Patch Adams: sycophant with a red clown nose

Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams is a physician, an entertainer, and the founder of the Gesundheit Institute, which according to their own rhetoric are dedicated to revolutionizing health care delivery by replacing greed and competition with generosity, compassion and interdependence. Adams’s use of comedy within a medical setting was fictionalized in a movie starring comedian Robin williams in 1998.

Dr. Adams has made some significant and admirable contributions in his life, including building a children’s hospital and improving the health of many patients. To be fair to Adams, his views on medicine appear more humane, and admirable than a conventional approach to health care.

Unfortunately, when Adams sits down in front of a camera – he reveals himself a self-aggrandizing, pompous bigot with a deep hatred of men, as well as a conception of women as if they are all inert, helpless children without volition or agency. This is unfortunate, because this man deserves a great deal of the credit and esteem heaped on him. Sadly, the man is obviously addicted to what we call the blue kool-aid.

All healthy women say the same thing, all the problems of the world are due to men

This is the declaration of Patch Adams, reflecting a narrative for which he is almost universally celebrated. Unfortunately, for both Dr Adams and his enthusiasts, this distillation of his philosophy is one of the most hateful statements ever made.

“All healthy women say the same thing, all the problems of the world are due to men.”

It might appear on the surface that this is an unfair indictment of men, to attribute all of the world’s troubles to masculinity, but this is the tiniest fraction of the offence given.

Adams attributes to women no agency, no power, no volition and no adulthood. In his cosmology, women are powerless, witless, rudderless chattels with neither opinion nor actions of their own. They are things to be pushed around and acted on, not people with minds, voices, ambition, intelligence and agency in the world.

All of that is contained in the statement by Adams – in which he says “all the problems of the world are due to men.”

Inherent in this is the construct of masculine hyper agency, the mythology in which men, by some unidentified magic manifest a totality of control of events in the world. Were such control real, the observably chaotic and brutal reality enjoyed by people all over the planet would deserve some pretty strong censure. Unfortunately, this attribution of total male culpability for every worldly problem falls apart when an adult recognizes that men, contrary to any myth of male hyper-agency, and patriarchal model of how the world works, men are actually humans, much like everybody else they’re supposedly busy oppressing.

That men are “only human” fallible, greedy, fearful, foolish and demonstrative of every other human failing, is the other side of the narrative claiming patriarchy as the source of all evil. How men, as a distinct biological group can be both super-powered masters of reality, while also being the foolish, idiotic, evil, malevolent, regressive primitive subhumans is something of a contradiction, which despite it’s blatant self refutation has not yet managed to sink the dual dogmas of patriarchy theory and the myth of feminine spiritual superiority.

Unfortunately, although H.D. Adams appears to be attributing no adult volition to women, he’s quite obviously practicing some naked flattery. In Adams’ pantomime, he is the good man, casting himself in sharp contrast with bad men.

The One Good Man sees in Woman what men lack. Woman is bright and charming and good. Men are dark and sinister and bad.

To maintain the image of Woman as bright and charming and good, the One Good Man swallows Her darkness. Her rages, Her excesses, Her cruelties are his responsibility, not Hers. All Her goodness is not chosen because She is helpless in Her goodness—as She is helpless in Her femininity. ~ TyphonBlue

These are the words of another contributor at AVfM whose insights into the psychological motivations behind much of gender politics are consistently sharp.

Adams is distinguishing himself “good” and seeking the approval of those he holds helpless and fault-free, by his demonstrated willingness to vilify other men. All other men, because unlike him, they are bad.

‘Look at me, look how good I am, I’ll even disavow my own sexual identity, casting all my brothers aside, and look, I’ll whip myself with a knotted rope, see? You see? I’m good; right here grovelling at your feet.’

As one of the bad men, I’ll admit the previous statement is not a direct quote from Adams. Rather, it’s a dramatic interpretation of his sentiment. I am, of course, a very bad man, certainly worse than most.

Returning to the good doctor’s statement “All healthy women say the same thing, all the problems of the world are due to men.”

All healthy women? Setting aside the inclusive unanimity, my own layman’s grasp of mental health does not include the practice of externalizing all responsibility and holding oneself unaccountable. The behavior of assigning all blame to others is common enough to be recognizable, but its not what we expect from healthy adults. Yes, I’m positing the revolutionary idea here that women are adults, or at least, they can be.

The other possibility in Adam’s statement might be that women, as he sees them, are not adults. Rather, they are perfect, blameless infants, toddlers bereft of conscious agency and volition. I’m not sure how to reconcile this perception with women driving cars, voting, being approved for mortgages and generally enjoying adult powers, but perhaps rather than infants, women are creatures of mythical ether? I also wonder which of these narratives is going to “empower” them.

Obviously, in Adams’ cosmology, with the pseudo-enlightened mummery dialled up to frappe, I wondered if he’d already branded himself with a capitol F. A Google search turned up the following twitter posting.

Feminism is the act of constant nuturance [sic] of the “we” with attention for anyone in need. The interest & pleasure to seek out helping.

Assuming for the moment that Adams meant “nurturance”, his big-F ideology is the constant nurturance of the we. In Adams’ claim, “we” is enclosed in quotes. So who is this “we”?

In this posting, Adams makes his own identification with the big F pretty clear, however, the remainder of his tweet is less than lucid.

Feminism is the act of constant nurturance of the “we” with attention for anyone in need. Comparing this to Adams’ claim about blame for all worldly ills illuminates who he means by: we. “All healthy women say the same thing, all the problems of the world are due to men”. Okay, so Adams excludes men from this ‘we’, which seems strange until we remember that he distinguishes himself as the one good man, separate from the bad men.

Couple this with moral superiority, and an ideological revision of history, in which good and evil are simplistically defined, and assigned to clearly identifiable protagonists and antagonists.

Seven thousand years ago, men chose to worship money and power over love.

That’s doctor do-good again, declaring himself on the side of love, while heaping distain on everyone else who happens to own a penis. Adams probably didn’t mean neuterance in his semi coherent tweet about constant attention of the we. That would have been too obvious.

The cynical part of my brain wonders what, along with flattery shaped to appeal to childish egos, Dr Adams is selling to his spiritually superior fans. The Gesundheit institute website’s most prominent link is the big red donate button, found on the site’s entry page. However, we shouldn’t be confused into thinking he’s just pandering to adult children for filthy money, and we know this because he’s already denounced money in favour of love.

“Seven thousand years ago, men chose to worship money and power over love.”

Once more, Dr Adams declares men evil, distances himself from his own male identity, and insults the intelligence of any women who happen to actually be adults.

My only real question is at what point in the escalation of us-versus-them narrative, including the cynical and predatory flattery and abasement do men and women wake up and recognize an opportunist carrion eater.

The flattering-to-toddlers fiction of women as children and men as predators only takes us in one direction, and towards love, or peace, or whatever is meant by “equality” is not it.

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  • Zerbu

    “Seven thousand years ago, men chose to worship money and power over love.”
    Ah, so he’s taking bad traits from women and projecting them onto men, I see.

    • Alek Novy

      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t :D

      It’s funny how the male feminists don’t notice the double bind. They themselves (male feminists) are known to bash the f*k out of MGTOWs, herbivores and others rejecting traditional masculinity.

      How do they not see the cognitive dissonance?

      When a group of men appears that doesn’t care about money, status and power and wants to be loved for who they are (a human being vs. a human doing) –> they (male feminists and women) bash that group as a bunch of “children”, “losers” “manboys”.

      Men have never ever ever ever ever in the history of humankind cared for the money/power rat-race for any reason other than that it attracts female approval.

      Case in point – is it a coincidence that the groups of men who give up on pursuing women are the SAME ones that have given up on the rat race?

      • Steve_85

        This. Spot on.

      • Atlas Reloaded

        Alek, seriously do an article on everything you just said it’s awesome.

      • TPH

        yea, I’ve noticed that the manginas and male-feminists deride everything about men doing their own thing, going their own way, or even just existing without feminist approval. How can men who have surrendered any masculinity they had advise and call out men who have their masculinity intact? No wonder Guys say “fuck it” and go their own way.

  • Zorro


    Isn’t it Kool-Aid?


    • Paul Elam

      Yeah, but they think it is cool to drink it. :) Fixed.

      • Zorro

        Actually, trademarked proper nouns are capitalized. Like Jeep®.

        I know. I’m a frikkin’ social cancer. There are only two types of people who suffer from OCD: the people who have it, and everyone who knows them.

    • andybob

      “…while heaping distain…”

      I think it should be ‘disdain’.
      /more pedantry

      • Zorro

        pedantry is epic!!!

  • Atlas Reloaded

    Feminism is misogyny.

  • Steve_85

    Nominee for Mangina of the Year?

    • mccrorie

      That prize certainly must go to the guy who proposed to the woman who stabbed him in the back with a knife. Literally stabbed him.

    • Steve_85

      I didn’t say he should win, but I’d nominate him.

    • Lordmep

      We should really set up something for that. Maybe make it similar to Register Her, but with a more hall-of-fame thing. Do a little research on men of the past and compare actions over a life time compared to those in a single year in order to determine winners.

      • Sting Chameleon

        The Hall of Fail? LOL

  • Steve_85

    Off – Topic:
    Found this on my daily News trawling. Might be article in here somewhere.

    “Desperate Father asks Court to Prevent Abortion” (AUS)

  • AntZ

    I wish there was something I could do about this feminist sycophant.

    • TheUnknown

      There is. You can go to his website or twitter and, firmly but not offensively, tell him where he’s wrong. In fact, tell him everything you can. He sounds like he has no clue what men’s issues are. But listening to what he has to say, I think he’s legitimately very well-intentioned (though maybe not up with the most rational of people).

  • Otter

    I’m gonna throw a theory out here that I think Freud would approve of. I think the primary driving force behind the actions of manginas and indeed feminists is sexual frustration. So I say, Fuck em.

    • 4thtroika

      You know, a person could take that one of two ways.

      • Otter

        haha yea the double entendre was intended. I guess I just think that if old patch had a smokin hot wife who he loved very much and had awesome sex with every day, he probably wouldn’t feel the need to demonize other men. Same goes for the crazy feminists lesbians and straight shooters, if they were gettin fucked right or scissored or whatever the fuck they do, and they were sexually satisfied, I doubt they’d spend so much time bemoaning our sex. Stealing our money and rights? Yeah probably, but complaining about us and villifying us day in and day out? I’d think they’d be a bit preoccupied.

        I especially think it’s true when I see fuckin loser manginas throwing other men under the bus by the truckful in an effort to curry favor with women and get some pity pussy. It’s fuckin pathetic.

    • Stu

      He’s running out of pussy and female admirers as he gets old, so he ramps up the man hating in a desperate attempt to have some appeal to some women……somewhere. Guys like this are like the old hags plastering on the makeup thick as a brick, and puffing up their tits with silicon, and wearing skin-tight low riders with bulging fat hanging out over the top…..or wrinkled sagging liposuctioned skin….and trying to chat up young guys and impress them.

      This is his silicon tits……his inch thick makeup……his version of being overly sexually provocative……..all to try to hang on too…..or recapture some attention and relevance to some women…..somewhere……because without that…..he feels like nothing.

  • Dazza

    “All healthy women say the same thing, all the problems of the world are due to men”

    They don’t sound too healthy to me if they are shifting all blame and responsibility off themselves and on to others. I thought people with borderline personality did that.

    • Dazza

      “Seven thousand years ago, men chose to worship money and power over love”

      This man, whilst very intelligent in some areas, is completely blind in others.

      He needs red pills, and lots of them.

    • TheUnknown

      This statement is the most obvious of confirmation bias I’ve heard in my life. If women say their problems are caused by men, they’re healthy. If they don’t say this, they’re not healthy. I’m struggling to imagine how anyone could ever make this quote and not apologize profusely for it later, how anyone could read it and not think “this is just ridiculous.”

      • Dazza

        I agree. Certainly not the wisest words spoken by Mr Adams.

    • Raven01

      With that one sentence he not only blames men but ascribes all women with the spine to disagree with the one good man the characteristic of being “not healthy”.
      He hates men and he hates any woman that disagrees with him.
      But, he’ll no doubt gladly take money from either if he can guilt it out of them.

      • Dazza

        “With that one sentence he not only blames men but ascribes all women with the spine to disagree with the one good man the characteristic of being “not healthy”.”

        I thought this as well.

        His perceptions are faulty. The real truth is that the women who blame men for everything are unhealthy and that he himself has become unhealthy for believing them.

        • Steve_85

          Good luck telling him that.

          Someone should present him with a “Mangina 4 Lyfe” shirt.

      • wholebrainartist

        If you imbed the idea that opponents to your ideology (or any fine point that it’s concocted from) are unstable/unhealthy/”wacko”/”nutjobs” you plant yourself on the ideological High-Ground from the get go.

        I have seen this tactic utilized for decades by “Anti-Gun” groups & their mouthpieces against groups/folks like us (I stand alongside my husband in this fight) who are actively Pro-Gun/Pro-Self-defense/anti-Gun-Control(gun control=pro-victimization). In fact I think the whole “extremist-gun-nut” is probably where the doc got the idea from.

  • Spoon

    “All healthy women say the same thing, all the problems of the world are due to men.”

    What a woman says doesn’t really matter. Generally speaking of course. The female life is dedicated to dissimulation. Even in victory she cries that she is the victim and is powerless. She only appears to be blameless because she has others to shift the blame upon. Dissimulation.

    “Feminism is the act of constant nuturance [sic] of the “we” with attention for anyone in need. The interest & pleasure to seek out helping.”

    It’s apparent that “we” doesn’t include men. Men “cause” all the problems in the world because they don’t selflessly dedicate their lives to toiling for the benefit of women and their children. That is what this is about.

    “Seven thousand years ago, men chose to worship money and power over love.”

    This offends me. Not as a man, but as someone with an immense interest in history. He’s not only a doctor but also a magician. He can pull a variety of things out of his ass.

    If he can do it, so can I. Thousands of years ago men discovered paternity and realized that women aren’t special beings who magically bestow life. Suddenly women had to justify her right to the labour of the men that she was economically dependent on. Radfem Hub first made me realize that feminism is largely based around women being entitled to men’s resources.

    • Introspectre

      Well said.

  • JGteMolder

    Huh… and here I’m seeing women constantly harping about men paying for them on dates, child support, alimoney, demanding that they make more money that the women…

    Seems more like it is women who worshiping the money and the power, the social status, and men merely pursued it to get access to what they worshiped: love.

    Also, 1200 years ago, all healthy human beings said the world was flat; world wasn’t flat.

  • Atlas Reloaded

    Many healthy human beings say they evolved from monkeys. Many other healthy human beings say that is ridiculous and that we came from a man and a woman made from the man’s rib. Point is both parties that say this have healthy, unhealthy and severly fucked up members.

    Healthy (minded, I suppose our surperior meant) does not mean every word that you state is the fucking gospel. Or even that everything you see is with 100% clarity.

    That’s the real insult; healthy meant almost as a threat: “If you’re healthy minded at all…you will of course agree with my views.”

  • Atlas Reloaded

    And of course, this is a big, big disappointment for me. I really admired Patch.

    • TPH

      Yea no kidding. What a total kick in the gut.

  • Stu

    These morons that think men create all the problems in the world are just ignorant. Perhaps they would like to go back to living like the tribes in the amazon that have had hardly any contact with the modern world. Die by 35yo, be a total victim of all the elements, be cold when it’s cold, be hot when it’s hot, get a broken bone……die……bet biten by a snake or spider……..die……have a lovely wardrobe consisting of…….a piece of animal skin to cover your genitals. If you manage to live to an old age…….your tribe will stick you out in the wilderness as bait for predators…..once your old enough and or sick enough to have lost your utility. But if life like that is too tough, fear not…….there is the root of a plant that is commonly eaten…….to commit suicide…..and it’s very very popular too…….I wonder why…….living in a utopia free from all the modern convenie…..I mean burdens that men have created for the world……as exists in the modern world….which is just a collection of problems created by men……with no advantages at all. Yes, sit and write man hating crap on your computer, while you bask in your air conditioned air, in your condo…..sipping your coffee and nibbling on your snacks.

    I just realized what I would do if given dictators powers over the world. Manginas who parrot this sort of crap would be taken to the amazon…..stipped naked, and left there without anything……then they can be happy without any of the things MEN have bestowed on their lives……since they can find nothing they want, like, or need that men do…….let them live without the utility of any other man……or any of other mens inventions and innovations. Live if they can that is………I bet not…..and that goes double for women.

    • wholebrainartist

      “Yes, sit and write man hating crap on your computer, while you bask in your air conditioned air, in your condo…..sipping your coffee and nibbling on your snacks.”

      I have never gotten over how massive a case of ideological-blindness it must take for women to do this. I mean, how can they see the keyboard to type, even?

  • blueface

    Ah, seven thousand years ago. Those were the days. That’s when everyone was equal and filled with love.

    That was when your first serious cut killed you.A hard rain killed you. Predators killed you. Drought killed you. Hunger killed you. Disease killed you. Marrauders killed you.

    That was the time when 30 was fucking old. When people were too busy strangling small cute little animals with their bare hands and eating them raw to become a doctor or a clown.

    Yes, it was hard, but it was equal. We all had nothing, we all got nothing, and, apart from living from hand to mouth, we all did nothing. Equal!

    And of course, this decision was instantly communicated to all men across the globe by….?

    And translated into the many languages by….?

    And, it stands to reason, that this decision made seven thousand years ago has been binding on all men ever since, except Patch.

    I remember my Daddy telling me “Son, I know you think it’s right to love everyone, but seven thousand years ago a decision was made. You’ve got to worship money and power.”

    “Why?” I asked.

    “Pussy, son. Apparently the woman got sick of being equal and strangling their own rabbits.”

    I also loved the “healthy woman” thing. Of course, the first indicator of a healthy woman is an ability to accurately analyse and diagnose the problems of the world.

    Whether it’s a car that won’t start, the Euro debt crisis, or HIV/Aids, I say: ask a healthy woman for fuck sake.

    • Atlas Reloaded

      “That was when your first serious cut killed you.A hard rain killed you. Predators killed you. Drought killed you. Hunger killed you. Disease killed you. Marrauders killed you. ”

      Err-sorry Blueface, but that was all because we men made a decision to place power,money and football games over love for want of pussy. Jeez didn’t you even LISTEN to your Dad??Like uhh–none of those things would have been an issue had we men not made…well we’ll just call it The Decision!

      • blueface

        LMAO. The Decision. Love it.

    • Darryl X

      I understand the frustration of your post. However, in many respects (important ones), things were better because they were equal. Seven-thousand years ago, a man’s station in life was determined by two things – his effort and God. For the most part, karma was instant and if you cheated, lied or stole there were to be certain consequences and likely such actions would set a man back more than advance him. And even if they did advance a man’s station, it was not that much more than the poorest man. Today, lying, cheating and stealing are rewarded to great excess and the division between those who do and don’t is vast. Health care is a big difference. A man with access to health care (who lied, stole and cheated to get it) is decades longer and more enjoyable than a man who has no or limited access. That was not the case seven-thousand years ago. Then, it was the man who lied, cheated and stole who was more likely to suffer a shorter and less enjoyable life – and not that much shorter or enjoyable. Yes, life was shorter back then but it was shorter for everyone and longer for those who lived lives of virtue. Today the difference in longevity and quality of life for those who do and do not live lives of virtue is considerable and favors those who do not by great excess.

    • ridiculoso

      “It is natural for humans to seek security, to want comfort and plenty, to crave pleasure. But is that all? I don’t think it is. I think that is the easiest and safest thing that elites can provide. Without struggle and strife and identity, our lives lack narrative and meaning. Narrative and meaning are also important, especially to men. Ask men why they volunteer to join the military or gangs, or why they take on a task that’s harder than it has to be. Men want the story of their lives to be worth telling. And stories without conflict are boring.” – Jack Donovan

      • JGteMolder

        Is that Jackass seriously advocating that “the elites” hoarding their money, and putting massive economic pressure on people, men in particular, sending large amounts onto the street as a good thing so men have a story with conflict to tell?

        If that’s the case, we need more French revolution endings to these stories, stating with him.

    • DruidV

      I love your use of irony and sarcasm BF. You definitely need to contribute more aticles around here, bud.


  • Otter

    WTF happened 7000 years ago?

    Who is this fuckin guy, L. Ron Hubbard?

    • blueface

      My guess was that he was referring to the start of civilisation – anywhere between 5 and 10 thousand years ago depending on your definition of civilisation.

      But it could be that he came out of the desert with the Sacred Scroll of The Decision, which, of course, would have been signed and dated.

      Or maybe he just asked a healthy woman.

      • Introspectre

        Or maybe he’s just a half-senile old fossil, who depends on female nurses to get in and out of the bathtub and just can’t stand the thought, that the precious, “nurturers”, might have a dark side and agency of their own.

      • Darryl X

        According to many scholars, civilization began about four-thousand years ago with the invention of marriage and the Scientific Method. That these two developments happened for the most part simultaneously is not a coincidence. Marriage liberated men existing at the margins of primitive social groups to apply their intellect and labor for advancing civilization and formal development of the Scientific Method.

      • Otter

        Aha, so when he says:

        “Seven thousand years ago, men chose to worship money and power over love.”

        He’s referring to the agricultural revolution. So Patch is basically blaming men for creating civilization. The same civilization that taught him to read and write, indeed the same civilization that taught him to practice medicine. He is in effect blaming men for every intellectual development and scientific achievement that civilization ever produced.

        “All healthy women say the same thing, all the problems of the world are due to men.”

        You know, when I was a little kid I tended to blame everyone else for my problems. Then I turned 10. I also believed that all cats were girls and all dogs were boys. I see something of that childish logic in Patch.

      • DruidV

        I’m gonna have to start donig this. (Asking a healthy womyn)
        Fuck me, when it comes to figuring shit out, like fixing my car, investing my money wisely, or even how to cope with the dating scene, I now realise that the reason I have been failing so so epic in these endeavors, was simply because I forgot to ask a healthy womyn!!!

        *Palm to the forehead…

    • BeijaFlor

      No, Otter. LRH’s great divide, which he called “OT III” or “The Wall Of Fire,” was 75 million years ago.

  • Dazza

    “Seven thousand years ago, men chose to worship money and power over love.”

    Apparently, 7000 years ago people left their nomadic ways to form civilizations around irrigation and the cultivation of land.

    If this is what Adams is referring to, then I cannot see how this would be men choosing money and power over love.

    Men are inventive and creative, and they have an ability to improve the quality of life for human beings through their inventions. So 7000 years ago we found a way to cultivate land and settle down. That is love. No longer having to get up and move because the food ran out, all thanks to men and their creative minds- benefitting the community.

    Perhaps this was the time in history where women became complacent with the inventions of men, where women first took advantage of mans inventiveness without gratitude or thanks. Because here we are 7000 years later, with more creature comforts than women could possibly dream of, and they still complain.

    Also, a big volcano blew up 7000 years ago and some guy developed tantric meditation.

    • Dazza

      Whoops, I meant to say ‘ungrateful’ not ‘complacent’ in the fifth paragraph.

  • Atlas Reloaded

    Dr T
    GWW and the other women of AVfM:

    Thank GOD you are all sick, unhealthy women!

    • DruidV

      I too am a huge fan of “deviant” women…

      Carry on ladies, we love ya!!!

  • WWVD

    I know this is out of topic but why hasn’t the media payed more attention to the Cassandra Kennedy incident. I mean an innocent man gets sent to jail by his daughter and after 9 years he is released because she was lying and nothing happens to her. It’s absurd.

  • lensman

    Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams is a physician, an entertainer, and the founder of the Gesundheit Institute, which according to their own rhetoric are dedicated to revolutionizing health care delivery by replacing greed and competition with generosity, compassion and interdependence.

    …There are currently no survivors.

    Seriously, the impression I got by watching the movie was that Patch Adams is an unfunny and irresponsible psychopath who is unable to face the consequences of his actions and whose actions indirectly cause the demise of one of the characters… And this is according to the Hollywood version of the movie which is supposed to glorify him.

    I think Roger Ebert said it best: he would run away screaming from a hospital if he ever saw a doctor behaving the way Patch Adams did in the movie. You know something is seriously wrong when you actually get to agree with the antagonists of the movie and see the actions of the protagonist as moronic.

  • .ProleScum.

    Spot on analysis JtO.

    I like the guy despite his self aggrandisement, and respect his tangible achievements.

    But he’s such a damn mangina.

    Growing up in a hyper-violent extra-family environment in the mid-80s, I became fascinated with hippy culture and its rejection of violence. Imagine my disappointment on finding levels of passive aggression, cruelty and dishonesty in there sufficient to shame the Mafia.

    It’s just the same old competition for status, manifested via a different paradigm. Look at Patch – despite being the subject of a Hollywood film and having Robin Williams blow smoke up his ass, he’s still dissatisfied with being known as The Funny Doctor rather than The Man Who Wants To Destroy Market Capitalism.

  • UKMan

    all the problems of the world are due to men“…as it’s Sweeping Statement Tuesday, I say blame their mothers.

    • .ProleScum.


    • DruidV


  • Turbo

    Well done JTO, quality as usual. You guys are amazing.

  • andybob

    I sometimes wonder if these male feminists are MRAs who have infiltrated feminism so they can destroy it from within. Pronouncements, such as those made by “Patch” Adams, are so breathtakingly stupid that they actually seem calculated to undermine feminism.

    Then I remember the litany of howlers that make up most feminist ‘thought’, and I realise that this clever little clown knows just where to pitch his bigtop.

    Male feminists irk me even more than female feminists. This article has helped me understand why. The fact is, feminism has led me to expect more from men than I do from women. It pains me to say it, but it’s true. That doesn’t mean I am denying women their agency. It just puts it a little more in perspective.

    Feminists have demostrated to me that most women believe what they ‘feel’ to be true. I expect a woman to say something like: “Seven thousand years ago, men chose to worship money and power over love.” I expect her to believe it because it ‘feels’ true to her. That’s all it takes to give it the gravity of Uluru.

    When a man makes such a shamelessly illogical statement, I find it hard to accept that he actually believes it – he has to be lying. Female feminists have cognitive dissonance and hamsters to explain their mindless embrace of the absurd.

    What is Kimmel/Futrell/Adam’s excuse?

    Male feminists have only one reason to say something like: “All healthy women say the same thing, all the problems of the world are due to men.” To position themselves for approval by women. It’s a pose, a well-honed performance – and I think female feminists smell it. It is the reason I have no sympathy for them when their nauseating sycophancy finally disgusts the owners of the stilettos they’ve been licking for so long.

    “Patch” Adams, like female feminists, does not expect to be challenged on these sweeping statements. I will memorise them as stunning examples of rampant misandry promoted by an influential person who should know better. They seep into the consciences of our societies to justify the worst excesses of feminist governance. They may seem laughable, but are massively damaging.

    Well spotted and artfully deconstructed, Mr JTO. Your invective is as deadly accurate as ever.

    • Turbo

      “I sometimes wonder if these male feminists are MRAs who have infiltrated feminism so they can destroy it from within. Pronouncements, such as those made by “Patch” Adams, are so breathtakingly stupid that they actually seem calculated to undermine feminism.”

      If only this were true, alas, I think not.

      1000 up votes for this comment, beautifully articulated and spot on.

      • TPH

        It would be nice if some of our counter-agents made an impact. When you really think about it, Patch Adams just alienated a huge amount of men with his Feminist Hogwash. Perhaps he just want women to contribute to his cause? After all, Patch postulates that men gave up on love for money and power 7000 years ago.

        7000 years ago I seriously doubt our ancestors cared about money. I think they were more concerned about not being eaten by a Sabre Toothed Tiger and where their next meal was going to come from.

  • Dr. F

    If I was on a table in an operating theatre and I saw some weirdo with a car horn ride in on a unicycle with a painted face I’d be very scared.

    If they picked up a scalpel and walked towards me, then you might as well wheel me straight to the morgue as I I’d simply die of fright there and then.

    Laughter is the best medicine – stuff that for a joke.

    Give me a pill the size of a hockey puck to nibble on instead of this spooky personality disordered knob with a humungous red zit for a nose.

    • Turbo

      LOL, me too Doc, clowns always scared me as a kid. Then again, so did needles. But a pilll the size of a hockey puck, that’s cool, I can chew on that.

      • Dr. F

        That’s right mate,

        Some of the bigger ones won’t fit in your car so it’s better to just roll them home instead.

      • TPH

        Clowns never scared me as a kid, but they really made me wonder what would posses and adult to act like a socially retarded buffoon. Even as a kid I thought clowns were a couple beers short of a six pack.

        • Dr. F

          This is an incredibly funny post and I am quite weak with laughing.

          I have no idea why it’s so funny. It just is. :)

        • Stu

          The modern version of the clown is a send up of old homeless men. Patched ill fitting clothes, messy, dirty, and because they are men…….funny.

          The black version of the clown is the gollywog. Notice you never seen a female gollywog…..and even female clowns (rare) play men.

          Poverty, homelessness, to the point of wearing scrounged up clothes, with patches on your patches, and holes in your oversized shoes……is funny…..hilarious actually…….as long as they are men.

          The red noses and red cheeks mimic the appearance of old, sick, homeless, usually alcoholic men, with their blotchy red faces and noses, a product of exposure to the sun, the cold, and sleeping rough in the street.

          • TPH

            Right on the mark! Ever wonder why Pagliacci was such a roaring success? It paints a man who is a societal loser, a gypsy in modern light.

          • Stu
          • DruidV

            Thanks for the pearl of wisdom Stu, as well as for yet another reason to absolutely LOATHE fucking clowns…

          • Dr. F


            Good grief man I think you are right about this.

            You know, I never thought about it but when I read what you said one of those manhole sized pennies dropped down at my feet.

            Pity I can’t spend the bastard but that’s quite OT really.

          • Dr. F


            I loathe fucking clowns too.

            Whenever I see them at it I just think, “Oh crap, they’re making another one.”

  • JinnBottle

    I saw the movie when it came out, and must say, I was more made uneasy by it than otherwise. There’s a time & place for humor, even slapstick – and the OR at 8am ain’t one of them.

  • DruidV

    Suffice it to say, hateful, ham-fisted, big-mouthed idiots (like our “Dr” adams here) will no longer be allowed to simply wander aimlessly around, irresponsibly vomiting out misandrist drivel like this and have it go unanswered by us, or even be just automatically accepted by the unwashed masses.

    Fun is fun and done is done and the man-hating, feminazi bullshit this guy is spewing, is definitely long past done! (burnt to a crisp, in fact)

    As an aside, I know it’s a stretch to even hope that a pussy begging mangina like Adams would even glance at a site like our beloved AVFM, but try to imagine the look of utter defeat on his feckless face, were he to actually read thru the gamut and run the gauntlet, of even one of the above comments from either Dr.F or Stu, for just 2 excellent examples. ( also, for a flawless victory, imo, btw).

    Yes Patch, the consensus here is that you are a hopless mangina and a fucking idiot to boot, or worse still; a willing and eager collaborator and no, you still aren’t getting laid, are you?

    It’s okay. You can be honest here (for once).

    Red pill to help take the edge off, “doctor”?

    We’ve got tons just lying arond. You’re in luck today it seems, because in fact, Management has only just now refilled all the candy dishes with a fresh batch…

    Help yourself…


    Very well then. Carry on.

    Stupid fuck…

    • Atlas Reloaded

      Finally, the connection is made; the Dr needs the red-pill! Talk about ‘Physician, heal thyself!’

      Well done sir!

  • CrazyTexan

    Yeah I used to like Patch Adams until I found out he was a mangina in a little white coat.