CAFE announces establishment of first Men’s Centre


Campaign to Establish Toronto’s First Men’s Centre Receives Leading Donation

Canadian Association for Equality Announces “Founder’s Club” for $5,000 Level Donors.

TORONTO, ONTARIO — (July 22, 2013) The fundraising campaign to establish the Canadian Centre for Men and Families – Toronto’s first space focused on the status and well-being of boys and men – has received a leading donation of $5,000, bringing its total funds raised to $9,500 in its first month of fundraising.

“While modest by the standard of large and powerful charities, this donation to a unique project in support of a cause some dismiss as unnecessary, or even hateful, demonstrates an awareness of the crisis facing boys and men and is an important step toward the acknowledgement of the value of this Campaign,” said Michael Cavanaugh, Communications Director for the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), the nonprofit leading the project.

In recognition of this donation and to encourage matching support, CAFE has launched the Founder’s Club for donors at the $5,000 level.

“Founder’s Club members will play a critical role in the creation, sustainability and success of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families,” said Cavanaugh. “Through financial contributions, consultative support and networking opportunities, our Founders Club will help us increase our public education, social services, advocacy, research and outreach capabilities on behalf of boys, men, fathers and their families.” Founder’s Club members will enjoy special recognition and engagement.

Information on the Campaign to Establish the Canadian Centre for Men
and Families and the Founder’s Club is available at:


Amber Taylor
Canadian Association for Equality

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  • greg

    Canada has CAFE, and the US gets Michael Kimmel, Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, etc.

    The US is way behind…

    • Robert O’Hara

      Changes are coming very soon!

  • napocapo69

    These Canadians at Cafè are doing a great job.

    • Robert O’Hara

      They are a model to be followed.

  • Kimski

    Thanks, Robert, and grats, CAFE.

    A small step for Canada, but a giant leap for MANkind.

  • http://commonmanmedia.blogspot.com TCM

    Awesome. Fun times ahead.