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Another Open letter to Delaware State Police

Tiffany Marie Smith, pictured above, has yet to be charged with several crimes she has committed. Her current whereabouts are unknown. Neither she nor her accomplices have been arrested on the charges documented below, despite the proof the Delaware police already have obtained for themselves, and have been provided with multiple copies and reminders of in case they somehow “lost” them. Catherine Gibson, a close friend who’s been of significant assistance to Gordon, and is herself a victim of Tiffany Marie Smith’s multiple criminal false reports, has submitted this open letter to the Delaware State Police naming not just Tiffany Marie Smith but two co-conspirators.–DE 

Why is the Delaware State Police still ignoring an obvious false report? When someone is on video surveillance, someplace where they are clearly seen to not be doing what they have been accused of doing at that time, when that video indicates that person was indeed nowhere near where they were falsely reported to be, and the police have verified for themselves that the video is legitimate and from a third party independent disinterested source–why would police ignore all that? It’s a false report, which is a crime. Why don’t they arrest the person who made the proven false report? Those were the circumstances August 9, 2010 when Tiffany Marie Smith called the state police at 1:02 PM and reported that Mr. Smith and a me, a friend of Gordon’s, had just been at her house and that he was in violation of a protection order. I was with Gordon, and we have it on tape from the Taco Bell security cameras which showed where we were at that time (nowhere near her) when she made this false report, and the police know this and have it in their own reports, where they went themselves to verify the business security cameras that showed it was completely physically impossible for us to have been anywhere near Tiffany Marie Smith’s home. The police have that, along with our time-stamped receipt from that location, and they have the recorded fact that we were then subsequently at a Delaware State Police post right afterwards, also at the time we were falsely accused of being at Tiffany’s house “harassing” her. Is it Delaware State Police opinion that Gordon and I invented a new sort of time machine or some sort of cloning technology, and this is why you are not arresting Tiffany Marie Smith when your own records clearly and overwhelmingly demonstrate that she repeatedly lied to your faces?

False reports to police are not victim-less crimes. Any person who is falsely accused, in a report to police, is in jeopardy of false arrest and false imprisonment. At a minimum the falsely accused suffers damaged reputation and the report is in police files. This wastes police time and wastes taxpayer resources. Police are devoting their time and resources to the false report when other citizens could be in real need of police assistance. There is a cost to society to allow people to make false police reports. Unpunished, the criminal false reporter is likely to repeat the crime in the future, which we know is exactly what Tiffany Marie Smith continued to do to.

This culminated with Tiffany Marie Smith filing another false report, to another police agency, 3 days later and another to a third police agency, a month later. It wasn’t until she went on a rampage and filed 5 more in a month, between July and August this year, that Dover city police put a stop to it. Caught before and never punished for it, the criminal Tiffany Marie Smith continued to use police as a tool of criminal harassment endangering Gordon Smith’s liberty and safety. The false arrest of Gordon Smith at gunpoint could have ended fatally for a man who was never guilty of any crime. You have more than enough here for “probable cause” for arrest. You have such overwhelming evidence in your hands that you pretty much have an automatic conviction on your hands, and you know it.

When the receipt was produced, on August 9, 2010, showing that I, Catherine Gibson, reported to be with Gordon at Tiffany Smith’s house, could not have been there that was probable cause to arrest Tiffany Smith for a false report. DSP should have dropped the charge on Gordon Smith completely, rather than reduce the charge, and they should have immediately arrested Tiffany Marie Smith. When the receipt was confirmed by the video Tiffany, her sister and boyfriend should all have faced multiple charges. That would have brought an end to Tiffany Smith’s career as a criminal serial false accuser.  This means Gordon Smith’s not Tiffany’s only victim, so am I. I wish to press charges. Why are you not allowing me to do so?

That was not the first obviously false report to police. The first proven false report was January 26, 2010. It was Capitol Police that dropped the ball on that one. Gordon Smith was on video surveillance in the family court building when Tiffany falsely reported that he called her from a blocked number. Had he not been on video, not making any call, at the time she alleged it would have been her word against his. But he was in court. On camera. At the exact time when he was accused of making a phone call he could not possibly have made.

The false report, to the Delaware State Police on August 9, 2010, was a more serious false report because it involved two others, who also lied to DSP, saying that Mr. Smith committed a crime. It was crucial that he had the physical evidence to show that he was innocent or he likely would have gone to prison for a crime that was a complete fabrication, by his ex-wife, her sister and then boyfriend.  Click here for proof of that false report.  These documents are from state police files. Are the Delaware State Police so stupid that they can’t find “probable cause” to make arrests? Not likely, so explain why you haven’t made arrests for these crimes?

Delaware State Police are within the statute of limitations for these crimes that have gone unresolved. When the false report was investigated, Tiffany Marie Smith, along with her friends Morgan Evans and Bill Merson, stuck to a story that the physical evidence of the receipt and video police obtained themselves clearly contradicts. The three of them conspired to have Gordon falsely arrested. Morgan Evans and Bill Merson are accessories to the crime of the false report to police. Then they committed felony perjury, testifying, in family court, to the same disproved false report. The Delaware State Police were negligent in their duty and obligation to the public, in particular Mr. Smith. Tiffany engaged in criminal harassment, falsely reporting an incident to police, criminal solicitation, conspiracy and felony perjury under the Delaware Code.They need to address that situation and arrest Tiffany and her co-conspirators now.

According to the Delaware State Police website:

“The citizens we serve have an expectation that those who are vested with the responsibility of enforcing the laws of this state, as well as civilian employees, will hold fast to the standards of professional and individual conduct to preserve the respect, confidence and cooperation of society. With this in mind, we encourage you to contact us with any compliments or complaints you may have about the Delaware State Police.”

The head of the Delaware State Police is Colonel Robert M. Coupe (robert.coupe@state.de.us). I would like him to explain to us and the citizens of Delaware why his department has not made arrests for this incident. Tiffany Smith is a pathological liar. 14 false reports six of which were to Delaware State Police and she was only charged with three that she made to Dover City Police. I want to know why the Delaware State Police have given a pass to the serial false accuser, poster girl of false allegations and perpetrator of multiple crimes for this incident.

The Dover Police lived up to the expectation of citizens that laws be enforced. On September 1st they had determined probable cause and obtained and executed an arrest warrant for Tiffany Smith. How many more false reports would Ms. Smith have made to Delaware State Police if Dover police hadn’t  done their job? It is past time for the Delaware State Police to step up and do what they should have done months ago and make arrests for the August 9, 2010 false report?

Delaware State Police can be contacted at (302) 739-5901: (302) 697 4454. The Delaware State Police Office of Professional Responsibility can be reached at 302-739-5990. Delaware State Police is led by Colonel Robert Coupe, who can be emailed at robert.coupe@de.state.us. In any contact you make, I recommend referring to Delaware State Police Report 03-10-025226 and ask why Tiffany Marie Smith and her accomplices have not been arrested and charged yet, and why there is not a warrant out for these people’s arrest.

A note to MRAs. At this writing Tiffany Marie Smith’s whereabouts are unknown and Gordon Smith has still not been allowed any contact with his children. He has a Legal Fund  for his continuing legal battles; as of this writing he needs $90.00 to file another emergency motion. Since at this point all the police action against him has destroyed his professional life and drained him financially, if you can, please drop something into his fund so that he has a chance at qualified representation for his continuing legal fight for the safety of his children, see Tiffany Marie Smith fully answer for her crimes, and recover from his devastating financial losses. Give here. $90 is the current goal. –DE

About Dean Esmay

Dean Esmay has written for Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, The Moderate Voice, Honey Badger Brigade, and A Voice for Men. He is a writer and podcaster with Erin Pizzey on domestic violence, Mumia Ali on race issues, and various shows on geek culture. He encourages people to look at issues through the lens of compassion for men who deserve it, and respect for women who deserve it. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed novel Methuselah's Daughter.

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  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    OK guys I just chipped in $10.

    Gordon’s lawyer’s fees are covered. He just needs another $80 and he can file another emergency motion to at least see his kids. Can anyone help make that additional $80 happen?

  • rams888

    $20 just sent … although from his Legal Fund website he still needs several thousand dollars.

    • http://weareFLAIR.org Catherine-Gibson

      He has a lawyer doing it pro bono. If he had the money he would be able to get an attorney experienced in family law. The price in Delaware is $1,500-2,500 to argue a motion. On a past motion, back during the previous last round of attacks from Ms. Smith, I had an attorney that I know agree to come to DE and appear pro hac vice for $500 and the lawyer licensed in DE that is required to “sit” with him wanted another $500. Tiffany asked the Court to order Gordon to pay her $1,500 legal fees (denied). Paying more doesn’t mean you get a better lawyer but good lawyers charge good fees.

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    He’s recently gotten a pro-bono attorney now so the target # on that web site no longer looks like reality. The one thing the attorney won’t do is cover Gordon’s filing fees, which I think is pretty reasonable on the attorney’s part.

    I just got a note from Paul saying A Voice For Men is kicking in the rest. Although I have a feeling there’s going to be another motion or two that may have to be filed after this, it looks like we’ve hit our $90 mark.

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    Just got off the phone with Gordon. He confirms he has received the money, he says thank you and god bless you to everybody and he is on his way down to the courthouse RIGHT FUCKING NOW because the paperwork is all fucking set already.

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    Recently posted on my blog:

    The rash of evidence-free “protection orders” has been abused once again by a psychotic who used it to help her to murder her children while her ex-husband was helpless to stop it.


    In the meantime, as of this writing, Tiffany Marie Smith is at large and no one’s seen her or the kids in quite some time. The kids were last seen on Thursday. She no longer works at her last place of employment. That’s all we know. The courts today again refused to act. An emergency motion is being filed.

    This sociopathic lunatic cut herself and now no one knows where she is or if Gordon’s kids are safe. Because they haven’t been able to find Tifanny Smith, the PFA order is still open against Gordon even though all charges against him have been dropped so he can’t even go and see if they’re safe himself. And the police won’t even try to verify if the kids are all right. (Or rather, have only done so once since Tiffany’s arrest.)

    American law’s refusal to treat women as responsible adults who are as potentially dangerous as any other adult remains an outrage no better illustrated than stories like this. Self-proclaimed feminist author Patricia Pearson thoroughly documented just how bad it was back in 1997, and the figures for violent, dangerous women have only worsened since then. Yet still, still, whether it’s “conservative traditionalists” or “liberal feminists,” everyone just assumes women are incapable of evil, or that it happens so rarely it isn’t worth talking about. No matter how much evidence piles up, people refuse to believe it. Is it something in our genes as human beings? Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, cops frequently will not arrest, prosecutors will not charge, juries will not not convict, more often than not. Even when another woman is the victim, let alone a man. Only the rare case gets any attention at all, and often before it’s too late.


    This deluded psychopath actually cut herself up, while simultaneously proving to the police that she was absolutely lying, and they didn’t even put her under psychiatric observation, and the police only charged her with the minimum they could get away with, and now she’s at large with multiple documented felonies still not even filed. Unreal.

    • http://weareFLAIR.org Catherine-Gibson

      Recently I posted an article based on a publication from the futureofchildren.org that they adapted from “Understanding the Female Offender” by Elizabeth Cauffman and another book on youthful offenders.
      The conclusion was that juvenile females had become more violent and had more mental illnesses by the 1990s. Here is an excerpt:
      “Engaging in antisocial behavior has long term negative consequences once juveniles reach adulthood. Females express negativity with children, romantic partners and other family members more than do males.
      Research shows that females, instead of “outgrowing’ their offending behavior as the vast majority of boys do, appear to replace their criminal behaviors with violence toward their partners.”
      These studies on juvenile offenders began in the 1990’s through 2003. These female juveniles are now adults. The research on domestic violence fails to account for this generation of women.

      • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

        I’d like to work with you at some point on an article about that. Pulling all the data together is important.

  • AntZ

    Feminism has transformed the US government into an ugly, authoritarian, and cruel caricature of democracy. It is such a destructive force.

  • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

    “Are the Delaware State Police so stupid that they can’t find “probable cause” to make arrests?”


    • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray


      Make that, “Yep, feminist training makes you stupid.”

      • http://weareFLAIR.org Catherine-Gibson

        You have no idea Ray. At the last meeting that Gordon and I went to on domestic violence at the State Police training center they were discussing who was going to be the speaker for the conference this fall. Gordon offered to speak for free but they declined his services. The suggestion of the dv officers and advocates present was to contact some Phd. (I can’t recall his name but I will recognize it when I see it on the conference agenda) who teaches that inconsistencies in the statements of these trauma victims of dv are not cause to doubt their reports but a result of the trauma. The door to false accusations is getting wider all the time.

  • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    I called (302) 739-5901 and the man who answered the phone was very snippy and unhelpful. I told him he was being unhelpful and rude. He said I needed to call the specific Troop for Tiffany Smith’s jurisdiction, which I believe is Troop 3 (Dover). Here is the number (302) 697 4454.

    Okay. Just got off the phone. The officer I spoke with told me I need to speak with the officer or officers who took the false reports.

    Do we have the names of the state cops who did Tiffany’s bidding? If so, we should be calling them directly.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      Ok ok ok,

      You want me to you know (cough) give him a call ?

      You know I will. Don’t tempt me Tara. I mean it. I’ll do it.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Ahahahaha, talk about evasion of responsibility. We have the report, what the hell else does he need to look it up?

      Catherine, you know more about this than I do, what do we do?

      • http://weareFLAIR.org Catherine-Gibson

        Pressure and more pressure. The decent officers at DSP must be shaking their head. I’d really like to know who or what is the roadblock.
        Message to anyone at DSP: make the arrests and throw the hot potato to the AG’s office to prosecute. Do what Dover Police did. It’s the right thing to do and it’s the smart thing to do. Haltom, McTaggart, Biden or whoever will get over it. It’s not like the AG’s office won’t ever need you again. We will be turning up the heat on them too. You have complainant(s) victim of the crimes and more than probable cause. Do your job.

    • http://weareFLAIR.org Catherine-Gibson

      Snippy? That’s not very professional is it?
      The officer who was assigned to the investigation is no longer in Troop 3 or with domestic violence. He did Tiffany’s bidding alright and I wondered if he saw himself as a father figure or something more. His name was Detective Stephen Fausey. I questioned, when he was assigned to the investigation, in an email to Headquarters, why a complaint for a false report to police was being handled by an officer who I felt was biased. He was Tiffany’s buddy from a previous report that she made that I now wonder if that was also a false report but Gordon was not accused, at the time, and he wasn’t arrested. (since then Tiffany has testified in family court that she thinks it was him) That, now suspicious, report is thus not included in the count of 14 false reports against Gordon by Tiffany.
      I felt that Fausey, for whatever his reasons, didn’t want to arrest poor little Tiffany just because she lied her *** off to get someone charged and possibly imprisoned.
      Fausey didn’t do his job then and wouldn’t want to now. He is sued individually as well as in his official capacity in Gordon’s lawsuit for a number of tortious acts too numerous to mention here. Fausey asked me if I wanted him to arrest Tiffany when he didn’t know if he could get a conviction. I told him that a conviction was not his problem, that probable cause was and that there was more than enough evidence for a conviction in this. He said that the Deputy AG didn’t think they could prosecute. I told him that wasn’t his problem his job was to arrest with the ample evidence he had.
      The DV Sgt. for Troop 3 is David Weaver. He was Fausey’s superior and he is still there. Weaver is a pretty decent guy according to Gordon. He was involved to some extent in the joint investigation with Dover PD.
      I don’t think Delaware State Police want to make arrests in this case but we have to start somewhere. I think Dover PD did what is usually done to make an arrest; determine probable cause and get a warrant from the Justice of the Peace Court. I don’t believe they obtained a pre-authorization from the AG’s office, nor is that standard procedure when a police agency has a complainant and probable cause.

      Step 1: get the police to arrest. Step 2: as with the charges Tiffany was already arrested on, make sure the AG’s office doesn’t let her off with a slap on the wrist.
      This is only step one.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      I have updated the front page article to reflect that new number.

      And Dr. F, I DARE you to make that call, I DARE you! Do it do it do it!

  • Tawil

    Tried to chip in a few $$ but the ‘chip in’ buton is not working….. someone needs to fix it.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Uhr, well, it worked for me and at least two others so I’m not sure what’s up. Try again?

      It’s not necessarily a moot point, if we’re very lucky one motion’s going to do it but we may need another. God it’s frustrating.

      • Tawil

        Tried 4 times, deleting page and reconnecting. Never had this prob before so don’t know if is at my end or his. When i click the button I can see the click motion working but nothing gets initiated, doesnt connect to a pay page or anything.

        Good luck with it…. hope he has a win!

      • http://weareFLAIR.org Catherine-Gibson

        Lou Ann Vari, the Commissioner who heard the motions today seriously dislikes Gordon. She has disliked him from day 1 when she cut him down in his first protection order hearings. She disliked him when she denied him counsel in a family court criminal proceeding. She found him guilty of civil contempt for child support because she said that he could have borrowed the money from me. Yes, that’s right, that’s what she said without asking me. She can’t like him better now that he filed a judicial complaint against her several months ago and she has refused to recuse herself. I hope that pro bono lawyer asks her every time that she hears one of Gordon’s motion to recuse for grounds for appeal and additional judicial complaints.
        Even though Lou Ann really dislikes Mr. Smith I can’t understand why she or the other Commissioners (all three in Kent County have heard motions on this in the past two weeks) don’t at least remove the children for their safety. If it was me on the bench I wouldn’t want to risk the children being injured or worse and ending up an episode on Nancy Grace.

        • Man

          It’s easy to understand when viewed in the context of being activists in authority basing their decisions on their ideology and biases instead of the law and whats best for the kids. They care about propping up women at the expense of men, and justify it in their own minds by thinking women deserve the leg-up, and might be better mothers with more resources at their disposal (the resources stolen from men).

      • http://weareFLAIR.org Catherine-Gibson

        It is frustrating. This should be a slam dunk too. Tiffany was arrested for fabricating the allegations that got her the PFA from good ole’ Lou Ann Vari. The protection order was based on lies that she was arrested for. He did not write threatening notes to her or the children. What is it that they can’t understand? The first ex-parte motion to dismiss the bogus protection order (PFA) should have been granted. They should have given Gordon custody and ordered a psyche eval for Tiffany.
        What’s the point of continuing the case for a hearing with Tiffany present?
        No wonder she’s avoiding service of process. I certainly hope and assume Gordon’s lawyer would have the arresting officers as witnesses.
        Gordon needs to keep filing ex-parte for custody until she is served or one of the Commissioners at least recognizes that the children are in danger and orders them removed from Tiffany’s custody. Then he needs to keep filing until someone in Kent County Family Court does the right thing and gives him custody and her supervised visitation.

  • TPH

    I just can’t understand why the Delaware state police keep sticking their heads up their asses with such a slam dunk case against Tiffany Smith and her accomplices. Tiffany Smith is a clear and present danger to her children as evidenced by her behavior and self-mutilation to get Gordon tossed into jail out of pure spite.

    The Delaware state police do nothing, they aren’t protecting nor serving the citizens of Delaware in this case.

    I find it deeply disturbing that in order to get some results from the Delaware State Police, their feet need to be held to the fire constantly. They make the Keystone cops look like dedicated FBI agents.

    I called them and got some real snarky responses. They just don’t give a shit.

    Time to ratchet up the pressure 1000%.

    • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

      “The Delaware state police do nothing, they aren’t protecting nor serving the citizens of Delaware in this case. “

      More like “public enemies.”

    • http://weareFLAIR.org Catherine-Gibson

      Some of the DSP are decent people and even a rookie can see this was a false report. I don’t know where the roadblock is on this.
      They have the reports which cover probable cause and should be a slam dunk for a conviction. If they really wanted to do more police work they could easily get testimony from one of the parties to the crimes. I’m no Detective but I would bring in the ex-boyfriend (co-conspirator and accessory aided and abetted and committed felony perjury supporting his gf Tiffany in family court) and ask him if he would like to be a defendant or a witness. I don’t think he would want to be arrested and risk prison for Tiffany.

      Yes and ratchet up the pressure 1000%

      • TPH

        I suspect the DA and the machine behind the scenes is putting pressure on the cops to make the charges against Tiffany disappear or at least be diminished in some fashion. It fits with the modus operandi of how DA’s and the courts and the police treat charges of women filing false reports of domestic violence. I think the only reason Tiffany Smith was arrested and charged is because the egregious amount of evidence was just to great to ignore and sweep under the carpet.

  • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

    Sent him a little. Hope it helps.

  • HurleyHacker

    My $50.00 donation just went through. Dean , thank you for driving this through. MAY God Bless Gordon Smith and Pray his children are safe and returned to him ……….NOW.

  • Mercer Williams

    Just donated me $20 to Mr. Smith. This isn’t just Mr. Smith’s battle. It’s for all of us. It’s for all of us to make a point that people can’t hide behind the police and not be held accountable for their actions.

  • BlueBlood

    Call me cynical 😉 but I would place a substantial wager that the reason the Police have not yet acted is out of fear of setting a precedent for action: if they prosecute in this matter, they have to prosecute EVERY false accuser, and that would require a tripling of Police numbers. Remember, very few Police departments throughout the world give lowly officer’s ‘authority to prosecute.’ Ergo, the decision not to prosecute is coming from higher up. Keep the pressure on the media and keep writing letters to the bosses of the Police department. They will crack.

    • Codebuster

      I agree. It opens a can of worms, and they will be required to do real work to keep up.

    • http://weareFLAIR.org Catherine-Gibson

      That’s my hope BlueBlood, that pressure will make them do their job.
      Tiffany calls her friends at Troop 3 at 1:02 and reports that this terrifying incident just happened at her house, in Hartly, DE; Gordon was there watching his sons. (Note: we never did find out, because it never came up in the thorough investigation, by Defective Falsely, if the boys were even home that day or in day care like every other weekday)
      After Gordon was arrested and I produced the receipt that showed we were in Camden at 12:41 and could not have been in Hartly at 1 the nice policeman, Trooper Miller, called Tiffany and apparently asked if she could have been mistaken about the time. She said she called her father?? and he said it was between 12:45 and 1 o’clock. Bzzzzt. Wrong answer.
      This is a false report to police.
      That right then was probable cause.
      Do I need to speak slower and use smaller words?

    • http://weareFLAIR.org Catherine-Gibson

      They couldn’t possibly arrest every false accuser. It would be like trying to ticket every speeder. The fact that we all know that people do get tickets for speeding makes us mindful that we could be caught if we speed. If they arrest the obvious false reports, like this one, it would send a message that hateful false reports can land your butt in jail. What do they want a confession from Tiffany? Maybe if Fausey had handled the investigation like Detective Mark Csapo questioned Gordon he would have gotten a confession. She isn’t all that bright and she trips herself up with her lies. Fausey wasn’t trying to get Tiffany. How much investigation did it take to see a call, to the Troop at 1:02 reporting the crime had just happened in Hartly but Gordon was in Camden at 12:41? Fausey actually investigated where Gordon was later in the afternoon to see if he could nail him for being in violation of a protection order at all that day. I don’t know how he could have reconciled that with an arrest report that put the crime at 1 PM but that didn’t seem to bother him when he asked Gordon where he was at 3 that day.

  • Codebuster

    In addition to Blueblood’s point, with this sort of thing, what often happens is that they are the visible manifestations of shenanigans, corruption, etc, taking place at deeper levels. Time to access documents through FOI (freedom of information).

  • http://Human-Stupidity.com Human-Stupidity.com

    I have no words. Women can do anything they want and are not punished? And a psycho woman having the children around, at least it will cause the children to learn psycho behavior.

    Just shocking!!

    Women have a free ticket to accuse men of everything. Poor her, he must have done something to hurt her to cause her to become this way /sarcasm

  • Kyonko802

    I just dropped 50 bucks.

    I wish Mr. Smith luck.

  • HurleyHacker

    I am in favor of retaining a true father’s rights activists to go where cameras and truth has never gone. You all know his name as “Daddy Justice”. If we want bang for our donated dollars and some hard investigation into this scandal and others Ben Vonderheid is our man in the trenches. I pledge $100.00 towards Ben’s efforts to investigate the State of Delaware and the scandal they are foisting on Gordan Smith and his children. What do the rest of you think?. I am ready for the camera in their faces and for some roaches to go running for the cracks.
    Come to think of it I am going to offer $200.00 towards Ben’s efforts. I am so pissed and cannot sit idly by while we are being destroyed. Ok ?

  • http://weareFLAIR.org Catherine-Gibson

    HurleyHacker Ben went to Delaware two years ago to film the annual public hearing of the Family Law Commission. The meeting is in the capitol building, Legislative Hall. At the beginning of the meeting, which of course Gordon and I were at, they asked him to turn off his camera. Ben of course said “no” that it was a public hearing in a public building and they called the Capitol Police and arrested him. He was released without being charged. Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4xf6xE77Dk

    You might also want to see Gordon at the Family Preservation Festival. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0Zzjiph-K4&feature=g-high-u This is the event he was traveling to when Tiffany falsified her first threatening note, trying to frame him. He wasn’t arrested because the State Police knew he was visiting in GA and he had told them he’d come in to ‘pick up the warrant’ (aka be arrested, fingerprinted, photographed and bonded out) they had for him from a previous false report, when he got back to Delaware. Excuse the bad haircut lol.

    • HurleyHacker

      Sadly I remember this . Ben is pretty busy with his own affairs as well. MRM needs more Ben Vonderheids in the world. Thanks for the sobering reminder.

  • http://weareFLAIR.org Catherine-Gibson

    Ben was in Federal District Court last week on Friday trying to win the right to film in courts. I called Ben to see how he made out and left a message yesterday. He is very busy and even though he was able to get his false accuser prosecuted for perjury and she went to jail he still has a full schedule with his own affairs. I’ll let you know the result of his case HurleyHacker when I hear back from him.