Are Jews aware of their condition?

This post will be taken down shortly. So be sure to read every last line of it before you form an opinion.

Where to begin?

I think it’s important to begin a post like this by providing some context. You can’t just ask, “Are Jews aware of their condition?” and then simply proceed to discuss said condition, especially when Jews are reading. You need to offer some background so that people know where you’re coming from; so the post can’t be distorted; so nobody can play ignorant.

How about a list of atrocities then?

But if we go there eyes begin to glaze over… It has become mundane. Jew violence is mundane. The torture, pain and death of Aryans is a trivial banality.

Well, a light discussion on porn, perhaps?

How about the current trafficking of Aryans into the slave trade?

The rampant environmental destruction?

The pollution of the entire food chain?

The unnecessary experimenting on animals?

Or maybe a chat about war?  The massacre of the Army of Amalek by Moses, the destruction of Jericho by Joshua, the murder of Goliath by David?

And what about those totally out of fashion funny little hats they wear?

Or let’s talk about the Jews who chose not to massacre Aryans, and opt instead for the people next door. The Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the recent strikes in Syria (or on their own doorstep– the tourists that visit Jerusalem), foreign bankers that threaten their penny grubbing interests, etc etc ad nauseum…

Then again, maybe individual atrocities would have more impact. Take, for example, the Jews who destroyed our fine accommodations by killing some of the staff after being asked to wash their stinking bodies using these state of the art facilities?

At any rate, all roads lead to one point, which happen to be the burning times.

For those readers who may not know, Jews systematically massacred over nine million Aryans over the course of many years, and then pretended they were the victims. So clearly, we’re not talking about institutionalized racism here. This is not “racism“, or “Aryan-hating”. What Jews have done, and continue to do to Aryans is, I believe, the inevitable result of some pathology in their genetic make-up. The violence they commit is inevitable. They were born that way, and were born to do it. This we must accept.

Let’s look at the Jew genome, because this is where the answer lies.

The Jew genome is inferior to the Aryan one.  It has fewer than 100 working human-like genes, compared to approximately 1,500 working fully human genes on the Aryan chromosomes. As the Jewishness passes from Jew parents to Jew children, mutations accumulate slowly over the generations. Scientists are researching the decline of the Jew genome with great frenzy at the moment. Take, for example this recent study on some families at one of our Curing Jewishness Centers:

“Having identified 23 candidate SNPs — or single letter changes in the DNA — they amplified the regions containing these candidates and checked the sequences using the standard Sanger method. A total of four naturally occurring mutations were confirmed. Knowing this number of mutations, the length of the area that they had searched and the number of generations separating the individuals, the team was able to calculate the rate of mutation.

“These four mutations gave us the exact mutation rate — one in 30 million nucleotides each generation — that we had expected,” says the study’s coordinator, Josef Mengele, also from The Auschwitz Center for Sub-Human Studies . “This was reassuring because the methods we used — harnessing next-generation sequencing technology — had not previously been tested for this kind of research.”

What this means is that with each generation, Jews are becoming genetically more inferior to Aryans.

“Once upon a time, the Jew genetic material looked much the same as the Aryan genome. Both were human shaped, and matched up neatly. Like most human chromosomes, the two types of genomes exchanged genes as necessary to repair DNA and avoid harmful mutations.

Then something went badly wrong. Around 6000 years ago, a huge chunk of the Jew chromosome in one of our sub-human ancestors was turned upside down and reinserted. The change was so extreme that the Jew chromosome no longer matched the Aryan, and it became impossible for the two to swap genes without making a dirty Jew cross-breed. The Jew chromosome began collecting mutations and losing genes, ultimately taking on its characteristic Menorah shape as a result.

In sub-humans, it now carries a mere 19 of the 800 genes it originally shared with the Aryans’. Given that rate of loss, some geneticists have predicted that the genome will lose its final gene in 4.6 million years.” (or when hell freezes over).

Jews loathe admitting it. Despite the evidence staring them in the face, they are apparently in denial.

Aryan longevity is not an accident. The Jew DNA is faulty, whereas the Aryan is full of life-preserving properties. Take money-grubbing. This genetic fault manifests only in Jews, because Aryans have their second Aryan chromosome as a backup (kind of like having a second kidney in case one fails). Almost all cross-breeds are Jew but doctors pretend they’re Aryan. The only crossbred people who are Aryan are those with Turner syndrome.  Wiki says “Turner syndrome only affects Aryans” but this is not exactly true. Turner syndrome babies are born without an Aryan chromosome. Jews who would have been born with Turner syndrome are probably miscarried early on. They die because there are no genes in the Jew chromosome to preserve life. Whereas if a fetus is Aryan, they have their second Aryan chromosome as a backup, and are therefore born alive.  So it is not an “Aryan” condition per se. What actually happens is that only Aryans survive.

So while the Jew chromosomes get faultier with each generation, the Aryan ones have remained almost as pure as they were millions of years ago, meaning that Aryans are far more biologically resilient than Jews.  That’s because Aryans, not Jews, are the original prototype for humankind.

Dr. Edward Wirths was fascinated by the Jews’ obsession with DNA and cloning, and he realized it was because Jew scientists are well aware of the faultiness of the Jew genome.  He perceived that they were striving to change their fate before time runs out, before the Jew genes have deteriorated to the point of no return, perhaps.

From somewhere in Zweites Buch:

“National Socialist adherents naturally push the question of the purpose of biotechnology further. We begin by asking: Why the accelerated, frenzied activity of geneticists in recent years? In case the Haggard Searcher doesn’t already have a clear idea of the probable motivation for this sense of urgency, he can find clues in an article that appeared on the front page of Illustrierter Beobachteron March 15 1937. The article states that at some point in the distant past, parts of the Jew genetic material became obsolete. As a result the some Jew genes were shed and the genomes consequently grew more sub-human:

Its shrinkage seems likely to continue, to the vanishing point. But geneticists are not yet declaring Jews candidates for the endangered-species list. They believe a different mechanism of Jewish determination will eventually evolve, maybe with a single Aryan chromosome causing Jewishness, or with the Jew-determining genes jumping to a new pair of chromosomes and the story of Aryan and Jew starting all over.”

The article goes on to describe the Jew genome as “unstable and flighty” and to acknowledge the Aryan genome’s evolutionary stability. This material may be anxiety-producing (de-stabilizing?) for flighty Jew scientists, causing them to feel impelled to find ” a different mechanism of Jewish determination,” that is, to seize  control of biological evolution by gene manipulation before the vanishing point arrives.

The news has been out for some time that Jews have a genetic deficiency. It simply has not been allowed to spread…. Dr. Hans Eppinger wrote, “There seems to be a conspiracy of silence on the subject of the superiority of Aryans.”

All National Socialist theory and analysis does lead to these questions.

I’ve been given permission to quote a comment by the brilliant BitchFart, which was sent to me via e-mail, and was originally intended to be a comment on a post at Aryan’s R Us (link removed in case Jews get butthurt). When I first read it, I have to admit I did a double take. It was as though I was censoring my thoughts. I felt I was committing ”thoughtcrime” and it felt frightening. I believe that the only reason BitchFart herself did not censor her own thoughts was because her comment was not supposed to go public. The fact it was sent privately and was never meant for public viewing is the reason she managed to let go and ask all of the important questions, the ones that are the holy grail of National Socialism.

Before you read it, let’s put the idea of “thoughtcrime” into context. Jews are right now torturing Aryans, and are proud of it.  We have access to photographic evidence of their exploits everywhere online in the form of pinching pennies, and the fully legitimized shaving of gold bullion of an oppressed group. They are actually hurting Aryans as we speakactually causing financial pain to them, and getting off on Aryans’ tears and poverty. By contrast, what you are about to read is words. Nothing but words. Do not allow Jewish propaganda to convince you that words on a page, and torture, are one and the same.

I would like to express how the knowledge of Jews being innately violent + a mutation has affected me in my everyday life. I knew that Jew violence was related to Jew biology for a year 1/2 maybe? (In that only Jews could be violent in that way and create a Jewishiarchy) but when I read Adolf Hitler’s book where he explained how Jews were a mutation, this changed my sentiment to Jews. At first I was really happy to find this out because it made complete sense, in many ways (too long to explain though). It comforted me in ignoring Jews and acting as if only Aryans existed, and focusing on creating safe Aryans-only spaces.  But something I never felt before, I started to feel sorrow for their state.  It annoys me because I have never felt sorry for Jews before, only contempt or ignorance at best.  I look at them and I imagine what it would be like, knowing somewhere, deep down, that you are flawed, a mistake, and that you are dead, or not fully human, or inherently destructive, and if I knew that, I would probably kill myself. To imagine feeling this made me feel sorry. Do they know it? Or do they not fully understand it? All these efforts in making Aryans believe we are aliens, non-human, naturally and internally flawed, walking defects => this is them projecting on us. They must know on some level they are flawed, but do they experience emotional pain from it? Do they feel emotions at all, or do they just pretend to? To which extent? Are they aware of their condition somehow?

The thing is, if I treat them as mutants, what’s stopping us from killing them? Empathy? Fear? Fear of hurting ourselves, or that it will destroy our soul to do so, because being violent to someone means cutting yourself from emotions, therefore being deader inside? Would it be bad to kill them all? To what degree does violence affect them or not? Can they only be affected by violence, and nothing else? Do they only understand violence? How does this affect our actions and decisions to take power away from them?

Also, I just realized yesterday that no Jew is part of me, and that literally, I don’t have a Jew background, no Aryan has! I just understood the meaning of having the genes from my Aryan mother and my Aryan paternal grandmother. Only Aryans are my people. Jewishness does not exist within me and I have no Jew forebears. My Jewish grandfather is not my grandfather but it is no-one. This may sound odd but it just struck me. And at the same time, it made me feel sorry for it. And the story Adolf tells in his book Mien Kampf really resonated in me, when he explains that Aryans felt sorry for those feeble beings and tried to feed them. Obviously I would never do that but it’s just strange to feel this. This is not a political statement, just to share the effect the knowledge has on me and I’m still processing the conclusions to be made from it in everyday life interactions with Jews. Perhaps it’s trauma bonding. Or over developed empathy towards Jewishness. How has this knowledge changed your sentiments towards Jews, or way of interacting with them, if at all? Other than Aryan separatism, are there some conclusions you have made in your lives based on this knowledge?

To which I replied:

What you were saying about no Aryan having a Jewish forebear, I’ve been going there with my own thoughts recently as well, stemming from my experiences with my own Jewish great-grandfather, and the way that my Jewish neighbor is with its children. They’re crossbred, so they don’t really have a father. It might regard them as an appendage: get a wife, get a house, get some kids, and in that sense they’re its and belong to it, but other than that, it’s just an alien in the home. It helps out a lot with the kids, which it’s Aryan wife used to appreciate, but now she realizes it’s just exhibiting another form of dominance, of trying to take over in the home and piss all over the place, leaving its mark. She’s also come to realized that her 6 year old crossbred daughter humors it. How much mental energy is this taking out of her?? She certainly does not humor her mother, LOL! It’s no holds barred when it comes to telling her mother exactly what she thinks of her at any particular given moment.

To answer your question about whether Jews experience emotional pain. I have a lot of Jew relatives, have had various relationships with Jews and I’ve concluded that when they’re children they feel pain and are as close to Aryan (i.e human) as they’re ever going to be. But once they hit puberty they no longer feel emotions. They know that Aryans do and “other” us for it. My Jew husband was putting on one big fat act while we were “courting” before marriage. This has blown me away. If I wasn’t in such a vulnerable situation (in a foreign country with kids) it would have had to carry on with the act throughout our relationship, as almost all Jews do. But because it didn’t have to bother it practically dropped the act as soon as the ring was on my finger.

And she commented further:

Yes it’s interesting that you talk about Jew relatives because the other day I made the same comment to myself, as I was at my grandmother’s house looking at my family photos of some of my distant crossbred and Jewish relatives and when they were 3, 4 years old they actually looked human, had human expressions, you can see it in their eyes. But now, they’re lost, they lost capacity to empathize. Puberty *is* the turning point.

However, I do very much believe that Jews experience one particular emotion very strongly— self-pity. I concur with the author of the following (taken from the AryansforLove website(link removed in case of Jewishy butthurt), author uknown).

Oh, they have toes, but the only thing I’ve witnessed of Jew feeling is self-pity. They have a lot of instincts like territoriality, protecting their turf or an Aryan they think owes them money, whatever they think they own– but I don’t call Jew brain ingredients like testosterone, feelings or emotions. So isn’t it curious that you can’t even get most Aryans to say they’re Jew-haters? Instead they say, “Oh I don’t really hate Jews, I’m an Aryan, I never have to be around any. They just don’t affect my life anymore.’ This is what I call the Aryan false consciousness. When don’t we have to be around Jews? Don’t we ever walk the streets, buy groceries, deal with some Jewishiarchal bureaucracy, ride subways, trains or drive cars, see police, repairmen; don’t Jews live in our buildings in the cities or live around you in the country? If you work, aren’t there Jews around supervising you? If you’re in school, don’t you have any Jew teachers or have to sit with Jews in class? If you go to a hospital, aren’t there any Jew doctors or patients around? The Aryan answer is, “Oh, those; well I never pay any attention to them.” Take a good look next time you’re in what they call public which means Jew’s world; look at those Jews you don’t know and dig on how much attention your body and mind pay to trying avoid paying any attention to pigs, who are paying a lot of attention to you making sounds to scare you, stepping in your way or not moving so you have to walk around them or yield to their right of way…. Even the most down and out Jewish bum in New York has a whole repertoire of intimidation numbers to pull on Aryans. No matter how far down you go in the Jew hierarchy, every Jew knows how to corner an Aryan, make her feel unsafe. And they all do it every day, even your good Jew neighbors who never told you what they do to the Aryans they don’t know.”

And while we’re on the subject of Jews’ primary emotion being self-pity, and not much else, I’d like to quote an Aryan from a forum called AryanSpace, which is where prostituted crossbreeds gather to support each other and share techniques on how best to survive. I find it interesting to read their comments because these mutts know Jews better than any other group of people on earth. One slut there asked a question on how best to deal with a manipulative and boundary-pushing client. The idea was thrown around that maybe it had developed feelings for her, that it had fallen fall her, perhaps, whereupon another Aryan replied:

“The bright side of this situation is that this Jew has been an absolute poster-child for what to AVOID AT ALL COSTS from any client. If you wrote out a big, bullet-pointed list of its Jew behaviors, as outlined by yourself above, and pinned it up on your wall somewhere, you could check it regularly and make sure to NEVER EVER see anyone who does ANY of those things, and then you’d be safe from 90% of the unpleasant types straight away! It’s a tough lesson to learn in life – that there are things out there who will treat you like an idiot, and will take everything they can from you without even a split-second’s doubt or empathy about what they’re doing – when you’re a decent human being yourself, but it’s important to learn quickly. These mini-psychopaths, as I think of them, are sadly common and are usually really good at toying with emotions (i.e. this Jew, trying to make you feel like you owe it something because of its “feelings” for you, when I would actually bet $10,000 right now that it’s never had a genuine feeling in its life apart from self-pity because it can’t get enough attention from Aryans without playing these sorts of absurd games with crossbreed prostitutes) so please don’t feel like you need to feel sorry for it even one second longer. It’s having a right jolly old game with you. There is no limit to the effort it will put into its boundary-pushing with you so I wouldn’t ever see it again. Cut off contact”

And if anyone knows about how Jews tick, it is crossbreed prostitutes. They need to, or they wouldn’t survive.

And BAM, there you have it.  A crossbreed prostitute reaches exactly the same conclusion as an Aryan separatist. That tells us something.

Now let’s end with a bit of Mein Kampf:

“In the end, Jews are uncertain little creatures and the way they are made is very different than in mammals, birds, insects and worms,” said Karl Genzken, writer of “Descent of the Jew” and experimenter at several of our lovely Jew Hotels.

“In the long term we are all dead, and that is certainly going to be true for the Jew genome, which is rather an arriviste on the evolutionary scene. It may take a long time, but I am pretty confident that the Jew machine will, one day, be replaced by something less icky. Quite what that will be, you will have to ask me in a hundred million years.”

“The question is, is the sub-human Jew genome hanging off a cliff edge and about to fall, or stood on a ledge and happy to stay there forever? Realistically, we won’t nail it without a crystal ball,” said Karl.

“Everyone agrees that the demise of the Jew genome, if it happens, does not mean the demise of the sub-human Jew. All that will happen is that the process of Jew genetic evolution will start again.”

Karl, who posed the question of the Jew genetic future to the conference in Buchenwald, later asked Jews and Aryans to vote on the issue separately. When asked for a show of hands on the Jew chromosome going extinct, Aryans outvoted Jews two to one. When asked who thought the Jew chromosome would survive, Jews outvoted Aryans by the same margin.”

To conclude, I believe Jews do have an inkling of their condition. The world they have created is a living manifestation of this knowledge. Nature is on the side of Aryans. We’re nature’s best, which is probably another reason why Jews hate us so much, and Jewishiarchy promulgates lies about it, and constantly reverses the truth. The most absurd concept of all is the idea that there is a Jew God in the sky, who is the source of all life, who created Jews in his own image as the original prototype, with Aryans as an add-on. Nature knows this is a reversal. It is sub-human Jews who are the add-ons to the species. They protest too much. They know, they know, they know.

Publishers note: This article is a direct adaptation of a similar article written by a Radfem blogger, Cherryblossomlife. It has been reproduced here, replacing “men” with “Jews” and “women” with “Aryans” as an illustration of the mentality behind this (and virtually all forms of) feminist ideology. We deplore anti-Semitism as much as we do misandry.

True to the promise of the original article, she has taken it down from her blog, and has reposted it as a password protected post for the sake of her hateful readers. Of course, we now make it available for you here, complete with the comments, some of which are even more disgusting than the article itself. And unlike her article, this one will remain here for all to see. 

Are men aware of their condition « Cherryblossomlife-1

And here, the Radfem scum attempts to blame “threats” from MRAs for having to remove her hateful diatribe.

Censored by MRAs

And a PS. If you are a feminist writer, and you read this downloadable .pdf and choose not to write a scathing article against this blogger and the Radfems, then you are not one bit better than them, or the Nazi scum parodied in this article. Go fuck yourself. PE


About cherryblossomlife

cherryblossomlife is a hateful, psychotic feminist scumbag who runs her own blog and is also associated with Radfem Hub. There would be more to put in her bio here, but the first sentence actually tells readers everything they need to know about her except her real life name. And we are working on that.....

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  • Jean Valjean

    Interesting how they didn’t mention the female genetic predisposition to discriminate against half the world’s population as a genetic defect.

    Clearly they must be aware of it on some level and feel embarrassed since they keep their identities a secret.

  • Soulfuel

    great rewrite …. the scary about these radfems is that they can’t see how disturbed they are so they can’t get help

  • Groot

    One of the coments from Ashley Pariseau:

    Fuck those pansy little ass wipes. I say bring it back up

    She seems to support vile misandry.

  • Christian “xXToYeDXx” Chiasson

    I am in awe at the degree of separation from reality in her original article.

    Taken down because of threats from MRAs? Is she sure it isn’t because she realized how hateful it is to dehumanize half the population by calling us genetically inferior and sub-human?

    To claim that, as men, we have a genetic drive to be violent and oppressive?

    To claim that, as men, we have a genetic disposition to violently controlling anything and everything we see?

    And to claim that, as women, they lack the genes to partake in that same violence themselves?

    Why isn’t she being charged with spreading hate speech?

    Better question, why are MHRAs constantly accused of hate speech when nothing that has ever been posted here is even remotely hateful to anyone while radfems are posting this vulgar shit.

    I think she needs to be taken down in the eyes of the public. She needs to be heavily shamed for her disgusting views, and exposed so the world can see how hateful and bigoted she is.

    No violence though.

    • Dean Esmay

      Enh, we’ve said “fuck you” to a lot of people. You could call that “remotely hateful” I suppose.

    • Jean-Michel

      Jews have been calling non jews gentiles for ages, now we have proof that it’s the other way around.

  • 86

    I am Jewish, and though it was clear from the outset what you were doing, it was very difficult for me to get through this. (With a bit of humor, I get what you are trying to do, but f u anyway.)

    When you need to do this in the future consider using freezepage or webcite to capture the page in addition to avfm resources — that would make it easier to submit the page to various sites like reddit or fark or ? without others questioning if it has been manipulated, since presumably freezepage and webcite are neutral automatons.

    • James Huff
      • 86

        Ah! Thank you. Now eventually, the google cache should go away, but the freezepage should stay.

        So here is the freezepage as well.

        • Never Blue Again

          From their article…

          “So while the Y gets more faulty with each generation,the X has remained almost as pure as it was millions of years ago, meaning that females are far more biologically resilient than males. That’s because females, not males, are the original prototype for humankind.”

          Do they actually understand what are they saying ?

          It is actually saying women are under evolved and almost millions of years behind men….. !!! And as you already know Y is the most rapidly evolving chromosome in the entire human genome…. !!!
          :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

          A classic shooting on their own foot … 😀

          • Never Blue Again

            Evolution is the only key to survival you stupid fucks…. not resilience.

    • Paul Elam

      Thank you for speaking up. We had a lot of discussion about this (several days worth) before the piece went up. It was a tough call. Not only was I concerned with offending Jewish readers, I was also concerned that the piece would attract the wrong elements (anti-Semites who are too stupid to read the whole article).

      This is why I added a line advising readers to read it all, and why I put the disclaimer in bold, red text. And it is why I am staying on top of the comments to this one very closely.

      Again, it was a difficult choice, but I felt it was important to illustrate the absolute truth that the mentality of these people is quite similar to what we find in Nazi’s.

      It is why we must work very hard to expose these people.

      If it happened once, and it did, it can happen again.

      • JJ

        I’m glad you did write the words in red. I was appalled; but I was even more appalled that I was not just as offended after having read that you switched the words man with Jews; and women with Aryans. Sad to say; but it is amazing what decades of living in such filth can desensitize you to.

        I find it humorous that she took it down. It lets you know that, even if she won’t admit it, she knows what she is up to. Maybe in the forties this would have skated by easily; not in the Internet age though.

        Have fun ladies.

      • Primal

        Head on is the only option here. Had the Jews been able to pull the tap root of Hitler’s anti-semitic hatred right away too, the Holocaust death toll would have been a lot lower. Tough call AND right call.

      • Reggie

        I’m a slow reader and was concerned when I started this one. I almost shot off an email to you before I got to the bottom. Thought we had an infiltrator who was trying to sully our “good” name :).

        When I got to the bottom I was quite relieved. Manboobz will jump on it though so that is a good thing.

      • 98abaile

        I kinda skimmed over that bit at the beginning and was starting to wonder what the hell the article was doing here. Maybe inform readers to read the red text if nothing else?

      • strix

        I am a quarter Jewish, and it didn’t offend me. I was initially a bit concerned, but I worked out what was going on fairly quickly. The genetic ‘analysis’ was a bit of a give-away, as were the links to the Wikipedia articles on Nazi concentration camps etc.

        But then, I’m familiar with that sort of rhetoric (esp. Dadabhoy and Laden’s nonsense about Y-chromosomes being broken X-chromosomes and male brains being female brains damaged by testosterone), so I recognised the pattern.

        Paul, the early remark about reading to the end was a good idea. Given that, and the explanatory text at the end, I think you made the right call.

        I wonder how many people quit reading before the end and didn’t get that it was a parody of serious feminist rhetoric?

  • 86

    RadFem gets such a pass from so many people.

    It might be useful to curate a gallery of RadFem Hate Speech.

  • Bombay

    Like the University of Toronto bigots – you would think they would like us spreading their ideas. If a person is not proud to have their ideas spread around the world – there must be something wrong with the person, idea, or both. LOL

  • Cumbria

    I find it absolutely terrifying that I share a planet with people like cherryblossomlife. It was a brilliant idea to turn it around this way, AVfM. I can see why she removed it quickly.

  • Bombay

    Their feeling of pride in being “pure” X chromosome reminds me of when bigoted white people did not want “black” blood to be used in transfusions. These women had better be very careful when having transfusions or organ donations. Perhaps legislation should be introduced by the RadFems to make sure this does not happen.

  • Kimski


  • Cumbria

    I was able to find this video of cherryblossomlife as a child. This explains everything.

    • Suzanne McCarley

      Thanks – I needed that!

    • Bharat Mahan

      Cute kid. Looks like Shield Wife would have looked at that age.

      • Reggie

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to downvote a positive comment.

    • Kimski

      That is by far the funniest video I’ve seen the past couple of years. I must have watched it close to 30 times already, and I’m still LMAO to the point of crying.
      Thank you sooo much, Cumbria.

      • Cumbria

        So happy you enjoyed it, Kimski.

      • Paul Elam

        I did not make thirty. But pretty close. :)

    • Reggie

      Downvote away fuckers! I’d love to get banned from this site for opposing the posting of a video calling a young girl psycho! If this girl harms herself in any way because of this video, I am going to make it my mission to find out your real names and run a full page add in the newspaper.

      If you want to make fun of somebody for their life choices they make as adults, that’s one thing. This is entirely different realm.

      • Paul Elam

        Dude, you are WAAAAY out of line.

        That video has been online for three years, and has nothing to do with anyone on this site. It was posted for a laugh, and it is fucking funny. Not the title, but the girl in it.

        Sorry your kid was bullied, but now you are trying to bully everyone here because your anger is still out of control over it.

        You are not going to get banned for your opinion. But you are getting banned for threatening to out people here for what, posting a three year old video that they did not name, or for up voting its laugh factor?

        That is fucking insane.

        Newsflash for you. I was the youngest of three boys. I got bullied a lot growing up, which incidentally also takes me to the growing up part.

        You are out of here.

        • scatmaster

          I myself was bullied because of my last name and my Spock like ears. I grew up. Time for you to do so as well Reginald.

      • malcolm

        Go ahead tough guy;
        Malcolm Johnston.

      • Suzanne McCarley

        Suzanne McCarley.

        Go for it.

    • Cumbria

      Are you referring to the video? First of all, I just pulled it off youtube and had nothing to do with the title. It’s had thousands of views. I don’t consider this bullying. I would think it would remind most of us of moments of frustration in our own lives as children.

      • Paul Elam

        Actually, it has millions of views. And it is three fucking years old.

        I think Reggie has a bug up his ass today, or woke up on the wrong side of the crack house.

        He has a lot of “righteous” anger about this video, and wants to out people for up voting it, but says not a word about the person who named and posted it on youtube.

        Talk about psycho. lol

        Oh, sorry, was that bullying?

    • Aimee McGee

      Funny and painful…unfortunately I know a kid like this…

  • DaddysLittlePatriarch

    On her page titled “Censored by MRAs,” she penned this wonderful sentence in the comments section:

    “We should hold onto the hope that we are intelligent enough to deal with the ‘man problem’ somehow before they take us, and the planet, down with them.”

    Man problem.

    She’s making this too easy.

  • sevencck

    Oh, let’s leave these people in charge of mandating equality between the sexes. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Bharat Mahan

    Arya is a South Asian (Sanskrit) adjective that means “noble”. It is not a noun, not a people. In Sanskrit there is no word “aryan”. Hitler borrowed a number of South Asian things and twisted them to his own use such as our swastika. That is called cultural misappropriation. Germans have for long taken a keen interest in South Asian cultures. That’s fine to take an interest, but the culture is ours. If you don’t have one of your own I suggest creating one rather than misappropriating mine.

    • James Huff

      And this is related to this article how?

      • Paul Elam

        Ooooo that smell! Can’t you smell that smell? :)

      • Bharat Mahan

        The use of the word “aryan” in the above article to denote non-South Asian people.

    • Paul Elam

      Interesting ideas. I note that most of my native language, the one you are writing in now, has its roots in Greek and Latin.

      I would venture to say that in that respect, no language is proprietary, even to to the cultures from which words originate.

      Or did you get permission from the Queen before posting? :)

      • Bharat Mahan

        Paul, what Queen? I don’t know what you’re talking about. My objection is the use of the “aryan”. And especially its use to denote people who are not South Asian. If anyone is “aryan” it is South Asian people. Yet in our Sanskrit language there is no “aryan”. It is “arya” and it is an adjective, not a noun.

        • droobles

          Do not feed the trolls Paul!

        • Paul Elam

          Let me explain then. In terms of the parody presented in the article, Aryan is the best possible term, as it connotes images of “master race” and “Aryan Nation” when you consider the common lexicon here, juxtaposed to Jewish people. e.g. terms familiar to western culture. I don’t know how to explain it any more simply than that. The person who wrote this (not me) did so very effectively for a western audience, despite your objections.

          As to the Queen reference. I meant the Queen of England. It was a reference to your proprietary stance on language. As I thought I made clear, I was objecting to your idea that language and words could be “owned” by a culture, and that those not belonging to a culture should not use them. I thought the idea of that was a little comical, actually.

          • Bharat Mahan

            I’ve no problem with anyone using words from my language. But the meaning should be correct. That’s all.

            I always endeavor to use other languages correctly. Otherwise what is the use of language at all if it fails to communicate correctly?

            Anyway, its not just this particular piece. I see it a lot. The use of the word “aryan” to mean …. Europeans.

            Makes no sense whatsoever.

          • Paul Elam

            “Makes no sense whatsoever.”

            To whom?

            I assure you, as someone fairly practiced in English, and aware of the common usage of more than a few words, that the use of Aryan in this context made perfectly good sense to virtually everyone who read it.

            “I see it a lot.”

            Uh, yeah, and that alone should have been your clue that it does indeed make sense to a lot of people. That leaves you with a simple choice. You can accept what the word has come to mean in a cultural context, or you can run around rather haplessly, like an irate school teacher, trying to correct everyone you see using the word in a way inconsistent with your understanding.

            Your choice between those two options is evident.

            I think part of the problem here is, as has been pointed out, a tendency toward being pedantic, as well as being a little too concrete, conceptually speaking. In another thread, I used the expression, “He went through barebacked Africa to get to Bum Fucked Egypt,” which means that in trying to explain himself he ended up where he started off, after taking a circuitous (and uninformative) path through pretty much nowhere to get there.

            You read it so literally that you thought I did not know that Egypt was in Africa. Actually, having been to Egypt, I am pretty sure I knew that it was in Africa before you told me.

            You are displaying a rigidity of thought; an inflexible mindset that always puts you at risk of not seeing the forest for the trees, or not being able to fully ingest a red pill. In this case, it has resulted in a minor derailment of the very important content of the OP. In other ways, I am sure it does more damage.

            You might want to lighten up a little, brother. Correct use of language is a very pale substitute for effective use of language. Besides, there are much more important battles to fight than this one.

        • Ray

          I thought aryan was of Tibetan, or Nepalese origin, or at least that region. It was only something I recall hearing mentioned in a History Channel documentary so my documentation is not great. According to THC, the Nazis sent emissaries to that region to hunt for the cultural roots of aryans. Beside their barbaric enterprises, the WWII era Nazis had some unusual ideology and mythology, IMO, “blood and soil,” “runes,” 3rd Reich, aryans, etc. I’m still trying to decipher it all.

          “The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire, which lasted from the 10th century until 1806. The Second Reich was the Hohenzollern Empire, which lasted from 1871 to 1918. The Third Reich was Nazi Germany, which lasted from 1933 to 1945. The concept of the three major reichs was important in Nazi ideology as part of the general premise that the German people were destined for greatness.”

          • Bharat Mahan

            “I thought aryan was of Tibetan, or Nepalese origin, or at least that region. ”

            Yes, at least the general region, which I mentioned: South Asia. Primarily India.

            Arya is a Sanskrit term.

            It is an adjective, not a noun.

    • cvar

      I down voted you for missing the point and being pedantic, but thank you for the brief lesson on the origination of the word Aryan. Although…

      “The English word “Aryan” is borrowed from the Sanskrit word ārya meaning ‘Noble'; it was used initially as a national name to designate those who worshipped the Vedic deities (especially Indra) and followed Vedic culture (e.g. performance of sacrifice, Yajna). The Zend airya ‘venerable’ and Old Persian ariya are also considered as national names.”

      And also

      “Similarly, The word Iran is the Persian word for land/place of the Aryans.”

      Pedantic AND wrong. That’s a nasty combo. You may also wish to brush up on Etymology, as ideas and words are frequently exchanged between cultures and can rapidly take on vastly different meanings. Just ask the Brits who try to buy chips or biscuits in America. Or ask an American if he wants to try some spotted dick.

      Okay I’m done feeding the troll now.

    • Ray

      Words are often used in their present culturally contextual meaning without reference to their etymology. I don’t know any professors at my college who carry around “The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary” so they can elaborate on all the detailed historical meanings of the many words they use. Their attitude is, “You’re the student. If you don’t know what I’m saying look it up. Study it.”

      Many students and scholars do often look up word meanings (even common word meanings) in dictionaries to make sure usage is correct. Some words can have multiple meanings so how the word is used in a sentence often determines its meaning. I recall having seen words that have six, or eight, or more, meanings listed in a dictionary – all for the same spelling of a word.

      Thanks for your etymological input, but in my American opinion, I don’t see anything inaccurate, or misleading, in the unique adaptation PE has presented.

    • the hermit

      Words are changin’, as they are adopted from a language to another. Try to deal with it.

      The term “aryan” used in the article is not a Sanskrit word anymore. Still millions understand it.

      • Ray

        “Words are changin’, as they are adopted from a language to another. Try to deal with it.”

        Bingo! There may well have been a time in another land, when some may have thought of Tibetan monks if they heard the term “Aryan brotherhood.” Today in the U.S., a prison gang is the first thing that pops into the mind.

    • All Contraire

      I trust that you were drawn to this site because you are interested in MHRM issues. So let’s end this back-and-forth so we can all return to the important work of exposing and fighting Feminism.

      As already repeatedly and well pointed out, words are continually adapted from one peoples and context to another, which is what happened when early in the 20th Century the National Socialists adopted “Aryan” to describe their Master Race. I understand your concern over the evil association; but to correct all the records and show the word’s historic origin and meaning, you will need to go back and add explanatory footnotes throughout every document extant from the Nazi era. Then you’ll have to do the same for all the books, essays, etc. subsequently written about Nazism using the word “Aryan” and citing those documents. That’s a helluva lotta pages to read and annotate. Then, at immense cost, all those documents, books, essays, etc. will have to be reprinted. The whole undertaking would likely require several lifetimes. Of course, all along the way there will be the even larger and more stressful and time-consuming task of answering all the objections and endless pedantic arguments over what you’re up to from countless historians and other academicians, pundits, lawyers, activists, individual crazies, etc., generations of whom will come to make good livings out of disputing the matter on both sides.

      When after the vast passage of time the process is finally done, what will it have mattered? We’ll all be gone and the world will have moved on. Indeed, after innumerable new wars and cultural upheavals the ‘WWII Era’ will have receded into being itself merely a historical footnote.

      And while we’re all preoccupied, the still decent and sensible world we know will have been stolen from our children’s future in the wake of the most vile and destructive Revolution in history: the Triumph of Marxist-Feminism, the establishment of a mind-controlled Eternal Feminist Realm, and the subsequent Holocaust of all males. Seems like avoiding that outcome to Future History is far more important than quibbling over the past.

  • RMM

    I always found the fascination for the Y chromosome and the somewhat “phallic” symbology that the feminazis transfer to it to be quite amusing. And, of course, it’s a bunch of bollocks, but I didn’t really need to tell you that, did I?

    Not that reality is needed, as I am sure they find the fantasy of a faraway land in the future devoid of men (less icky, I believe was the term) quite comforting and exciting as they touch themselves at night, but XX/XY sexual selection is, in fact, not the only kind. Even in mammals, XX/XO selection can be found (where O represents “no chromosome at all”), and the result is icky males refusing to be less icky and turn into females. The eventual disappearance of the evil penis-like Y chromosome isn’t really keeping anyone awake at night. It just happens to be academically interesting. The penile characteristics and imagined symbological pride we evil oppressors place on it are nothing but the feverish conceptions of their pathological minds.

    Freaking life always findng ways to work around the femosupremacist fantasies, what’s wrong with Mother Nature refusing to be part of the sisterhood?

    There’s also something that all these masturbatory diatribes always seem to ignore. There’s this process called lyonization, also called X-chromosome inactivation. You see, when two X chromosomes show up in the same cell, one of them is ruthelessly, and permanently, inactivated during very early phases of development (in the blastocyst, if you know what that is). It’s the process behind the coloration of tortoise and calico female cats. This, of course, has severe implications on the cross-chromosomal complementarity and loss of function. Two X chromosomes are, in fact, incapable of working together to preserve the, oh so female, “life-preserving” functions; all you have is, if you’re lucky enough, mitigation because half of the organism’s cells will have a working copy active.

    The obvious jokes about the two supposedly superior and life-giving female X chromosomes being incapable of working together and how it reflects on the feminists are left as an exercise to the reader.

    The entire thing is so ridiculously comical, from a scientific point of view, it’s worthy of the Onion itself. From the humanistic point of view, it does tell a lot about the ones who write this stuff. But, as I said in the opening paragraph, you really didn’t need me to tell you that, did you?

    • Sasha

      RMM – I couldn’t agree more, and have left another comment about this whole genetics obsession that feminists have. You can’t project feminist ideology on genetics, it’s completely scientifically illiterate.

      Neither the X or Y chromosomes have a poltical agenda.

  • Suzanne McCarley

    Well then.
    I see why you liked my Facebook comment! 😉

    This article is absolutely stunning; thank you for publishing it. The Grrrlz are doing some of our work for us, and quite well too. These people (and I use that term loosely) are crazy and dangerous.

    • Kimski

      I’m seriously looking forward to the gender equivalent of the Nuremberg trials.
      Just saying..

      • Bombay

        I agree, but I cannot imagine that happening.

  • greg


    How many people traffic radfemhub??

    They actually believe/support this Filth??

    • greg

      Recent post Celebrates(yay!!) 100K hits on her blog.

      This person needs Psyc Evaluations and Hospitalization, with Heavy Meds.

      The Lord Has Blessed Me with Two Sons, but I Feel a Greater Need to Protect My Six Nieces from this Lunatic/Bigot and Her Followers.


    • Robert St. Estephe

      Utopians believe in genocide. Goes back to Marx with his notion that Scottish highlanders, Basques and other races are genetically inferior and must be eliminated. Hitler, early on presented himself as akin to Lenin and he acknowledged his great intellectual debt to Marx.

      Utopians believe in genocide (but mostly discuss it in closed-door meetings. Almost all universities have such closed-door meetings — attended by the most “advanced” thinkers on campus).

      Check out Larry Grathwol’s reports on Bill Ayers (former bomber, current education policy-shaper). I meet Bill Ayers’ followers from time to time in New York City and they are highly educated, middle class, and love the idea of concentration camps for “reactionaries.”

  • Piroko

    This woman realizes that, like all members of the Primate order H.Sapiens requires sexual reproduction, doesn’t she?

    What’s really more incredible is how immensely redundant genetic storage is that entire chromosomes can be lost without really impacting the end result of producing reproducing beings.

    Humans have only 46 chromosomes… dogs have 78… a single species of ant has 2 in females and 1 in males.

  • Rex

    Y’know I thoroughly enjoy that while she is crying that you are trying to censor her, her writing is literally being posted right here. I noticed this comment:

    “…It’s funny because you know they’ll be saying that the content of your post w as probably irrational and/or crazy, but then why such a concerted effort to
    shut it down? Rhetorical question, of course. …”

    It just amazes me that these people can live in this fantasy world. I mean the author literally pulled her own work just so that she could pretend that she is being oppressed. The level of insanity coming from this never ceases to amaze me.

    • Ray

      “The level of insanity coming from this never ceases to amaze me.”

      Stated another way – “nuttier than squirrel poop.” :-)

  • droobles

    WoW, I almost didnt read everything, that was a rally disturbing text.

  • http://none universe

    Around the time I got to the “hell freezes over” part of the article I felt like searching out my honing stone. To sharpen up my sword. My pen, actually.
    What on earth was going on? Here? Well, it’s here for a purpose.

    Gave up reading the article and scrolled down to find the words in red lying in wait.
    For all to see.

    The court of public opinion will deal with this.
    Thank goodness reasonable foresight was there to preserve such works.


    You almost had me with this one! But after my out of body experience, I decided to read on.

  • White Tiger

    Did anyone read the original “post”.

    Rule #1 of academic writing: Make sure the references you cite in support of your argument do not outright refute your argument.

    Cherry picking quotes from articles that are saying the exact opposite of what you are trying to claim only holds until someone checks.

    Seriously thinking of doing my PhD in tearing down some of this deception.

  • thefeministmra

    The level of depravity is not one you normally see outside a psychopath.

    This should not be censored. This should be made public to the entire world to show what these people really believe.

    The contempt, the utter disregard for male life is sickening.

    Give them what they want; put them all on an island together free of men. Watch if they make it beyond a few days trying to build a civilization from scratch. And even if they did, watch it die in a single generation because their specie dies out without sexual reproduction. They can live their short and fruitless lives offering the only thing to their pure society they know; the hatred of men.

    • Suzanne McCarley

      It wouldn’t take a generation; they’d kill each other off within a month. Silly bimbos.

      • Turbo

        Indeed, marching up and down a desert island beach with placards saying

        “Don’t tell me to hunt, tell wild pigs not to run”

        is hardly going to make them jump onto the BBQ plate.

    • napocapo69

      ” watch it die in a single generation because their specie dies out without sexual reproduction”

      there are other animal species inhabiting those islands …

  • cvar

    I couldn’t make it all the way through. I figured it was a parody of some sort though and scrolled down for the explanation.

    Will try tackling it again in a bit, but holy shit. I think I’ll just read the original so that I only have to read this insanity and hate once.

  • Malestrom

    It’s weird, reading that gave me the same feeling as an article I read over at Less Wrong about Anosognosia, which is when people don’t realize they are blind or paralyzed. I can’t imagine being lucid enough to hold a conversation while simultaneously being unable to realise that I cannot stand up. I can’t imagine being as obviously unhinged as those people while still retaining enough brain function to form a sentence.

  • Ray

    My cousin Gene, the 2nd Lt., was killed July 4th, or 5th, 1944 in Normandy, France by Nazi artillery. What was left of him was buried in Henri Chapelle in Belgium. I have strongly despised Nazis and their ilk my whole life.

  • Turbo

    I actually read the original myself, not the one here with the substitutions. I have no problem with what Paul and the team have done here, and I understand the comparison. It is powerful.

    Personally though, I think it speaks for itself in its original form. Just thoroughly disgusting.

    My thoughts are for the fathers of these morons, WitchWind and Cherryblossomlife. How could a Father comprehend finding out that his daughter felt this way. That even though he is their Father he is really superfluous to the Family.

    I feel for their Mothers as well, it must be awful as a parent to realize that your child has grown up to be a murderous bigot.

  • napocapo69

    Comments are a source of joy, one of my favorite:

    “A man could die driving home the very evening his child was conceived and his demise wouldn’t make a jot of difference to the infant in question. (In fact it might be a better outcome for the child– no chance of DV or sexual abuse in the home, for a start…)”

    • Roderick1268

      I am not Jewish and I found this terrifying to read in fact I don’t want to finish it.
      But as it was written about me I could read it.
      Even tho I hate it.
      This is what brain washing looks like.
      Men don’t matter, this is conditioning in its rawest form.
      Great shock tacit, worked on me.

  • Sasha

    Actually, the thing I found most disturbing about the original piece is how scientifically illiterate it is, and the fact that it quotes Prof. Steve Jones, who’s one of the biggest idiots in genetics.

    The idea that the Y chromosome is somehow ‘defective’ or ‘deficient’ compared to the X is completely absurd. Men are XY, women are XX. The Y carries less information than the X. That doesn’t mean carriers of the X are better, or people (women) who’ve got two ‘Xs’ are somehow ‘doublegood’ in some way. The X carries just as much ‘male’ information as female , but it’s only activated in the presence of a ‘Y’.

    It can’t be said often enough: this is basic, mainstream science at its simplest: Maleness as its been termed in the Y chromosome isn’t solely determined by the Y chromosome.

    X and Y = male, therefore the X chromosome is also partly male (being the primary chromosome shared in all humans) and the Y merely acts as a powerful switch to activate what is carried and useful solely for the male of the human species. Feminist ideologues claim that the Y chromosome has reduced in size due to its degeneration. Well this may be partly true, however the Y chromosome has become efficient because it doesn’t need to carry or duplicate the genetic information already present in the X, thus it carries only that which is needed to activate maleness from the X this can account for the size reduction. And anyway, we’re not really talking about ‘rapid’ degeneration – the Y has only lost one gene in the last 25 million years, which is when humans split from our simian cousins.

    If two XX chromosomes are present and even a hint of Y is imprinted on an X then the result will be a male. It is a small and sometimes slightly more vulnerable chromosome in some ways but it is a dominant gene in that when present the result will always be male no matter how many X chromosomes there are. This is the scientific proof of how powerful the Y chromosome really is, but it’s a completely specious argument whichever way you look at it because, as I say, the X also carries information essential to ‘maleness’.

    Projecting ‘superiority’ of one chromosome over another is completely potty. One isn’t ‘weaker’ or ‘degenerate’ or ‘aggressive’, they’re chromosomes for crying out loud. Even if, by some miracle, the Y disappeared, which isn’t going to happen, but if it did then nature would just find some other way to create sex selection, that’s the whole bloody point of natural selection.

    It’s truly disturbing to think I’ve got a clearer and more accurate and well-informed view of this than a professor of genetics.

    I swear the academy really has gone to the dogs.

    • Rex

      I once heard that the X chromosome is superior to the Y because the x has 2 little feet and the y only has one therefore the Y is more likely to tip over.

      • Suzanne McCarley


    • Bewildered

      ” Projecting ‘superiority’ of one chromosome over another is completely potty. ”

      Indeed ! this is the kind of utter BS people utter these days about anything under the sun.
      Ironic when one considers that people are supposedly passionate about ‘equality’.
      There’s one idiot who claims that a male brain is a damaged female brain and there are ‘skeptical’ people who will buy that nonsense.
      Looks like there’s a insanity contest on and everyone is trying to outdo the other in saying outrageously shocking things.

  • Andres

    I’ve commented in the past how eerily similar radical feminist rhetoric and 3rd Reich rhetoric match up sometimes.

    To answer the question of “how can one be so far gone mentally, and still produce coherent texts?”. Well: Humans adapt to their circumstances – however they are, after a brief ‘accommodation period’, any circumstances are accepted as normal, no matter how outlandish they may seem to outsiders: To people ‘inside the thought bubble’, they are perfectly normal.

    This is is how such an article is possible: They have been so isolated within their man-hating bubble of thought, have had it reinforced so many times by other like-minded individuals, have thus radicalized themselves through mutual affirmation that the original author has come to a point where she thought of this article as so normal and self-evident that she published it. She probably does not even realize just how much her perspective is skewed.

    …Yeah, I know of another group of people who had the exact same problem.

    • James

      It’s strange to be able to make a comparison to National Socialism not for its (highly diluted, these days) shock value, but because it’s legitimately comparable.

      The whole article is just so…childishly naive, misandrist and teetering towards psychopathy that I would wonder if it wasn’t satire. Except, well, the comments section doesn’t back that view, and it isn’t nearly outrageous enough to successfully cross the line into nothing-is-sacred gallows humour like A Modest Proposal.

  • napocapo69

    Another pearl from the comments thread:

    “Male violence has always been a horrible panademic, and most likely will until Men cease to exist, and something has to be done about

    any suggestion?

  • Laddition

    Not that I needed any more proof of the fact that the only thing uglier than the outsides of most feminists is the insides of all feminists.

    Who employs these delusional tards?

    How do they function in ‘normal’ society? Assuming that they are functional, perhaps they just herd cats?

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Who employs them? You and I do. Feminism depends on the taxes extracted from male workers (as well as those those females whose employment involves actual work).

      They can be fired if there is enough public will to do so.

      The terms “patriarchal oppression,” “testosterone poisoning” and “male privilege,” when used around men created a “hostile environment.” Sue. Use their own methods against them.

      I’m using such slogans online as this one, “Stop violence by women against women” to gum up the works of the hoaxers. There are many ways to alter the public conversation.

  • The Equalizer

    A choice excerpt from the comments under the original article:

    cherryblossomlife says:
    February 3, 2013 at 1:43 pm
    Yes, and there’s also a big difference between “ball ingredients like testosterone”, which cause male “emotions” such as territoriality
    and misogyny, and being exhilerated at the sight of a sunset, or feeling compassion, or any of the other wonderful emotions that women experience on a daily basis.

    – Thanks Dr Blossom! I suppose that all the male poets, songwriters, novelists and artists have had to ask the nearest woman what real emotions were so they could put them into their work.

    I shake my head at the level of stupidity and hate in the minds and writings of Dr Blossom and her ilk.

  • Groot

    “Researchers led by Jennifer F. Hughes and David C. Page of the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, Mass., have reconstructed the Y chromosome’s past and find that its gene-shedding days seem to be over. Men are not living on borrowed time after all, they reported on Wednesday in the journal Nature.”


    “The Whitehead team’s new report provides solid assurance by showing that the Y’s shedding of genes is not a continuing process. Almost all of its genetic self-sacrifice occurred in the distant past.”

    • Kimski

      We’re probably in the middle of a process were we’re getting rid of some of the stuff that is no longer needed in a modern society.

      A couple of years back, I read in the New York Times that the male genom has evolved 2,6-8% over the past 250.000 years, as the only one. They ran an article about it back in january 2010, but I can’t find the damned link to it.
      Still searching, though.

      • Groot

        ‘A new look at the human Y chromosome has overturned longstanding ideas about its evolutionary history. Far from being in a state of decay, the Y chromosome is the fastest-changing part of the human genome and is constantly renewing itself.’


        ‘Dr. Page’s new finding is surprising because it shows that the Y chromosome has achieved an unexpected salvation. The hallmark of the Y chromosome now turns out to be renewal and reinvigoration, once the unnecessary burden of X-related genes has been shed.’

        ‘”Natural selection is shaping the Y and keeping it vital to a degree that is really at odds with the idea of the last 50 years of a rotting Y chromosome,” Dr. Page said. “It is now clear that the Y chromosome is by far the most rapidly evolving part of the human and chimp genomes.”’

        ‘This does not mean that men are evolving faster than women, given that the two belong to the same species, but it could be that the Y’s rate of change drives or influences the evolution of the rest of the human genome in ways that now need to be assessed. It would be “hard to imagine that these dramatic changes in the Y don’t have broader consequences,” Dr. Page said.’

        • Kimski

          Thanks for the clarification, Groot.

        • Kimski

          I almost forgot:
          It would seem like the Y-chromosome also comes with a variety of fail safe mechanism, like runs of DNA that read the same backward as forward and repetitive sequences, that would make ‘pollution’ of X-chromosomes harder, while still keeping it fully operational, even when part of the DNA-string has been damaged.
          Pretty amazing, when you think of it. That would effectively mean a higher endurance rate of the male DNA, when exposed to dangerous chemicals and/or radiation.

          You just can’t keep a good man down, eh?

          • Never Blue Again


            I just don’t understand why feminist thinks X chromosome is women’s sole property ? We also have one X chromosome remember ?

            And having two X chromosome doesn’t just do any good. One of them going to shutdown permanently anyway in every cell of women body (with some exception).

            So, if you calculate correctly we have all the general working gens of X chromosome + gens of X chromosome that turns on in the presence of Y chromosome + gens of Y chromosome.

            And women have only general working gens of one X chromosome. Sometimes some gens of the inactive X chromosome also get activated but that just overdose the genetic material into the cells and complicate things.

            How this exactly makes MEN inferior ….. ??

            And Y chromosome is one of the most complex chromosome in human genome and the last one to be analyzed. The reason is since it can’t swap gens with any other chromosome so it makes backup copy of it’s gens inside it. Y is a huge combination of multiple palindrome sequence.

            Which makes it clear that Y is the most advanced and self sufficient chromosome in human genome.

            And why feminist always gets behind the Y chromosome ? We share 23 pieces of chromosome with our child remember ? And most of the genetic defects comes from the other chromosomes, not from the Y.

            But feminist always blaming Y for everything because they know women never poses Y chromosome. That’s the only reason….. !!

            And even if some problem like color blindness is resulted from an defective X chromosome , that X chromosome we get form women ….. don’t you see ? That chromosome was defective even before the conception occurs.

            In which fucking world Y is responsible for the defective X chromosome ? Which (X) is unable to hold it’s natural standard and don’t play it’s role?

            Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity ~~ Albert Einstein
            I wish Einstein could see some of our feminist ! They just proved him damn right once more… !

          • Kimski

            @Never Blue Again:

            Here’s a little thought for you:

            The complete history of Nature and the origin of new species is filled with examples of trial and error. First nature will try out a new concept in different variations.The one that proves most succesfull for that particular species survival, is the ONLY ONE that inevitably makes it and is repeated ad.lib., while the less capable will inevitable go extinct.
            If all mammals start out as females in the womb, it would seem that the male of the species is the one that benefits the most from that ‘trial and error’ development.

            Sort of like saying: ‘Okay, that one didn’t work out quite right. Let’s see what happens if we make a new version with an Y chromosome, instead of the two X’es, which basically just pointlessly back eachother up. Will that add a greater chance of survival to that particular specimen, when it is on it’s own??

            I think the answer is pretty obvious…Mammals would have been hermaphrodites otherwise.

            Naww, I’m just kidding.. 😉

    • James

      Some of the anthropomorphising language is a little silly (the Y chromosome ‘gallantly downsizing in the name of protecting women’, really) but an interesting discovery nonetheless.

  • JinnBottle

    Art imitates life, and choice of *name* imitates Art: “Cherryblossomlife” is probably too stupid and unread to be consciously aware that *Cherry Blossom* was the name of the fascist Japanese faction that assassinated democracy-leaning Japanese officials and politicians in the 1920s, and whose takeover of the country was responsible for the secret alliance with Hitler and the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor a little more than a week later.

  • malcolm

    Meh, they are just a bunch of frightened little girls shaking in the corner pissing themselves much like a scared dog would do. they just can’t help themselves publishing this sort of nonsense.

    It’s good to expose just how spavined these women are, but no one in their right mind takes them seriously.

  • Dean Esmay

    You can chill out dude. The video was posted by the girl herself. Her name is Alisha Anne Barnard. She thinks it’s funny. You can subscribe to her channel here:

    She calls herself Psycho Girl. So it’s all good man. Be zen. 😉

    • Paul Elam

      Too late on my end. Done with this cat.

  • Paul Elam

    Just a note to readers of this thread. I just banned a long time reader here. Not something I am very fond of. But here is the deal. Most of our readers come here anonymously because a public presence for them on an MHRM site could be very costly. Not because we are spreading hate or doing anything wrong, but because we are up against a power establishment that is very hateful, and misandric. Everyone here knows the drill on that.

    So privacy has to be respected here. Reggie threatened everyone here who upvoted a video that he did not even bother to investigate with outing their real names in a newspaper.

    It is pretty clear that this stems from a lot of anger he has over his daughter being bullied. But the problem is that the anger turned him into a bully, and a very irrational and dangerous one for this milieu.

    Can’t have it here, not for a moment.

    As it turns out, Dean reports that the video that so outraged him was posted by the very funny young girl in the vid. There was no bullying. Not at all.

    And it is not that it matters. If there are objections to material posted in the comments here, there is nearly always an editor around to contact. And your objections to it are welcome in the comments. But threatening other members of the community as a first resort is not acceptable.



    • Suzanne McCarley

      We all have at least one “button” that, when pushed, makes us want to lash out without thinking. We also all have a brain that enables us to think before lashing out.

      Take inventory and know your buttons, people. Unheeded, they can destroy you without any outside assistance.

      end of sermon.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      I know this was a tough call, Paul. Thank you for standing up for us yet again. Gratitude.

  • keyster

    Behind the front lines of NOW, the AAUW the Women’s Media Center and Gender Studies professors everywhere, are the Radical FemiNazis seeking to eradicate the male from the planet through biological genocide.

    And people think MRA’s are nuts for exposing this?

  • Takis

    Even though these people are crazy shouldn’t the Men’s movement keep a more mature stance against them and try to achieve more important goals? I mean protecting men and boys from unjust laws is more important that reasoning with these women. It degrades us to even pay attention.

  • donzaloog

    I wonder if any if any feminists who read this would come to her senses? I highly doubt it. That would require common sense and if she had that, she wouldn’t be a feminist in the first place.

  • Rick777

    What a little goose stepper that Cherryblossomlife is.

    I wonder if she knows that in 10 years or less we will have everyone looking at her like they do at the KKK now.

  • Steveyp333

    I have to nod my head in agreement at the radfem comments saying that porn use is a form of mass torture against women

    I mean, jesus, those poor women get financially compensated for having sexual intercourse.

    Someone call Amnesty FUCKING International, because I’m booting up youjizz to commit a hate crime right now

  • captive

    Whereas I’m certainly opposed to genocide against any group – attempting to “hitch a ride” on the dreadful antisemitism and violence (lets not forget how many men he brainwashed and killed through his military indoctrination scheme) that Hitler attempted is somewhat inappropriate.

    The Muslims keep trying to describe the hostility they face in Europe by comparing it with the Jewish holocaust. There are few groups who could justly make the comparison. There is one major reason for this:

    There are 20,000,000 Jews in the world. That’s like none – far less than one percent of the world’s population.

    Insane paranoia from the Klan and groups like that always ignores the very basic fact that the Jews are such a miniscule minority in the world (one that has done many great things, like cure Polio) that any attempt to compare a group like “men” to “Jews” falls flat on its face and shows Hitler for the thuggish bully he really was because the reality is that he did kill 6 million Jews which was almost half of the living Jewish population. Hitler’s insane proclamations that the Jews actually represented a threat were completely refuted by the ease at which he killed half their population. It’s like being terrified that Sri Lanka is going to conquer the world.

    I understand that it’s hard to characterize hate speech (like many of the feminists put out) for what it is without making a Nazi comparison – but keep in perspective how incredibly vile Nazism actually was – not just for Jews – but for all the men who were talked into violent, mindless hatred by a mad dictator, all the men who were killed in the Holocaust, and all the men who died fighting to put an end to Nazism (over 2% of the world’s population were killed in WWII – the Jews were major victims in the holocaust, but over 80 million people died in WWII – enough that if all WWII deaths were Jews that the Jews would have been wiped out 5 times over).

    I believe hate speech should be shown for what it is, just be careful when you compare a huge portion of the population like “men” to “Jews.” It’s absurd to state that all men are a threat to all women like feminists will often state. But it’s incredibly absurd to say that a tiny tiny segment of the human species, like Jews, are a threat to a huge majority.

    • AlexB

      I happen to be Sri Lankan, what are you implying?That Sri Lanka is too small?That we CAN’T conquer the world? 😛

      P.S. Sorry, had to say that(I really am Sri Lankan btw, I’m sure admins here can confirm it using my IP address).Also don’t rule out the possibility of a minority being a threat to a huge majority, an organized group of few people can be a threat to a large group of people with ease, take the army for example couldn’t they wipe out the civilian population who make up the majority of the entire population – even without the use of modern weaponry?Or take feminists for example look at how much harm they cause to people while being a tiny minority.And don’t misunderstand I’m only disagreeing with your reasoning, of course I’m not saying Jews were a threat.