Radio Update

Counting Down Till Tuesday…Again


First, let me offer up another sincere thank you to everyone who made the first broadcast of A Voice for Men Radio by all measures, a complete success. The show went well, both Keyster and I learned some lessons, and we are prepared to make the show even better as we go along.

Apparently, though, we did pretty well for a first effort. Angry Harry had the following to say on his website after he listened to the first broadcast:

In the old days of this website, I used to talk a great deal about the importance of creating and deploying ‘cognitive cluster bombs’ to destroy feminism; i.e. memes that were so powerful  that they would inevitably spread and, eventually, explode in the faces of feminists and those who supported them.

And I, myself, have spent a long time now trying to construct such cognitive cluster bombs – which I mostly deliver via this website.

But not exclusively!

Well, I think that Paul Elam has probably just launched a cognitive nuclear weapon with his radio show.

It’s that good.

And I think that its impact is going to be huge.

Allow me to gloat for a moment, while hopefully remembering that I far from did this alone. Thing is, I have never made a secret of the fact that I regard Harry with such positive feeling that it borders on worship.  And I want to say now that having that kind of review from the man literally means more to be by far than would a Peabody Award.

OK, Paul, enough bragging, now earn your keep!

Show two is now less than 48 hours away.  And in it we are going to bitch slap the domestic violence industry.  (That remark alone should get me into one of Futrelle’s famously obtuse “articles”.)

A couple of pre-show notes. One, there is going to be less pre-recorded stuff and more live work. Two, while the show is typically supposed to be one hour, I will remain for up to two hours if listener calls demand it. And three, from now on, the phones will be open to all. Fembots, manginas and white knights included.

A brief recap of the show performance for your information is also in order. The first show had 484 live listeners, over 150 chat room participants and has been accessed through the archives since Tuesday for a total of 3,771 listens.  That last number is going up by 10-20 listens per hour since the embeddable player has now found its way to this front page, The Spearhead, and other relevant sites.

Considering the average small market radio show is more than happy with 10,000 listeners, I am more than encouraged with that start. We expect this thing will grow in the future.

And sorry, but I have to briefly tap at donations again, particularly small donations on a recurring monthly basis. Truth is, to look at this long term we have to ask for that cash. It’s a five spot per month and up to become a regular supporter, so hopefully it won’t cut in to the car note.

Also, if you have not registered for the show, please do.  It is not required to listen to it, but it does help significantly with spreading the word and maintaining listeners.

As always, when Tuesday night gets here, CALL THE SHOW AND BE HEARD!!

Finally, Factory has put his considerable talents to work again by updating the AVfM Radio promotional poster, enhancing the visibility of the show times, and including GMT for international listeners.

Here it is.  And get those BINGO cards ready. We’ll see you Tuesday!


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  • Simon

    Should be good Paul.

    Last show was brilliant.

    I have also noticed a significant jump in traffic to your site (according to the visitor map to the right) since you passed 300 000 views.

    Well done.


    • Paul Elam

      Thanks Simon. We have been on fire here for the last 24 hours. Two pieces here, (JtO and Barbarrossaaa) have gotten pretty heated on reddit. But also the traffic has done very well since the first radio show.

      If things go right on the next show, it will be a barn burner. (Knock on wood)

  • Chance

    If you’re looking for the BINGO card here it is.

    I’ll make sure to print mine off before the show.

  • The Enlightener

    Can’t wait. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble going all the way to two hours again, Paul, judging by the callers you had last week.

    Side note: I’m not sure I understand the “Drop Out” on the AVfM Radio promo poster. “Drop Out” has negative connotations to me, even though I am “dropping out” of corporate America and the traditional lifestyle. It makes me think of failure. I’d rather see something like “open your eyes” or “get ready” or “it’s time to re-learn everything you thought you knew”, something along those lines. What do you guys think?

    • The Enlightener

      Or “Rebel” or “Stand up”..

      • Paul Elam

        Fair enough. Factory is your man. I saw a pic meme that made me think of another option about an hour ago.

        Men. Get off your knees.

        • AntZ

          “Opt Out” is better.

          Opt is a choice, drop is something that happens to you despite your wishes.

          • Factory

            There are a couple of reasons why I chose that phrase. First, I saw someone else use it at the end of their post, and I thought it made sense because it takes a popular rebellious sentiment (from Timothy Leary) from a romanticized rebellious time (the 60s), and moves it forward.

            Second, the intent of the original phrase (drop acid) has since culturally become synonymous with refusing to participate, which is what MGTOWs do…which should tip you to the triptych-like aspect of the Mens Movment…and the correlation to the three phrases.

            Third, the largest segment of society arrayed against us, the Baby Boomers, have now had their own rebellious past thrown in their faces, and they know PRECISELY what that phrase means, or they weren’t ‘rebels’ themselves. Hard to refute what you still use as a source of pride…

            On top of all that, it’s catchy and ‘retro’ enough that it just might be seen as ‘cool’ again someday soon. The biggest problem we have, still, is our image as basement-dwelling losers who hate women. We need to stop worrying what the neighbors will think.

            I want Eminem for a mascot. Being PC isn’t going to achieve that.

            Of course, if what I do isn’t the right thing for you, by all means let me know what you would prefer instead. I like the “men. Get off your knees.” thing…active, aggressive, and ’empowering’. But there’s a requirement for “catchyness” that far outstrips any need for 100% accuracy.

            The one overriding thing you need to internalize though, is that ‘safe’ ‘inoffensive’ messages are routinely ignored in our media-saturated society. You, being a North ‘Merican see approximately 12,000 advertisements per day…now, how do you stand out without offending?

            Does that make sense?

          • Factory

            Actually, come to think of it, “Men. Get off your knees.” has a Campaign-ey sound to it, now doesn’t it? Surely there’s more than one poster, or video, that could use that tag line.

          • Alphabeta Supe

            The article Factrory is referring to is the one I wrote for The Spearhead entitled Why Men Don’t Rape.


            It had a bit more context over there since it related to the Raype Culture created and propagated by the MSM.

            However, I wholeheartedly support its use in this case because what we’re doing IS dropping out – dropping out of the misandric culture. I think there’s tremendous value in signalling this intent. There’s a lot of power in the MGTOW meme – it strikes directly at the root of society and scares the hell out of feminists because it cuts the legs out from under them like a scythe. Men who Drop Out can’t be controlled. Feminist lies can’t propagate if feminists can’t control the discourse. The idea of ‘dropping out’ may well be the most powerful weapon in the MRM arsenal.

            There’s also been talk over at TS recently about how AVfM Radio ought to do this and do that to keep it popular and fresh. With due respect to the gentlemen who made these suggestions, I’m a little skeptical about this. I’m thinking we ought to Drop Out of this jingoist kind of thinking. The MRM’s survival depends on its directness, rawness and purity of purpose. The only way to guarantee this is to hear from the men on the front lines – the men who are being harpooned every day by misandric culture. I think Paul’s approach is the right one – it ought to be all about the callers.

            Turning these stories into fodder for infotainment the Oprah Dr Phil way will mock their suffering. Ironically, the ultimate mark of the show’s success will be when people STOP listening and start ACTING. Entertain the listeners and you’ll have them for an hour or two each week, but enlist their empathy with real people and you’ll have them for life. Dropping Out of the typical infotainment culture is also a powerful symbol.

            Thus, the term insinuates many things. It gets people thinking. It’s subversive. It appeals to older men through it’s Leary connections as well as young men who have been harpooned by a system that no longer guarantees their civil protections. It annoys the f*ck out of feminists.

            Having said all this, I like Antz’ version too – Turn On, Tune In, Opt Out. It’s a little more deliberate and rational but perhaps also a little less subversive and clusterbomb scary.

  • David Messner

    Hi Paul,

    The first show was great! I’m glad you are also giving some flexibility for this next show to run a little long. We all want MORE MORE MORE (but we also realize that WE get the honor of sitting on our asses and listening while YOU and your background MRA supporters do all the work–THANK YOU!!!).

    With this comment, I’d also like to remind everyone that in the right-hand column under the “Support the Voice” heading there is an option to donate on a monthly basis. THIS IS CRITICAL for the success of this awesome show. I have honestly never heard anything like this and as soon as this comment is posted I will be a monthly $5 supporter (I wish I could give more, I’m just a poor young MRA/MGHOW “Man Going His Own Way”).

    To further try to do a little fundraising, let me do a little comparison showing what you COULD be spending your money on:

    Let’s say you want to go on a date with a young lady:

    Dinner: $40 (at LEAST–because you’re going to have to buy her and yourself a drink to make her more tolerable and allow you to relax while she endlessly drones on about uninteresting BULLSHIT about herself).

    Movie: $20 (You have to do this because this is the point in the evening where you dont have to talk to her–best $20 spent ALL EVENING).

    Gas: $10 (hahah, I know, I’m sorry, I had to come up with some figure)

    Total: $70 (IN ONE NIGHT!!!) spent subsidizing the idea that women, above all else, are to be cared for, nurtured, pampered, considered special, wonderful, faultless, beautiful creatures from the divine.


    You could make a $5 monthly donation (total $60 for the year!) for insightful, funny, informative radio discussion every week about controversial topics such as why men deserve equal rights to women in the family, workplace, and the courtroom.

    You decide.

    I spent the first show listening at my desk, chatting in the chatroom with other MRA’s about the show, and drinking a 6-pack of Rolling Rock–most fun I’ve had on a Tuesday night in a LONG time.

    Now, just to get all the awesome MRA’s out there thinking about Tuesday night’s show, I present to you the clip from ABC’s “What Would You Do?”

  • Kazzi

    Well I know here in aus.. we will be tuned in. It works out so well for us to listen as it is on early afternoon. The first show was fanstastic… and to have a topic every week is also a good thing.

    The listening audience will and can only grow once word of mouth spreads… and it will.

    Keep up the great work Paul. My hat off to you for what you have achieved so far. (and it will only get bigger and better) :)

  • Stu

    So thats 3771 listens after the event, plus what listened live. And thats the first show. This is going to be big. Surely the amount of listeners would only be about one tenth of the eventual penetration once Paul really starts to piss some feminists off lol. And then what will really do it is when he gets mentioned on Oprah because he’s pissing her off so much. Something to shoot for Paul, try and piss Oprah off, and let her make you famous lol

    The women are not going to be able to stay away once it’s getting widely talked about, even the ones that hate Pauls guts, they will tune in to be offended, to fuel their hate lol. Maybe you’ll be really lucky and get some death threats then it will make the news lol

    • mideonphish


      “The women are not going to be able to stay away once it’s getting widely talked about, even the ones that hate Pauls guts, they will tune in to be offended, to fuel their hate lol.”

      Come, come now, you didn’t honestly think they’d actually listen in order to learn some thing new now did you?

    • Jimmy

      The show has had quite a few views to YouTube too.

  • mideonphish

    A little bit tricky for me as the show is on at 2:00 am here in the UK,
    of course it goes without saying that I’ll be listening at some point on
    Wednesday morning UK time.

    I listened to the first show during breakfast on Wednesday morning and
    nearly spat most of it out over my laptop when that dopey feminist wench
    came on, (you really should have cut her off sooner if you ask me).

    Still I already have my blogspot radio account set up and will definitely be
    listening in.

  • Tuttle

    I thought the show turned out really well. I’ll definitely be tuning in every week to listen. Keep up the good work.

  • The Private Man

    Off topic but might make for a good show (shameless self promotion ahead!)

    Men over 65 have incredible experience.

    Men over 65 have deep wisdom.

    If the stories of such older men are not recorded, they will be lost forever.

    I present a challenge to the manosphere.

    Record the personal histories of those quite older men. Men only. Fathers, grandfathers, and uncles are perfect.

    Do this before it’s too late and post the stories here.

    These stories are vital for social history and for spreading wisdom.

    To that end, I have created a part of my blog where these stories can be stored.

    Some ground rules –

    * Only men over 65 years old (Baby boomers need not apply unless there is some true wisdom and not shallow self-indulgence).
    * Appropriate file formats if the story is recorded and linked to (Word, text, .WAV, .MP3, etc.)
    * About another man (not you)
    * Any theme is appropriate – work, politics, history, relationships, social history, anything. This is about the story of older men.
    * If audio or video, the files must be easily heard/viewed. There is nothing worse than garbled audio and difficult to view video. If the file can’t be heard/seen, what’s the point?

    If this project gets enough attention, I will personally find a way to publicize this effort.

    Are you looking to find men for this project? Volunteer.

    Volunteer at an active retirement community or nursing home just to listen to the stories and history of men in their later years. Volunteering is easy, put in a call in to the activities director and tell them you want to write or record the stories of the men. You will be welcomed and appreciated. I strongly recommend this to all men in the manosphere.

    Use the Veterans History Project guidelines – There are great resources in the Veterans History Project.

    I have a secondary website where these stories/files could be posted should this endeavor become popular. Once started in the manosphere, the stories of older men can easily go viral, such are the amazing stories of men of a certain, older age. This is history, it must be documented.

    Spread the word. Document the stories. Men are important.

    • Alphabeta Supe

      This is a profoundly important initiative, PrivateMan – I applaud you roundly for it. I’ll be asking my elders to get onto your blog and post.

      We don’t communicate with our senior men enough. I encourage everyone to consider including their wisdom in their regular nourishment.

  • joe


    Is there an mp3 podcast?

    By the way, the fembot bingo card, brilliant!

    Women are predictable, point and laugh at them.

    • mideonphish


      Women may well be predictable to a degree but they are not to be underestimated, history shows us that great many once powerful men
      have already lost life, livelihood and liberty on account of their greed, narcissism and treachery.

      Remember friend, the sad truth is that they are not to be trusted at all
      under any circumstances.

  • Carlos


    Mississippi women finds radical feminist recipe for dealing with toxic masculinity:

    • Adam

      Unbelievable – sticking a tyke in an oven

  • mideonphish

    On a similar note to your post, here’s the UK version:

    This woman blew up her own twins to stop the father getting custody,

    Just F**king sickening, isn’t it…

    • Aimos

      I’m in complete shock. Only a fucking WOMAN could ever get “diminished responsibility” for the premeditated murder of her own kids! Feminists hate the emotional stereotype of women, yet it’s an excuse when a woman’s freedom is on trial. Never mind the three lives that were lost. We have to protect the murderer! She’s clearly suffering!

      I am SOOO looking forward to Paul Elam tearing feminists a new one when this topic comes up. I’m going to make a regular donation to this radio broadcast. The opposition MUST be heard!

    • Exocet

      Watched the Scottish coverage of this story on BBC and there is a definite media bias of the type that she needs help. Apparently she is suffering from three separate types of mental disorder. The coverage of the childrens funeral was sad but my question is why the funeral was covered in terms of a court case? Have never seen this before and suspect that there was a bit of emotional heart tugging. You know the BBC if you are familiar with Angry Harry and Man/Women Myth.

      I have a bet on that she will ‘serve’ less than two years and probably get a psychiatric sentence i.e held at Her Majesty Pleasure therefore no jail time but treatment. My view is that covering up the murders with a gas explosion shows some degree of premeditation and no diminished responsibility.

      Enjoyed the show and let’s hope that the MSM continues its awakening

  • Pierce Harlan

    Because of a nasty schedule that saw me traveling some last week, I was not able to listen to the entire show until this past weekend. I wanted to share my reaction.

    First, I was terribly impressed with how articulate Paul is. It’s one thing to write well, but quite another to be able to speak well off the top of your head. And he’s a natural on the radio. The first show had to be difficult, and I suppose that was the real trick: Paul made it sound so seamless. Unlike so many feminists or progressives who come off with a constipated, stick-up-their-ass quality — still trying to impress their Womyn’s Studies professor — Paul was a real person.

    Second, I was terribly impressed with the intelligence, the reasonableness, of the callers. Where are all the angry women-haters, shouting and making death threats? Funny, these people were all reasonable and reflective.

    Third, I think this is going to do more for recruiting than a hundred blog entries. It’s one thing to read a cold, lifeless blog. Quite another to “get to know” someone, so to speak, by hearing his voice, by listening to the tone of his voice and his inflections, etc.

    Fourth, and finally, how do you stay so cool, Paul? The “joke” about me is this: when I go in to take a deposition of a hostile party, workers in my firm take bets on how long it will be before I slam my hand on the table.

    This was a “big deal,” Paul. You are to be commended for having the vision to even bother doing it, let alone for pulling it off so well. The first show was a monumental effort. This endeavor ought to be touted on all the sites.


    • Adam

      It was MRA’s only remember.
      The slander was taken and vetted by Keyster first :)

      • Factory

        Hey, that’s a Producer’s life… :)

  • Izzey

    You know something Paul… the cropped version of the poster at the top of this article is just perrrrrfect for a bumper sticker.

    Okay now…who makes those? lol :)

    I will be tuned in.
    Can’t wait.

    • scatmaster

      Actually Izzey it would also be good for sticking to public bathroom walls, mirrors, and in the shitters of said bathrooms so while they guy is having a dump, well you get the picture. I know a rad fem down the street that while I am taking the dog for a walk late at night could use some revisions to the bumper of her car. She will not have a clue. Anyone know how to make this happen? I would buy a hundred.

      • Izzey

        Hi scatmaster,
        I googled “custom made bumper stickers”
        There is a few places that do them. Shall we start a ‘bumper sticker fund’?

        I have a few bucks to throw in the kitty.

        • scatmaster

          You would have to ask the copyright owner and how would Paul want to administer it. Maybe a kind of sell them and all of the proceeds over and above cost would go into AVFM radio. As I have told Paul before sneaking money out of this house is next to impossible. For example I had managed to hide some money and was about to Pay Pal it to AVFM radio when my jailer reappeared and demanded to look at what I was doing on the computer. I will get it there but it is difficult so if you want to run with it I will purchase some when I can. Or maybe I will just print, clip them, and run use a glue stick. I hate my life.

          • Izzey

            The higher the quantity, the cheaper the cost per.
            Selling them, is a novel idea.

            A side note–If I had a ‘get out of jail free’ card that I could send you….I surely would.

            They don’t fucking exist for men.
            Which is exactly why this woman is here in support of men.

      • Factory

        Just let me know what size you want.

  • Bombay

    Another $20 in the mail. The bingo card is great.

  • Stinger503

    Can’t wait for tomorrow. By the way Paul, tomorrows International Womens Day too. Here’s an “interesting read”:

    Just how many stereotypes of men can you fit in one article?

    • Bombay

      LOL International Women’s Day is defined by a mangia to be all about men who are “bad”. Get a life.

    • scatmaster

      Apparently feminism still matters.
      This so called writer makes so many false debunked statements I can’t begin to count. I am surprised she didn’t throw in the Super Bowl Hoax.

    • Kazzi

      Well this doesnt help Australia when you have politicans saying this:

      Here are the first few paragraphs:

      Setting quotas to boost the number of women in senior management roles has dominated discussions about gender equity on the centenary of International Women’s Day.

      But views remain divided, with opponents of quotas arguing that board appointments should be purely merit-based.

      Research suggests that around 27 per cent of private company senior positions are held by women, ahead of the global average of 20 per cent. But only 22 directors on ASX-200 listed companies are women.

      What I would like to know is this: When is International MENS Day????

      Maybe that is something that should be thrown at governments as well.
      Yes we have Mothers Day and Fathers day… and god knows everyday is Childrens day… but if women want so called equality – in friggen every aspect of life.. then they should not be singled out for events such as this… It should be totally scrapped.

  • rebtus

    @ Pierce Harlan,
    Your 3 points are well worth considering. The Fourth gives the impression that you’re a lawyer. Quote
    “Fourth, and finally, how do you stay so cool, Paul? The “joke” about me is this: when I go in to take a deposition of a hostile party, workers in my firm take bets on how long it will be before I slam my hand on the table”.
    Like judge, jury, prosecutors etc you’re accustomed to observe persons testimony, body language, facial impressions, inflections etc. Your suggestion to AVfM is also similar. But some of us have distinct voices or dialects which might make us self-conscious about people in our localities identifying us. What do you think?

  • Bizzman662


    It’s not a matter of if she get’s bored………..It’s a matter of WHEN she get’s bored.

    You need to know how saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing or just dealing with a woman scorned can BURN YOU to the point where it will take you YEARS to recover from it.




  • Keyster

    “Paul made it sound so seamless.”

    I’ve been involved with Mr. Elam directly on this in a supporting role and let me tell you, he’s working his ass off to make it a quality show. Quality broadcasting doesn’t happen without a lot of pre-production planning and effort.

    If you enjoy it, find it entertaining or value being able to hear and be heard, give a little back towards the cause.

    • Alphabeta Supe

      Credit to you too, Keyster. I’ve committed to a year’s Gold subscription. I encourage everyone to consider a regular sub – even if it’s just $5 or $10 a month.

  • Factory

    “Feminists are predictable, throw rocks at them.”

    heh heh

  • Ray

    Any chance you might make a future topic. “the possibility of a Men’s Commission coming out of the Obama Presidency?” I hear Warren Farrell, former CA, Democrat, gubernatorial candidate, has been working toward that. I suspect the Obama administration Democrats realize they have alienated the male demographic to unacceptable levels and want to get back their votes for 2012. I also suspect the Obama administration is not sincere about a National Commission for Men and realize a men’s commission doesn’t have a chance of being funded under the new Republican, house majority. Hence, they are merely posturing for the sake of winning back the leftist male vote. The Obama administration knows they can’t risk ticking off their primary, misandrist, gender feminist base by creating a real commission for men, but mere lip service to a men’s commission won’t push many, if any, radical feminists out of the Obama camp. I would enjoy hearing Mr. Elam’s viewpoint on this as well as other erudite members of the AVFM community.

    • Factory

      All of which is a GREAT reason for the Republicans to jump on board with both feet, essentially proclaiming themselves the defacto ‘party of men’, which they are already demonized as being. Backing it up with some substance could only result in more votes.

      unfortunately, the whole political system seems to be dominated by morons.

      Which means they have no interest in making things better, and each works towards similar goals to the other. Which spells Oligarchy to me….

      And that kind of thing usually results in violent revolution…as the middle east is finding now, and the West will find soon enough if they don’t smarten the fuck up.

      And if history is anything to go by, they NEVER smarten the fuck up.

      I’m just sayin’.

      • Keyster

        Re-pubic-ans are the party of individual merit and anti-identity or “special interest group” politics. They’ll never say they’re “the party of men”, but they won’t be as willing to promote “women only” causes either. Boehner’s already made that clear.

        They killed Reid’s Paycheck Fairness Act because it harms business to have to report male vs female pay. Not really. They just saw it for what it is. Pandering to the single female voter and the sisters at NOW.

  • Piere Harlan

    Keyster, my lad, I’ve given more than a little back to the cause, in case you haven’t noticed. It’s called False Rape Society. And it’s forced me to go change my lifestyle, too.

    • Keyster

      Yes, you do excellent work over there.

    • TheEnlightener

      Can’t wait to hear you on AVfM Radio.

    • TheEnlightener

      It would also be cool to hear how you guys manage to find the time to keep FRS updated.

  • Denis

    I’m anxiously looking forward to the show tonight. Good luck to everyone involved.

    I’m curious how we can ensure that there is a proper mix of MRA/feminist voices.

    Also, on the blogtalkradio chatroom, I would suggest that all MRA’s use the same color font so that we can identify each other (but not pink)

  • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

    I’m looking forward to it, too! Good job, everyone!