I’m Speechless

In the life of an MRA there are countless opportunities to see the antics of emasculated, pro-feminist men.  They embarrass themselves, and for the truly unconscious, they embarrass others as well.

Some of them are worse than others, but until I stumbled on this piece of work I thought I had just about seen it all. I thought that the propensity for manginosity had a bottom; that a man could only go so far in self denigration and obsequious groveling, at least outside the confines of some comedy routine.

But like I said, that was before I watched this video.

Ho-lee-fuck.  Unbelievable.

  • Carlos

    You said it Paul…

    Holy shit…

    I find it hard to even find words for this, the single biggest display of mangina-ism that I have ever seen.

  • Peter Charnley

    The video is being watched and commented upon throughout the blogosphere:

    Good link and a brilliant comment – the writer speaks volumes and sums up what this drivel largely implies very interestingly.

    Aside from his more serious reflection, I loved his suggestion that……

    “These guys probably have porn stashes that make Larry Flint blush.”

    LOL. Well, whether they do or not is beside the point. The portrait he is quite rightly painting is that of the shallow and empty dickhead. And looking at the expressions on one or two of the younger people’s faces, the look in their eyes, you could be excused for believing they might literally have been on drugs whilst performing this.

    Everything connected with this video reminds me again of those poignant words penned by Professor Howard S. Schwartz in 2001 that many MRA’s will be familiar with:

    “I have no doubt that, someday, the distortion of the truth by the radical feminists of our time will be seen to have been the greatest intellectual crime of the second half of the twentieth century”.

    And, to emphasize what I suggested in my previous comment, allow these brainwashed lizards to give you heart fellow MRA’s. For the more this intellectual crime is parroted in this manner, the sooner people will arrive at Professor Schwartz’s ‘someday’.

    We are already there. But, ironically, the warped fools on this video whose minds have been emptied of all logic and reason, are unwittingly acting as shepherds for our flock upon the wider population. Certainly as far as the flagrant crookedness of feminist reflection is concerned.

  • Kris

    What a bunch of loathesome, self-loathing, revisionist mangina scum! While at it, go ahead and apologise for everything else as well – all the millions that were killed in all the wars since the beginning of history, all the men sold into slavery, all the peoples colonized and brutalized all over the world; and so on!!

  • Elderswami

    who are these fags?!

    • Sean Gonzalez

      These aren’t homosexuals, you homophobe! These are manginas currying favor with the divine pussy they want to worship. Homosexual men wouldn’t grovel to a woman like this, only manginas have these low sense of self-worth.

  • Kazzi

    This video is pathetic. Oh the comment … ‘It is rare to find a war started by women… I appologise for bringing you into these wars, the damage, rape etc….’ Oh I just want to throw up.

    Where do these manginas get off saying these things. Men have fought these wars to bring peace for ‘families’.

    I feel sick in the stomach when you get these ‘whimps’ appologising to women… why should they? They are so shackled to the women.. they have the ball and chain not around their legs but around their ‘little man hoods’.

    These men have not been through a divorce.. these men have not built up their assets to have them taken away and left with nothing, they have not been denied access to their children, have not had to pay Child support etc. No these men are not men at all. They are just pathetic excuses for men….

    And in the words of Elderswami … yes who are these ‘fags’???… !!!!

  • Stu

    Still haven’t watched it……not gonna either lol. Maybe one day I’ll chain myself to one of the cars and give Kaz the key to the padlock…..then watch it. But don’t be surprised if you hear about some guy in bashing a mangine to death with a chain…..with a car on the end of it

  • Stu

    Actually…….fags can be ok guys…..manginas can not. Although it’s possible and common to be both, you can be one or the other. I can be mates with a fag…….but not a mangina

    • Meritocracy

      I have known many gays in my life through work and have rarely had issue with them. I have NEVER met a mangina I did not despise to the core. Pussy worship above all else may be the worst of all traits common to men today.

  • Luek

    Oh come on! This is somekind of stupid April Fools joke…RIGHT?
    Either that or some males will do any loathsome degrading thing to get access to that tiny 1.25 sq. inch invaginated organ located in the female crotch.

    I really couldn’t make it though the entire clip it was so gross. I just bet Joe Biden approved of this!

  • http://thepigmancometh.com/ The Pigman

    Re the Brazillian video, the last line in the article translates as some woman saying “To see a man kneel, is there anything better?”

    Let that be a lesson to those who think the answer to asshole North American women is to import asshole South American women.

  • Eff’d Off

    There is no doubt that this video is the most repulsive I have ever seen.

    It is truly wicked.

    Thank you manginas, thank you for apologising for me.

    I however am much less forgiving and will never forgive you fucking turds.

    I want each one of you mealy mouthed cunts to absolutely die.

  • http://www.CanadaCourtWatch.com Attila L. Vinczer

    I posted this video on my FB wall that Tom had shared and was astounded that there was a male and two females that actually justified the woman’s violent behaviour. http://tinyurl.com/3ukxw85

    I could use a little help if any of you could way in and set the record straight that it is wrong for a woman to be violent the same as a man. Thanks.

    • Eff’d Off


      I tried to leave a comment but wasn’t able to. Can you tell me where I went wrong please ?


      • http://www.CanadaCourtWatch.com Attila L. Vinczer

        You should be able to now. Maybe hit F5 or refresh.

  • Falsely Accused Soldier


  • Resurected

    Ten seconds into this short and I had had enough… What is this world coming to?

  • Sad Dad

    That was sick!!!!! I couldn’t finish it either, I mean you got to be kidding me!!!! Damn!!!

  • http://freehumanbeing.com/ Free Human Being

    I apologize because my Grandfather stole a loaf of bread before I was born

    I apologize because mafia members are Italian and I am 1/8th Italian

    I apologize because John Gacy was six foot and I am six foot tall

    I apologize for anything someone did with brown hair, because I have brown hair and if Hitler had green eyes I apologize for him too.

    In fact I apologize for all of the things I had nothing to do with and had no control over and are inherently not responsible for.

    • Nergal

      “I apologize for anything someone did with brown hair, because I have brown hair and if Hitler had green eyes I apologize for him too.”

      You lucked out on that one,actually. Hitler had brown eyes,I think.

  • Bizzman662

    These two pansy ass motherfuckers!

    Thats all I really have to say.

    Holy Fuck is right!

  • http://www.shrink4men.com Dr Tara J. Palmatier

    1st reaction: Is this a SNL skit? A Bill Maher commercial? A Stephen Colbert mockumentary?

    2nd reaction: Who are these b@!!ess wonders?

    3rd reaction: If I’d encountered one of these men whilst still “on the market” I’d have fallen off my chair and peed myself in laughter. Then I’d have felt very, very sorry for them.

    4th reaction: So essentially, these men are apologizing for everything since time began.

    5th reaction: “I honor your capacity for peaceful resolution to conflicts and your ability to apologize with grace?” Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

    I stopped after that chestnut.

    Who produced this? Wow. Just. Wow.

    • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

      Totally agree, it’s Dr. Gay Hendricks, psych. from the Hendricks Institute of Love made easy. No conflict, just submission, easy.