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Tell Your Senators: Say NO to S.47!


Today we have an urgent request.

S. 47, a Violence Against Women Act reauthorization bill has been introduced in the Senate. Unfortunately, S. 47 is very similar to last year’s Violence Against Women Act and ignores well-documented problems.

You’d think that with all of the controversy surrounding VAWA, the Senate would afford time for discussion and the possible addition of amendments. But this may not be the case! Word is that it may skip the Judicial Committee and go straight to the floor for a vote!

We believe that these VAWA Reform Principals are vital and urgently needed to create a comprehensive and effective VAWA:

Our urgent request: Please call your Senators RIGHT NOW. Tell them, “Say NO to S. 47 and YES to Real VAWA Reform!”

If you live in the United States, please find your senators here: and write or call them. Remember, you have two Senators in every State, so be sure to contact both from whichever state you live and/or work in!

Let’s show them what we’re made of. Use those phones!



Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

Editor’s note: for more on SAVE’s suggestions on how to reform VAWA if it’s to be passed at all, please see this VAWA reform principles document. And yes, by the way, I already called both my Senators. Have you?–DE

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Stop Abusive and Violent Environments – SAVE — is a 501(c)3 victim advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening the Violence Against Women Act and ending partner abuse.

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  • Suz


  • Paul Elam


  • Will of The People

    Done. And done. Two Senators, after all

  • keyster

    It won’t get anywhere in the House but at least Democrats will have a list of Republicans who must be “FOR” violence against women, which is all that matters. Always keep the opposition on the defensive.

    • Paul Elam

      The pubs will scrape whatever concessions on immigration they can from this and rubber stamp it. Same old same old. Still, I did my “duty.”

      VAWA is the Borg of modern politics in America.

      • Zorro

        VAWA is the Borg of modern politics in America.

        Printing the T-shirts as we speak.

  • JJ

    Done, and Done. One is a D-lesbian; the other is an R. Can you guess my state? LOL

    • JJ

      In other words, I did my duty; but most likely both Senators are going to go along with it.

      It is highly frustrating that my vote, and most likely the viewpoint of many others is so casually ignored.

  • Phil in Utah

    Here’s my plea to Orrin Hatch:

    “Dear Senator Hatch,

    I am a current resident of the State of Utah, and a former resident of the state of Michigan. I have come to love Utah as my new home. There is no finer place to raise a family.

    However, I worry that may soon change. As I’m sure you are aware, the Violence Against Women Act recently expired. Its main proponents were radical feminists who used its funding to run their little pet projects. Chief among these were domestic violence shelters that refused to admit male victims of abuse, even if they were teenagers with abusive mothers. In addition, this law grants immunity from punishment for immigration law violators who make accusations of domestic violence. This concession is easy to exploit, and the VAWA likewise protects such women from the consequences of lying to the police about domestic violence.

    It is also highly destructive to families, Utah’s most valuable commodity. Consider this all-too-common scenario: A woman has had too many alcoholic drinks. She begins arguing with her husband over finances, and the argument becomes heated. She stands up, grabs the car keys, and walks out. Her husband follows her, struggling to take away the car keys. She trips, and twists her ankle in the process. A neighbor hears her scream and calls the police. The officers separate the man and the wife, and question them, the neighbor and the children. Under the VAWA’s mandatory arrest laws, they are required to arrest the husband, despite the fact that his testimony matches that of his wife, their children, and the neighbor.

    Why do I mention all of this to you? Because there is currently a bill up in the Senate to renew the VAWA, in all its costly and totalitarian glory. It’s currently known as S.47. As a man who very much looks forward to marrying and raising a family of his own, I ask, nay, I BEG you, Senator Hatch: vote ‘No’ on S.47, and vote for real VAWA reform. The SAVE (Stop Abusive and Violent Environments) Institute has outlined an effective anti-domestic violence program, one that will not violate the rights of husbands and fathers, and will cost a fraction of what the VAWA did. You can read the details here:

    Don’t just do this for me. Do it for families everywhere in Utah and the United States.

    Thank you for your consideration.”

    • JJ

      I really hope they listen to you; and hopefully even respond. Like you I am assuming; I will not be holding my breath.

      • Phil in Utah

        Hatch was one of the leaders of the force that caused the VAWA to expire. Even if he doesn’t reply, I’m confident he’ll vote the right way.

        • JJ

          I hope so; but I still need to see a greater body of work countering feminist malfeasance before I throw out the red carpet and parade.

          It is not inspired by the heart of a social miser; but born from the experience of a non custodial dad fresh out the military flopping on the pier of family courts in no hurry to kick my sordid arse back into the water where I belong.

          If and when he does it again, I will allow a sigh of relief, but I won’t be going into his office wearing a wedding dress just yet. lol

    • James

      I hate to say it, but probably the best issue to bring up with VAWA in the present political climate isn’t emotive stories that they’ll dismiss without even thinking, but the complete lack of accountability in the disbursement of funds.

      Money’s going to talk much more loudly, especially 14 trillion negative dollars.

  • HeiZenberg


    Dear Senator Murray,

    I am a 25-year-old nursing student currently residing in Bellingham. I originally came to your site to tell you to say No! to S47 and Yes! to a real, meaningful VAWA reform. After a short browse, I am compelled to modify my message.

    Your promotion of VAWA and the ideology supporting it tells me one of two things. Either you are negligently misinformed and ignorant of the established fact that domestic violence is a human problem, not a gendered problem, or that you are aware and still condone the removal of equal treatment under the law and due process for roughly half the population. This would define you as a bigot, by any objective definition. I suppose it’s possible that you are both?

    My conclusion is based on the most comprehensive study of domestic violence available by Martin Filbert, as well as the findings of Erin Pizzey, who founded the first women’s shelter. I am also well aware that the sexist bias of VAWA and similar policies is used as a weapon in the form of false accusations against innocent men, often during divorce proceedings. Of course, this also gives a defacto license to women, legally enforcing their ability to commit violence against men and have them arrested for it. Why do you support this? Are you going to represent justice and equality, or will you continue to pander to myths, bigotry, and ideology?



  • Codebuster

    We all know that VAWA in the absence of a VAMA and VACA is just plain stupid, sexist nonesense. So why are we compromising? Our politicians should be dumping VAWA, S47 and any other semblance of it altogether. This conversation should not be taking place. To discuss VAWA, S47 is to enter into negotiations with the devil… it is to accept the compromises to a fundamentally evil principle that invalidates women’s agency and responsibility for choice. “Oh ok, I accept sending Jews to the gas chambers, but only if you do it nicely, with a smiley on.”

    In fact a VACA (violence against children act) would be far more important than either a VAWA or a VAMA because children first learn violence from their primary nurturer-abuser… AND children have no choice. Women have a choice… if a grown you-go-grrrl has chosen a thug, then she should leave him. Duh. And if she really, really needs to be provided for because she’s too lazy to get a job, then there are plenty of harmless dweebs and chumps around who’d make terrific providers. Abused children can’t leave so easily, they can’t provide for themselves so easily. And a VAMA (violence against men act), if we were to continue down this meddling nannystate-interventionist model, would be more important than a VAWA because men are subjected to physical violence and assault far more than women are, from both women and men doing women’s violence by proxy.

    Hey I’ve got a better idea… how about making violence and battery illegal. What? They already are?

  • MGTOW-man

    Done. This is the fourth time within about a year. Whatever it takes.