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Blue Pill Withdrawal #2 False Rape Claims


Links to research and relevant story information for Episode 3, “Cry Rape: The Plague of False Allegations,” at A Voice for Men Radio.

Research indicates that 41% of rape allegations are false.

There is a systemic problem with police and prosecutor’s misconduct: A case for jury nullification.

A summary of the Vladek Filler case. A must read. You can donate to help this devastated family.

Quotes from and about Mary Kellett, enough to make your skin crawl.

The website of TJ Ward, the investigator working on behalf of Vladek Filler.

And an excellent information page provided by the False Rape Society.


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  • Roland3337

    Holy Shit, Paul. That lady in the recording is absolutely batshit crazy.

    • Ben

      She was even threatening to kill the police. Yet, you could hear cops in the background saying that they were there to protect her, in the midst of receiving death threats from the woman they are assuring with protection.

  • Lovekraft

    Further to the women who engage in this deceit and manipulation in the judicial system, my hope is that one day it will be extended to other aspects of life where men have to interact with women, notably the workplace.

    Here, women also have a free pass to submit false harassment charges, and management falls lockstep in giving the women less of a burden of proof, and the man is assumed the aggressor. The end result is a poisoned work environment, similar to how the judicial system is also compromised by false rape allegations.

  • Lovekraft

    Dr Palmatier made a crucial comment on the radio show re false rape allegations in the town which amounted to about 25% of the male pop being crucified by the demonic femprosecutor:


    • E. Steven Berkimer


      My guess, is that because it’s Maine, which is primarily white, you won’t see the ACLU get involved, as there is no protected class being targeted. Therefore, there really isn’t a problem in most peoples mind.

      Sick, but there it is.

      • Deflating the Funbags

        I’m ashamed to admit I used to do a fair amount of pro-bono work with the ACLU before I knew how selective they were in the defense of civil liberties.

      • Collins

        The ACLU cares more about women’s rights (or privileges) than about men’s rights. It’s no use turning to them when we land in legal trouble as a result of male-female interactions gone awry. A more reliable organization for us would be the NCFM (National Coalition for Men).

      • Tasha

        Good Lord this woman is nuts….I’m utterly ashamed to share a zip code with her

    • Keyster

      Regarding the ACLU, they’re about as left-of-center a group as you could ever imagine. They’re uber secular-progressives. They have an affiliate group called the ACLU Women’s Rights Project. You would never ever see them get involved in defending a man they thought was falsely accused of rape mostly because, whether he did it or not he probably deverves it.

      Feminist dogma pretty much rules with those people.
      Anything that happens to a woman is a “violation of human rights”.
      Men are on their own, unless it advances their agenda publicly.

  • Paul Elam

    Just wanted to say thanks to Keyster for the great job, Steve for his great observations and for the callers who once again made the show. Hope everyone enjoyed.

    • Izzey

      Outstanding show, Paul!

    • Introspectre

      Great show Paul.

  • Izzey

    If the ‘power’ were reversed, and men had their say…would there be as many women in jail than there are men?

    I believe men ‘portray’ a less emotionally injured gender.
    Women behave emotionally…hysterically…hormonally.
    And use it to their advantage for revenge.

    Honestly, I think men would be more inclined to say ‘just get the fuck out of my life…and stay gone’

    Women are vengeful. They also need to ‘save face’. And many, want to see you suffer the ultimate price, because their lives did not turn out as they had planned. Also, their self-worth is zero…sooo…pay, suffer, pay some more, suffer some more.
    Credo of evil….’I’m not happy, so I will make you miserable.

    I think men would like to just walk away.

    • Nergal

      “If the ‘power’ were reversed, and men had their say…would there be as many women in jail than there are men?”

      You’re never gonna see men going “She wouldn’t date me,I think she belongs in jail!”. I think a lot of women fear that sort of thing out of men, but the truth is, the claims of a “fragile male ego” have been much exaggerated.If most men grew up like I did, you can’t afford to take yourself too seriously or people will be fucking with you constantly about it.

    • Chrix

      “If the ‘power’ were reversed, and men had their say…would there be as many women in jail than there are men?”

      Of course there wouldn’t be. Maybe that is why in the past, women were not allowed to have power.

  • Tim

    That was the best show, Paul. Which makes me think they will continue to get better. If this is the case, then listenership will rise exponentially.

    Especially looking forward to next week’s episode about crazy women with Dr. T.

    Good job, Paul.

  • elvis

    It is a perversion of a legal system to have let the now “culture of false accusations” get so embedded into American society.

  • Aharon

    Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
    Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

    William Congreve (1670-1729)

  • elvis

    The ACLU now only takes cases that further Empower the new American gender-Raunch community.

  • Jack Day

    Yet another stellar show Paul!!

    I’d like to add a link about the ‘1-in-4 women will be raped in their lifetime’ you commentated on…
    It would seem, we will have to do a little more math…
    As this is a statistic that suggests “’1-in-4 accusations of rape are false.’”

    The tunes?! Awesome! Here is a link for anyone wanting the video:

  • Falsely Accused Soldier


    Thank you for this show!

    I was going to call in after Dr.Palmatier was on but I came to late too the show and I was roughly half an hour behind the live show.

    I teach my young privates about MRA values during typical male banter about relationships.

    I go back to Iraq for my third tour in September and I can’t wait to play your shows in order on our vehicles intercom system. My vehicle commander before I was falsely accused used to play Tom Leykis during my second deployment in 08-09 over the intercom during mission.

    So I thank you for your radio program. Know that your words will be helping men on a dusty road 10,000 miles from home.

  • Mr. XY

    That was a first rate show. I can’t believe how fast 2 hours went by, and I can’t help but to think how any sponsor who ignores this amazing show is beyond stupid. We are men….listen to us and let us be heard, then sell us products through the Voice for Men Radio! We may not be mindless spenders….but men have a very very very special trait, WE ARE LOYAL….and any sponsor or affiliate who supports this ground breaking show will get my dollars and my product loyalty.

  • Peter Charnley

    Another excellent show.

    I know you, and many other MRA’s, are not religious Paul. But I, and many others, do have a faith. And that is fine – this movement is for all of us, believers and non-believers alike. And although I myself, as a Christian, have advised leaving religion out of the MRA equation, I hope on this occasion you do not mind me quoting from the bible here. Its message is so poignant to the desperate and sad incidences of grotesque injustice (and to the greater blindness of society to it) that was revealed within that 2 hour broadcast.

    The examples of shattered lives, the evidence of the granting of free license to one human grouping to deliberately wound members of another without reprise truly laid bare the blatant evil of feminism, and, dare I say it, dramatically unmasks, in my own eyes, the inevitablity of malevolent, self-destructive, nihilism for any culture that bestows upon females, as a collective, real political power & influence.

    There is much to consider in the following for both believers and non-believers alike.

    @Isaiah 3.12 (2007 New Living Translation).

    “Childish leaders oppress my people, and women rule over them. O my people, your leaders mislead you; they send you down the wrong road.

    @Proverbs 28.

    “1.Sin makes men cowards. Whatever difficulties the righteous meet in the way of duty, they are not daunted. 2. National sins disturb the public repose. 3. If needy persons get opportunities of oppressing, their extortion will be more severe than that of the more wealthy. 4. Wicked people strengthen one another in wicked ways.”

  • Nergal

    Every show is better than the last one,I don’t know how you do it, but I’m hooked. The crazy Filler lady sounded like somebody who needs to be in a straitjacket for everybody’s safety,and I hope Mr.Filler pulls through this. Hearing a woman condemning false rape accusations was awesome,I don’t think I can adequately express what a service women who speak out against them are doing innocent men and other women when they tell the world how fucked up false rape claims are and the suffering they cause their families to go through.

    The one guy who has been out of work for 3 years,I feel so bad for him. He’s out of a job for three years due to feminist divorce tactics and you have people like Hannah Rosin laughing at his victimization.

  • ScareCrow P-Man

    Forgot to list the contact info for Bloody Mary Kellett:

    Send her an e-mail, tell her what you think of her!!!

    • BobbyL

      Email sent
      “You should be removed from your position and imprisoned for your criminal handling of the Vladek Filler case. You are obviously a psychopath.
      With greatest contempt,
      My name.

  • Kazzi

    I didnt get to listen to the whole show yesterday.. but at the moment I am listening to that totally out of control ‘women’… I have chills running up and down my whole body… threatening to find and kill her ‘husband’ and cut him into pieces.. but you know she is not all there with the giggles inbetween what she is saying (at the beginning) and then she becomes totally insane.

    But the police (male) saying to her.. we are here to help you… wtf was that all about… no it should have been.. sorry dear but you are heading to a demonic hospital for the totally insane.

    How the friggen hell can any court allow these type of women and I will use that term very very loosely state anything when their minds are not 100% .. not even 50%.

    If the court system also cant see what this Mary N Kellet is doing then there is also something wrong. This ‘female’ should be disbarred.

    I also found this news article dating back to 2006 regarding False rape accusations…,2933,194032,00.html

    Honestly I feel so sorry for any male in this day an age who would like to get into a relationship with a female… or even dating. I am worried for my sons and what may happen with them. One son is 22 (at the moment on a working holiday in the Canadian snowfields) and the other one is 16 (in High School). If any women ever tried to make any allegations against them… they will have to deal with me… and they wont like what they hear.

  • Eff’d Off

    Wonderful show mate.

    It seems that the feminist venom isn’t as bad here in Australia as it is in Europe and America. I could be wrong about that but this seems to be the emerging picture.

    My brother was accused of child molestation by his step daughter and it was dismissed outright as she is known by the police in the area as a social miscreant.

    I wonder if this would be an unusual outcome in other countries that are crippled with feminism ? …and yes, she wasn’t held accountable for peddling mischief.

    I want to talk on the show but is Skype going to be possible ? I ask as the chap who called in on Skype had some problems with lag and feedback.

    Mr Elam you are doing a superb job and we just love what you are doing.

  • elvis

    It is the very serious institutionalized perversion of American law enforcement that has enabled the “culture of false rape accusations” to get this rooted into our society.
    The protocol perversions to “manufacture statistics; redefining what the meaning of is, is ; and other semantics games that American law enforcement have engaged in over the last 25 years are not only a perversion of justice, but are in fact Un-constitutional activities that American law enforcement have no authority to engage in.