How We Kill Johnny

I wrote the script for this in my head at the same time these events happened, almost 15 years ago.  But I only just recently put it to paper and made this video.

Some stories just won’t leave your mind, no matter how long you wait.

Men make up over 79% of all suicides in this country.

This is just one of them.

National Suicide Helpline.

  • Pankaj

    I would say Feminism is Chivalry v2.0

  • Aharon

    Great video! Thanks for creating it.

    ‘Men are not and should not be disposable second class sub-humans for society and women. I’m trying to throw off the chains and brainwashing of chivalry. Men are not disposable lapdogs’.

    May I suggest that readers and supporters of A Voice for Men click through to watch the video on the Youtube site itself? That will just add to the number of views. You can also add comments for Youtube visitors to read and can give Paul a thumbs up too.


  • Richard Brown

    Thanks Paul!!

  • Sha

    LOVIN IT MAN !!!!

    As I always say,… these videos of yours serve as the best to when and where a tight slap in face or advice needed and leaves a stronger impact on all !!!

    I am sharing this video all over 😀

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  • Attila L. Vinczer

    One of the fundamental problems is that boys are raised by their mothers NOT their fathers, who are more often than not removed from their children’s lives and enslaved and stripped of all worth to the point of having NO reason left to live!

    In Canada 1 woman and 8 men will commit suicide every day of every year as they are driven to the ends of their means by the breakdown of their social environment, namely at the hands of their spouse! The mother may tell the children, “Dad was a coward and never did a damn thing for us!” How wrong that ill minded propaganda is!

    According to the University of Toronto Psychiatric Branch, men are FOUR times as likely to commit suicide than women! We need not wonder why, as men are destroyed every day and treated worse than the trash at the curb! That is the gratitude shown men for creating much of the luxury of modern society that we all enjoy!

    I often profess that it will take a major global catastrophe for men to be respected once again, when all of us will be forced to acknowledge the importance of men as we deal with whatever the calamity may be!

    Men will continue to be abused as long as we tolerate and allow it! Stand up for your rights and don’t be afraid to speak your mind for the worst thing we can do is to remain silent and do nothing!
    [file] abuse [1][/file]

  • Jon Jarboe

    Great video Paul!
    I was thinking of some unfair situations where men and women are completely not equal. Of course I found hundreds of different places in school jobs and social life but the one I considered a big slap in the face was the selective services.
    Men must sign up, a little more than unequal considering that the military accepts females and males gay or straight. Then I recalled a friend of mine who I would consider to be a pretty bright individual except for when it comes to women; needed to find a way to survive since he was unable to find a dependable job. So with his 70,000.00 dollar student loans going into default he is now considering enlisting in the army. Even though I believe he would do good in the armed services. I just could not see any man giving up his life dream to go risk his life fighting other men who too have a life dream.

  • Demosthenes XXI

    Damn Paul…just…damn.


    Bravo Paul!

  • Introspectre

    I remember this excellent essay well! Dropped by Youtube to vote this up and favorite it.

  • Aharon

    I just spoke with a pleasant young woman that works at Trader Joe’s and is not a feminist. She told me that one of her male friends was just recently attacked by his ex-wife who was trying to assault him with a knife. The man is ok. The woman from Trader Joes looked at me and said ‘women are nuts!’ Yes, I do believe most of the men active with the MM would agree with much of what she implied.

  • pbw

    Paul, that video could save a suicidal man if he listened to it —

  • Fizzy

    HUGE LIKE. You’re a great speaker. It’s good to see you’re getting back to making videos.

  • Robert Lynch

    How the hell do you wake up these complicit men?? I have been trying for years without any effect. It’s like a lesson in disassociating you can see them check out while you speak and then chuckle mindlessly like Homer Simpson. It is off the richter scale irritating.

    • Aharon

      When frogs are placed into a pot of boiling water they will take action and try to jump out.

      When frogs are placed into a pot of room temp water and then you turn up the heat gradually they won’t notice the pain and will slowly boil to death.

      How do we help men recognize the danger and pain they are in? How do we get the message out? How do we get them to make a decision to act?

      • Kris

        In my experience it is very difficult to organize men on the plank of opposing feminism, or on the plank of survival or self-preservation. Most men are wired for self-destruction and can not see through the matrix until the bamboo is stuck up their ass. These ‘Johnnies’ are too few in number, too dispersed, too inarticulate and too invisible to matter. The challenge is how do we find the Johnnies before they turn to desperate or dead Johnnies and make them see through the matrix. Internet is fine, but it can only preach to the choir. We have to start organizing on the ground. Every city must have a chapter that meets on a periodic basis to help and educate the members, before it is too late. We must organize activities in the community where we can reach boys and young men. We must find and build linkages with other groups on common pholosophic dimensions – religious conservatives on family, adultery etc; with human rights groups on feminist subversion of due process; with anti-war groups against sending our young “men” to die in distant lands; and with many such organized groups on common themes. The question of men’s rights must be raised in every possible forum on every possible occassion. Is it possible?

        • Aharon

          Yes, it is possible to some unknown degree, perhaps a great degree. I don’t (yet) know much about organizing independent supporters and uniting them with various groups some of whom only marginally overlap as allies with common interests.

          For example (and I am Not making a judgment or taking sides with the current Tea Party Movement), I had libertarian friends supporting them until they felt the movement taken over by the conservative right or Republicans. Those friends stopped or reduced their efforts. Again, I am Not taking sides or criticizing anyone on this issue as I only using it for illustration.

          There is also wisdom in keeping the fight and organizational system unorganized and without a head that the opposition can cut-off. See the article in the above tab under activism called ‘The virtues of disorganized resistance’, actually I’d suggest reading through ALL of them. They were compiled from the Angry Harry site.

          One thing that can be done to organize local chapters is for the pro MM sites to set up a shared page where supporters can register by states and/or cities to connect with other supporters. For obvious reasons no names or contact information should be publicly available online. People interested in joining should submit their contact information to be contacted. Perhaps each chapter should be broken up into smaller cells without anyone having the master list? One problem with people joining online is that the Internet can be hacked by those with the skills and resources if you get my drift.

          Either way, this whole thing is going to be an organic growing process.

          Again, please read the above article on the effectiveness of organizing without a strong central body and head that can be cut-off by those opposed to us.

  • Jimmy K.

    Keep up the good work! By the way Merry X-Mas to all of you!

  • rebtus

    While Bernard Chapin’s booming voice and facial expressions on his videos makes you want to fight back, Paul Elam’s somber voice in his video on the problems of men is enough to make a grown man cry/ (But not permitted).
    Chivalry is still alive and well on the editorial page of a newspaper. Link,0,7182650.story
    Happy Holidays.

    • keith

      did you read the follow up comment……unbelievable!!

  • Tuttle

    This is a great, heartrending essay, Paul. Thanks.

  • once fooled

    The politics of pity merely enables fools. Male psychologists need to show male fools how to tap into the potency of male power. Maybe then we wouldn’t have so many male murder/suicides.

  • Boycott


    Why American men should boycott American women

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    American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

    This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.


  • Watertiger

    Great video Paul! I gave it a thumbs up on You Tube.

  • rebtus

    Even in politics if a man expresses emotion, like seeming try cry, the media makes fun of them of destroy his career like Ed Muskie for president years ago.. Incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner is third in line to become a president. Click picture No 3.,0,5557099.photogallery

  • universe

    “And that concludes another installment from A Voice for Men dot com. I do hope you have enjoyed and it’s good to be back…”

    It’s great having another one of these audio vids presented and we do enjoy them. You say the things that need to be said.
    It’s off to You Tube for the upvote process.
    Word is getting around and nothing can stop it now.

  • Whitney


    I don’t have sound for my web browser, so I read the transcript I found at MND. I like the idea of addressing the victimization of males through the legal and family courts, but I feel the need to interject on what I feel is the canonization of men who harm others. Nobody can force your hand to “take your children with you” and you cannot justify the killing of the wife.

    I had a Sociology professor in University who studied the role people played in their own demise. He mostly studied men who had killed their spouses and concluded that people who are murdered tend to have irritating and/or provocative personalities. This means that they contributed to their own demise but with the caveat that nobody deserves to die (almost nobody).

    In your story, Johnny killed his wife and himself. I find the murder suicide to be detestable and indefensible regardless of what irritating or provocative steps she may have take (outside of trying to harm him physically). In other words, there is no defense for taking the life of an unarmed, non physically aggressive person.

    Surely you have a myriad of clear cut cases of lone suicide that you can use to pull heart strings that don’t involve deaths that can nullify the experience and the pain of the person committing suicide. IMHO,using Johnny does not help the Men’s Movement.

  • Daniel Martínez

    Thank you for this video Paul. If we can do something at all it should be to take away a little bit of the misandry in this world and make people become concerned about why men kill themselves and to do something about it.

  • criolle johnny

    Suicides among men are THREE times the rates of women. VETERANS are ONE out of every FIVE suicides.
    Another way we kill Johnny.