Uncle Bern Endorses AVfM Radio

This video gives a rousing endorsement of the new “A Voice for Men” Radio program now available at Blogtalkradio.com.

The endorsement comes just a couple of days after the first airing of the program and is an important statement of solidarity between AVfM and Chapin’s Inferno.

The program airs on Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, US.  Registration required.

  • AVFM seeks app writer volunteer

    Are you an MHRA? Can you write apps for iPhone and Android? Are you willing to do that for AVFM on a special project? Please contact us.

    A Voice for Men seeks a volunteer with solid app writing experience to help us develop an app that will be linked to the AVFM brand. If you have the qualifications and are serious about following through, we would love to hear from you. Your efforts could be of great assistance to this website and to our cause. Please contact Paul Elam at paul@avoiceformen.com for more details...

  • Wikimasters, Editors, Translators, and Writers Wanted *Apply Now*

    Fight Wikipedia censorship! Add to and improve the AVfM Reference Wiki. Volunteers needed for writing, proofreading, and organizing. Some knowledge of the German language will be helpful but *not* required.

    Please create an account and then follow instructions here

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  • Keyster

    Knowing Bernard Chapin is listening really puts the pressure on to do even better.

  • Stu

    So he didn’t donate to the shows fund raising. Gee, what a mangina :)

  • Sad_Dad

    I sent an email to uncle Bern earlier this week after the show and asked if he listened to the show and if he would also say a few word in support, and he replied that he was already in the works on a video he just had to upload it too youtube. We need to work together to get our point across. And I have just one thing to say. Uncle Bern’s the man!!!!

  • elvis

    Go Uncle bern!!

  • Peter Charnley

    I expect the ultimate dream for MRA’s would be for a TV show – of the genre of Fox News. Although Fox News, from what I have been told (I am not American and have never watched it), is apparently somewhat of a neo-conservative – soft on womankind – media blancmange as far as feminism is concerned. Correct me if I am wrong about that.

    But, back to MRA’s, and the possible realisation of a mainstream TV show (and even an entire channel) that, unlike Fox News, would not just diplomatically sideline political correctness and feminism – but would deliberately aim at open and vehement attack with a view to totally annihilating such cerebral & spiritual cancers from the public consciousness – via news reporting, comedy, drama, soaps, documentaries etc. (can you imagine the wealth of material that would be available to future satirists !).

    However I will keep my feet on the ground for now. Paul’s privately financed Radio Show is, in itself, indicative of real and huge support out there – and represents massive progress for the MRA movement.

    But, “giant oaks stem from small acorns”, as the old saying goes. And there is a lot to be said for the truth & wisdom of old sayings.

    • Keyster

      It can be done, depending on how much Paul minds his place being turned into a production studio. Chroma key/green screen effects, split screens of guests on Skype, video clips and stills to go with stories, commentary and news of the day. Takes a lot of time and effort though, and some of us have day jobs that pay for things like food and shelter.

      Imagine a real TV channel for men, (not the bogus tripe like SpikeTV).

  • Poester99

    Check out Bernard Chapin’s video about his reading list/library. There are a bunch of books that I had never heard of regarding fundamental research into the relations between the sexes. Definitely worth viewing.

  • Poester99

    Including his very own advertised over on the right bar of this blog.

  • George

    I LOVE being enemy #1. Fuck ‘em!

  • mideonphish

    Yeah, there’s nothing says ‘you did good’ quite like
    uncle Bernard giving the thumbs up.

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