Thunderfoot Destroys Sarkeesian Completely

From Thunderfoot’s Channel:

In this video I take to task Feminist Frequencys latest video on ‘Tropes vs women: the damsel in distress’

I have two main problems with her video, the first is the way she takes a very, VERY natural response, like wanting to protect your loved ones, as for instance a damsel in distress, and turns this into objectifying the damsel in distress. This is simply bollox. Most people are perfectly capable of wanting to protect a loved one without thinking of them as an object.

Secondly is turning the games industry into some patriarchal conspiracy out to subjugate and objectify women. This is simply delusional, the games industry only cares about turning a profit, which it does by turning out fun games that people like to play.

I also find it rather weak that she holds up the ‘pity shield’ and adopts professional victimhood as seen in her ted talk. The conspiracy she paints is pretty paranoid. The reality is, pretty much everyone who wildly expresses an controversial opinion forcefully on the internet gets hatemail. In Anitas case, I think the majority of hatemail she got was simply because she was talking bollox. Thats always kinda a button issue on the internet!

For a breakdown of Feministfrequencys dissertation:…

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  • Kristina Hansen

    I saw this earlier on YT. It is brilliant! Thunderf00t really did a great job pwning her 😀

  • onca747

    I’ve been a long subscriber to Thunderf00t for his atheist and science education work, and it’s great to see him get on MHRM issues, as he has a shitload of subscribers. Anyway I showed my missus a synopsis of that “female friendly” game that Anita developed with her $100k grant… My missus actually laughed openly. She also likes to play Angry Birds and puzzle games, which IINM have a majority of female players. So shouldn’t logic dictate female-preferred games promote cruelty to animals?

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    If she’s worried about fantasy tropes that oppress females then what’s with her Nikko-pen eyebrows and hula-hoop sized earrings? Y’now, the Beauty Myth? A look in her mirror would be a good place to launch the revolution against clichéd female stereotypes.

    PS. not that I have anything against women having free choice – this is Sarkeesian’s call, not mine 😉

    • Falcor

      Thunderfoot points that out actually.

  • Clem Burke

    So what happens when my partner protects me being that we are both men ? Is he objectifying me ? What heppens when I speak to a crowd of gay men on the road and one hits on me? Is he objectifying me & should I scream sexism and do a video about it ? I grew up learning to say,” hey thanks, but no thanks”, then smile and walk away. Wow, is it really that easy ?

    • onca747

      Now that would cause a feminist brain blowout… their gender theory doesn’t allow for such “abnormalities”.

      • Rex

        Modern feminists are equipped with logic absorbing crumplezones to avoid brain blowout during high gibberish output.

    • napocapo69

      Of course you are objectified, by a man!
      But you objectify women without even noticing it.
      Basically, your partner (a man) objectifies you and you (a man) objectify women.
      You are less guilty than him, but nevertheless guilty.

    • ImNotMraBut…

      Clem as a gay man myself, I too worry about how I get Objectified and treated by others. Oddly, the only ones I have encountered who refuse to accept my lack of availability to them sexually have all been women. It’s no fun being told you can’t be gay because some women has objectified you as her sexual desire and object of demand! I have found from experience that with some the only option is a court enforced restraining order, or psychiatric restraint! (That Is Not A Joke).

      Never had a man do it to me – and I’ve lost count of the number of women who have. Worst still when you tell them to stop they excuse their gender abuse misconduct and language claiming they are just joking and having some fun.Worst still when you tell them NO and to leave you alone they carry out abuse behaviours and even stalk you. …. but apparently the patriarchy made them do it so it’s all fine and dandy!

      I just wish this Mr/Ms/Mrs patriarchy would attend court when summoned to explain their Svengali control over so many women. Until then, the APB for the detention and questioning of this patriarchy will remain in force. Detain by any means.

  • Booyah

    Anita doesn’t want to be treated as a damsel in distress. So all you chauvinist patriarchal oppressors who donated to her kickstarter in such overwhelming numbers please learn your lesson. Next time she asks for help with a kickstarter just tell her that she is a strong and independent woman and you don’t wish to treat her as a damsel in distress by thinking she needs your charity. That behaviour is not acceptable and you should all be ashamed of yourself for donating.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter and believe me homeless men or stray animals will be very grateful for your charitable donation and will not be offended by you “damselling” them. Heck even AVfM would like to be “damselled” with your kind donation.

    Your kind hearts are needed in so many other places so please don’t be oppressive and treat Anita like she needs your help and charity. Its so very chauvinist and patriarchal of you to think so.

  • Disorderly Conduct

    I feel like I should watch Anita’s video as to have a more objective and knowledgable viewpoint in my stance against her, but I cannot bring myself to give her video just one single additional hit.

  • TigerMan

    If it’s possible to get a hangover from drinking too much Chateau Le Shadenfreud then I’m deep trouble!!! lol 😉

  • Kimski

    I’m sorry, but I’ve tried to watch this 4 times now, and I’m sure Thunderfoot did an amazing job destroying her arguments. But every time she starts talking my mind wanders off, and all I hear is:


    -And it’s not like I haven’t heard that before. Actually, with stunning consistency for ..uhm…all of my life..

    I wish I could tell Anita Sarkeesian that in my darker gaming moments I enjoy to take my sizzling hot toon to new exotic places, strip her naked, and make her do a club dance while I just sit and watch.

    You know, just to see the look on Anita’s face..

    • napocapo69

      remember that having sexual fantasies about women is misogyny and talking about it in public is hate speech.

      So go to the nearest church and beg an absolution.

      • Kimski

        “remember that having sexual fantasies about women is misogyny”

        Yes, I’m becoming increasingly aware of the fact that they seem to be breeding by hatching.
        Same thing goes for demon spawn, according to mythology.

  • DW

    Sarkeesian appears to be copying the Rebbeca Watson strategy.

    * Creating manufactroversies
    * Blocking/disabling comments
    * Judicious use of the memory hole
    * Deliberatly trolling to gain exposure,
    * Claiming persecution when criticized
    * Protected and endorsed by hack ‘journalists’
    * Lying though her teeth
    * Having worthless qualifications
    * Living it up on the ‘Social Justice’ gravy train
    * Shown to not having a clue what she is talking about

    • Perseus

      Astute, and exact
      Just another clone masculophobe pig whore slopping at the trough of misandry..

      So what is it about the clownface trope that he/she/it is so enthusiastic about.. bigot twat

  • donzaloog

    Here’s the perfect game for Sarkeesian. It’s a new take on the Double Dragon series. when the thugs come up and punch the girl in stomach, put her on their shoulders (making sure her panties are not visible, because come on, have some respect for the pixelated vagina please), her boyfriend looks out the window, sees the thugs carrying his girlfriend away, closes the window sits back down and continues playing video games.

    “She can handle that shit herself. She’s a woman after all” he says to himself.

  • ImNotMraBut…

    Could any future such content please come with a warning that it is best viewed after one has emptied bladder.

    I am a great lover of satire, but even I have limits!

  • DeclanLyons

    Feminism made a lot of dangerous adversaries within the atheist community, and TF seems to have a particularly large axe to grind. Another favourite of mine is noelplum99 who made quite a few videos on Atheism+ and FreethoughtBlogs. I especially like this take down of the gendered slurs issue.


  • cvar

    Hahah torpedoed by her own master’s thesis.

  • Krazie316

    I saw this when it first came out. His video was on point even though I cant stand Thunderf00t

  • Iconoclast Dynamite

    There have been a ton a video rebuttals to Skankeesian’s recent diatribe, but Thunderf00t’s entry is easily one of my favorites.

    This here video by Colonel Absconder (who was interviewed on AVfM radio back in January) is also worth a gander:


    While I don’t agree with his conclusion regarding the “inevitable” domination of the gaming industry by feminists, his analysis of the inroads they have made thus far is extremely well thought out and worthy of discussion.

  • http://none universe

    Poor damsel.
    She looses in both fantasy and reality.

    Is there some kind of sub-space known for this?
    Answer: feminism.

    Let’s not rescue her.

  • JGteMolder

    Another video that completely destroys Anita’s first video:

  • donzaloog

    Here’s another parody.