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Please stop doing this to your sons

Look, if you were misled and thought this was a desirable procedure with cleanliness and health benefits, it’s not your fault, you were misled. All parents make mistakes based on bad information. But please, it is not safe, it is not harmless, it is not just a flap of skin, it carries serious dangers, and it is completely unnecessary. Not to mention cruel.

It is also not a religious requirement for Christians, to correct the guys at The Advice Show. Besides that point, though, thanks to The Advice Show for covering stories like this without apology.

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  • strix (David King)

    Um, yeah. “Isn’t this so terribly bad, but it’s only the incompetence of these specific doctors that is the problem. Circumcision itself is perfectly fine, indeed it is an order from God“.


    • https://www.youtube.com/user/KopperNeoman Christopher Wedge

      God can take His orders and cram them.
      Anyone ever read The Salvation War? Yeah.

    • Mr. Sungame

      As an atheist I have never understood why God, a being that is omnipotent, omniscient and all that, can create us humans in his own image, which I assume is perfect due to him being perfect, and then go:
      “Oh I made a mistake, you see that thing on your penis, yeah that wasn’t supposed to be there. If you truly love me, you will cut it off”

      • strix (David King)

        I broadly sympathise with your point of view[1] but, as I told adbt, religion and theology as stand-alone subjects are off-topic here, so I will refrain from expanding on your remarks.

        [1] I am an agnostic atheist (and anybody who sees that as a contradiction should read the precise definitions of those two words)

        • http://whatcosttruth.wordpress.com Jesse Folsom

          This is one rule of AVfM that I find problematic. While I understand that there are some political reasons to avoid criticizing religion, it seems a bit strange for the “no holds barred” approach of the site. Religion, despite often being put in the same group as other categories such as race, sex, or sexual orientation vis-a-vis prejudice and bigotry, is really quite different. Religion is a set of beliefs, a view of the world, and is chosen by those who hold it. A religion is an ideology as much as feminism or communism, and as such I see no reason to avoid it on this site, especially as regards its treatment of the sexes. In this case, certain religions demand that we mutilate boys in this way. I think ideologies that demand such barbarism should be condemned, religious or not.

          • strix (David King)

            Thanks for speaking up and giving me the opportunity to clarify: It’s all about the mission. AVfM is a men’s human rights advocacy publication, not an atheist or anti-theist forum. That said, discussion of the welfare of men and boys of all kinds are relevant and on topic, wherever the subject roams, including religion.

            If you’ve got something to say about a religion’s treatment of men, have at it. Take B R Merrick’s rebuttal yesterday of Nicholas Alahverdian’s article the day before.

            Both articles (including comments that directly address them) deal with the LDS church specifically in relation to gender politics, and therefore do useful work. Comments that deal with the theological underpinnings of (in this example) the LDS church’s strict gender roles depart from AVfM’s mission, its message, and the subject of the article at hand — and that might possibly even be okay except, when it comes to religion, discussion quickly degenerates and produces far more heat than light because faith is ultimately a matter of personal belief and is therefore not amenable to reasoned argument, however well supported it is.

            This is why I said that stand-alone discussions of religion and theology — ie, ones that don’t have men’s welfare as their primary concern — are off topic: the objective is to avoid contentious comment threads that derail and divert discussion from our core business.

            It’s the same with party political stuff: it does no useful work and rather actively harms the mission by distracting from men’s welfare.

            There are no sacred cows and no forbidden territory here, and AVfM has never shied away from going after worthy targets, whatever their political or philosophical stripe. Religion is no different, when it’s about male welfare.

      • nick


  • SlantyJaws

    Fucking animals.

    No, I take that back, I like and respect animals. It takes brains to be this stupid.

  • Bluedrgn

    This makes me want to take a baseball bat to the so called “doctors” that did this. Botching it is horrible enough, but then trying to just send the baby home like nothing happened is sociopathic.

  • http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/ angelo

    Ritual male baby genital mutilation is a disgusting and horrific relic and a gross violation of a helpless victim. It should be banned immediately.

    Those who wish to self mutilate should be allowed to make their own decision to do so as adults. We should all be free to do whatever we like as adults that does not cause harm loss or injury to others.

  • Prangija

    Has anyone heard of Vienna boys choir story of castration?

    Maybe it’s a story worth investigating.

    Another patriarchal conspiracy: Boys aged 10 and 11, apparently volunteered for castration to enhance their social status.

    It’s sounds like twilite zone, but, yes, that’s what I heard. Those evil man, they will stop at nothing in gaining social status and influence…. that’s what I heard. Castration helps them stop voice mutation, better voice, better chance to be accepted at choir, member of choir equals better social status later in life.

    Maybe if Gonzo historian has time, I would like really to fully investigate this story.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Here’s a very good article on the topic, including a very rare recording of an actual castrato:


      It wasn’t just the Vienna Boys’ Choir, in fact I’m pretty sure the Vienna Boys’ Choir was created to help put a stop to the castrati phenomenon, by insisting they would only use boys and and not castrated men. The craze for castrated male singers was huge for a while there though.

      • nick

        I remember reading about that a while back. They still have the recordings Of the singers. you can find them on youtube.

  • farkennel

    No doubt Sharon(scum of the earth) Osbourne will be having a good laugh.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Anne Rice wrote a very compelling novel on this subject, Cry To Heaven, of a 6 year old boy kidnapped and castrated for this purpose.

    This makes footbinding for women looks like child’s play.

  • yinyangbalance

    This actually DOES happen quite often. There was an investigator in LA that actually dug into the cause of many new born deaths in the county and discovered many of them were from botched circumcision. THEY DO NOT PUT “Circumcision” as the cause of death, they put “excessive blood loss” in the death certificate. This investigator discovered that it is VERY common and NOT TRACKED by any entity. Its in fact swept under the rug.

    Thats not to mention those that are sergically altered to become girls to get over the fact they effed up on the surgery and raised as girls growing up on hormones.


    California was close to banning circumcision until the child turns 18 and can make the decision for themselves. The governor quickly moved to pass a law which BANS the BAN on circumcision. Yes read that closely, there is a california law, passed quickly with no voter approval, that DISALLOWS any BAN on circumcision in the state after San Francisco passed a voter approved law to restrict circumcision to adults only.

    Feminism LOVES to circumcise boys, they love to chop that shit, and they are spreading lies that the foreskin makes women get AIDS.

  • josephrobertson

    God damn it all, I just can’t believe people are still circumcising their sons.

    I can’t believe my parents did it to me. (on the grounds of “better safe than sorry!”)

    I can’t believe our society is so backwards with regards to circumcision that a man who complains about erectile dysfunction because his penis was mutilated as a baby is called a whiny faggot who can’t get it up.

    I can’t believe the facts that some infants die, are forced into sex changes, or need reconstructive surgery after circumcisions are not talked about at all in our culture, such that most people don’t even realize there are risks to the procedure.

    I can’t believe that not a single one of my friends, male or female (but especially male), is willing to take me seriously when I bring up the issue of circumcision.

    I can’t believe people continue to justify circumcision because an intact penis “looks weird.”

    How does this process exist, where suddenly our society loses all attempts to be logical and compassionate and will accept any justification whatsoever as being good enough reason?