihilating such cerebral & spiritual cancers from the public consciousness – via news reporting, comedy, drama, soaps, documentaries etc. (can you imagine the wealth of material that would be available to future satirists !).

    However I will keep my feet on the ground for now. Paul’s privately financed Radio Show is, in itself, indicative of real and huge support out there – and represents massive progress for the MRA movement.

    But, “giant oaks stem from small acorns”, as the old saying goes. And there is a lot to be said for the truth & wisdom of old sayings.

    • Keyster

      It can be done, depending on how much Paul minds his place being turned into a production studio. Chroma key/green screen effects, split screens of guests on Skype, video clips and stills to go with stories, commentary and news of the day. Takes a lot of time and effort though, and some of us have day jobs that pay for things like food and shelter.

      Imagine a real TV channel for men, (not the bogus tripe like SpikeTV).

  • Poester99

    Check out Bernard Chapin’s video about his reading list/library. There are a bunch of books that I had never heard of regarding fundamental research into the relations between the sexes. Definitely worth viewing.

  • Poester99

    Including his very own advertised over on the right bar of this blog.

  • George

    I LOVE being enemy #1. Fuck ’em!

  • mideonphish

    Yeah, there’s nothing says ‘you did good’ quite like
    uncle Bernard giving the thumbs up.

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