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The Male Homeless

The realities of homelessness that no one wants to see, courtesy of Spetsnaz.

If you fear for the future of your sons, you should.

What else is there to say, other than subscribe to Spetsnaz?

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  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    What’ll really fuck you up is when you find out even the Department of Veteran’s Affairs has a priority on female homeless vets, and there are actually empty facilities for nonexistent homeless female vets–and no, male vets who need them can’t use them.

    • rvincent9

      The reality is veterans homelessness support is a myth which only exist on paper. Countless times i have reached out to the VA for help and only to be postponed while they gathered their mailing portfolios to address my concerns.

      Time it takes to do this 60 days on a good start.

      Women are first priority, I hate to discuss my situation on this forum, but the harsh reality is we the U.S. male Veterans are expendable. It all talk and smoke screen.

      I once talked to a high powered official in Wash., DC about veterans issues. The first words out their mouth is “We Thank You For Your Service!”

      They may have well said dumb ASS, we are not going to help you, retrain you, shelter you, but we will put your ASS behind bars, give you food stamps, because someone crazy enough to serve, go abroad, kill other people, sacrifice for their nation and expect a lifetime support network (especially men) is ludicrous.


      • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

        It gets really deep with the vets, and then the reasons why they wind up homeless in most cases. One of the major reasons is family courts. Vets have to be very careful about who they decide to have relations with. They are targets because of their benefits.

        Once the state has you, it will never let go until you are dead, or your kids are out and you did pay all of your support. I honestly suspect that the reason they go after vets so hard is because they are easy targets on deployment, and subsequent wage slaves that garner them tax subsidies throughout their life that they can claim from the federal government.

        Not only do they get to pay themselves with what ever pension you get, they get to claim it many times. You get a pension, your ex gets the lions share, they get to claim federal tax money off of the collections she gets paid from you. They also get to claim you while in prison for tax subsidies, and work you with whatever skills they trained you with. They also like to set those support payments high because you are only taxed on your base pay, but they get to reclaim your other pays from the federal government.

        If you get a severance of some kind, or are not in a combat environment when you get paid, they can claim whatever pay you get from your disability until that money is recollected. Sort of like you never got paid the money.

        I don’t know if what I am saying to anyone here makes sense right up front, but they are essentially paying themselves the same dollar many times over. All off the guys who felt a duty to serve, suffer, and marry a “wondrous allotment Annie” who will take them for everything while they are gone. Literally not caring the vicious life long struggle through hell she places him in.

        Female vets? Well, they get the high road and fast track. They get your support, plus federal, and military, and state subsidies, and they get all the free stuff you do as a vet. Plus they get hired first, the same training you did, and could opt out of the most vicious deployment conditions. All services were built for them, and our reputation as male service members co-opted to explain why it was needed. Then stolen to the almost exclusive use by female vets. Like Dean’s homeless shelter fiasco. They cry aloud “vets being left homeless!” Then don’t tell you that only female vets are getting the funding. They cry “female vets getting raped!” But try to cover up the fact that their false information says most of the victims are male. The list is very extensive.

        I could not possibly cover it in a comment.

    • farkennel

      Dean,that is fucking disgraceful.

  • johncarlsson

    In Nov 2007 my family was falling on hard times. So, I left my home on Prince Edward Island to go to work in Alberta, with just enough money to get there. No place to live, just a job to go to. The company I was working for paid well but only once per month. I had to live for a month with no pay and somehow find a place to live in Edmonton. That was the least of my concern as I also had no money with which to pay the rent on the appartment my wife and two year old daughter were living in back home. I told her she would have to go to family services for income support. I had no doubt they would help us. After all, we were a young family with a small child, I worked hard and dutifully paid my taxes. Do you know what they told my wife? They told her that they would not help until she left me. I was floored that “family services” would be actively trying to break up families by withholding much needed assistance. The experience was a real eye opener.

    We are still happily married and now have twin sons!

    • Bluedrgn

      Not overly surprising.

      My mom tried to get a little assistance around 1980, right after my dad left us. Minimum wage plus child support wasn’t cutting it, so she just wanted some food stamps or something until we got back on her feet. They told her they couldn’t give her any assistance because she “had too much income”, and advised her to quit her job and just collect welfare (which paid significantly more then her minimum wage job). She refused to do that because she believed that living off the public dole when you had no need to was obscene.

      Ultimately she had to declare bankruptcy and lost just about everything… but she remained bitter that they refused to help us at all unless she just became welfare momma.