London Irish Centre

Radfem 2013 at the London Irish Centre

Radfem has found a new home in 2013—at the London Irish Centre in Camdem.

Recall that last year, “Agent Orange” went undercover to expose Radfem as a hate movement? Following this, Conway Hall (a London convention centre) publicly announced that they had decided not to host a conference for the pro-violence Radfem organisation.

As a quick reminder, here are a couple of the sentiments that were being openly expressed on Radfem Hub:

“I needs [sic] to be so unfashionable to have boys and then they would be aborted before seeing the light of day just like millions of girls who are aborted every year and no one sees the harm in that. I think secretly many womon [sic] already abort boys they just keep quiet because of the outcry it would initiate!

“I agree with the remark that feminist [sic] have a greater chance of bringing up boys in the ‘sisterhood model’ but from my own experience that does not work…anymore [sic] than trying to raise your daugthers as out and out feminists…all children are deeply subjected to mainstream patriarchy at a very early age..from the moment they are dressed in pink or blue…you are your hue from birth it seems!!!!!

“As a RFem….violent revolution is the only answer…”
Laila Namdarkhan
(A well known feminist activist who was instrumental in passing legislation in the U.K. regarding the mental health of women in prisons)

And this delightful little gem from a Radfem childcare worker:

I have honestly have been reassessing the fact that I am giving care to these little future rapists, and what that says about me about me and my separatism. I know it is kinda going against my principle to support and care for these little fuckers.
Danielle Pynnonen

This year’s Radfem event is scheduled for 8th and 9th June 2013, with tickets restricted to females only. As well as being anti-male, Radfem itself is distinctly anti-transgender with many Radfems describing themselves as trans-exclusionary radical feminists. Last year, attendance at Conway Hall was to be strictly limited to “women born women and living as women”, as reported by an article in the Guardian newspaper at the time.

Recently, MRA London was contacted by an Irish citizen who had been expressing his concerns to the London Irish Centre venue manager, Tarah Cunynghame, but had got nowhere. He shared with us his email exchange, but requested we do not publish his identity. So for want of a better pseudonym, let’s call him Agent Kildare.

Here is the exchange:

From “Agent Kildare”:

Date: 10 April 2013 14:42
Subject: Query re: RadFem 2013
To: “” , “” , “”

Dear London Irish Centre,

I am writing to you to share my concerns regarding the Centre’s hosting of an event in June entitled ‘RadFem 2013′, a ‘gathering of radical feminists’.

As you may know, Conway Hall declined to host this event last year, citing concerns about equality and the nature of the group itself.

The radical feminism espoused by those organising this event, has been described as a ‘hate ideology’. For example, they do not recognise male-to-female transgender individuals as being women, and this event is open only to what they describe as ‘women-born women’. Some argue that transgender women should be ‘exterminated’, others admittedly do not go that far, but all continue to insist that they are not women at all.

Some also argue that the male population should be ‘reduced’ to around 10%. Others campaign against any funding or recognition for male victims of domestic violence and abuse, insisting that domestic violence in the home is suffered exclusively by women. Almost all argue that children should have no rights to a relationship with their father. Over the last few months, radical feminists have violently demonstrated in Toronto, Melbourne and Paris, in one case abusing attendees and threatening speakers at a conference on tackling male suicide. They espouse a fascist, sexist and violent ideology akin to that of the most extreme groups on the far-right. The vast majority of feminists disown and distance themselves from them completely.

As a Londoner and an Irish citizen, I’m shocked and saddened that the Centre would even consider hosting such a group. It’s like waking up one morning and finding out you’re hosting the EDL or BNP. I’m amazed that you accepted this booking – and can only assume it’s because you were unaware of this group’s recent history. If this goes ahead, I can assure you that the centre will be the subject of extensive criticism and perhaps even protests in opposition.

I would urge you to re-consider this booking.

London Irish Centre reply:

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 16:58:33 +0100
Subject: RE: Query re: RadFem 2013

Hi [removed],

Thank you for your email below.

Our centre is available for hire by anyone in the community, by private arrangement, so long as the event is lawful. As a result of recent communication, we have reviewed our position as the venue provider for the forthcoming radfem2013 conference and are satisfied we have carried out the necessary due diligence in order to proceed with the booking.

If you have any queries about the conference, please direct them to the conference organisers at

Many thanks

Tarah Cunynghame
Sliced Events at the London Irish Centre Venue Manager

From “Agent Kildare”:

Sent: 11 April 2013 18:03
To: Tarah Cunynghame – Sliced Events
Subject: RE: Query re: RadFem 2013

Hi Tarah,

I’m afraid your response doesn’t sufficiently assuage my concerns.

It doesn’t matter that it’s ‘lawful’ (which it isn’t by the way, because it doesn’t comply with the Equality Act (2010), in being closed to transgender individuals), I’m sure the BNP are ‘lawful’ but the Centre wouldn’t dream of hosting them. It’s a question of this group’s views being grossly offensive to many within the Irish community in London. The London Irish Centre is supposed to be a lot more culturally sensitive than this.

Can you let me have the contact details for your Director please?

London Irish Centre reply:

From: Tarah Cunynghame – Sliced Events
Date: 12 April 2013 10:48:45 BST
Subject: RE: Query re: RadFem 2013

Hi [removed],

Thank you for your email.
If you have any queries about the conference, please direct them to the conference organisers at

Many thanks

Tarah Cunynghame
Sliced Events at the London Irish Centre Venue Manager
Direct Line. 020 7428 2083

Now, Agent Kildare specifically asked the venue manager for the name of director of the London Irish Centre, but this information was not forthcoming. We also note that while Tarah Cunynghame describes herself as the “London Irish Centre Venue Manager”, it appears that she is also working for a separate outfit called “Sliced Events”. Interestingly, while there is an email and telephone number for venue hire, the London Irish Centre website fails to give any details of its legal status or its representatives. Although the About Us – Our Team page shows an official looking group photograph, at the time of writing, there is no information on this page—only the statement, “We’re currently updating this page.”

According to its website, the London Irish Centre is supported by: The Irish Department of Education and Skills, The Irish Youth Foundation, The Amy Winehouse Foundation, Camdem County Council, and The Irish Episcopal Commission for Emigrants.

Now, we cannot and should not attempt to shut-down every event held by some group we disagree with. However, we do intend to send the clear message that the time when men and boys can be attacked with impunity is over. Furthermore, here is a message to The London Irish Centre and to anyone else who feels able to support and provide credibility to Radfem:

We will publicly manacle you to their hateful ideology.

For a case in point, try this: Pamela O’Shaughnessy exposed.

Andy Thomas (aka “Andy Man”)
MRA London

About MRA London

MRA London is an activist group set-up to conduct peaceful protest on behalf of men and boys in order to raise awareness of the hidden prejudice and misandry they face in society. We are affiliated with A Voice for Men, and part of the A Voice for Men international network.

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  • Usagi Yojimbo

    Why does this strike me that the center’s organizers have a vested interest in RadFem, like members who will participate in it?

    What about the backers of the center? While one sticks out as a potential feminist group, I would like to reserve judgement and not call it out until I know the complete background (i.e. following the money trail.)

  • KeanoReeves

    A lot of times these centres are patronized by rich women who got their wealth because their husbands died, or were divorced. That is the truth.

  • Feuillet

    The best tactic we should use, is to focus on the unlawful admission of excluding transgender and male.

    Force them to fight the down hill battle, mobilize the transgender community

    • ImNotMraBut…

      Mobilise The Political Community Too. The MP for the LIC is Frank Dobson – and old Equality Guard Dog.

      He was even rumbling on the floor of the Commons 1984 against Police harassment of gay people by London Met Police! Frank Loves his Equality, always has!

      He can be contacted via

      His Constituency office is

      and his Correspondence details are

      Rt Hon Frank Dobson MP
      House of Commons
      London, SW1A 0AA

      Tel: 020 7219 4452 / 5840
      Fax: 020 7219 6956

      I’d ask him to enter an early day motion condemning Transphobia: Period.

      I’ve been Looking in the Early Day Motion library at parliament – and I just don’t seem to be able to find any condemnation of Transphobia by parliament. Maybe Mr Dobson as an old school politician would find it a useful way to use his time.

    • yinyangbalance

      I disagree. I personally believe that convincing men to dress up and behave feminine is a Feminist ploy to quite literally castrate men, physically, emotionally, and socially. Take that one step further and you get a call for their destruction which is exactly what we see with radfem2013. Leave the so-called trans communities alone. Dont turn this into a pro-trans situation because its pointless.

      the radfems just need to be exposed for what they are. Broadcast what they are saying and show how deep their Feminist roots go. Hold them up as the example of how Feminism is a hate movement. Its just that this particular group is tired of hiding it. My gosh, if a men’s group acted this way….they’d be blasted all over the news and be shunned, be compared to hitler and so on. Do the same here. Someone get inside and record the damn KKK like meetings.

      • tallwheel

        Transgendered people are transgendered due to a feminist ploy?

        • yinyangbalance

          I never said that. Are all men that dress up like women a subject of Feminist ploys? No, because there have been men doing that for ages way before Feminism was around. Is it a Feminist ploy to convince men to dress up as women? Yes, we have seen that time and time again in Media for example, and I see it in real life (I live in Cali). The last time I saw it was a few days ago in a video of James Bond all dressed in a dress wearing a wig and high heels, up and being talked down to by his fictional boss’s disembodied omnipotent female voice about women being victims of men. I see this type of thing day to day both in media and in real life. For example, there’s Walk-A-Mile-In-Her-Shoes where thousands of men go around in pink high heels.

          If the logical relations confuses you I would be happy to help you understand but not in this thread. It would be a lecture in Logic.

  • JinnBottle

    I was thinking, too, that bullhorning “transgendered” exclusion from the LIC venue would be the best attack.

    At first.

    But then I got to thinking how, knowing the MSM, they would grab *that, but only that* handle on RadFem’s bigotry. As a result of this, the RadFem’s would either have to eventually admit transgendered to their conferences – and modify, at least a little, at their core by doing so: or, they will continue their present policy, and perhaps risk anywhere from a little to a lot of exposure as to their true nature. They seem to be already greatly alienated from the mainstream: whether that means there are no RadFems affecting public policy behind the scenes at present, however, is entirely another story. However, they would, as I indicated, risk this influence with pols should their bigotry against transgendered people become widespread knowledge.

    *In neither case, however, would the radical, militant misandry of this group be exposed.* The mainstream media might not know whether to shit or wind their watch when it comes to siding with either Feminists or Anti-Transgender Bigotry: but one thing they are sure of, and that’s that Men are, by definition, excluded from consideration. Thus attacking from the anti-transgender angle would doubtless end up serving mainly as a distraction and dilutant from RadFem’s misandry and, much more importantly, their influence, if any, with politicians and policy.

    Because, I’ll be honest, this whole “you are the ‘gender’ you say you are” position – if “position” is the right word for such a thin, almost ghostly percept – has always been, to me, just another feature in the postmodernist funhouse crazy house. I mean if a man or a woman undergoes *physical* morphing as part of their commitment to their “inner opposite sex”, well, that’s one thing, and I can respect it. But this esoteric “there are no sexes: except what I decide today is ‘gender'”, etc, etc – that’s just madness.

    But – and here’s my concern – it’s a *power* madness, not a sexual one. “Genderists” are probably all too neurotic to have sex in their lives. But the trouble is, they want to get sex out of *our* lives, too, replacing it with dreary, life-negating political power struggles, *and governments everywhere are taking them seriously*. I will support no part of that. On the contrary.

    • Feuillet

      I agree, the long term problem of feminism wont be solved by using this tactic. But to fight against the great system of elites, we need to know how to use them against each other, just like the art of Tai Chi, you use “their force against themselves”.

      When the creidibility of these feminists are weaken we can then finally fight them in equal terms

  • James Huff

    Well……there is your pressure point guys. The Irish Episcopal Commission for Emigrants. Once you have the names of the makeup of that group, which no doubt includes clergy, you can bring a lot of pressure to bear.

    • Aimee McGee

      My thought entirely…the clergy is the pinch point here…

      • ImNotMraBut…

        They do prefer to keep is quite and hidden in the confessional. But there has been a bit of a recent scandal since that new chap – Jorge Mario Bergoglio – moved into the Luxury bedsitter with some Torrets being Torrid. You never know where the pressures may lead.

    • Eriu

      Well! I’ll be damned.

      I went looking to track down The Irish Episcopal Commission for Emigrants, it is located in the Columba Centre in Maynooth.

      In fact unbeknownst to myself I have been passing this place every day for the last 3 years, I shall pop in tomorrow and see if I can speak to someone about this issue and make them aware that an organisation they are funding is hosting an event by this vile group.

  • napocapo69

    I just can’t care less about these radfems, unless they seat in institutions. They are free to do whatever they wish, unless they fall in acts of violence.

    And quite frankly, the fact that they are limiting the audiece only to “pure women” is the best advertising of the similarities of their thoughts with other well known “pure race” ideologies…

    My humble opinion.

    [repost because previous post was flagged as SPAM, any guess why?]

    • Paul Elam

      If you remember, they are already seated in institutions. As far up as working with the UN. Don’t know why about the SPAM thing. Our filter is a moody bitch. I wish I could give her some Midol.

      • napocapo69

        Indeed Paul, the Institutional Feminism is my concern.

        Regarding the SPAM I made up my mind, and I think the reason was I made to many changes to my post in short time (due to some misspelling)

  • Kimski

    Perhaps a poster rally, in order to bring attention to the meeting and where these people are coming from to the local community, wouldn’t be a bad idea?

    The reactions from women not identifying as feminist per se, during the Vancouver rally, were overwhelmingly positive. Imagine the reactions from the women of Camdem, when they discover that a group of women who seriously consider abortion of male fetuses a viable “solution” to their hatred, are setting up camp in the middle of their local community.

    Not to mention the reaction from the catholic church?

    I’m a firm believer in throwing any sizes and models of wrenches into their machinery, in case anyone should be wondering.

  • JJ

    Though I totally agree with Kildare’s motivation, I see one thing that cannot be institutionalized; no matter how bad something may suck.

    The one thing I notice that bugs me in Kildare’s reply is this: “It doesn’t matter that it’s ‘lawful’ (which it isn’t by the way, because it doesn’t comply with the Equality Act (2010), in being closed to transgender individuals)”

    Now, he may very well be right, but that “equality” act of 2010 was most likely written by people like RadFem. What I mean is that we cannot silence free speech, even if it is completely hateful!

    He is right to petition the club to reject service to them on the basis of their own free speech and business sense. However, like the Red Headed Communist of Female Justice in Canada, letting them speak is actually their greatest enemy. Themselves. The only thing we can do is be as fair as possible.

    Sometimes, being allowed to be bad allows you to get away with things. Yet ultimately, your behavior is found out, and an appropriate punishment is usually given; eventually.

    I’m going through family court hell again in a week or so; so I totally get the drive to shut their event down.

    However, I notice that their event seems to be going for a smaller venue then last year? That is a telling sign that not all may be well in RadFem.

    This is my point; the best way to crush them, is to get them out in the open, and let them be crushed themselves. By their own point of view.

    The way Kildare is doing it is awesome, but maybe we should use something other than their own hate driven laws?

    Yet to say it does not matter if it is lawful, could be made to sound like some protestors from Toronto in November. Obviously Kildare is not like them, but I feel we can put more pressure on them by catching very small details like this. Use them administratively before they say anything. Right now they are predictable, we can use that.

    • ImNotMraBut…

      @JJ – It’s UK law – It’s the Equality Act 2010, Section 107 is in play.

      People in the UK would not a lecture other nations on how their law works ( given that the term Free speech does not apply in the UK – but Hate Speech Does). Some of us have a lot of experience in the field of Equality and Legislation (says the Queer Cripple).

      I’d even be worried about being sued by staff, If I ran the LIC – because if they are exposed to speech they find as hateful I could find myself screwed under “The Heath and Safety At Work Etc Act 1974″ – and then there could also be very big legal costs in attempting to prove that hate Speech does not apply to Trans Hate!

      If a member of the Public was in the building and over heard speech that was damaging and distressing “The Heath and Safety At Work Etc Act 1974″ Section 3 “General duties of employers and self-employed to persons other than their employees.” … could get very Touchy!

      Financial Liabilities – Litigation Liabilities – Reputational Liabilities!

      Aggravated Hate applies to speech which is racial or religious, and there are a hell of a lot of other people with protected characteristics who are not happy that Hate Speech about them can be thrown about and it’s impact is seen as lesser. I’s hate to be having to fund and defend the case law on that one all the way to the UK Supreme Court – and I;m Sure that Charity Trustees and Insurers would Baulk at the costs too!

      The Liability issues alone would require me as a Rational & Quality Manager to protect my employer – but then again I might know that having run charities, business and been dealing with Equality + Human Rights for 30 odd years.

      So who ever took that booking without doing even a basic google check can hide behind claims of Due Diligence – but even an employment Tribunal would have trouble swallowing that as an excuse for negligence under contract.

      What is the ILC policy on Hate Crime and breaking UK National Laws? I can see a hell of a lot of people running about and legal fees mounting!

      If the Board have missed having that little policy document handy the Charity Commissioners may have to ask questions – and as you would need the Document to even make sure that Employees knew what would be required of Them under Equality legislation, it better be handy to account for this Faux Par!

      I mean the EHRC have so much Guidance:

      Equality Act guidance for charities: Restricting who can benefit from charities:

      D3. What if a charity is operating in a way prohibited by the Act?

      “We expect trustees to run their charity in accordance with the legal obligations that are relevant in their circumstances. This includes taking immediate steps to prevent illegal discrimination from continuing.”

      So it’s all over to the LIC – trustees to run their charity in accordance with the legal obligations.

      Easy When You Know How!

      PS – The Guidance from the EHRC has been Public since at least October 2011 (Archive Copy) not that Ignorance is any excuse in sight of the law anyway!

      When it comes to taking bookings and making sure that your bum is covered, Good Search Engine technique is your friend – as it backing up what you find!

      • JJ

        GREAT POST!

        I love backhanded rebuttals such as yours; very informative.

        Your Equality Act sure leaves a lot to be desired. I am pretty sure ours over here in the Good’Ol USSofA most likely has some carrier sized holes in it too.

        Good to know that you will be watching the details; making the video of their dance with the devil.

        For trans hate and other crimes; no disrespect, but hate speech to me is still speech. Speech must be made free. But also very public for it to be legal.

        I feel you can legally say whatever you want, as long as it is public. I respect guys like PE and crew here who have put their name out on one side of the line they drew and said thus far and no farther. Honestly, if feminists decide to go Hitler butt loving, book burning Nazi ever; he and his crew will be lining a prison cell, concentration camp, or grave.

        Yet, the men and women of the 1930-40s truly held their ground against tremendous odds; but they were willing to pay the price. It is not that you fail, for we all do; but what you do with the most noble, and caring teacher. “Failure while daring to do greatly.”

        So, your law, if it was applied correctly sounds like it could very well apply here! Also, does the UK have laws against forming groups?

        You see, I am somewhat of a purist when it comes to the right to assembly, and the right to free speech. This includes any dumb ass who wants to let the world know where he permanently attached his head when he starts flapping his mouth. Or in this case, these women.

        Also, the right to peaceable assembly to me is paramount. Regardless if the fools are a bunch of wannabe man murdering thugs. Personally, they should stick to the millions of unborn they butcher each year; because full grown men have proven we are no such easy feat. Since time immemorial. Without government, they are nothing. Truly, with government they are still nothing; just slightly higher maybe as the tools still have use for big government itself.

        Later? Maybe not so much.

        I just couple all this with one thing! If someone does not have the balls to put their money where their mouth is; then they don’t need to open it at all. But if they do, then by all means, let society decide if they are worth it, or worth throwing to the dustbin of history.

        Squeaky wheels get the grease, and even a hungry mouth can’t feed if it never opens.

        Good luck to you over there.

        • ImNotMraBut…

          JJ You missed so much.

          As they say “The law Is An Ass” – But It Does Matter Who Is On the Donkey’s Back. Us UK types know how to manage our own asses!

          There are holes in all laws, they are man made and humans are ever so stupid – but also it’s possible to see a bigger picture. Capone was a mobster and conspired in so much murder. He got done for Tax Evasion – the result was the same, sans the Electric Chair!

    • Andy Thomas (aka “Andy Man”)

      While it’s important to send a powerful message that attacks on men and boys is will no longer be tolerated, I also agree that letting them speak is their greatest enemy.

      That is why we have already got a “female agent” registered to attend in case the event goes ahead. Watch out for some interesting youtube videos in a couple months or so!

      • JJ

        Know that I respect you, and your work, but I feel you made an error.

        By saying you have a “mole” means they will be reading this; and can plan accordingly.

        Hopefully, I will see those videos in a couple months. Good luck.

  • Andy Thomas (aka “Andy Man”)

    I’ve just tried calling the Irish Centre on: +44 20 7916 2222.

    I specificly want to know who is the centre’s director, what the legal status of the centre is.

    However, all I can get is an answer machine.

    • Andy Thomas (aka “Andy Man”)

      Still trying the phone number. Been trying all day. Only voice mail.

    • Wilf
    • ImNotMraBut…

      London Irish centre is a registered charity ( Registered Charity No: 221172)

      Charity Commissioners On Line Data base

      NW1 9XB

      Tel: 0207 916 2222

      The Charity Trustees are


      As MRS MARY ALLEN is listed first it indicates she is the Chairperson and the one who will have day to day oversight of any employees. All communication should be addressed to her.

      Having been a trustee of charities, I would be more than alarmed to find that an employee was allowing potentially Litigious activity and even just damage to reputation. It’s a disciplinary matter.

      The Charity Commisioners warn against such errors in “Hallmarks of an effective charity”.

      At the very least the charity should put out a statement condemning Trans Phobia – and beyond that they should host a Trans Friendly event for the whole of London to show that Irish is not a Synonym for Bigot!

  • Dan Perrins

    Crap anyone got a spare ticket to send me to London?
    Failing that I would love to see some peaceful non-censoring protest engaged in by the moral and ethical people of London handing out quotes by those ‘lovely lil lasses’ known as rad-fem.
    Their quotes their words, their exposure as the violence endorsing hate group they truly are.
    I can think of nothing more fitting than their own words used against them.
    Hats off to you agent Kildare.

  • Theseus

    Ha! That rationalization always floors me. It’s always a variation of the “free speech”, or “it’s legal” variety.

    FYI we aren’t attempting to stifle free speech or free assembly. We are attempting to point out your blatant hypocrisy in hosting an event at a local facility from a known hate group, when you wouldn’t dream of doing the same with say….oh, neo-nazi’s!

    I am reminded that several years ago a public official in Las Vegas wrote a letter of welcome to the Rev. Farakahn because he was speaking at a scheduled event on behalf of the Nation of Islam. When people expressed outrage that a public official would do this, he hid behind the free speech rational….even though he was given the analogy of writing a letter of welcome to a white supremist group.

    • Feuillet

      The problem is not what they say, but they exclude male and transgender. This is real discrimination

      • Theseus

        I would say it’s both. Yes, the exclusion is a very serious violation; however the hypocrisy of hosting a hate group, and giving them a pass just because they are women and feminists when they wouldn’t touch any other racist or hate group with a ten foot pole, is relevant too.

  • ImNotMraBut…

    Has anyone asked The Equality And Human Rights Commission about this little matter?

    The Sex Discrimination (Amendment of Legislation) Regulations 2008 “extended the Sex Discrimination Act to make it unlawful to discriminate on grounds of gender reassignment in the provision of goods, facilities and services as well as in employment and vocational training.” EHRC Website

    When you have goods such as a Conference that YOU charge for it is covered under Good & Services it is illegal and actionable – and this type of Trans Phobia is actually a strategic priority for the EHRC.

    Just as the National Front have been obliged to remove racisms from their operations, this association called RadFem should also be investigated by the EHRC. This is a directly analogouse case – and it would be intersting to see any Radfem organisation legally obliged to admit men and trans people to any and all activities.

    They may wish to claim they are not a legal entity but section 107 of the Equality Act 2010 says other wise.

    107 Interpretation and exceptions

    (1)This section applies for the purposes of this Part.

    (2)An “association” is an association of persons—
    (a)which has at least 25 members, and
    (b)admission to membership of which is regulated by
    the association’s rules and involves a process of

    They will have to prove that they have less than 25 Radfems and that any booking at the London Irish centre is for less than 25 people.

    Should the London Irish centre have accepted a booking for a larger group they will be agreeing to the commissioning of an offence in advance – and as such can not have passed due diligence.

    I wonder what The Guardian’s take is on the matter?

    Anyone needing advice from the EHRC on the law and The Strategic Targets for the EHRC to pursue cases and act within their legal powers –

    Equality Advisory Support Service
    Phone: 0808 800 0082
    Textphone: 0808 800 0084

    Opening hours:
    09:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday
    10:00 to 14:00 Saturday
    closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays

    Post: FREEPOST Equality Advisory Support Service FPN4431

    Media enquiries
    If you work in the media and wish to speak to our press office, please call 0161 829 8102 (out of hours mobile 07767 272 818) or email us at

    I think also Liberty UK should be asked for comment and possible Involvement as TransPhobia and Trans Hate crime is not just an issue in the UK but Global.

    Specific Trans Groups who deal with legal issues in the UK

    The Beaumont Society : the largest and longest established transgender support group in the UK, and have developed a support network which has been at the forefront of the transgender, transvestite, transsexual and cross-dressing community since 1966!

    Press For Change – Transgender law –

    Gender Identity Research and Education Society

    The Gender Trust

  • ImNotMraBut…

    I’m asking London Irish Centre Via Twitter if I can have a Racists Booking.

    there is no point me asking for a Homophobic one or a Disability Abuse or Discrimination One – as a Crippled Pouf the Irony is likely to fly over their heads!

    I have Irish Blood and I am not happy. The London Irish Centre does not support what I would call community!

  • keyster

    You should try to reserve the Centre as MRA London or a “Rad Men’s Group”, but specify that no women or trans people will be permitted…see what their reaction is. Contact the local media and expose the double-standard.

    • Paul Elam

      Brilliant. Were I Jean Luc Picard, I would point forward and say, “Make it so.”

      But I would not exclude transgender, just women.

      • ImNotMraBut…

        I’m more interested in finding out how much it would cost to take over the booking – get an event up and running and show people why equality is an on going issue.

        I’d want Zara Huda Faris: honeybadger in a hijab! to come and do her thing with Erin!

  • Limeywestlake (Neil Westlake)

    Hey Andy, I will be in London in about 4 weeks time (15th -17th May.) I would love to meet up with you and Archi et al for a bite or a cup of coffee. I will staying in Golders or West kilburn – not sure yet. I will Facebook message you.

    • Max Cade

      Neil, I would love to tag along if I may. I’m using a pseudonym here but can I find you on Facebook?

  • Eriu

    First I’d like to say as an Irish citizen I am horrified that any organisation purporting to represent Irish people is amenable to hosting an event by such a group.

    In light of what occurred with the original venue for their “event” last year in would appear that there may be legal grounds for challenging the current hosting of this event at ANY venue which relies on public funds or is of a public nature.

    Bearing in mind the basis of last year’s refusal by Conway Hall to host this event, it would appear that those legal grounds might STILL exist.

    “In consultation with the organisers of RadFem 2012 and our legal advisors, Conway Hall has decided not to allow the booking in July 2012 to proceed. This is because it does not conform to our Terms and Conditions for hiring rooms at Conway Hall. In addition, we are not satisfied it conforms with the Equality Act (2010), or reflects our ethos regarding issues of discrimination.

    We had sought assurances that the organisers would allow access to all, in order to enable the event to proceed at the venue. We also expressed concern that particular speakers would need to be made aware that whilst welcoming progressive thinking and debate, Conway Hall seeks to uphold inclusivity in respect of both legal obligations and as a principle.

    In the absence of the assurances we sought, the event in its proposed form could not proceed at Conway Hall*.” (emphasis added)

    It would appear on the basis of the email responses to Agent Kildare’s inquiries the Irish Centre has confirmed that it will be hosting this event,

    “Our centre is available for hire by anyone in the community, by private arrangement, so long as the event is lawful. As a result of recent communication, we have reviewed our position as the venue provider for the forthcoming radfem2013 conference and are satisfied we have carried out the necessary due diligence in order to proceed with the booking.”

    It would also appear that the London Irish Centre has NOT carried out the necessary due diligence as they are obviously unfamiliar with their governing bodies own guidelines on compliance with the legal requirements pertaining to charities and It is also worth noting that in the email responses to Agent Kildare, he is referred to an email address which is presumably the only contact for this RadFem group, in effect washing their hands of any responsibility for this event.

    Unfortunately, The London Irish Centre has failed to inform themselves of the “Equality Duty” imposed on them as a charity by the provisions of the Equality Act 2010.

    149 Public sector equality duty

    (1)A public authority must, in the exercise of its functions, have due regard to the need to—
    (a) eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under this Act;
    (b) advance equality of opportunity between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it;
    (c) foster good relations between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it.

    As ImNotMRAbut…..has correctly noted, The London Irish Centre is a registered charity, Registered Charity No: 221172,and therefore comes under the auspices of The Charity Commission,
    What may also be of benefit is to familiarise The London Irish Centre with this document.

    “an event which is nothing to do with the charity is a platform for extremist views or is inviting a speaker known to have made inappropriate extremist comments. The charity’s name is associated with the event because the organisers are donating the fees from the event to the charity and using this in its advertising literature to attract attendees and connect the charity to it”

    In an effort to exert legitimate pressure on the London Irish Centre to reverse its decision to host this event perhaps informing them that formal complaint(s) will be lodged with the Charity Commission by following the procedure set out in this document, Complaints About Charities.

    I note from the website of The London Irish Centre that it lists as “funders” The Department of Education and Skills in Ireland, the current Minister for Education in Ireland is Mr. Ruairi Quinn, whose contact details may be found here:

    The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the current Minister is Tanaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) Mr. Eamon Gilmore, contact details may be found here:

    If all this fails to exert enough pressure on The London Irish Centre, what occurs to me off the top of my head, so to speak, is to make an application for a “Prohibitory Injunction” through the Courts to prevent this event from going ahead, should the Irish Centre NOT reconsider hosting this event.

    Citing the grounds already outlined by Conway Hall when they declined to host these people.

    A “Prohibitory Injunction” is an Interim Order put in place until a full hearing of the matter in question, until a “Perpetual Injunction” can be obtained. Though one would need to speak to someone who is more familiar with UK law than I am. Something that perhaps MRA could consider?

    • Andy Thomas (aka “Andy Man”)

      Thank you for the detailed information on this. We will, of course, be following this up.

      • ImNotMraBut…

        Andy – I’d call the EHRC – they are likely to be very receptive to investigating, and wanting to see any documentary evidence that any RadFem organiser wishes to rely upon. P^)

        Private Eye may also like a look in! … and Iain Dale on LBC.

  • yinyangbalance

    “I have honestly have been reassessing the fact that I am giving care to these little future rapists, and what that says about me about me and my separatism. I know it is kinda going against my principle to support and care for these little fuckers.”- Danielle Pynnonen

    Someone needs to remove her children ASAP and revoke her so called child care privileges. Someone in that frame of mind is not doubt causing harm to her children.

    • Max Cade

      Seriously yes. We must get her removed from her post.

      • Max Cade

        Does anyone know if Danielle Pynnonen is still working with children? And if so who her employer is?

        • Kimski

          She lives in Perth, Australia, as far as I was able to find out, but that was all.
          There’s been 15M searches on her name since the Agent Orange files came out, so she’s probably found a huge rock to hide under by now.

          • Max Cade

            Thanks, Kimski.

            She’s been so quiet I wonder if the rock squashed her….

          • Kimski

            No, Max.
            Cockroaches just hate bright light, that’s all.

  • Greg Canning

    It appears the Radfem Hub ( is now defunct, but the infestation of gender bigots has just moved their filth elsewhere

    and who could forget

    now exactly where it should be behind password protection and out of the public view.

    • Dean Esmay

      You’d think they’d be proud and wouldn’t want to hide. Hell, it’s been proven over and over again no one but us will call them out for their hatred and bigotry.

  • Andy Bob

    Excellent work from Agent Kildare. The time and effort spent on this matter is greatly appreciated.

    The ousting from Conway Hall of radfems would have had them spluttering in shocked indignation. It was another indication – starting with Agent Orange’s devastating carpet-bombing – that someone had lit a match beneath their cauldron of violence and bigotry.

    Radfems had become very accustomed to running amok unnoticed and unchallenged. Thanks to people like Agent Kildare, those days are over. Trampling on freedom of speech is not AVFM’s style, but taking people to task for the content of their speech certainly is.

    If the charitable status of the London Irish Centre prevents them from hosting groups guilty of hate speech, then they must refuse Radfem patronage. Feigning ignorance and sweeping the whole matter under the carpet is unacceptable. I’m not surprised that Ms Cunynghame avoids sharing the contact details of her superior.

    There is more at stake than just FTSU of those reprehensible radfems. We need to demonstrate that feminists are not exempt from the rules that the rest of us are required to follow. That goes against the equality-for-all that I, as an MHRA, staunchly believe in.

  • Silent_Majority

    If they go through with hosting the event (and it looks like they will) someone should try to sneak a microphone or cam in there so the whole world can see what their meetings are about.

  • Eriu

    What I personally find ironic is the hosting of this event by an organisation originally set up as a hostel for MEN.

    From the history of The Irish London Centre:

    “Founded in 1954, to support the needs of thousands of newly-arrived Irish emigrants in London, the London Irish Centre (LIC) has developed into the largest Irish welfare and community organisation in Britain.

    Originally opened as a hostel for Irish men (with a female hostel in nearby Horsney), the main buildings became a safe ‘home from home’ for all things Irish in London.”

    Now, it is hosting an event by a group which specifically EXCLUDES men.

    • Bombay

      That is a good question for the LIC. Why is LIC, that was founded as a hostel for Irish men, excluding men? Are they going to exclude blacks next? Jews? ….

  • Sanguifer

    Is this still the website that was apalled by the attempts of feminists to censor the events at the UoT?

    I fear I might have taken a wrong turn somewhere…

    • ImNotMraBut…

      @Sanguifer – you seem to be confused – no-one is saying that anyone should be silenced, just that everyone is obliged to follow the law of the land in which they are acting.

      It seems that the organisers of Radfem 2013 are a bit confused and even Legally and Business illiterate – they claim that they are just having a bit of a private party over two days and as such they can decide who is allowed in or not! Smacks more of magical thinking.

      Well that may be their view and their very self centred meme to make them feel better, but charging a minimum of £40.00 for entry whilst advertising this via the net does make it a bit clear in UK law that they are supplying a service for costs – and that means no matter what they say they end up being An “association” under section 107 of the Equality Act 2010 when they have rules as to who may and may not attend. Whoops!

      In fact they don’t even have to be an association because even if they want to claim it’s just one person running it all they are running a business and are not allowed to discriminate – and as a sole trader and an unincorporated business they are still caught – even if they are based in Hawaii and just coming over for a few days! Ignorance is no excuse is sight of the law – even for wishful thinking RadFems of any age 2013, older or younger

      Hell they even require people to register by 21 May 2013 – and that certainly aint been going on at any private parties I have ever organised (They are many and have had up to 5000 guests). Great Fun with the authorities who wondered if it was an organised event subject to licensing… and it wasn’t!

      You see it does help if you know your laws not just Theoretically and from Wish Filled reading – but having had to deal with them for real even gives you an edge!

      So, them RadFem2013s have to prove it’s a private party …. else Banning Trans Women as defined in UK law as illegal. It’s quite simple when people drop the magical and wishful thinking and just deal with the legal realities.

      Also if it’s a private party why would they be using a commercial bank account under the name of “Sisterhood Forever” at Yorkshire Bank’s TODMORDEN Branch
      6 Halifax Rd, W.Yorks., OL14 5AD?

      Public info from the RadFem2013 website by doing and inverse look up on google using “Sort code 05-09-59″.

      I’ve checked Companies House and The Charity Commissioners and there is nothing under the name for this “Sisterhood Forever” past, present or future – which tends to point to it being a private enterprise and either a sole trader or a partnership – oh and I checked with the Information Commissioner too and there is no registration there either, which is odd as it is all too often overlooked that not being registered when your should be is a rather large offence and can lead to massive fines for illegally obtaining and processing data whilst not registered – and even if exempt from registration one does still have to comply with all other aspects of the act, including making sure that all people who give you any data will have that data lawfully processed and protected as by UK and European Law. Most rational people address that one by having a public data protection compliance statement on their website.

      Oh – and if the venue knows that there is going to be breaches of Equality Law they can’t in good faith take the booking or they will be in trouble too (happened last year) … especially if it’s a charity … and then the trustees can end up with liability…. and could even end up having to pay legal bills.

      There was the same issue with the British National Party have rules that said No racial minority person could be a member – so they were faced with either complying with the law or being closed down. Nick Griffin as the head man was unhappy at the idea of his house being grabbed for legal costs, so he got the rule book changed and all was well again!

      Please – I know it gets terribly confusing for some swapping from One Countries Laws to another – Free speech in the US and Canada is not the same as UK – Equality laws are different too. In the UK you can get blind drunk at 18 and in the US you are a criminal.. well in some states!

      I suspect that the issue is some US based RadFems being legally illiterate and assuming that the UK is the 51st state! the tweets about it are comical including them having 6 security guards booked for a private party with no celebrity value added.

      But, In so many ways it’s Americas fault anyway. That Marshal Plan post WWII forced the creation of the treaty of Rome and all the resulting Human Rights Legislation under The European Convention On Human Rights. If you want to be pointing fingers and wondering about the legal issues, point at Marshall! P^)

  • StraightBrownMale

    Their views qualify as hate speech and should not be protected.

  • ImNotMraBut…

    Stop Press – RadFem is so big It’s being moved to a Bigger Venue – Well FarceBook says so
    Off to Work · Tuesday at 04:09 ·

    In response to those posting about the Radfem conference, Off to Work apologises that we are unable to proceed with the booking of the London Irish Centre (LIC) which we took previously. Off to Work is the exclusive booking agent for commercial hire of this venue, which is used for a variety of social, cultural and other purposes, in Camden.

    Our cancellation of the booking was a very difficult decision, but one that we have made to protect the safety of our venue staff. It is also due to the increased operational demands of the conference, which we are not now equipped to deal with as a very small organisation and venue, used mainly for weddings, community events and training.

    We have made this difficult decision based entirely on our available infrastructure and the wellbeing of our staff, without pressure from any group concerned with the subject matter of the conference and we are making recommendations to the organisers about other possible venues with the operational capacity to accommodate the event. We wish Radfem a successful conference.

    Who knew that RadFem was so popular that they needed such massive venues to cope with Numbers?

    Damn – Just Checked – I see Wembly Stadium is already booked – Justin Timberlake is coming to town …and Crying Me A River – Laughter Optional

    It’s even odder that NAVOLIO LIMITED trading as “Off To Work” are worried about the welfare of staff but have not been pressured by any external groups? Sounds like they have a simmering RadFem mole in the business and they all fear passive-aggressive retribution in the work place!

    Health & Safety can be such a Bugger!

    • Wilf

      Olympia have an event on that weekend for people living with intolerances – they would fit right in.

      • ImNotMraBut…

        How many RadFems can you fit on a display stand? It’s a long time since I’ve been playing at Olympia, but I’m sure they would not be up to paying for the square footage.

        NEC is not available either – they are getting ready for Gardeners World Live – so even with sensible shoes you won’t be allowed in!

        There may be an opening at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) Glasgow – but they would have to be sandwiched between Eddie Izzard and a whole load of Technology Nerds. I haven’t seen the Radfem Position on Transvestism or Technology. It may be an option for them? NOT!

    • http://none universe

      It’s those bad boyz again mummy.

      • ImNotMraBut…

        I blame it all on the mothers! (says he with Bjesuz Mary and Joseph Irish Catholic Blood Boiling in his veins).

  • JGteMolder

    I’m thinking, entering the venue and recording it would be a more effective and righteous way of shining a light on these hateful bigots.

    If one is not allowed to enter; then protests are in order; not to shut them down, but to be able to sit, listen, and record.