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Elizabeth Sheehy Wants to Buy This Woman a Gun

Is it me, or is shit like this getting so common that it is just another cliche at this point? PE

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  • rorschach

    In regards to Domestic Violence – I think far, far more investigation is needed. Funny how feminists are far more interested in numbers .. but show little or no interest in what events led up to any abuse, let alone any interest in how much abuse is committed by women. Why no interest in why the abuse actually happened? Understanding behaviour, stress, the impact of language and attacks and the dangerous or fatal consequences?

    Is it like “rape culture”? If all rape is the same then all abuse is the same – and nothing a woman does or says has anything to do with what happens to her? But of course.

    In this video she assaults with a weapon, continues to follow, hit, kick, verbally abuse, look for another weapon and the only physical response from the guy is to walk away or pull his shirt out of her hand.

    The size and strength difference couldn’t be more obvious. With one hand he could clearly flatten her. But she continues to attack like one of those little yappy dogs trying to take on a rottweiler. If he had done any of the things back to her that she did to him .. we all know what the police would be doing to him in the video.

    • Eon24

      I actually thought that he was seriously about to be arrested simply because he had forgotten to put the brick down.

      Edit: Oh, I see he did get arrested.

      What has this world come to

  • http://blog.StudioBrule.com Steve BrulĂ©

    Wow, this video sums it up. She assaults him, abandons the kid. But he gets arrested and she walks away.

    • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

      Don’t forget, yelling insults as she walks away to let hi know to never again forget his place in the world…her “oppressor.”

      I wish I could be so oppressed. Imagine if I struck that dude with a brick? We would have fought, I would have risked a but whooping if I can’t beat him, then we both would have gotten arrested. The moral of this little story is the black guy is getting arrested.

      Stupid oppressive black guy. Don’t you know not to oppress people who hit you with bricks by walking away and minding your own business?


  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikey_stephens/ John_mws

    The solution is obvious, men should hire women body guards. It is the only legal option we are allowed, since self defence for men not longer applies when attacked by a woman, and police turn a blind eye.

    • Dasque

      Don’t forget, according to feminism women bodyguards are cheaper too! Think of all the money you’ll be saving!

  • http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/ angelo

    In my head, this morning, including the lyrics, “I can see Deirdre now Lauraine has gone.” Somehow seems appropriate. 😉

  • nick

    Damn that is sooooo fucked. I mean I feel bad for the guy no doubt. But I feel so sorry for that baby to have such a crazy uncaring mom.