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#icmi14 is for general info and @icmi14 is for messages
you want posed directly to conference speakers.

There is a Twitter feed, @icmi14, for the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2014, from which our Media Director, Janet Bloomfield, will be tweeting relevant updates. We invite listeners/viewers to tweet any serious questions they have for the speakers during their talks, and we will endeavour to have one or two asked on the floor. Additionally, select tweets will be displayed on the video feed (but not who they’re from). Remember that this is live television that bears AVfM’s logo, and constructive tweets free from profanity are more likely to be chosen than others.

There is the #icmi14 hashtag as well for sharing general messages about the conference (note that the thugs who protested it have promised to hijack it – and note that we’ll be blocking any trolls who send to @icmi14).

If you don’t have one yet, this is a good time to get a Twitter account–there’s a lot of activity on Twitter and your support is valuable – and not only that but Twitter is fun.

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  • Chris Malone

    I have been following these events ever since I stumbled on the wonderful videos by GWW and I must say it’s been interesting. For me, it started from my involvement in the atheist community. I watched as rational discourse flourished and I was excited to see the non-religious gain a voice. Then there was Atheism+ and everything changed. It was like feminism came out of nowhere and hijacked the notion of rationality. Soon, the community tore itself apart from the inside and feminism began to spread like a plague. I have never seen a more divisive force than feminism. People who once shared common goals were now fighting amongst themselves and suddenly the world was ridden with sexism (but only against women).

    I want to say that I am grateful for the work that you do to ensure that my son grows up in a world that is free from feminist indoctrination. I am very curious to see what these sycophants do in their attempts to silence your voice… A part of me wonders if they will end up shooting themselves in the foot with their hate as the world watches. Perhaps this will mark a shift in our history. Good luck to you all.

    • Chris Wedge

      It harkens back to the omnipotent influence of the Jews in 1930’s Germany,
      You know, the influence that they totally had because their newspapers said so?

      • Alex Cockell

        Some folks over on the antimisandry pages on Youtube have clocked the Guardian starting to query the feminist line…
        It’s from 3 years ago… but it’s something.

        • mythago

          The guardian is atrociously feminist. It’s chock full of feminist bigotry, double think, group think and hypocrisy. Gotta love the dry British humour in the comments though.

          • OldandNavy

            There is that. I enjoy a dry wit.

          • alex brown

            For a paper that pretends to be left wing, they spend a lot of time silencing working class men.

          • Cylux

            Heh, left wing politics has always been stuffed with Middle Class types wanting to lead the working class in glorious revolution. With ‘lead’ being the key word, in the same way a general ‘leads’ his troops.

          • Bewildered

            ABSOLUTELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            This blatant,immoral hypocrisy makes me go @##^%$#*&^%>?¿/¿¿¿¿¿¿²³¤€¼½¾…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!………………….

          • Gman0730

            I think Huff-post is too..

    • Bewildered

      It was like feminism came out of nowhere and hijacked the notion of
      . Soon, the community tore itself apart from the inside and
      feminism began to spread like a plague.

      It’s hilarious how they deem anyone who disagrees with them as misogynists,rape apologists,haters…………………..
      Iconoclasm,which leads to atheism, and feminism are mutually exclusive even if “elevator” Rebecca Watson and her gang doesn’t agree.

  • Mike Hunt

    The fact that David Futrelle thinks that video “Mancheeze” made is good make me question my original assessment that he was a smart guy playing the fool.

    He really is as dumb as he looks.

    • mythago

      Mancheeze blog is a coven of mental illness.

      • OldandNavy

        And then some.

        • Bewildered

          and some more…………….

  • Turbo

    Very jealous of all who are able to attend. Best of luck to everyone, have a ball, stay safe and always be recording.

  • OldandNavy

    I still won’t Twitter. I don’t do social media, the scourge it has turned into.

    My wife does, however. I’ve got her subscribed and asked her to call anything of note to my attention.

  • earth one

    Nice! Great graphics too :)

  • Aimee McGee

    Despite being up to my eyeballs in relocating myself back to my native country, I’m sparing time to keep checking on how preparation for the conference is going.
    I really wish I could be there! Sending prayers and positive thoughts to all participants to stay safe and have a great time.
    I’m figuring that as soon as I’m settled I need to start talking with the other Antipodean MHRAs to see if we can aim to host the ICMI19…with an ANZCMI17 as our dry run.
    I was saying to a friend the other day that our strongest form of activism is the shoulder to shoulder conversation with those who are questioning the current narrative. Just remember as you travel to the conference, your conversation with those sitting next to you is going to plant a seed

  • Peter Wright

    Still waiting for an update on the Live Feed folks – as soon as I hear something i’ll report here straight away. Poor guys at the conference are giving it all the energy they have, and while frustrating for those of us (me!) wanting to watch live feed, please be patient and hopefully it will be online very soon.

    At this stage we are still in with a chance to watch the entire conference. 😊

  • Avatar

    I just sigh up with Tweeter . I can’t wait for the conference to start . Cheers from Canada .

  • Mike Hunt

    I’m really enjoying @joyintorah’s contributions to #icmi14. If she was Shakespeare it’d be hard to decide if it was a comedy or a tragedy…

  • Darth Sin

    Greetings from Southeast Asia ! I wish I could be there, be a part of the conference. :'(

    All the best to those who are there, be rational, stand firm, be stay and keep recording. 😀