Shame on Pepsi: Domestic Violence PSA

This is my personal response to the misandric ad by Pepsi, glorifying domestic violence, particularly violence that is instigated by women against men.

Would the message Pepsi be peddling remain so funny if it were women being slapped, punched and kicked?

You be the judge, now, and when you are making your choices at the grocery store.

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Keyster is a writer, videographer, men's activist and music buff living in the belly of the great American West. He is also the producer of A Voice for Men Radio.

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  • scatmaster

    Powerful stuff.
    How do we get it on mainstream television?


      We don’t get it on mainstream television, we get the mainstream television viewers on MRA websites.

  • zetamale

    any objections to me putting this on my blog?

  • zed

    Well done, Keyster.

  • Paul Elam

    @ Zetamale & all

    Embed it far and wide.


      Hmmm me thinks we need an MRA ‘Internet hit squad’ ie we could assign each MRA five lamestream media outlets to push the MRA cause.

      I can be the ring leader! Err chief shit stirrer.

  • John A

    Legendary Keyster, I’m looking forward to many more.

  • Stu

    When you think about it, it already is on mainstream TV. Practically every sit com you watch has similair scenes, followed by laughter from the audience.

    Part of the reason men don’t get any sympathy when they are repeatedly abused and treated like shit by their wives or girlfriends is the attitude that they should be able to defend themselves against a woman. Yes, they should be able to, as in legally entitled to. unfortunately the law doesn’t allow a man to do anything at all in defense of himself.

    Now I ask all the manginas reading this question. If someone, regardless of how much smaller and weaker then you they are, is hitting you, pushing you shoving you, throwing things at you, verbally abusing you, and you have absolutely no right to take action to stop that person continueing, just what motivation have they got to stop. Women who are abusing there men fold are the biggest cowards of all, because since men have no legal options, and no self defence options, it’s just like kicking the shit out of a cripple in wheel chair isn’t it.

    The whole “men are bigger and stronger” bullshit doesn’t cut it either. Since we are not allowed to use our physical advantage to prevent women assaulting us, it means nothing, it actually means we are at the physical disadvantage. Also, every man is not bigger and stronger then every woman. What about disabled men, what about old men. What about very small men vs big amazonian bitch. What about when the woman is armed and man is asleep. what about when a number of women gang up on a man.

    Nope, nothing makes any difference, the woman is always the victim. The attitude of most woman if they were the woman who got hit by the object that the other woman threw at her partner but missed, would be that it was the mans fault for ducking. Not the womans fault for throwing it. Think about it, admit it, even us non manginas, the thought did just pop into your head, for just a split second, before your brain actually kicks in, so trained are we to only be concerned about women getting hurt, and always having to have a man to blame.

    • Adam

      It also doesn’t help that in this example of domestic violence, the woman is a gorilla compared to him – pushing the physical size completely out the window.

      As humans continue developing I would be incredibly surprised if this physical difference doesn’t disappear altogether or skew towards women. I know many that are my height and taller already – 5’11 or 180cm.

      • Ben

        Yes! Women are literally becoming giants. You should see the size of the average sorority girl of today. They are like 6′ 3″ and 225 pounds on average it seems. Anthropologists still say that females are 80% the size of males but that just cannot be right. I see them punch, slap, and kick their boyfriends who are much smaller almost on a daily basis on this campus.

        Sure, these smaller young men would win instantly if it were a real fight, but men are conditioned to never hit a lady even if she is physically attacking them at the time. If a woman ever hits me or slaps me again, I will not hesitate. I will instantly slug her, hard, right in the face. No exceptions. I am not saying I will beat her up or put her in the hospital, but I will slug her and that’s what we all need to do.

        • Muk

          Dunno what school you’re going to
          But very rarely have I ever seen a girl over 5’7
          Are you hanging around the female basketball team or something?

          • Ben

            yeah, you are right. There just are a whole lot of really tall sorority girls. They are not THAT tall, though. It is just irritating to see how many college girls think that it is ok to hit, slap, and kick their boyfriends. Really, I say I would hit one back like that, but I doubt I really would, given an actual situation. I would most likely walk away unless I was really in danger like if she had a weapon or something. But I wouldn’t put up with the abuse that I see on Pepsi commercials.

        • Giselle

          Where do these she giants come from? im 5’3″….6’3″ thats either supermodel height or she man stature.

  • Ben

    This is absurd. There were many more, like the male genital violence involving the pepsi can torpedo cooler and the man repeating “I want to sleep with her” over and over like a mindless robot. Let’s lay seige to and conquer Pepsi!!! Let’s encircle their compound and teach them one of the finer aspects of masculinity – CONQUERING THINGS!

    My whole street is boycotting Pepsi and Budweiser.

  • Stu

    Bet you that youtube will delete those vids if you put them on there. How about getting a heap of vids like this onto heaps of website, and name them things that google will find when searches for dometic voilence are made. Put some text with it with heaps of slogans and sayings used in the domestic violence industry to make these vids come up in searches.

    • !!SPARTA!!

      We can only hope they remove it
      pretty sure we could sue for discrimination
      put Roy Den Hollander on it
      make a crapton of money from them
      and use it to put ads on TV

  • Stu

    What I meant to say is that I bet youtube will delete the vids once they find out that the MM is using them to promote our agenda.

  • Kazzi

    That ad was excellent… and so very very true.

  • 4thtroika


  • Anonymous

    Small point: before it goes big, should it be ‘perpetrates’ instead of ‘perpetuates’

    • Paul Elam

      That was my thought when I saw it, but perpetuates does fit. Not as well in my mind, but that is Keyster’s call, as it should be.

    • Keyster

      I dunno. I suppose perpetrate is more appropriate, but then she’s also perpetuating it in the ad and so is PespiCo with the ad. I can change it easy enough if it’s too distracting from the message.

  • Watertiger

    This must be the “stereo-typical” black female ad everyone on other sites are freaking about. They are saying REAL black women don’t act like that. (Ummm….yeah they do!)

    And then they wonder why black men don’t like to stick around?

    • !!SPARTA!!

      Yea, I thought it was ridiculous that they were getting all hot and bothered about the ANGRY BLACK WOMAN, while not saying a thing about the Domestic Violence all over the ad


    Ok people just another activism below.If you are short on ideas try this.

    Click on image below to enlarge

    [img] _mgtow.jpg[/img]

    • Paul Elam

      KARMA is the Energizer Bunny of the MRM.

    • scatmaster

      How is that playing in Burlington? Not knowing anything about the political climate in Vermont I have observed in my two travels there it seems to be fertile ground for manginas. IMO.

  • Eoghan

    I have to wonder about the agenda, are black men and women being targeted for further division?

    • Paul Elam

      If it will sell a few more cans of Pepsi, you better believe it.

  • walter

    Dont buy Pepsi Max. I wouldn’t buy another pepsi until they clean up their act.

  • AntZ

    Is Pepsi demonstrably more misandrist than Coca-Cola? If so, we may have a call for action here.

    Pepsi is an over-sweet, girly drink anyway. It would not be difficult to turn men away from pepsi, and choosing coke instead.

    As long as misandry pays, people will continue to do it.

    We have to make the costs of misandry greater than the benefits. Then corporations will stop.

    So, does anyone have an opinion, is Pespi demonstrably more anit-man than Coca-Cola?


    • Captain DaPoet

      @ Antz

      So you think Pepsi is a girly drink huh! Kinda sorta like Coke and Ice House beer are for losers. :)

  • Captain DaPoet

    Hello Paul…

    Great video…

    I have embedded it on my FaceBook, WordPress and My-Journal accounts.

  • dontmarry

    I am doing my part in fighting against domestic violence.

    I refuse to marry or cohabit with any broad.

  • Keyster

    Thanks for the compliments.
    The story behind this ad is that it was submitted to Pepsi as part of a contest. Pepsi (PepsiCo, Inc.), saw this as an opportunity to exploit what their marketing research proved; which is that black women overwhelmingly prefer Pepsi over Coke. And black women absolutely HATE blonde white women, because they feel these women are “stealing” their men. The DV angle was superfluous to them.

    As someone who actively participated in advertising meetings in corporate America, I can tell you these things are very well thought out and calculated, to get target groups to buy more of the product.

    And the fact that a bitter, angry black woman (Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee) protested this ad stereotyping black women as bitter and angry…oh the irony!

    • John A

      And black women absolutely HATE blonde white women, because they feel these women are “stealing” their men.

      Well maybe they shouldn’t put their black men (and boys) out in the trash?

      Thanks for the explanation Keyster.

  • Midnight Gypsy

    Personally I was surprised the white girl who was hit didn’t jump up and start hitting the guy too. I tend to think that’s how it would have played out for real.

    No matter what happened, it would always be his fault.