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Student facing possible sex offender registry commits suicide

On the evening of Friday, September 27th in the small town of Harvest Alabama, a community of  just over 5,000 souls, a fifteen year old boy took off his clothes and ran naked across a football field where the Sparkman High School Senators were playing against a rival team in front of a large crowd. His friends cheered, old women blushed, young children pointed their fingers and asked “Mommy why is that kid running around naked?” leaving parents flustered while trying to hold back their laughter.  Someone had even recorded a video and placed it on Youtube. By the end of the night Christian Adamek had become legend by pulling a prank performed by countless pranksters before him on countless playing fields in front of countless millions in the past.

Last week, on Wednesday October 2nd, Christian hung himself and it was announced Friday morning in that he had died from his injuries.

Adamek’s suicide followed a public statement made by Sparkman High School Principal Mike Campbell  on Tuesday of last week to WHNT News 19, the local Television Station, in which he stated the incident could bring Adamek  major repercussions. Adamek had been disciplined by the school district, though details of that discipline were not made public, and he faced legal charges. School administrators recommended that Adamek have a hearing in the Madison County court system to determine if formal charges would be filed, WHNT reported. “There’s the legal complications,” Campbell told the news station. “Public lewdness and court consequences outside of school with the legal system, as well as the school consequences that the school system has set up.”

The “legal complications” Campbell was referring to included having to register as a sex offender.

When asked if this was nothing more than a simple prank Campbell responded: “This situation was totally different, something not related to that at all.”

Adamek’s sister indicated on Twitter that her brother was facing expulsion.

The publicizing of his troubles with the school and the legal system were orchestrated by Campbell before any legal hearings were scheduled and shortly after administrative actions by school officials.  It is not known now to what extent the family had been involved in preliminary hearings or to what extent they were even informed at all about the length to which Campbell would take the case before he spoke to the local press.

Campbell is new to the school, having only started work there on July 1st.  However, he has been in secondary education for over thirty years with most of that time being spent in Fairfax County, Virginia.  He started in athletics coaching basketball, football and girls softball before going into administration.  Last year he left Centerville High School, a large school in Northern Virginia given high marks by the Virginia Department of Education. It was the second ranked school in Virginia by Newsweek in 2011.

“Redditor”AndrewLevin posted the original story from on r/MensRights Friday shortly after it was published.  “Feminists will never wash the ocean of blood that they have on their hands. I remember Chris as a little boy. Like many little boys these days, Chris was born with two strikes against him: (1) He was a boy, and (2) his battery was too big for his body. Too much energy, too much masculinity, the perfect feminist scapegoat,” he said in the comments.

Comments on’s original story share AndrewLevin’s rage.  Some are calling for a mass streaking during the next football game and others are already publicizing details for future school board elections, coming up in November, upcoming hearings and contact info.

One poster compiled the following:

Next School Board Meeting at Sparkman High: November 4th, 2013. 6:00PM Cafeteria
Sparkman High Principal: Mike Campbell (256) 837-0331,
District 4 School Board Commisioner: David Vess (256) 726-8843,
Madison County School Board Public Relations:
Geraldine Tibbs (256) 852-2557 x1263,

AVFM will be reporting on activism developments.

Editorial note:  FTSU

Publishers note: For whatever reason, WHNT News has apparently removed their coverage of this boy’s suicide. The link provided is to the Google cache of the article, which has been saved to .pdf and will be available here if and when the article disappears from cache. PE

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  • Paul Elam

    FTSU. You’re damned right.

  • Robert O'Hara

    This Tuesday AVFM News and Activism will be dedicating our entire show to this matter. We invite all those interested, especially those from the Harvest AL. community to share with us their anger, sadness and memories of Christian Adamek. This tragic loss is one that has to be seen for what it is: the result of a decades long and hate filled war being waged against all male students throughout all levels of our public education system. It is time due attention is brought to this and the mainstream media will not do it. It is up to us.

    Lets fuck their shit up!

    • ghebert

      It makes you think of whether or not, faced with the same life of sex offender registry, never being able to find a job, possibility of being persecuted in any town you move to because people can just search you and find your name on the registry…how many of us would feel there is nothing left to live for and take our own lives. I’d like to think that like many of us, Christian Adamek never envisioned taking his own life until he was driven to it.

      The fact that feminists can tell anyone with a straight face that “we’re not all like that” makes me sick to my stomach. Enough of them are like that to drive young boys like Christian Adamek and others to suicide…not because of depression or mental illness, but because they decided it was ok to ruin someone’s life over something they didn’t like.

  • JJ

    Sparkman High School Principal Mike Campbell=Worthless, feminist panderer, mother fucker.

    • feeriker

      Professional “educators” who are the turnkeys of today’s feminist-dominated juvenile gulags (a.k.a. public “schools”) are the scum of earth, at the bottom of the human barrel along with child molesters and murderers. It’s hard to imagine a hell sufficiently abominable in which a creature like Campbell will suffer for the crimes he has caused young men like Christian Adamek (and I seriously doubt Adamek was his first victim).

      Once again, parents: never, never, EVER subject your children to institutionalized child abuse at the hands of Campbell’s ilk!


    • John Narayan

      Mike Campbell is very lucky I am living on the other side of the world, very lucky.

      • John Narayan

        It’s hours from my last post and am still literally shaking with anger.

  • Partridge

    If a young female student were to do such streaking, one can imagine the slap on the wrist with a feather duster she would receive, without the judiciary ever getting involved..

    • feeriker

      She’d probably not only not receive any punishment, but would almost surely be the toast of the town, with invitations to appear on Leno, Letterman, and O’Brien, along with a paid gig to spread for Playboy, Penthouse, or Hustler.

      • Mansure

        Most likely help and pity from adults and a total bashing from boys and girls for being a slut.

      • Fredrik

        If she was 15 like Christian, anyone that filmed it would’ve been arrested on child pornography charges. Heck, they could’ve arrested every man in the stadium for a child-rapey Male Gaze. Heck, she could’ve been immediately whisked into custody as the equivalent of an underage stripper, a victim of the sex industry or something. Consequences for her? Pfft, everyone knows that females are objects without agency, that are merely acted upon! But if a boy does it, then you damn well better throw the book at him, because HIS body is DIRTY. /sarcasm

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Meanwhile, Kaitlyn Hunt accepts the SECOND offered plea and NO REGISTRY even though she certainly committed statutory rape and broke the terms of her probation by sending thousands of sexually oriented texts and self masturbation videos of herself to her victim, complaining all the way of her “injustice”.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    This is what a Police State looks like.

    The monster will continue its growth until the people make it stop.

    The choice is ours.

    • John Narayan

      Yep all this stems from the Taxes we pay, time for a tax revolt.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    This is madness. That poor family must be feeling just gutted.

    Feminism is Lady MacBeth. Their bloodstained hands will never be clean.

    • feeriker

      That poor family must be feeling just gutted.

      Or, hopefully, thirsty for some constructive form of vengeful justice.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Won’t do them any good, sorry to say.

  • Dan Perrins

    I am truly saddened by this young man’s story.
    His family has my condolences.
    FTSU Alabama crew this young man’s prank was hyper-inflated to sex crime status due to feminist dictated policies / laws. The cost of those laws and policies is paid for by young men like Christian and old men like Earl Silverman.
    A tragic way for a young life to end.

  • donzaloog

    This is fucking disgusting. Burn their shit to the ground.

  • Bolo

    Wow, I live in Louisiana and haven’t even heard about this story. Usually we hear about all kinda whacky stuff that happens in the gulf coast states.

  • greg


  • Ray

    This story is another facet of the evil witch-hunting of males to which gender feminists are dedicated. The gender feminist hate movement indoctrinates puppets (toadies) in various social institutions into spreading and administering their misandry through billions in funding from VAWA STOP grants. We’re dealing with a well oiled machine of evil, fueled by gender feminist ideology – an ideology that’s about the murderous witch-hunting of males far more than anything else.

  • Mansure

    “Sparkman High administrators recommended that Adamek have a hearing in the Madison County court system to determine if formal charges would be filed, WHNT reported. ”

    Instead of protecting the young boy they encouraged taking it into court? At worst a detention but take it all the way to court and possible charges of sex offender? Something seriously wrong with the system.

    “Sparkman High administrators” are vile pieces of feminist trash.

  • phySi0

    Compare and contrast: SlutWalk

    • John Narayan

      We need 1000 MHRA’s to streak across the superbowl only with AvFM t-shirts on.

  • Stu

    Sex offender registry???? Wtf, for something that has nothing to do with sex. This is just bullshit……what next. One day you will let your parking meter run out of time and you’ll have to report to the castration center and register as a sex offender and wear a gps tracking anklet and a face tattoo that says “baby rapist”

    This figures doesn’t it. I can’t count how many female teachers have been caught in recent years banging their underage male students, sometimes multiple boys, and sometimes using alcohol and drugs to help their seduction, yet have been spared sex offender registry and had their identities protected by the court.

    I’ve heard of one old homeless man being placed on the sex offender register for being seen taking a piss in a dark ally at night.

    The world has gone stark raving mad in the grips of feminist hatred of men and boys. These people even suggesting such punishments for trivial bullshit should be sitting in a concrete cell with no windows or furniture for the rest of their fucking lives. I’d leave a rope hanging from the ceiling for them in case they wanted a way out.

    • donzaloog

      Of course it has to do with sex. A penis was involved! The mere sight of a penis is sex. And I wouldn’t even leave a rope in their cell. No way out for these monsters. They have to stew in their failure until they die old and alone knowing that they wasted their lives on hatred.

    • Bewildered

      The world has gone stark raving mad in the grips of feminist hatred of men and boys.

      Very apt summary of the present zeitgeist.

  • John Narayan

    If that was my son that school would be a smouldering pile of ruins and so would be some of the teachers houses.

  • Phorcydes

    There is a deficient mentality running , nix that; ruining our lives, communities and traditions. The very idea that there is a law on the books and subsequent interpretation thereof that automatically brands a young Male as a lifelong sex offender for streaking during a football game is clearly a misapplication of the law, rules or decency. I highly doubt this young Male had legal representation during the beatdowns by the police and school administration – And now they are hiding behind Christian Adamek’s right to privacy. This case deserves to be investigated and prosecuted – extensively.

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    It is no longer safe for boys at any school. Sex registry list? These folks are chasing non existent daemons. To what end? Reading about things like this makes me profoundly and rightfully angry!

    Campbell and people like Campbell have taken the human element out of boys. This man needs to be fed to the ravenous birds of the air to pick him apart and expose him for driving this young man, Christian Adamek, to his death.

    • OldGeezer

      To what end? Isn’t it obvious? It’s not the “human element” that they’re aiming to take out of boys. And, although young boys are probably the most vulnerable targets, they’re certainly not the only ones. It’s the total emasulation of society as a whole that they’re aiming for.

      • Attila L. Vinczer

        Oh it is patently obvious to me and others who do not look through the feminist issued nebulous glasses. Once you wipe the feminist glasses free of the fog, it becomes clear that men and boys are in crisis and the target of witch hunts driven by a female agenda which must be stopped. Truth is, right now there is no end to the abuse of men anywhere near in sight. I find that totally unacceptable.

  • Maleman

    My heart bleeds when I hear stories like this. Absolute tragedy. Just a boy.

    And oh his poor family. I wonder if any feminists feel for his mother?

    Not wanting to jump the gun or cast aspersions but I will be interested to know if he was medicated. We all know about the push to ‘fix’ boys and make them more like girls. The last thing they want is boisterous boys. And Christian is described as having a ‘battery too big for his body’ so he sounds like a boisterous boy. So I wonder if he was on Ritalin or Roaccutane etc. And if so, he would need to be treated with kid gloves wouldn’t he? Wouldn’t there be a duty of care? It will be interesting to find out.

    Isn’t there a duty of care to protect this boy anyway regardless???

    I agree with Partridge et al above and fully expect that a girl would have been treated quite differently.

    And I will be interested to know how many feminist teachers (and who they were) Campbell had in his ear demanding blood.

    This was so unnecessry and so avoidable.

    Absolute tragedy!!!

    • Bewildered

      Not wanting to jump the gun or cast aspersions but I will be interested to know if he was medicated. We all know about the push to ‘fix’ boys and make them more like girls. The last thing they want is boisterous boys. And Christian is described as having a ‘battery too big for his body’ so he sounds like a boisterous boy. So I wonder if he was on Ritalin or Roaccutane etc.

      Immoral and scary !

  • GT66

    While they wring their hands about the problem of bullying, they give a pass to the biggest and most arrogant bullies of all: our government.

  • Zorro

    Feminism = Naziism.

    Own it.

  • Turbo

    This story is an absolute tragedy. There are some things I simply do not understand.

    Why is the Sparkman High School Principal making a public statement to the local Television Station, about a harmless teenage prank?

    Apart from administering their own disciplinary actions at the school, what business is it of School administrators to recommended that this boy have a hearing in the Madison County court system to determine if formal charges would be filed?

    If there are legal issues are they not between the boy and the police.

    I do not understand this at all?

  • Lucian Vâlsan

    I am an atheist but… thank God I’m no longer a boy.
    If I were to be a child/pupil in this culture – I would have never graduated middle school – let alone college.

    I’m interested on what this boy’s parents have to say. In my humble opinion, they should’ve engaged in a big FTSU effort the moment the principal mentioned the “legal complications” bullshit.
    My father stood up for me when I did things much worse than this innocent and funny prank. Damn, I was so lucky to actually have a father in the first place…

    I’m going to try to abstain from being rude, but I will send them a nice little e-mail though…

  • Fish Enigma

    I swear, some people shouldn’t be breathing the same air as the rest of us, fuck he was just having a little fun…
    the real perverts are the people that make laws that cause this shit…

  • Michael Conzachi

    Sparkman High School Principal Mike Campbell; sadly, is the epitome of the cancerous feminist disease that has spread to all parts of society. Lacking in courage and judgment, he wanted to take a harmless prank and exploit it to show the world how progressive he is; to display his feminist ideology. Christian Adamek’s decision to end his life, and those final few moments and the thoughts that went through his head bring tears to my eyes and emptiness in my soul. I hope you are happy Mike Campbell and I hope you will be happy in the vilest of the darkest regions of HELL. Your progressive, politically correct, feminist auto pilot mind set has cost a life. Mike Campbell, you’re not an educator; you’re an accessory to murder.

  • RobinH45

    OMG unbelievable. if only these tired so called feminist would realize they are being used. we women were put here to support our husbands/ s-o. to take care of home and raise our children preferably in perfect accordance with the kids fathers. i laugh yet get pissed off every time i hear a woman say. well i wanted a career , not a husband and kids and then reach a certain age and realize that their lives are a lie. suddenly their biological clocks begin ticking. etc etc. and for the record im a single mother of 4 wonderful kids. it was their father who made the choice. unfortunately for me im a anomaly in todays society. because i still believe in the old fashion traditions. and before we go any further if you want to check to see if im real. you welcome to check my fb page.. robin “aintmizbahavin” hairs. also im black i hope that doesnt bother anyone here. all i’d like to do is see you gentlemen get a fair shake. and try to help anyway i can..

    Bless you all.

  • RobinH45

    @ 100percentcotton. i dont think you know the real story behind all of this .. and as i do please understand this. yes kate was in a same sex relationship with the other girl. they attended the same school, hung out with the same people and played on the same baseball team. they were a couple for over a year. the other family waited until kate turned 18 and the day after went to the prosecutor to press charges yes the girl was only 15 at the time. but kate was only 17 when they got involved. they were and are both teenagers who were experiminting how many other teens their age are doing the same thing? its the girls parents who keep pushing this forward. and it isnt because of the age its because they accuse kate of turning their daughter gay. they had nothing to say when their daughter was dating a 20 year old man at 13! if society does not want kids who are not the same or near the same age then maybe they shouldnt have them attending school together? or allowed to attend the same functions? or play on the same teams. the laws being used against kate are laws that were put into place for pedophiles. but hey lets not allow that to stop anything. especially since they now want to teach our kids sex education beginning in kindergarten. and i bet you also do not know there is a law being pushed to make pedophilia legal. but while some people are being distracted by the kate hunt story. the true story is what the judicial, corporation formerly known as the government, and certain other factions are doing to remove what little rights and freedoms we have left. Do any of you understand that the reason you’re being denied your children is because the elite cabal believe its easier to make women do what they want when it comes to kids. then men? men will fight back and fight hard. while women will run around looking for someone else to fight for them.. and im a woman telling you this

    • A. Anthony Villareal

      Just sayin, if it’s news to you, 100% Cotton is also a woman. Just sayin’.

  • Anil Kumar

    This school principal has to be taken to task and an example has to be set.

    In 1970s, Indian feminist and actress Protima Bedi ran naked in Mumbai’s famous Juhu Beach. Does that make her a sex offender?

  • Zyavol

    This makes me sad and horrified. How much was this young man torn down to be driven to suicide in five days? I shudder to imagine. Likely the school made sure that he knew what a sex offender registry meant for his life. No jobs, no prospects, all of his dreams destroyed. That is heavy for a fifteen year old to think about.
    And come on! Football game streaking has happened plenty of times! Kids can’t have any fun anymore these days.
    The school took the molehill of a prank and turned it into a mountain that crushed a life.

  • onca747

    Speaking of the article.. there’s one commenter going by the name MC789, who is doing nothing but justifying the school and principal’s actions. Like this: “So much could have been avoided had the boy kept his pants on.”

    Let’s see.. MC789.. “Mike Campbell” by any chance? If so, then he is the most unconscionable, unmitigated piece of shit I have ever seen.

  • redKevin47

    This is very disturbing. Campbell deserves to be fired. A straightforward interpretation of the available evidence is that he exploited the incident in order to establish his authority as a new principal at that school. Now there is indeed blood on his hands.

    There is a parallel to the Parker Leverett case. The cop exceeds his authority to enforce what he, not the law, thinks is ‘right.’ He does so after being informed by Parker that his (Parker’s) mother is violent and abusive. The officer forces, by coercion, Parker to go with his mother to move hundreds of miles away from his father, with whom he wants to live.

    There is far more than law in play here. The law is actually on the side of student privacy, in the Alabama case. The law would protect Parker’s right to freedom from violence if the judge would consider the actual evidence (plenty of which is in the public domain and readily accessible…to everyone except the judge, apparently).

    The cultural apparatus influences these men to do wrong. Campbell is a man. The officer in Texas is a man. The judge who threatened Parker’s father with contempt is a man. Men doing harm to boys. Do they hate boys? Probably not (perhaps with the exception of Campbell). The question is, what mechanisms are at play which influence these men to cause such harm? At the top of the list, to be sure, is ‘just doing my job.’

    One’s means to a livelihood. That’s it. Why don’t these people just admit, ‘If I don’t do what I’m told, and do it as if I myself believe it is the right thing to do, then I will become poor and homeless and my family might also.’

    The state exists to enforce property relations. People are for sale and certain people are enforcers of the trade in human beings. That is true in the case of child support enforcement and more generally for the entire family court system. It’s more about money than it is about kids.

    • Michael Conzachi


      You make an excellent point. There are many persons employed in various positions like teachers and law enforcement officers that are basically good people however they condone some of these horrendous decisions and just fall into lock step when ordered to make such terrible decisions from up above, or they just regurgitate some of the crap they are fed. There is almost the non-existent personal demonstration of integrity and courage, when they know something is wrong but choose to do wrong and immoral thing anyway, because they are more worried about their careers and paychecks than doing the right thing. As an example, if an officer in the military ordered one of his men to shoot an unarmed enemy combatant who was trying to surrender; the soldier would be following an order to do so, but when he does not, and exercises good moral judgment at that particular moment, and refuses, he’s made the right moral decision but risks court martial for disobeying an order or future reprisals by this same officer. He may later just go ahead and shoot an unarmed enemy combatant trying to surrender because he knows that is what his superior would want. Many people act based on what they think their superiors would want, for self-protection, and self-promotion.

      There is a general lack of moral courage in all areas of society, and in many cases most people don’t really know that they are doing it. How do we explain guards standing in front of and preventing WWII veterans, many in wheel chairs from seeing their own memorial. They are conditioned, just like Mike Campbell probably has been conditioned over time, repeatedly being told, “man, boy, bad, terrible, really bad bad bad, must punish, must train not to rape, must medicate to eliminate testosterone, bad bad bad. I think it is a bunch of shit to hear the excuse, “I’m just doing my job.” I say grow a pair and make a decision based on what’s right and common sense rather than excuse it to just doing your job.

      After hearing this crap for so many years from up above and the politically correct saints and the politically correct cowards, he just automatically (auto pilot) responds in a misandric way, rather than use a microgram of brain power and common sense. This kind of conditional response; the foundational mindset is what needs to be changed, and in this case through putting pressure on the school district to get rid of this guy.

      We must not only condemn what he did, but bring attention to why he acted the way he did in the first place.

  • Jeremy

    Zero Tolerance is Intolerance

  • thatdogguy

    School administrators and the police want to criminalize everything these days. Here’s a story about a couple of Oregon boys that were arrested, strip searched and threatened with felony charges for slapping girls on the ass in the school halls:

  • Jeremy

    Sex offender registries are little more than government-enabled bigotry.

  • MGTOW-man

    It is not often that I am disappointed with this site but it does happen. I posted a comment on this thread/story the other day. I checked to make sure it posted at the same time I spell-checked it, so I know it actually made it onto the comment pages.

    It is gone now.

    My comment was a response to another comment, which is also gone now. She, the original commenter said, in response to this outrage as punishment, of threatening a sex offender registry requirement just for streaking that, ” 1000’s of men should take off their clothes in protest and run through the streets” ( or something akin to that).

    I responded with my comment: “That is a great idea, that is, until those men are called “gay” for being naked with other men and no women around to ‘prove’ they are straight.” I went on to show how her comment if implemented, a truly great idea, might be derailed because so many men think their manhood attainment is manifested by not being gay, or making sure no one thinks they are gay.

    I said this because it is true that the moment a male (in general) is called gay, he immediately becomes a coward and will not continue with anything MHRM or antifeminist, or similar, because he erroneously thinks his manhood/reputation is on the line (classic shaming against fighting feminism). I went on to say that this is why I harp on the “rules for manhood” that so many men cling to foolishly. We need to change, in the minds of men, what it takes to become a full-fledged man. With women/kids, body parts, behavior, etc obliterated from the requirements of manhood attainment, men will no longer be limited in their fight here.

    My statement was positive. I want men to still know in their hearts that they can still be “REAL” men without obsessing over women/kids, sex frequency, body parts, hardwiring, etc, etc. This will free up potentially millions of men who at present are scared to death someone will call them names and/or think they are gay—all because they aren’t just like the other men who act like cowards and customers and obedient, brainless puppets who undermine their own sex with ridiculous and foolish behavior that centers around pleasing women and women only.

    The original commenter— name withheld— was an “admin” person here. I suspect she pulled her comment with her privilege of knowing how to do so after the “edit/delete” button was long gone. Unfortunately, this censored me. I do not like or respect feminist-like behavior, purposely or not, and do not expect it here on this site. So please, if you want to withdraw your comments, my suggestion is to find a way to make sure you do not delete the subsequent replies to your comments. Perhaps finding a way to rename your comments “anonymous” (removing your name from it, but leaving the comment intact) will make sure some of us aren’t being unwittingly censored. I never endorse violence, ever, so I never need to be moderated or censored here in any way.

    My comment about if men get called “gay” because they undertook a hypothetical measure of protest that made them be naked with each other, was on time, and very relevant to the MHRA because being called gay is a show-stopper for many men—a serious issue for our movement. They simply will not fight if they think they are being perceived as “less manly”—which most of them associate with being a gay male—which I do not think is true of gay men. In fact, they are MORE of a real man for not being a coward, being honest with the world and with themselves, and having the courage to do what those other (likely closeted) hatemongers and homophobes lack. Make no mistake, male homophobes are likely running from themselves—that is NOT manly!

    I have no problem with gay men or women. I will however, continue to post messages about this issue as often as I can now…all because this “omission” took place. Please, Lets make sure we are better than feminists. Thank you.

  • sadman365

    I’m getting more and more depressed every second of my life and although I have a shitload of things that make me depressed and sad, it is the prevalence of misandry and the anti-male atmosphere in the world but especially in the West and the unfettered spread of the evil hate cult (feminazism) that is making me more depressed, sad and ANGRY more than anything else. If there’s one word to describe culture in the West it would be MISANDRIC. If we insist on hating males this much why don’t we just start killing male babies the minute they’re born? I mean Western CUNTRIES are driving men to their death with the way they treat them and neglect them. But then I guess they need men to use as slaves and cannon fodder. And people ask me why I don’t want to get married and why I’m so anti-procreation!
    Really! You want me to have children so they (only boys of course) can be fucked over by the system and society like we’re seeing. Over my dead body.

    This piece of shit (Campbell) should be tried for MURDER, that’s of course if we lived in a country of law LIKE WE’RE LEAD TO BELIEVE. But if this murderous piece of shit had an ounce of conscience he’d take his own life. But what does a misandrist feminazi ass kisser like him know about conscience? I hope this son of a bitch gets his punishment sooner rather than later.