Agent Orange files released

Washington December 21, (AVfM News) Today the files collected by Agent Orange, an MRA who infiltrated a private forum on the Radfem Hub website have been released to the public.

Since AVFM, Antimisandry  and What Men are Saying About Women released stories regarding the leaking of threads at Radfem Hub and subsequently the identification of many of the posters readers, both feminists and MRAs alike, have been anxiously awaiting the promised complete files of screen shots and associated materials collected by Agent Orange. Shortly after the news broke Reddit was on fire with comments in a thread called “mensrights announces their plan to release the private information of RadFem Hub posters,” in which Radfem sympathizers accused Agent Orange of enticing terrorism and violence against the Radfem Hub posters by releasing their personal information.

There have even been threats to get the FBI involved even though there is nothing personal about a Facebook or Linkedin profiles. To date, AVFM has not been contacted by the FBI or any other law enforcement agency.

Radfem Hub and other major sources for feminist news and commentary have remained curiously silent on the matter. There is no mention of the release either on Radfem, Jezebel, Feministe or Feministing as might have been expected considering the comments on Reddit. It is assumed, however that much attention has been paid amongst the feminist community to this story and its developments.

With the publication of the Radfem Data it is expected that more identities will be revealed and also that MRAs and other interested parties in the broader press will write about the postings and the implications for the public perception of feminism.

The Agent Orange Files may now be found here: [1] [2] [3]
NB: These are in 7zip format and you may need to Download a decompressor for your OS.


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Bob O'Hara is the U.S. News Director for A Voice for Men. He is a men's rights activist living in the Washington, D. C. area who has done work with S.A.V.E. and is the host of a weekly radio show with news and analysis on men's and boys' issues.

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  • Robert O'Hara

    Editorial comment:

    It is hoped by Agent Orange and myself that this data be reviewed by as many people as possible. Please share it with other MRAs and try to get members of the press to publicize it as well.

    Bob O’Hara

    • Ray

      Does this mean that taxpayer funded (STOP grant), domestic violence training sessions for police, prosecutors and judges (in places like Los Angeles) will stop publicly proclaiming that they’re “following the feminist model?”

      Domestic violence law is clearly a hate movement against males, and “following the feminist model” is clearly the reason why.

    • TigerMan

      I’m going “twitterdelic” (among other things) as soon as I have had a good peruse. :)

  • Paul Elam

    Dear feminist hate mongers:

    Merry fucking Christmas.

    • 4thtroika

      And Happy New Year – or not.

    • Zorro

      You are so fucking too cool for school!

    • DruidV

      More deafening silence from the OP.

      They can run, but they can’t hide.

    • TigerMan

      ROFL couldn’t have expressed it better myself :)

    • ForsakenEagle

      Amen! Nothing but love and understanding for the “fairer” sex.

  • Stu

    I look forward to many more revelations from Wikiorange.

    • Robert O’Hara

      Oh, there will be! Do take a peak.

  • Dr. F

    Oh maaaate. Har Harrr !

    Santa shoved a stink bomb in some stockings this year

    I believe in the bastard again :)

  • MCS

    There is so much in there. This will take some sifting.

  • scott1978

    I never thought i could read such vile shit and yet still be smiling about it … merry fucking christmas to every feminist reading this

  • Zarathos022

    It only serves well that at least Radfem Hub stayed quiet about it.

    They don’t want to get caught in the shitstorm they created for themselves, do they?

    Merry Fucking Christmas, indeed, you misandric cunt-dragons.

  • Stu

    That file is obviously being downloaded by the whole world LOL. I can tell, the download is crawling.

    • Izzey

      OMG, I thought my computer was going to explode!! LOL!!!

      I’ve been reading since I finally got in.

      And they think men’s sites are bad?

      I’m laughing at the immature gooey drivel.
      I’m crying for the children some of these ‘women’ may have.

      And I’m spitting fire… every time I read the true violent nature of some of these seriously unbalanced psychopaths.

      These women make ‘bitches and cunts’ look like sugar and spice.

      Sheeesh….my new computer must feel so violated.
      I’m going to have to disinfect everything now.

      Still reading…wearing protective goggles.
      One of those threads may spit something disgusting in my eyes.

      What a fucking joke.
      (Actually, no joke) These are the type of women that should have a third gender named after them. They could not possibly belong to the two that we know of.

      • Dr. F

        Izzey mate… you remind me of an angry fish landed on a boat.

        Talk about being ticked off.

        You’re nipping and snapping and there’s no way in hell any femmster out there can rope you in with the siren call of, ” Whooo sista, yeah you… feelin’ a bit lonely there in the mostly blokey crowd. C’mon home girrrl. ”

        Nah, better you keep on nipping and snapping for us aye.

      • Agent Orange

        Don’t feel like your alone. I had a couple sleepless nights after I collected the first batch of data. It was difficult to keep my emotions under control as I read some of the posts that were written. The fact that some of these people have influence in their communities and countries makes it that much worse to me. Each time I found another connection, I felt my hackles rise in response.

        Schoolteachers? Lobbyists? Public Speakers?

        This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a couple dozen names associated with those files that I could not release, because of the lack of real data to back up my finds.

        It gets worse. There are other groups out there just like this one, each one is connected to the others by the same names in many cases. Some of our MRAs and Non-Feminist friends have had run-ins with these names all over the internet……and some of these names show up in very dark corners with a whole new set of names surrounding them.

        The fact of the matter is that this is not just some crazy conspiracy theory. These people are saying what they cannot say in public. They are revealing their heart of hearts to each other….and those hearts are filled with a black bile.

        I would task each person who thinks the “A” in MRA means “Activist”, to actually start taking a look around outside the confines of this site and others like it. Start really reading what these people say, find out who they associate with, and how they reference their ideology. now is as good a time as any, since there are going to be reactions to what has been done lately.

        Trust me when I tell you that I did not just grab any thread I saw. EVERY thread has a purpose. Every thread contains at least one phrase that outs them for what they stand for. Remember HOW they say what they say, and be prepared to use that knowledge to explain to those fence-sitters out there that siding with people like these….that electing officials that cater to these vipers….and that simply standing around and hoping it goes away will see them in chains….and see their children in chains as well.

        These people on this forum (and many other forums, I assure you), know that they collude against many of the women out there. There are explicit conversations about this in the documentation. They say straight out that they may have to kill the grown women with the men…..and keep all the girls….just to make sure that all those women did not re-institute patriarchal standards.

        Sickening fucking bitches. I’d add some more emotionally charged stuff as to how it felt to find this…..and find out my work has just begun in the process, but I think you get the idea.

        • Dr. F

          You are the Julian Assange of the MRA.

        • Arvy

          Darn right it’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s not quite true, however, that the expression of such extreme misandric sentiments is confined to “very dark corners” on the internet. Some very prominent web sites (especially some so-called “progressive” ones) are well populated with commentators and commentary that are almost as dire and offensive, if somewhat more subtly stated for public consumption. What’s even more nauseating is the chorus of male responders tripping all over themselves to agree that the world would be a better place if only all the “testosterone” (i.e., men and boys) could be eliminated somehow.

          Try browsing some of the comments to be found at as just one of many examples. Or, on second thought, don’t. You already have enough on your plate. Great job! Very well done!

        • Usagi Yojimbo

          The problem is we exposed only one of their hubs; a significant one, but only one. We have put these more of these out in the open. Otherwise, we will be laughed off as conspiracy nuts when they go deeper to ground.

          We are going more and more public. These people need to be brought more and more public as well, to the light of truth. We need to keep infiltrating them and publishing their hated and genocidal ideas (eliminating men eliminates the human race; humans aren’t hermaphrodites,) so that the truth can come out; that they hate not only men, but the human race.

          It would be funny if there wasn’t a vast amount of support they could hose our lives with.

      • gwallan

        These are the type of women that should have a third gender named after them.

        They do. Separatist lesbian. They would recognise and honour it themselves.

        I lived in inner Melbourne for many years as a younger bloke(70s thru 80s). Quite a few of them lived in the area. About half a dozen of them started using a local coffee shop I frequented. They exude an aura of hatred that can empty any environment they enter within moments. The poor old Lebanese owner was confronting oblivion.

        They did move on after a couple of weeks. I like to think my consistently refusing to budge may have contributed. The regulars returned. They were too nice a bunch to deserve the wash of hatred their second home had seen.

        I generally get on really well with lesbians of the non-separatist variety. They are no threat to me and I find myself more comfortable than with heterosexual women in many ways. The separatists are not liked much by anybody. They are simply not nice people as the “files” are demonstrating. As you read them consider also how much they must hate normal women.

        • Dr. F

          I reckon I might know of the place you’re talking of.

          If it’s the place I’m thinking of you’ll be happy to know that it’s still there.

          The falafals are more expensive than they were I’ll wager.

  • Dannyboy

    Looks like the radfemtwits will be having many sleepless night over the holidays .
    I am hard pressed to think of any other group of individuals who deserve it more .
    I am betting the radfemtwits will be wishing they received coal in their stockings this year instead of total exposure to the world.

  • C.A. George

    Looks like I’ll be doing some light reading over the holiday break. I think it’s my duty also to forward this info to as many of these gals employers as possible, so they know what kind of dangerous sociopaths they have working for them. A holiday project! :)

  • Arvy

    Having watched that introductory SCUM video several times now, I really can’t understand the objection. It’s just a bunch of feminists portraying themselves as they really are: murderous, evil, empty-headed prancers and dancers who object to nasty paternalistic habits like quietly reading about news and current events. What’s wrong with that?

    Now, if any man had thus portrayed the true misandric tendencies of feminists, that would be unforgivable.

  • scatmaster

    Shortly after the news broke Reddit was on fire with comments in a thread called “mensrights announces their plan to release the private information of RadFem Hub posters,” in which Radfem sympathizers accused Agent Orange of enticing terrorism and violence against the Radfem Hub posters by releasing their personal information.

    • DruidV

      Why is this not at all surprising? Will the stupid blue pill heads ever wake up and smell the stench that is feminazism?

    • orry

      Isn’t that typical!

      Never mind the content of murder and eugenics. Never mind the fact that the RadFem posters are the ones promoting terrorism and violence.

      [You fucking men caught us off guard. You’re not supposed to do that goddammit! Don’t you know that you’re never, ever supposed to allow us to be seen in a bad light? Don’t you know we are not responsible for our actions? It’s all your fucking fault. Now I can’t even go out in public without whipping myself into a hysterical frenzy that everybody I meet will want to harm me. You’re all just a bunch of misogynists.]

      Boo Fucking Hoo!

  • Damon L

    Mirrored on file sharing sites.

    • Christianj

      Excellent addition, added list to all blogs..
      Should speed things up a bit, cannot be accused of information denial..

  • Agent Orange

    I want to thank the folks here at AVFM for their support. I would also like to thank Marx, the head admin and owner of Anti-Misandry for hosting the Agent Orange Files. I wish everyone well this holiday season. Remember….we can all be Santa Claus. Spread the cheer!

    • Dr. F

      REM put the lyrics this way:

      “Follow me, don’t follow me
      I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my orange crush.”

      …but you knew that anyway didn’t you Mr Crush ?

      Merry Christmas to you Santa O. Crush and thanks from all of us for serving turkey dung pie to the red faced fem goblins.

    • Fidelbogen

      Speaking of spreading the “cheer”, I have put together a list of (contact) resources — journalists, newspapers, government people — which might be of help in carrying out such a mission.

      • C.A. George

        Nice! I’ll use these to start spreading the holiday cheer.

    • JinnBottle

      Agent O: You’re a paragon of heroism, man. Thank YOU.

    • ForsakenEagle

      All of your hard work is much appreciated. You have done a great service to the ideal of justice with your actions.

      Don’t let these “rads” put the fear of your fellow man, Big Brother, into you. They are the ones who need to be investigated, not the MRA’s.

      Merry Christmas / happy holidays.

  • Alfred E

    After just a very little reading of these disgusting mobius strips of human beings I am startled at how expert they think they are in all things masculine. They are certain that they know what it is like to be male and they pronounce their bogus assumptions as if they are fact. Go figure. They have absolutely no way to know this but of course that does not stop them. It is remarkable how stupid these people truly are. They really think they know what it is like to be a man. This reminds me of white racists in the 1950’s yapping on about how bad blacks are. I mean really. It is that bad.

  • Sting Chameleon

    Yay for early Christmas present! Choke on it you cunts!

  • Krazie316

    Holy CRAP that’s a lot of files in that zip……

    • Agent Orange

      Took a while to redact those things, too.

  • JinnBottle

    Picked 3-4 random samples out of the downloaded Agent Orange Files. So far…I’ve seen worse. They so far seem generally to be your boring bunch of dog-marms in a tea circle (one actually was pining to “have tea together”), agreeing with one another thoroughly, and (thus) keeping their problems stuck. But my sampling thus far is admittedly negligible.

  • ZenCo.

    The silence from these maggots is deafening!
    Just look at that globe you female supremacist pigs – It’s lit up like a fire sale at Neiman Marcus!
    And this is just the beginning…

  • MRA.
    • Stu

      Just wait until Dr F sees that cartoon, he’ll cry and hang up his charcoal and crayons forever. My cartoon depiction of his Manblobz character some time ago caused a delayed nervous breakdown resulting in his disappearance sometime later to recover from his feelings of inferiority………I know that’s what is was. :)

      • Dr. F

        Ok I thumbed you up Stu,

        I still think it looks like Darth Vader and with the eggs on the face a double whammy.

        I admit there were some sleepless, and yes tearful, nights of envy with the walls of my bedroom hearing the cries of, “Stu you bastard… you bastard Stu !”

        I got better though you bastard.

        Sorry ’bout that last bit, it just slipped out you bastard.

        Ooops. sorry again.


  • MrStodern

    To feminists who say we’re putting women’s lives in danger:

    Thanks for once again exposing your hypocrisy. You, and we, know damn good and well that if men were advocating the extermination of women, you would have no objection to their identities being revealed publicly. You would not raise a stink. You would not claim those men’s lives are in danger. Everyone can trust in this. And do you want to know how I know this?

    Because whenever the identity of a man who’s been merely accused of committing a crime (especially against a woman) is revealed publicly, YOU DON’T HAVE SHIT TO SAY. You don’t protest. You don’t stage rallies. You don’t complain. You. Don’t. Say. Shit.

    So go shove your complaints up your asses you stupid, hypocritic bigots. We’re going to keep shine a big fucking bright light on all of you until you crawl back under the filthy fucking rock you came from and fucking stay there until the end of time.

    Fuck you.

    EDIT: It appears I touched a nerve. Good.

    • MrStodern

      To the people who voted down my post: Why don’t you stop being cowards and make yourselves known, hmm? You got something to say to me? Say it. Otherwise, fuck off.

    • keyster

      Here’s the thing Mr. S. Exposing these women puts them in danger, because men have the innate intellect, capability, skill set, courage and fortitude to carry out such acts…and these women, other than law enforcement, have no way to protect themselves.

      (How often does Mr. Elam have to invite Jessica Valenti to his home, before she’ll actually accept?)

      That’s what makes the hypocrisy of their claims of superiority so palpable. They say and do whatever they want until they’re outed, and then play the fearful damsel in distress card.

      If they believe in gender equality, then why are they so afraid? Don’t they think Hugo is brave and strong enough to save them from harm?

      • MrStodern

        The very idea that I would put any effort into committing acts of violence against anyone, let alone women, is pretty insulting on their part. Not to mention ridiculous.

        Here’s a clue feminists: I don’t even give a shit about you enough to harass you through the internet. And no, posting on AvfM doesn’t count. This isn’t your usual hang out, it’s mine. You never have to know what I say about you if you don’t come here. I’m not even on YouTube anymore, so sleep soundly tonight knowing that you’ll never have to see my ugly face pop up on there.

        Not that I left the place to spare you of that. Like I said, I don’t give a shit about you. You can all kiss my ugly ass.

  • Masculist Man

    Good work,Agent Orange.

    Well done.

  • Zuberi

    Good work, orange!

    Merry Fucking Christmas, femtards!!!!!

  • Dr. F

    Whoop Whoop ! Baron Von Red Thumb is back…

    Whoop Whoop ! (Air raid siren sounds)

  • tonysprout

    One application I can see is Amazon book reviews. I understand one or more of these women are authors. Pick the worst post you can find and add it to a book review for the offender.

  • tonysprout

    I’ve tried 5 times to post this in yahoo comments under a story about some leftists getting Newt’s name for a website. Doesn’t seem to be showing up for some reason..
    “BREAKING NEWS! Radical Feminist website BUSTED. Download files at agentorangefiles in the dot of the com. Read about deep hatred of men. Read about women who want to kill all men. Read WHO these women are and what positions of power they hold. Read what Lucy Nicholas, professor of sociology at the University of Edinburgh has to say. It’s all there folks and more! . Downlad these files and distrubute them. agentorangefiles in the dot of the com.”

  • andybob

    What confuses me is the fact that, despite their occupations, none of these women come across as mental heavyweights. Their infantile tantrums and mean-girl rants are embarrassingly banal and predictable. It beggars belief that any of them hold positions of power and influence in their communities.

    These creatures seem so desperate to appear radical and profound. They are all competing to be the most violent and outrageous. This is probably why most of their threads devolve into orgies of paranoid delusion, like meth heads at a gang bang.

    One of them describes her religion as, “woman-centred spirituality”. Translation: “I am a ‘Goddess”. No, you’re not. You are just a typical narcissistic bigot – one that is now spotlit in perpetuity. Thank you Mr Agent Orange.

    • Arvy

      If the presence of mental lightweights in influential positions of public trust surprises you, you obviously haven’t spent much time looking into the rosters of governmental, educational, judicial and other “public service” organizations that currently shape and oversee Western society’s day-to-day existence.

      • keyster

        Spot on mate!

        Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, etc. Strident femagogues do not have to have the highest IQs to be in positions of power.

        What’s important is that these women are now outed and should anyone of them ever rise up nationally, a written record of bizarre positions exists they’d be forced to defend.

    • Jade Michael

      “most of their threads devolve into orgies of paranoid delusion, like meth heads at a gang bang.”

      Andybob…I may very well love you. LOL.

      And Agent Orange is a real life Santa bringing treats to the good kids and leaving dung in the stockings of the hateful ones. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And to all a good night.

    • TigerMan

      Good point and to me the fact that so many of them are such lightweights only increases my suspicions that these extremists are indeed “useful idiots” being used as part of another game played by the elite tier.

  • TigerMan

    Aside from my tweets, BBC Panorama and Dominic Raab MP have both now been notified and updated (complete with links). I’ll keep you posted on feedback (if any).

  • Whitney

    I’m in no position to do it but another Canadian could become offended by the woman on the Kingston City Counsel and lodge an official CHRC complaint. CHRC (us taxpayers) will foot the legal bill for you. It’s about time it was used for good instead of harassing journalists who print a cartoon of Mohammed.

    • Pierre Savoie

      JohnTheOther mentioned that Canadian Human Rights Commissions are the Thought Police, a separate, kangaroo court, and it would not be right to encourage it. Personal joblessness of this woman should be enough.
      Also, in Toronto there was an Aboriginal woman in an Aboriginal women’s shelter who just let her newborn baby starve to death, without anyone in the shelter really taking notice. The media were tight-lipped as to WHY this would happen. Could this feminist ideology of destroying males physically be the reason?

  • scott1978

    I just had a moment of clarity …… for those who are claiming its wrong to do this , that these womens privacy is whats important , id direct you to the fact that the radfem dingbats actually doxxed john the other a while back and actually made DIRECT threats towards him .

    Now we are simply talking about outing these people in the public interest , no threats made yet somehow they get a pass and we are criminals ?? double standard methinks.

    • TigerMan

      The gloves came off decades ago when it came to men and boys and have been for decades, these failed aspirants to humanity do not deserve any chivalrous consideration whatsoever. The key thing is to inform the wider public that there is a great difference between the PR ideals of feminism and how it is actually practised. Another thing to remember is that our elites support feminist bigotry with some luck they might be so horrified at what has been uncovered (and therefore must be covered up!) that they might just overplay their hand.

    • Pierre Savoie

      It’s called a pussy pass. Women committing crimes get off lightly because they are women, and if mentally ill, they get to stay on the streets and not locked up in institutions, because they are women.

  • Fidelbogen


    I believe that many of you will find the following worth a look:

  • Whitney

    What his name … man(ladyparts) already has a post up about this. He cherrypicked the least offensive parts and is defending them.

    • andybob

      Cognitive dissonance in action. Manboobz is a moral vacuum, like his hubsista ‘betters’.

    • Dannyboy

      Well now perhaps a little heat for the femtwits and their boot licking poster boy . Oh and radfemtwits screen capture already done and filed merry fuckin X-mas every single one of you. Enjoy your life being put under the microscope.

      survivorthriver says:
      25 April, 2011 at 00:19

      Hey, thanks BB for sending me over here, and here I am! I do remember feminist discussions in the early 1970′s where a conscious choice was made NOT to be militant because the MIC is so over-powerful we’d just be wiped out before any spread of the feminist meme was possible.

      I heard elsewhere that a good model for targeting militant action was SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty) where some individuals researched those responsible, and had a Tor browser protected wiki site where they reported their findings, and other individuals were free to take direct action against those individuals/sites. The researchers must not recommend any actions, nor have any connection to those who would take direct action.

      I’m thinking that the ancient female wisdom of poisoning is relevant. The elites require 4,000 remoras (think those tiny fish that groom the sharks) for maintenance. A well-connected caterer needs lots of part-time remoras and who would know if a friend sashayed in with a vial of….please let me know if this violates security speech or if there is a better venue for details.

      Dickipedia is an existing wiki site, anonymous and a place where industry based (entertainment predators, banking predators, etc) dick information could be uploaded.

      My bones tell me to stay safe to protect the grandchildren. When I was 22 I became aware of my fingers as the blind instruments in a river of destiny, and I have 40,000 years of songs whispering through my veins. My ancestors were murdered in the Burning Times. Neither my mother nor my grandmother ever had an orgasm, I asked them is how I know. To become sexual in my lifetime was breaking a silent code which my women followed to be safe. I believe it goes back to Iron Ages co-optation. I also broke the silence on rape and molestation, and, much to my chagrin, see the efforts to liberate women’s sexuality having been turned against us with a pornification of female sexuality. Arrgh.

      They can’t crucify us all, yes. Personally, I think women might be devious, very very devious. Don’t show our hand, keep the element of surprise. March yes, against very specific actors such as banks, or show support for Planned Parenthood?

      I also feel the Celtic wild women in my veins. My father, Welsh blood. My mother, Danish blood, wild witches.

      Acting out in sheer numbers is one thing, but well targeted strategic actions from isolated “cells” of 1-3 women based on publicly available information might also be useful?

      Oh, secretly I was going to abort my second pregnancy if it were a male. Because I was over 40 I was eligible for a chorionic villus sampling early in pregnancy and did so. She was a girl, and had that baby. I understand many sex selections are for males, but not all. I am behind aborting male fetus for as long as it takes. Sorry, but only can speak on that because it was my plan. I know abortion for sex selection is one of the targets for clamp down, and I wonder, is that because more males are aborted in U.S. now? I guess there’s no statistics on that.

      Thanks again BB for sending me over here, like I told you, I have said recently that I vacillate between being a Buddhist nun and a sniper. It’s a tough fence.
      survivorthriver says:
      25 April, 2011 at 00:28

      I’m all for the Annie Oakley remedy.

      My 2011 goal is to buy my piece, and conceal carry.
      FAB Libber says:
      25 April, 2011 at 00:48

      Hiya ST, welcome.
      Many good things to think about. Definitely divvying up roles within the (non-)organisation is a good thing. We also might need things like a pool of funds for bail money and stuff.

      But, probably best not to talk in too much detail in public.

      The important message that the dudes need to understand – you have pushed us far enough, and we will fight back. Totally sick of your pornsick, dickcentric world. An uprising is coming, it is in the wind.
      ball buster says:
      25 April, 2011 at 01:16

      Oooh poisoning. I likey, very much. We have a witch in our midst, I looooove it! :)

      Your welcome, ST, anytime!
      Sargasso Sea says:
      25 April, 2011 at 01:46

      Personally, I am not a fan of firearms unless cute chicks are brandishing them. 😛

      We favor big dogs in the little wood. Those who have been abused by men tend to be *abnormally* opposed to men in the den. They are our TRUE allies.
      survivorthriver says:
      25 April, 2011 at 01:56

      BB, don’t inflate my ego. Well, I do consort with a coven of 40 years place-based female owned real estate owned pagan reality. My grade school friends partner is a great-grandmother leader there. There are so many examples of pretty tools still, multiple necklaces and rings, “poison pendants and poison rings” still available for the purchase on e-Bay. She-Bay? I purchased a vintage silver pendant in Sumatra in 1981, with a secret opening in the back. Very tribal looking, 150 years old. Sold as “prayer necklace”….oops, spilled something! Sumatra was a very recent matriarchal outpost – must’ve hid well from the xtiann onslaught b/c Bukitinggi still matrilineal although young dudes going to city for jobs….and don’t know about their Sumatran head hunter collaboration days, might not be pretty for all women.

      I’m just a lowly novelist (one complete great rejection letter and 3 partials, poetry collection and write for a living now), but I’m getting quite zoned in on the “next project”. If vampires are popular now, might nouveau witches wear well? Anarchist nouveau-witch herbalist artist nun? Saltpetre is so AVAILABLE, for the average caterer/cook. Come on, served with booze (especially bourbon that dulls the palate) it should be a no-brainer. Saltpetre distribution should be as possibly common as communion? Oh Goddess, don’t get me started.
      cherryblossomlife says:
      25 April, 2011 at 10:21

      I really feel a truth, deep in my bones: that if a man raped my daughter, I would kill him in a heartbeat. Silent and stealth like. Burning would be good.
      Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have said that.
      Who knows, in another ten years time, I might kill a man who raped another woman’s daughter.
      FAB Libber says:
      25 April, 2011 at 10:38

      Understandable CBL, the justice system is failing to deter the ongoing rape culture – even for paedophiles, who clock up many victims before they are locked up (and even then, not for life).

      Hint: You might also have access to a lot of Puffer Fish Livers where you live 😉
      cherryblossomlife says:
      25 April, 2011 at 12:34

      FAB Libber says:
      25 April, 2011 at 13:06

      The recipes are endless:
      Fugu-liver tea
      Fugu-liver soup
      Dried Fugu-liver seasoning
      Fugu-liver marinade

      Might need a little rattlesnake venom side dish to make sure the job is done… 😉
      survivorthriver says:
      25 April, 2011 at 13:59

      “Ricin is a toxalbumin that may be extracted from the castor bean (Ricinus communis). ” The pulp from eight beans is considered toxic for an adult.

      We’ve all got seed catalogs, heard that ricin isn’t hard to manufacture. Maybe a contaminated box of Girl Scout cookies sold door to door just for special friends. Ding dong, rapist delight for sale! Well, maybe some chille con carne y castor beans would work better.

      Venom for culture vipers, that’s got some legs too.
      FAB Libber says:
      25 April, 2011 at 14:30

      chille con carne y castor beans LOL

      Not 😛 to give anyone ideas or anything (sorry, hard to keep a straight face typing that) a rather interesting website:

      Sadly, according to this site, the chille con carne y castor beans does not seem to be reliable:

      But I might have an old umbrella lying around somewhere 😛

      Oh yeah, had better put in the standard disclaimer of “yaddah yaddah yaddah, don’t mean it and stuff yaddah yaddah”. Legal bases covered; check!
      Sargasso Sea says:
      25 April, 2011 at 15:19

      I mean, really, this is just a little game we like to play. It’s just fantasy; no one is getting hurt. It’s no big deal. We’re just better at compartmentalizing and besides that it’s totally natural and healthy even to want to kill men.

      All you moralists need to stop being so uptight. Jeez.
      FAB Libber says:
      25 April, 2011 at 15:45

      SarSea, the sex mozzers (and in particular the bdsmers) might get a bit sulky if we pinch their excuses arguments.

      Perhaps more of us need to learn code, and make video games with this stuff in it? After all, it’s all harmless fun™ right? right?

      Perhaps we can call it “manicide play”? After all, sticking the word ‘play’ onto the end of harmful practises suddenly makes it all warm and fuzzy! Works for them.
      maggie says:
      25 April, 2011 at 15:48

      Play sure does make it harmless and targets younger people. It’s insidious and abusive. Always has been!!! Nothing new here.
      survivorthriver says:
      25 April, 2011 at 19:21

      Love the Poison Garden. Used to cultivate foxglove (digitalis), and did some baby rose wood seeds, datura in my day. Work now with a native and medicinal herb specialist, she’ll be great to help plot the next novel or any sub-plots.

      There was an incident in Tacoma, WAshington last week, a 66 year old dude had a padded cell attached to his mobile where he chained/raped/electroded a hooker. She texted a friend en route when dude went to get cigs for her, with his license plate and msg. to rescue her if not back by midnight and dude did release her when he checked her text and saw the evidence of his imminent bust. She had asked him if he was going to kill her and he’d said maybe. But, she was resuced by police after friend called them. Well! Newspaper comments under Tacoma and Seattle newspaper articles talked about normal “role playing” and how prosti knew what she was getting into. I of course take every opp to post anti-prOn and anti-prosti stuff. Shit fuck damn. Role play my ass. Am I right that BDSM got transferred over from gay boy and sick fuckers via porno to mainstream? Not to blame “gay” but….how the hell did that crap crawl out of Marquis de Sade’s grave? Please educate me, although I did know a dyke whose partner got her into that and Artemis willed her full body harness to me but I refused that bestowal. She knew I hated pain associated to sex. And, back to sick bondage dude, any recommendations for my public comments for upcoming articles on that puppy?

      Anyway! Back to the amusement du jour – tales of a gang of femmes gone radically bad ass on rapists and pedophiles. I’m collecting ideas for the short story, and would also need some simulated photos. Dudes with ball gags looking sweaty and ridiculous. Intimidated by gang of gorgons orgasming menstrual blood on his face. But, an example that is NOT something a perv could get off on…but “educational” as in….how would YOU like this dudes. Does this look remotely sexy? And, then the gang gets a call, alert alert, known neighborhood sex perf, rapist coming in the neighbors window. I dunno, I’m all for “pen is mightier than the sword” especially if some funny shit went viral.

      Gosh, this will take a lot of cleverness to finesse. Just a fictional project here! For educational purposes. Muahahaha – love that laugh.
      joy says:
      25 April, 2011 at 21:10

      Menocide play, yes, I do think I like that.

      My tactic right now is to say it in that “joking” tone of voice that I have — the one I’ve cultivated that confuses men more than usual, “Is she serious, is she joking, or is she just so much cooler than I am that I don’t get it? Must be that, so I should play along lest she stop thinking I’m cool.”
      (It’s a reversal of a concept in the SCUM Manifesto, actually, and it plays on male insecurity the way they typically play on ours. Also, I really am just a lot cooler than any given dude anyway.)

      So they laugh, “Haha, menocide! I don’t get it. She’s just really radical and making a really radical joke that I don’t get because I’m square. She wouldn’t really ever do anything bad though. I do get that!”

      Boy, won’t they be really surprised someday.

      But it was all in play, officer. You can’t take any of this seriously. After all, when you come right down to it, it’s just a man’s word against mine, and we all know men lie out their asses all the time.
      Sargasso Sea says:
      25 April, 2011 at 21:21

      Joy is my sister!
      survivorthriver says:
      26 April, 2011 at 02:16

      “Yes, officer, dude really liked rough sex play so we were making love just like usual. Hey! There’s a catalog here of “role play” other men like it too, we’d been looking at that right before….well, ocifer, I think I’m going to cry. Oh god, he looked so darling with a ball gag in his mouth like a roast suckling pig and that “come hither” look. “
      womononajourney says:
      26 April, 2011 at 13:25
      FAB Libber says:
      26 April, 2011 at 14:14

      LOL, WJ. brilliant!
      From the site:

      Ever had one of those seemingly endless days?
      All you want to do is to get home… You’re the last one out of the office. Its getting dark outside…

      You walk down the streets and realize the streetlights are burnt out.
      There’s no one around. You hear a footstep behind you. The light flickers.

      You turn and he says, “I wanna lick you all over…..”

      And then you remember, you’re packing a 3′ long .80 caliber machine gun that’s locked and loaded.

      Ladies, are you sick and tired of catcalling, hollering, obnoxious one-liners and creepy street encounters? Tired of changing your route home to avoid uncomfortable situations?

      Mary Sunshine says:
      26 April, 2011 at 14:32

      Ahhh!!! That’s gonna be my new solitaire. There’s a “PLAY” tab, you dload a little online player app, & you can play for a limited time.
      noanodyne says:
      26 April, 2011 at 19:01

      My favorite idea yet (other than random poisonings, of course) a radfem video game company!!
      noanodyne says:
      26 April, 2011 at 19:03

      Ya think Diana DiMassa would license Hothead to us?
      Sargasso Sea says:
      26 April, 2011 at 19:10

      Heybabygame is good, clean fun. :)
      survivorthriver says:
      26 April, 2011 at 19:17

      Yes, please, Radfem video game company! Proceeds donated to …..fill in the blank.

      The videos could have sub-plots of poisonings and bingo! I mean a virtual poison garden and distillation how to.

      From a blog post titled ” Militancy is our only option ”

      • scott1978

        hmmm , they are talking about using the darknet , so feminism is going to go hide with peadophiles and abusers, this would be funny if it wasnt so sad.

  • TigerMan

    In the UK we have a major supermarket chain which uses the slogan “every little helps”. Recently I have been hash-tagging many of my tweets with the #humanism tag and it has paid off before and now again as the internet “rag” complied from tweets called “Humanism Daily” included my tweet about today’s release of “agent Orange files. My tweet is towards bottom of front page far right column ! lol

    Correction – The article here is also mentioned in the first column on the front page – don’t know how I missed it first time – btw my twitter handle is “Len Firewood” in case you were wondering lol

  • ForsakenEagle

    Sharing this link. Thank you for all of the hard work Agent Orange.

    I have downloaded the files and I will back them up to multiple sources, just in case.

    Merry Christmas all!

  • SJoA

    Can we please register the real names on of the feminists who said the below and provide their real names?

    Quote “Bonobobabe says:
    “Actually, now that I think about it, a better source of animal glue (and leather, for that matter) would be from the bodies of men who have committed any crime against a woman. They should be put to death, skinned, and then their carcasses can be boiled for glue.”
    Bonobobabe continues:
    “Although, I think we would be overrun and probably wouldn’t have
    the resources to deal with all the bodies.”

    • Dannyboy

      Scroll up a bit and look at my comment from one of radfemtwits blog posts . And I quote
      survivorthriver says:
      25 April, 2011 at 00:19
      “….. I’m thinking that the ancient female wisdom of poisoning is relevant. The elites require 4,000 remoras (think those tiny fish that groom the sharks) for maintenance. A well-connected caterer needs lots of part-time remoras and who would know if a friend sashayed in with a vial of….please let me know if this violates security speech or if there is a better venue for details. …”
      But hey she’s just a woman advocating for the poisoning of the elites or in other words men

      • Dannyboy

        Another good one posted by FAB Libber

        ” FAB Libber says:
        25 April, 2011 at 00:48

        Hiya ST, welcome.
        Many good things to think about. Definitely divvying up roles within the (non-)organisation is a good thing. We also might need things like a pool of funds for bail money and stuff.

        But, probably best not to talk in too much detail in public.

        The important message that the dudes need to understand – you have pushed us far enough, and we will fight back. Totally sick of your pornsick, dickcentric world. An uprising is coming, it is in the wind.”

        FAB says we shouldn’t discuss methods of murder in an open forum .

  • SJoA

    Yes truly sickening; I was just using that one quote as an example. “Saltpetre poisoning as common as communion” was another totally crazy one. These people are mentally ill. The FBI needs to investigate them before they commit mass murder.

  • http://none universe

    Radfem Hub and other major sources for feminist news and commentary have remained curiously silent on the matter. There is no mention of the release either on Radfem, Jezebel, Feministe or Feministing as might have been expected considering the comments on Reddit. R O’H
    – Thank you for the ground-breaking journalism Misters O’Hara and Orange. I wish you well and that you are free from future harm by the shining lights at team feminism.
    This work has far too long been absent from appearing within the universe so much that these fem clowns have the unmitigated gall to consider involving a federal law agency to investigate those who have deservedly outed them. Here surfaces that telling word again : solipsism. Those of such characteristic have once again proven that their place is not within the realm of public affairs.

    Posting this a little late.
    It would be of sheer co-incidence that others may have already written something similar. My apologies to those whose comments I did not read before posting mine.

    From my observances of feminists and their positions on matters I believe that many on the aforementioned feminist sites are, firstly, silent on this outing of their kindred sisters because they are much too busy trying to cover their collective broad back-sides by looking at eliminating any possible security risks within their respective domains.

    Just like the five year old caught with their hand in the cookie jar by the nearest adult they’re also hoping no one else will notice or will say or do anything. Like it never happened, right?

    But this last one indicts most, if not all, females. From my experiences with those of the opposite sex, females of any age, even though they revel at pointing accusing fingers, can not weather the ones pointing back. I’ve noticed the pained resignation of silence or deliberate deflective obfuscation when their actions have been discovered as being in error or morally groundless, hoping it will all be forgotten real soon. Then after a short time the pattern of nagging accusations start again. Only to fade once their shortcomings are once again pointed out. It does takes a while for maturity to set in.

    Get used to these familiar feelings feminist girls. More of these fact finding ventures are to come your way more often.
    The enemies you’ve helped gestate over the years. You’ve played a large role in facilitating their wrath.
    Those possessing good will, will, at times, be forced by compassion to turn their faces away.

    • Pierre Savoie

      This situation existed before. “Oh, we’re so intellectual, we’re so witty, we know what’s wrong with society. And what’s wrong is Jews. Why don’t we kill them all?”

  • Pierre Savoie

    On the site , I would have appreciated some warning about how big the file is. It’s taking many minutes to download. The size should be mentioned next to the download link.

    • Pierre Savoie

      Oh, and the size comes to 165 MB. But because of server use it took several minutes to download.

  • CyclotronMajesty

    Very good spy work.
    166 MB of reviling bubbling hate?
    What an aphrodisiac for 2012!

  • Mingtian

    I can almost guarantee you that these radfem women have the same mentality as the people on stormfront (white “pride” website) only with gender instead of race.

    So pathetic.

  • Alek

    I know this post must be so old, but while I am glad for the work taken to expose this sort of heinous mentality, I just have a small comment on the Agent Orange site and how it improperly labels MTF trans people as ‘trans men’ when they are trans women. It enforces the transphobic idea that trans people are doomed to forever be the gender they were assigned at birth.

    I understand the point trying to be made about how these feminists attack people socialized as male from birth, but a better term to use would be DMaB, for ‘designated male at birth’ which does not disrespect a trans person’s identity but still gets your point across. :)

  • Cordovan Splotch

    Does anybody still have the zip backed up somewhere? The site is gone and every article about this now only links to an empty lot.

    • David King

      Good question, thanks for bringing it to our attention. As soon as I can verify that I have the right stuff, I’ll update this post.

      • Cordovan Splotch

        Thanks, good to know they’re still available, the demand for these has gone up since #GamerGate started.

    • David King

      Updated. See how you go with those.