Facebones Sexual Harassment Fun Marathon

Some shit is just funny, and that would include the Facebones series of videos.

Check out this indictment of sexual harassment policy and politics in the modern workplace.  Facebones does a great job at pointing to the stupidity of our treatment of sexual harassment (when it even exists) and illustrates well that current policy is nothing more than a tool to create a different kind of sexual harassment in the workplace.

That of persecuting males.

  • http://none Sir Oliver of Zeta

    I’d like that question answered as much as Murderface..

    WILL THIS NEVER END?????????

    I mean, it’d be funny if it did’nt have any basis in reality.

  • Pankaj

    I thought sexual harrassment is basically whatever the woman claims it to be. At my workplace, they actually tell you as “unwanted advances” are sexual harassment. Well, if you never try, you won’t know if it is unwanted. IF they are unwanted…BZZZZ!

    If I were an angry lesbian gender separatist, and I wanted to keep all men away from women.. well I wont succeed totally, but if I could keep men from approaching women with some absurd and dangerous threat, which should seem innocous enough to attract Mangina support,… I wonder what I could do? Hmmm, interesting problem huh? ..let me think …. still thinking…. !

    • http://none Sir Oliver of Zeta

      Know what a lot of feminists are starting to remind me of/

      Crabs in the bucket. Do you know what I am talking about?

      • http://none Sir Oliver of Zeta

        Well do you?

        Those who go crabbin-fishing for crabs, know that you do not have to try very hard at keeping them contained. You can just keep them in a bucket uncovered. The reason? Everytime one crab tries to crawl to the top and escape….another one reaches up, grabs hold of it’s leg with it’s pincers…and pulls…the sucker…down.

        • http://none Sir Oliver of Zeta

          IWO it’s “Ohhh no ya don’t! Not so fast! If I gotta be boiled to death so do you pally!”

          Example: “If Mamma ain’t happy…”

          • http://avoiceformen.com Tom

            Example: “If Mamma ain’t happy…”

            … it’s because she has crabs in her bucket.

  • http://none Sir Oliver of Zeta

    Rarely, do I see men do that to one another.

    • Roland3337

      Not normal men. But I must admit that it has happened with some of the manginas at my place of employment.

      Damned sad, seeing guys acting that way.

      Turns the stomach.

      • http://none Sir Oliver of Zeta

        And I do empathize. And it turns mine too. In knotts!

    • Tom M

      Sir, Oliver, Uh… actually chivarists are worse than that. Oh, they aren’t men… Sorrrry.

      • http://none Sir Oliver of Zeta


  • Tom M

    the video sure nails SH for the shit (ridiculous totalitarian controlling BS) which it is…

    All well intentioned social programs lead to the same place – hell.

  • http://www.cyclotronmajesty.net Cyclotron Majesty


  • http://voiceformen.com J3DIforce1

    Do anything for dethklock

  • http://www.CanadaCourtWatch.com Attila L. Vinczer

    There was a time the majority of our employees were women, due to the fact that their hand dexterity is usually better than men’s and the work that we do requires it.

    Since my eyes have been opened up to what women do to men, I will NEVER hire another woman, ever again. EVER! Moreover, I am looking to hire only men who have been screwed over by the system of divorce and by the oppression of feminism.

    I strongly recommend that all men go into business where you work hard and control your destiny with many options. The way to heal is to live well. When you have been beat down and work for someone else you are being controlled and made to labour on a perpetual treadmill of eternal hard labour to benefit someone else, not YOU.

    Women are far too risky to hire and far too risky to be around!

  • Midnight Gypsy

    Always look into their eyes. Any lower IS sexual harassment.

    One day at work one of the guys said to me…. (when no women were around…)

    “Every time I see a girl walking away from me I know exactly what Her Ass Meant”

    “I Started With Nothing And Still Have Most Of It Left”
    Midnight Gypsy

    • Tom M

      But Dr. T said NOT to look in their eyes (into the eyes of any hostile or rabid animal).

      • Midnight Gypsy

        Best to not look at them at all, I agree.

        However, it becomes problematic in meetings and such at work.

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow P-Man

    OK, this one is risky – but I think it might be a song about modern women in general.

    Warning – it is graphic, it is from Dethklok, it is called, “castratikron”


    The older man running – that is how I felt when I was in college…

    Oh, it is metal – so if you hate metal – you might not want to watch it at all…

    • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow P-Man

      Here is are some of the lyrics:

      Sharpened claws poisoned tip manicure
      Painted skin hiding the beast within
      Daggered heels designed to cut your face
      No remorse crushing the human race

      YES! It is definitely a song about modern women!!!!

    • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

      Only problem with metal is you can’t understand most of the lyrics. Thanks for the link, I also watched “Dethklok talk about women”

      Women…they’re soul destroyers.

    • Tom M

      Dethkock, Dethkock, do anything for DethKock???

      The makers of that series KNOW the real nature of things. Femunists must hate that series, HATE it!

      I hope everyone listened to Tuesday’s AVfM Radio “Psycho women from Hell,” from minute 44:33 to 48:30 a very good description of what the Dethklock folks know and show:


  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    That was huckin filarious! Who are these guys? Have I been living in a bubble?

    • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow P-Man

      A cartoon featured on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.

      I own seasons 1-3 on DVD.



      Watch it – 11 minutes – true to life!

      Another good one to investigate is Sealab 2021 – there are frequently messages in that cartoon as well – that are coherent with these circles.

      Sealab 2020 was a childrens cartoon a long time ago – some people got ahold of it – and made it into funny stuff.

  • Keyster

    The thing is, if a woman’s attracted to you and you spurn her advances, she’ll hate you and undermine everything you do and spread rumors that you must be gay.

    It’s really a lose/lose for men in the workplace…
    …and it makes women high risk employees to have around.

    If the slightest hint of “creating a hostile workplace” comes about, she can make an employer very miserable. She can even lie about it and there’s nothing the employer can do. The EEOC will come marching in and wreak havoc. This happens everyday!

    • Introspectre

      Similarly, I was just thinking that once the men are trained to say nothing and notice nothing, some feminist will declare it sexual harassment due to a failure to acknowledge and validate female sexuality.

      • Tom M

        VERRRRRY correct – “A Brave New Fahrenheit 1984.”

        No matter what you do or don’t do, it is wrong, it is abuse and must be punished severely…

        No matter what she does, it is good or it is justified (still good)…

        Slave vs Master

        Those dolt-dads (and men in general) who parrot feminist gender studies terms, as if they were real, such as “women’s Oppression” or “The Gender Pendulum,” deserve the beating, raping and pillaging by women and their chivalrists which they get/got, for being the ones supporting that crap.

        You can’t defend against the enemy you can’t see.
        You’ve already surrendered to the enemy you refuse to see.

  • Opus

    Introspectre: What you predict as a dystopian future, has already happened to me. ‘You have failed to take account of me as a woman’ this chick said to me last year. Imagine me saying that (in reverse) to a woman. The double standards !