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Erin Pizzey live on Reddit, part 2

Hi. I’ve been invited to do another Ask Me Anything on Reddit, and we’re starting in about an hour (11am Eastern US time, 4pm London time, running about 3 hours). These are the photos that the “redditors” need to prove it’s really me answering question. Dean Esmay will be helping me with the typing. I hope to see you all there–and that you feel free to ask me anything!

We will be dedicating the session to dear Earl Silverman, and while I still care as much as I ever did about abused women I hope men especially come forward with stories and questions, for men have been ignored and forgotten in this conversation (when they aren’t portrayed as thugs) for far to long. We will also be announcing a new radio show I’ll be doing for AVfM there.

This is the link to where the Ask Me Anything session will be: The thread itself has not opened yet but there will be an update here when it’s created and availaable.

You will need a Reddit account to ask questions but it’s free to set up and I hope if you’re not already on it you’ll sign up and come and say hello!

erin pizzey reddit


Once again, here’s the link! and we’ll have a more direct link shortly.

*Update*: The entire conversation is here: Hi I’m Erin Pizzey, founder of the first Women’s Refuge in the UK. Ask me anything! As usual there was far too much to respond to but we did all we could and we invite everybody to come to our first radio show two weeks from today.

About Erin Pizzey

Erin Pizzey is founder of Chiswick Womens' Aid, the first ever refuge in the world for victims of domestic violence. She is a lecturer and advocate, and has authored books on domestic abuse, including the seminal "Prone to Violence." Her latest effort is her autobiography, titled "This Way to the Revolution." She is also an Editor-at-Large and adviser for A Voice for Men on domestic violence policy.

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  • TigerMan

    Erin giving some great answers and advice as usual :)

  • TigerMan

    Come on people – scumbag feminists have been down-voting some of Erins answers to below the visibility threshold. !!!

    • TigerMan

      Actually I just checked all Erin’s responses. It turns out it was only her answer to MY question that got so heavily down-voted that it fell below the visibility threshold! (from more than double the points I had to now MINUS 19!)
      In a way I’m rather proud of that as her answer was well reasoned and to the point – therefore a very sensitive nerve got touched! Booyaka!
      Here is my question:

      One thing about your work with DV victims (and perps for that matter) stand out and that is that you seem genuinely inspired by compassion and love rather than ideology or careerism . On the other hand I get the impression that ideologues or careerists working in the field do more harm than good. What do you think we can do as a society to get more people motivated purely by humanism into the field?

      and here is Erin’s excellent response:

      Ban feminists from government perhaps! Personally, I think, I would describe feminism, and I have fought for 40 years to publicize the damage that they were doing to family life and men and boys. To me, to condemn men as sole perpetrators of all or almost all atrocities in this world, feminists are a hate movement. I say this because just recently Sweden, Norway, and I think Finland are trying to bring in a law in those countries that will make any criticism of feminism a punishable offense. That is not the action of a movement dedicated to equality and freedom of speech for all, it is totalitarianism.

      I know there are well meaning people who call themselves feminists. They’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes. And this also includes fem-men, who are probably the most brainwashed of all, and join in condemning their brothers.

      If we do not start seeing women as fully functioning adults every bit as capable of bad and good as men, we will not be helping anywhere near enough people. Not even the women. We need to educate more people about the real sources of domestic violence, which we’ve known about for decades but which this movement that claims to be about equality is worked so hard to hide these last few decades.

      It’s a long row to hoe but we must encourage people to see themselves as human first, not men or women first.

      Given the humanitarian and egalitarian nature of her response I think it is extremely telling that so many feminists apparently found what she said threatening and\or offensive!

      • Dean Esmay

        We can mostly thank the Stalinist totalitarian thugs who run “Shit Reddit Says.” Someone should clean out that cesspool of bigoted fascists, but I doubt the Reddit admins have the guts to oust them as the bullies who abuse the system that they are.

        • TigerMan

          Yes same tactic as before. I suspect that many of the downvoters have jobs in the abuse industry and want the field dominated by ideology not genuine humanism. Says a lot about the quality (or lack) of many currently working in the field.

          • yinyangbalance

            Yes it is funny how Feminism claims that Patriarchy=Hierarchy and that they are against Hierarchy and they have no ‘ranks’ but when it comes to concerted efforts, a Feminist leader comes in and rounds up a bunch of mindless Feminist Zombies to do their bidding, the onces rankless movement suddenly falls in line. If you are familiar with Hierarchies, the lower down you go the more menial the task gets, and the greater the numbers of people too. The typical Feminist online will be told to do such menial tasks as down voting online social media comments that the leaders target. They don’t even have the brain capacity to respond, they just down vote as they are told. The DMCA attacks are the same way. In fact they have rooms full of Feminist hordes in Universities, the lower level minions (called students) are told what to write in Wikipedia and what to down vote on other sites, when and where. If you look at the pyramid, the lower you go the more people there are, and the more trivial and time consuming the tasks become. At the same time they are told by above that they are ‘free’ and ‘leaderless’ in order to prevent any real leadership to emerge in the lower ranks which may cause problems with the ‘big picture’. This is what Feminism looks like. Scary shit.

  • Spark

    Aaaaaaaand the faminazis have marched in. It’s frustrating how well the good old deflection of hiding behind feminism’s diary/wiki definition and “casual” equity feminists seems to work. And it started out so well, damn shame.

  • Dean Esmay

    There is perhaps nothing that lifts my spirits more, except perhaps time with my sons, than spending a few hours with Erin Pizzey.

    Yes, there’s a downvote storm. There’s nothing some people hate more than a woman who doesn’t share their ideology yet demonstrates by word and deed how much love and compassion she has for everybody, men and women alike.

  • Damon

    You’d think people would grow out of the ‘I don’t like what you say so i’m going to silence you’ phase after early childhood.

    Still, it was refreshing to see the genuine comments included, it’s heartwarming to see that there are people supporting men’s rights across countries outside our own.

  • Aimee McGee

    Just read through.

    Is it me or do these people who claim existence of the Patriarchy can’t give one example of their own systematic oppression.
    I’m not meaning that some haven’t had unpleasant experiences – the world is full of assholes of both genders – but genuine ‘you can’t do this because you are a woman’ moments
    That’s ‘proof’, not some sweeping statements like ‘the courts awarding custody to mothers is because of the Patriarchy’

    • Damon

      Probably because they’re essencially ‘trained’ for lack of a better word to just repeat their lines about how the patriarchy does x, y and z and anyone who disagrees is a woman hater. I’d be surprised if any of them even researched proof of these claims, choosing to just accept it and play the role of a drone.

      • Aimee McGee

        The funny thing is I’ve heard screeds of ‘you can’t do this because you are a man’ – kind of routine if you are supporting anyone with a crazy ex-wife – but I can’t think of one experience where I have got that treatment as a woman
        Possibly because my usual response would be ‘try and stop me’ if I really believe in it

        • Damon

          I can certainly speak from experience on the first part and yeah, if anything women, at least those that I have seen, are often encouraged to push boundaries or simple test their limits while men are generally stuck to their comfort zones and told to take the generic traditional route of school-meet girl-marry-have kids-grow old-RIP. It’s little wonder the average guy that I see nowadays has no real drive unless someone ‘permits’ them, any assertive attitude is long gone.

  • mauvebutterfly

    The link currently included with the article doesn’t actually lead directly to Erin Pizzey’s discussion. The link I’ve provided above will take you straight there. It’s not too hard to find the link now, but I suspect it will get harder as more stuff is posted to Reddit.

    • Dean Esmay

      I fixed that, thank you. (Or I think I fixed it, if it’s still not right let me know.)