Court Officials Continue To Protect Kelly

Judge Michael J. Kelly

Judge Michael J. Kelly

He’s kept a dying grandmother from a final visit with her grandson-then lied about it. And he ordered PutnamLIVE.com’s publisher, Mark Hallburn, illegally detained and handcuffed despite having two payments for an illegal bill of sanctions. He also lied in court documents about when the first payment was received.

Despite his repeated lies, outrageous, and illegal behavior, Kanawha County Family Court Judge Michael J. Kelly remains on the bench collecting nearly $100,000 a year in salary and benefits as he harasses more people each day.

That’s because West Virginia officials, including Kanawha County Prosecutor Mark Plants, are derelict in their duties and refuses to prosecute Kelly.

In addition to Plants, the West Virginia Judicial altTeresa A. TarrInvestigation Commission’s lawyer, Teresa Tarr, and the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Administrator Steven D. Canterbury continue to fail to charge Kelly with his obvious wrongdoing-protecting the rogue judge from prison time.

“They’re protecting the tyrant,” says Hallburn. “There’s no other explanation. Kelly is out-of-control, violates the law, and Canterbury, Plants and Tarr let him get away with it. Kelly shoule be in federal prison. Judge Kelly and the coverup of his gross misconduct is an embarrassment to the fine citizens of the State of West Virginia.




Publisher’s note: Photograph courtesy of WVMetroNews.com.

About John Brown

John Brown is a journalist who works in West Virginia to expose a corrupt judiciary.

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  • Mr. J

    With West Virginia’s coal mining economy in a death spiral I’m sure they could use some wealthy people moving to their quaint, historic state…..until, that is, they find out it isn’t so “quaint” a state after all.

  • James Williams

    It sounds like Kelly is a psychopath. Most psychos are not in prison. Many make it to the top positions throughout society where they can weild devastating power on those they seek to control. To remove this SOB will take a huge effort and he will use all his power and influence to crush those who dare oppose him.

    Anyone dealing with tyrants should, as a matter of course, learn about how psychos behave, so that when the hand of ruthlessness and cruelty strikes it is not so unexpected.