Proof: The cut is mutilation

Study Confirms Male Circumcision is Genital Mutilation

A new study in the British Journal of Urology International shows that men with normal, intact penises enjoy more sexual sensitivity — as much as four times more — than those who have been circumcised. Circumcising slices off more of a male’s sensitivity than is normally present in all ten fingertips.

In every site tested, intact men have as much or more fine-touch skin sensitivity on their penis and foreskin than a man who has been circumcised. Circumcision removes the most sensitive portions of the penis.

This new study demonstrates what we have suspected for decades, that circumcision’s result — if not its intent — is reduced sexual pleasure for men. As such, it is a violation of a male’s right to bodily integrity. In large part, female circumcision does the same; even the mildest forms remove the most sensitive portions of the female genitalia. Females in the USA and many other countries are protected by law from all forms of genital cutting.

The mistaken belief behind circumcision is that it is cleaner, healthier, protects against disease, and will make males more tractable in a society.

Because circumcision has such a drastic effect on sexuality later in life, no infant or child should ever experience a non-therapeutic circumcision.

Parents should not be allowed to control their son’s level of sexual sensitivity because of personal bias or prejudice, just as no parent should be allowed to request for their son or daughter any other sensitivity-reducing surgery; for example, eye surgery that would limit vision from color to black-and-white.

In addition, circumcised men, with one-fourth the sensitivity of intact men, might decline to wear further-desensitizing condoms. Some may consider themselves “safe” because of circumcision, adding to their determination to have sex without a condom.

Adult men who want circumcision for themselves should be advised per proper informed consent that penile sensitivity will be reduced on average by a factor of four. Men should also be advised that circumcision will not prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.



This graph indicates a 75% loss of sensitivity reflected in the area of the two penises shown. The lost sensitivity is comparable to the sensitivity that would be lost if all the skin was sliced off all ten fingertips. This graphic is available copyright free to media reporting on the “Fine-touch Pressure Thresholds in the Adult Penis” article by Sorrells et al. published in the BJUi provided credit is given and they are not altered or used in such a fashion as to misrepresent the data or conclusions in the article. Credit:


International Coalition for Genital Integrity 

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  • Dean Esmay

    I await the comments telling us “this isn’t what the men’s human rights movement should be concerned about, this is hurting us.”

    Fuck you. Chop your own dick when you turn 18 and otherwise piss off.

    (And yes, by the way, I’m circumcised and yes, by the way, I resent the fuck out of it, thank you very much.)

    • MGHOW_AU

      What kind of monster would say that? Even in the Jewish community, I thought they were to wait till 13yo (though I could be wrong…)

      • Yndrd1984

        For most Jews it’s 8th day of life as prescribed by the Torah, unless postponed because it’s the Sabbath or for health reasons. Muslims and African tribes usually do it as a rite of passage into manhood (13ish), while some English-speaking countries still do it right after birth for “medical” reasons.

        And they aren’t any more monstrous than most people, this is just how abuse gets passed down – just as many sexual and spousal abusers were victims or frequent witnesses of the previous generation of abusers. Since the only option they have is to deal with it psychologically they tell themselves stories: that they really haven’t lost anything, that it’s really better (cleaner, girls like it), that God demands it, that there must be some medical benefit (prevents masturbation, cancer, HIV), etc. And when they have their own children they have a bunch of ready-made reasons to do it to them, or at least not fight against the social pressure to do it (it happened to me, and I turned out fine, right?).

      • confusion

        the jewish and muslim communities were apparently outraged when german courts suggested a ban on the practice, calling it ‘intolerant of their religion’ and, ironically, ‘insensitive.’

        Regarding France’s burqa ban and Germany’s (now repealed due to the backlash) circumcision ban, people were decrying ‘europe’s war on religion.’ It looks to me like a war on barbaric customs, and if one’s religion is affected by that then maybe it’s not the EU that has a problem.

    • Limeywestlake (Neil Westlake)

      Well said, Dean.

  • rykocolor

    Is there a direct link to the actual study? I’d love to peruse it.

  • Mike Buchanan

    It’s good to see this subject get exposure on AVfM. We’ve debated whether we should include it in our public consultation document, partly because over 90% of Jews and Muslims are circumcised. I’m now inclined to include it.

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)

    • Paul Elam

      I think it is a good call, Mike. And there are voices being raised, at least in the Jewish community, opposing circumcision.

      Without meaning any offense to people of faith, this is one of the many reasons I think skepticism is so important. Circumcision, as science clearly demonstrates, is a barbaric practice rooted in ignorance. That the ignorance is part of many religious traditions should not continue to serve as an excuse to mutilate male babies any longer.

      • Mike Buchanan

        Thanks Paul, I’ll add that link to the blog pieces.

        • Aimee McGee

          Mike, you might want to read the statement released by Britain Yearly Meeting in support of Sanctions, Disinvestment and Boycott in the Occupied Teritories for an example on how to word very controversial stances well

      • Shrek6

        Please read this article on the Vatican website. This puts to bed ‘ANY’ religious grounds for circumcision among any other religion other than Judaism.

        After the first Council of Jerusalem and the Antioch Incident, the Catholic Church moved forward with the compromise that it was no longer necessary for any Christian to be circumcised to be part of the Church Jesus Christ had instituted through the Apostles.

        To date, there are over 40,000 protestant churches that claim to be Christian and many of those still practice this barbaric abuse of boys. There are no grounds for this practice for religious reasons.

        Anyone claiming that it is religious, is lying!

    • napocapo69

      Mike, circumcision is a genital mutilation.
      No surgery should ever happen on a child until the age of consent if not for grave reasons.
      Also FGM is related to tribal/religous traditions but noone opposed to banning it…why?
      Go straight, coherence is everything in civil rights, non necessarely in politics…but it is time for a change.

    • Coldfire

      I’d suggest including it while making it clear that you fully support the right of Jewish and Muslim MEN (not boys) to exercise freedom of religion and get circumcised as per their chosen faith after they turn 18. Bodily mutilation, whether in the form of ampuation, piercing, or tattooing, and whether for religious or personal reasons, should be a decision that men and women make for themselves, not one that boys and girls have forced upon them.

      • Mike Buchanan

        Coldfire, thanks – good point.

    • strix (David King)


      Full disclosure: I am an atheist, but I hope I would say this even if I were a believer — religion ought not play any part in directing public discourse (ie what may and may not be debated), and especially not in determining public policy.

      “Religious sensitivity” is a PoMo concept designed to control and limit public discourse, and it does so so effectively as to have become a thought terminating cliché. I wholeheartedly encourage J4MB, as an aspiring political party, to reject this line of thought and bring to public attention important issues, whatever religious sensitivities those ideas might offend.

      As I’ve said before, people are worthy of respect, but ideas deserve respect only according to their merit. You can’t change people, but you might be able to change their minds — but only if new ideas are allowed to thrive and old ideas are allowed to be challenged.

      • Mike Buchanan

        Thanks David. I’ve been an atheist myself for the past 40+ years, and I agree with all you say. We’ve had far more support than opposition to the idea of putting anti-MGM proposals in our public consultation document, and I anticipate they’ll be added in the next week or two.

        Just one question – what’s PoMo?

        Mike Buchanan

        (and the women who love them)

        • strix (David King)

          Post-modernism which, in my understanding, is the idea that there are no objective truths and that therefore subjective truth — eg my perception of my own victimhood and persecution — is not a legitimate subject for debate or challenge by others, whatever the evidence that contradicts that belief.

          • Mike Buchanan

            Thanks David. Post-modernism is both a cornerstone of feminism and a recognised mental health problem, I assume?

          • strix (David King)


            Hah, well, I’m not sure about being a recognised mental health problem — it is a legitimate and recognised school of philosophical thought — but it is undoubtedly a cornerstone of Feminist thinking.

            A lot of religious fundamentalist thinkers share something in common with post-modernism, too, especially those who promote the transcendent argument for God and presuppositional apologia.

  • Nightwing1029

    It’s good to see this get exposure, period. Not just on AVFM, but actually seeing it being studied and shown in more mainstream stuff.
    Sucks for Oprah and her face cream dreams.
    Oh wait. #*&^ Oprah.

  • Aimee McGee

    Nice to see a credible study in a high impact journal providing evidence of something lots of us already knew – circumcision is Male Genital Mutilation

  • theoutside

    I would like to draw attention to an organization that is attempting to explore the feasibility of using regenerative medicine to restore the amputated tissue in adult men. It’s called Foregen and is based in Italy. They are attempting to raise money, but are also beginning to look for actual investors, not just donations. Perhaps someone on staff would like to write a brief profile of this organization in order to publicize them. I believe the idea is to use and individual’s stem cells. (One of the Italian physicians recently “grew” a new trachea for a patient.)

    My own feeling is that this company could make billions if they could really get it going.

    MGM is unquestionably a highly significant issue and one that must be emphasized ever more strongly, for its various ethical and legal implications (which must be fully explored). There must be no soft-pedalling of this issue, however much it might make some uncomfortable.

    And do not be drawn into the “anti-semitic” rubbish. One has the freedom to practice religion, but not ON someone else, even if they are your own child. In my opinion all Child Protective Services should view it as grounds for removal and termination of parental rights.

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      As the European News Director, I think it would be my job. So please, give me their contacts or write me at .

      • theoutside

        OK. I’ll do it today. But they have a large website. I don’t know how to put in a link, (sorry). But you could just google Foregen.

  • Anti Idiocy

    Another fine AVfM essay.

    “Parents should not be allowed to control their son’s level of sexual sensitivity because of personal bias or prejudice, just as no parent should be allowed to request for their son or daughter any other sensitivity-reducing surgery; for example, eye surgery that would limit vision from color to black-and-white.”

    This makes me think of the arguments regarding deaf parents ensuring that their children be deaf.

  • Lucian Vâlsan

    What a sad planet we live on! I say that because it is truly sad that we need a study to confirm a sensible observation that one can make simply by using common sense. One can even be illiterate and still make the correct observation that circumcision is mutilation.

    This fetishization of science is increasingly representing a huge problem…

    • TexasIsPangea Greg

      I’m sorry, contradiction of words.
      circumcision is circumcision
      mutilation is mutilation. Just playing
      lol, says the guy with Texas Is Pangea

  • onca747

    AFAIC, even if there was absolutely no detrimental effect to male circumcision, it doesn’t matter: It’s still genital mutilation. Here in Oz (and many other countries) it’s illegal to dock the tails and ears off dogs for cosmetic reasons, for God sake. Just goes to show boys are treated worse than dogs in our society.

    • feeriker

      Here in Oz (and many other countries) it’s illegal to dock the tails and ears off dogs for cosmetic reasons, for God sake. Just goes to show boys are treated worse than dogs in our society.

      Excellent point.

  • Coldfire

    As much as I hate being reminded of what was forcibly taken from me or informed that even more was taken than I previously thought, I’m glad this new information is out there.

    This irreversible theft of sexual sensation is far, far worse than being raped and it’s being done thousands of times a day, legally.

    • theoutside

      Yes. This is definitely worse than rape.

  • Turbo

    Genital mutilation of females has been outlawed long ago. No religion, cult or any other group are exempt. It is against the law.

    Male genital mutilation must be outlawed as well. No exceptions, absolutely none. Outlawed, full stop, end of story.

    • strix (David King)

      Last year, a German court ruled that circumcision constituted ‘bodily harm’ and was therefore a criminal act under German law. The politicians, if I recall, wavered on letting that stand, but within months caved to religious indignation.

      There was at least one other case, going back as far as 2006 involving Muslim circumcision practices with much the same cause and much the effect.

      It might happen, but not any time soon, and certainly not for as long as religious arguments remain a respectable way of forming public policy.

      (Ed: To clarify, I’m all for personal, private practice and expression of faith. Like Queen Elizabeth I, I have “no desire to make windows into men’s souls”. I object only when those expressions are imposed on others, especially in law.)

  • Never Blue Again

    If a man have a right to choose whether he’d be an atheist or believer, then their is no way someone other than him to choose whether circumcise himself or not.

    Gentile mutilation of boys due to religious belief of their parents is just forcing boys to participate in a barbaric religious ritual, the religion he didn’t even choose for himself yet.

    In modern days this is same brutality as mayan cut out their enemies heart alive and give it to their gods as a gift to make them happy.

    To find out modern bloodsucker … just find out who are the most happy ones in boy’s genital mutilations.

  • theoutside

    Lucian, I sent you an email a little while ago.

    Here is the address

    there motto is:

    Promoting Genital Integrity through Regenerative Medicine

  • FedupMale

    At one point in time I was ashamed to be uncircumcised. I considered getting it done many times. Growing up thinking I was weird or different from other boys caused me much depression that I still struggle with today. I have come to the realization that circumcised males are the strange ones. I am as I came into the world. No offense to my circumcised brethren who should have had a choice in the matter. Genital mutilation is wrong no matter the gender.

    • TexasIsPangea Greg

      Do you consider an erection that forces the foreskin back a circumcision?

  • TexasIsPangea Greg

    So a blow job from anyone is a circumcision, because it is a combination of the two words circumference and Decision, so the mouth goes around the penis out of decision.

  • TexasIsPangea Greg

    Theoretically, I could make fun of female mutilation to the vagina if there was some type of tradition and equivalent to male circumcision when applied to females. I guess my humor is in poor taste when it is related to the article though.

    • pjanus

      ” guess my humor is in poor taste when it is related to the article though.”

      What humour?

      For your info there is an equivalent female procedure. You might find a visit to Monty Python Clinic for Arguments beneficial.

  • theoutside

    From the California Mens Rights site: (please read in full; I have seen this “study” — sent the link to Lucian but can’t find it now. Unbelievably sick.)

    July 29th, 2013
    By Matt
    Article Source
    Posted in

    (Please see related MANN items here and here)


    For the last several weeks, we’ve been writing and calling TriHealth Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, where 200+ babies are being circumcised in a study to determine which circumcision clamp, the Gomco or the Mogen, is “better.” How are they determining this? According to the study, by looking at which clamp results in fewer blood-soaked bandages, and by looking at expressions of pain on babies’ faces.

    We believe this study is a heinous violation of medical ethics and human rights, and we’re furious that no one at the hospital has bothered to respond.

    They’re tuning us out, just like they’re tuning out the screams of the babies being cruelly subjected to an unconscionable medical experiment—all in service to the shareholders of a medical instrument manufacturer seeking to profit from bad science in order to sell more circumcision tools.

    We need to step up the pressure on this hospital, and we need your help:

    We have to go to Cincinnati and make a stand. We’re planning an on-the-ground event for early Fall, including a mobile billboard (much like the hugely successful one we ran in New Orleans outside the ACOG conference), a demonstration, and a press conference repeating our demands that the hospital halt the study immediately and release all “participants” from any further obligation.
    We have to continue the drumbeat directed at the study’s perpetrators. Watch your email for an action alert coming soon with information on what you can do to make your voice heard.
    These babies—innocents who’ve been “volunteered” without their consent and can’t say NO when these researchers take a knife to their penises—need the intactivist response to be loud and strong, and we cannot do that without your financial support.

    The billboard costs $3,275, and we KNOW it will be seen by everyone coming in and out of that hospital while we’re holding our press conference right outside.

    With your help, we can tell these doctors and so-called researchers—and the world—that circumcision is NOT acceptable; that there’s no such thing as a “better” clamp designed to amputate perfectly healthy, important tissue; that babies deserve to keep the bodies they’re born with.

    Show you agree with a financial contribution today.

  • Turbo
  • lionsuar

    I’m so happy I’m whole. I’ve noticed that growing up that women would tell me that I was much better performer in the sack than others. It’s been proven that beyond the sensitivity, foreskin reducesthe occurence of premature ejaculation, and now they’re finding estrogen receptors in the foreskin that many believe act as a sort of pheremone – aids in male/female connections. PLEASE DON’T MUTILATE YOUR CHILD!

  • ghjk

    End body shaming the foreskin. Its our body we should have the right to choose what we do with it. End the silence of mgm circumcision. No baby boy should be forced to lose a perfectly healthy portion of there body for the quack ridiculous reasons of asthetics and antiquated barbaric religious cultural. Men suffer in silence as they dont know any better and its how we are conditioned. Families still line their baby boys up for the barbarism as no one protects males in terms of mgm