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Men’s Rights Edmonton under intense media spotlight after “Don’t Be That Girl” poster enrages feminists

(July 10, 2013 Washington DC)

News outlets all over Canada including the Huffington Post and CBC are on fire covering a recent poster campaign waged by none other than Men’s Rights Edmonton.  The “Don’t Be That Girl” poster (a parody of the now famous “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign) was spotted by professor Lise Gotell, chair of the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, on Monday at the University of Alberta.  She promptly alerted the campus police, who in an act of brazen censorship are taking down the posters, and contacted the local media.  At last count there were over 20 major national and local sources reporting on the issue all just within the last 24 hours.  The number of articles is expected to rise.

“What they’ve done is they’ve taken four of the posters we created and they’ve manipulated them,” Gotell said reporting to the Edmonton Journal.

“These posters, I think, are quite troubling … What’s been done to transform an anti-sexual-assault campaign into a rape-apologist campaign is just deeply offensive.”

She did not explain how the poster was “manipulated” in an attempt to create a “rape apologist” campaign or even why the posters were offensive.  She did however intimate that the posters could possibly be a violation of copyright laws.

“My position is that this demands some kind of a legal response. There are clear intellectual property issues,” Gotell said. “When someone has manipulated our images to disseminate such an offensive message, of course, we should respond to this in a very clear way.”

Kristopher Wells, of the University of Alberta’s Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, said of the then unknown Men’s Rights Edmonton: “They’re obviously not supported by any organization,”

Other groups were very quick to make statements to the press as well.  “I want to make it clear that that is so inaccurate,” said Karen Smith, executive director of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton to CBC news. “It just doesn’t happen. Nobody would report sexual assault needlessly because it is a grueling process to go through.”

Even Alberta Town Council member and Mayoral Candidate Don Iveson  condemned the Don’t Be That Girl messages.

“It’s not funny and it’s cowardly,” Iveson said in an interview with The Province.  “If there’s someone who wants to debate these issues, a real person who wants to debate these issues, they should come out and we should be talking about sexual assault in Edmonton, because it’s a real issue. It’s one of our crime indicators that’s rising, and it’s very troubling. The tactics are cowardly and the issue is not a laughing matter” he continued.

Contrary to Ivenson’s assertions, Men’s Rights Edmonton has been frantically at work talking to news sources hungry for information about the group.  A member of the group said in an interview with AVFM News that they had been responding to many requests from the media in the last 24 hours.  “Basically we have had media people calling us all day and asking ‘what are you guys all about, what are you all doing, what are you hoping to achieve with this campaign?’” he said.  “Thus far I have spoken to Global Edmonton, City TV, 630 Ched, C TV, Metro and I’ve left messages with CBC and we are going to be on 770 Talk Radio’s “The Rob Breakenridge Show”  When asked about the charge of cowardice and unwillingness to debate in public he responded, “It’s interesting that they say that because that’s what men’s rights groups have been trying to do.  But look at what happened at the University of Toronto and that didn’t work out so good.  It resulted in feminists bringing bludgeons, disrupting the event, and pulling fire alarms. Every time we try to meet these people and have a discussion in public the response is juvenile and idiotic, and they attempt to censor discussion and inhibit free speech.”

Karen Straughan, AKA “Girl Writes What”, spokesperson for Men’s Rights Edmonton and contributing editor of AVfM, plans to produce a video statement and is expected to appear on a local morning radio talk show.  All this in addition to a formal statement soon to be published on the Men’s Rights Edmonton website.


Editorial note:  These events are, by far, the most widely covered men’s rights efforts by the media to date.  For the next several days members of Men’s Rights Edmonton and by extension the broader MHRM will have exposure they have never had before.  It is important that those reading this post contact the above mentioned news sources and educate them about our movement in order to strike the iron while hot.  Below are links to other articles concerning this issue and their numbers are growing by the hour.  Lets keep it going, shall we!!!! 














About Robert O'Hara

Bob O'Hara is the U.S. News Director for A Voice for Men. He is a men's rights activist living in the Washington, D. C. area who has done work with S.A.V.E. and is the host of a weekly radio show with news and analysis on men's and boys' issues.

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  • http://www.genderratic.com Typhonblue (Asha James)

    It’s offensive for people to say that rape victims lie?

    Tell that to the feminists in India and Israel who either blocked or repealed legislation to protect men and boys from female sexual predators because “they might make false accusations!”

    The moral depravity of feminists never ceases to amaze.




    • Fatherless

      Seriously disturbing. People who think accusers never lie are the enemies of due process.

      • Robert St. Estephe

        True. The people who want “social justice” (gang justice, feud justice, and collective guilt, a la Cambodia and Rwanda) are deliberately seeking to eliminate due process. They are authoritarians.

      • feeriker

        As well as the enemies of reality.

    • Aimee McGee

      I have an FOI form for the police in Canada, but we need $25 and a person living in the local area. Anyone want to play?

      • scatmaster

        Canada, is a pretty big country.
        What “local area” are you talking about? Edmonton?
        If so I am in Ottawa. Sorry.

        • Aimee McGee

          Suspect it needs to be within Provence

          • scatmaster

            Sorry, I am in Ontario not Alberta.

          • Murray Pearson

            Send it to GirlWritesWhat.

      • confusion

        Found yourself a field agent yet? I’ll be passing through Edmonton within a couple days.

    • TigerMan

      Well it is true that genuine victims of rape do not lie about rape. Those who do lie about it are not rape victims but rather perpetrators. All too often in the MSM I have seen feminists allege (stupidly!) that most “rapists” get off scot free ie out of 100 “rapists” only 4 will get prosecuted etc. The implicit assumption is that every single man accused of rape is guilty whether or not they are investigated or charged! This kind of language goes unchallenged by editors of even so called “respectable” national newspapers.

    • Paul Johnson

      The giant bloc of society who still buy into the even the most toxic of the rhetoric is what amazes me.

  • pinetree

    Just wow. This should hopefully force feminists to come to the table and face their intellectual hypocrisy.

    • Laddition

      I’m not sure that I’d put the words ‘intellectual’ and ‘feminist’ in the same sentence. It’s one of those oxymoron type things.

    • Nightwing1029

      It won’t. I would bet money they will have excuses ready as to why they “can’t give into the rape apologists by debating them, and give any legitimacy to their standpoints.”
      No, that isn’t a direct quote, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that is almost exactly what they say. Probably even word for word.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Good luck on that copyright infringement thingy. First off, I have to ask – did you bother to copyright it in first place, and also it only needs to be altered 10% to be considered not copied.

    The poster may be in the “spirit” of the original poster, but it has been altered enough to avoid any copyright infringement.

    • Fatherless

      Not sure about the law in Canada, but in the US, to my knowledge, once a work is in it’s fixed and final form it’s copyrighted.

      But the law also makes relatively generous protections for satire, so I have hope.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        It’s a simple process to copyright something – but you HAVE to make the effort to declare it “copyrighted” – a simple circled “c” does the trick.

        There may be issues with using the model’s image without permission, or the photograph.

    • feeriker

      Also, one could very easily make the argument that, as a parody of the original, the poster under contention is immune from copyright infringement claims. There are plenty of legal precedents holding that artistic parody does not constitute such infringement (think: Weird Al Yankovic and his large body of work).

      • JinnBottle

        Yeah, the Larry Flynt vs Jerry Falwell case in the 1980s established alot of leeway for satire being immune from copyright prosecution. If Canada’s laws are anything like the US’s in that respect, then that Women’s Studies Ogress authoress of the “Don’t Be That Guy” has to turn around and go home with a shoe-print on her ass; in the legal aspect, anyway the posters should be home free.

        I think it’s important, tho, and I’m sure MRE does too, that the DBT*G* posters not be watered down (as the Ogress & Friends would probably like it to be) into an expression of sheer lampoonery, and sidetracked down some road of legal technicality; but that the public know that in the main, MRE is quite serious about what the posters say, and willing to bring it to open debate.

        ‘Mayoral Candidate Don Iveson condemned the Don’t Be That Girl messages…“If there’s someone who wants to debate these issues, a real person who wants to debate these issues, they should come out and we should be talking about sexual assault in Edmonton…” ‘

        This wannabe expects the issue to be immediately framed around his terms. Not this time, shit-worm: They are going to debate sexual assault in Edmonton, alright; but they’re going to also include *false allegations* of sexual assaul; i.e. a lot more than you and your women’s-studies friends are comfortable with.

  • Jared Spencer

    This is clearly not victim blaming. It (the poster in question) does not say “He would not have raped you if you had not dressed like that”. The poster in question tells women to report rape as rape and to live with your decisions otherwise. “False rape accusation culture” is just as real as “rape culture” could ever be. More so, perhaps, for me. I don’t know anyone who has been raped – other than that untidy business between an adult neighbor and myself when I was a child. I DO know both people who have falsely accused and and those who have been falsely accused. More than one of each, as a matter of fact. My experience and not an empirical study of course.

    • KeanoReeves


      Ditto. I too know a few cases of false reports. The problem is, several women knew about the report being false and did not intervene. That raises a question – if women are not going to helpme from other fem-predators, I should…… I do not know what I should do.

    • http://themrmglossary.blogspot.com/ dhanu

      Here’s false rape allegation stories in wholesale, bringing hell to the accused men’s lives.

  • Reyek

    “It just doesn’t happen. Nobody would report sexual assault needlessly because it is a grueling process to go through.”
    meanwhile in the UK a judge says false accusations are ‘not uncommon': http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/10140992/Soldier-tells-how-his-life-was-ruined-after-woman-he-tried-to-comfort-accused-him-of-rape.html

    • Laddition

      Hopefully we can get a few of these femtard ideologues fired for either incompetence or hate crimes against men. She is either incompetent for not knowing that false accusations are made, or she is ignoring them for ideological reasons (she hates men). Either way, people like this (or her enabling bosses) should not be running any organisation receiving public funds, or with a public role.

      When these people see consequences for such behaviour, then we might see these liars recant (or be sacked) I don’t really care which.

      • feeriker

        She is either incompetent for not knowing that false accusations are made, or she is ignoring them for ideological reasons (she hates men).

        I’ll wager that it’s some combination of both.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          You REALLY think a woman doesn’t think false rape accusations exist?


          I used to hear older girls giggle about it (as well as making false pregnancy claims)back when I was a kid in the ’60’s.

          ..and I was a very sheltered kid. Wonders how she missed the Duke LaCrosse, DSK and Jessica Lynch scandals…

    • http://www.genderratic.com/ Jim Doyle

      She has obviously never read To Kill A Mockingbird.

      I don’t recall ever eharing this claim from any women of color. It always seems to be white women making this claim that there can’t be any false accusations because the whole thing is just so traumatic. I bet it’s not half as traumatic as being lynched.

  • MrScruffles

    Your first CBC link is incorrect as of now.


    “it just doesn’t happen” – making a statement this incompatible with justice and truth should and will (with any luck) be a career ending mistake that will haunt Karen Smith for the rest of her life.

    • feeriker

      I’d like to think so too, but I doubt it. Pussy passes are regularly issued to fembots in positions of “authoritah” within state-run institutions.

    • The Real Peterman

      The woman who falsely accused Brian Banks of raping her at school won 1.5 million dollars from the school system in a lawsuit. That kind of money makes something a lot less arduous.

  • Falland

    I sometimes wonder if feminists are really so stupid as to believe that there is no such a thing as false rape, false sexual assault, or false domestic violence. Even when confronted with incontrovertible evidence they will just simply refuse to acknowledge that it exists or that it harms people. It is the behavior is of someone who has committed such a shameless and unforgivable crime that they cannot admit something they know to be true. Like alcoholics who cannot admit they have a drinking problem these feminists externalize their rage by attacking everyone around them for their failures. They are willing to believe any excuse, any bogus information, or support even the worst perpetrator because to admit even one little part of the truth is to admit the whole truth.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Holocaust deniers exist. Why not False Rape accusation deniers?

      Same mentality.

  • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

    Karen Smith, do you know what you deserve? You will one day get it, in gross abundance. This is our pledge.

  • DragonFire

    From a news site
    “Women drink too, “but it’s problematic to be focused on the behaviour of victims,” she says.

    “Women are sexually assaulted in their nighties, in their sleep, in their gym clothes, when they’re drinking and when they’re not drinking,” she adds. “Focusing on women’s behaviour effects gender equality, because we’ve been so focused on women’s behaviour.” ”

    So…. it’s ok to mention men drinking, because apparently, now, men drink so they can assault women, but we can’t mention women drinking because…..why?
    It victimises women??

    The simple fact is alcohol impairs decision making. I know of people who’ve woken up after a big night, looked at the person next to them and said “What the heck was I thinking”.

    None of them were raped.
    And it’s not victim blaming to say just because you regret it, it’s not rape.

    Who the hell is this Gottel woman?

    • Robert St. Estephe

      ALSO: “Women drink too, “but it’s problematic to be focused on the behaviour of victims,” she says.

      In a case of a false allegation it is the falsely accused who is the victim.

      When we focus on the false accuser we are not focusing on the victim, we are focusing on the accuser.

      One thing we can be sure of is that false accusers are overtly and constantly encouraged to engage in accusation behavior. We live in an “accusation culture.”

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/MrShadowfax42 MrShadowfax42

    Is there a source file of the poster graphic? If it has offended a feminist somewhere, I want to spread it far and wide!

  • gateman

    “Just because you regret a one night stand, doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual. Lying about sexual assault = a crime.”

    What is offensive about this? It treats women as adults, responsible for their choices.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Women’s studies professors are devoted to the belief that logic, truth, evidence and rule of law are “patriarchal,” and as such, are “offensive.” They follow the religious doctrine of “critical theory.” They steal tax dollars to promote a cultic religion.

    • The Real Peterman

      Feminists believe that nothing is a woman’s fault, ever. They don’t have to take responsibility for anything at all because we live in a patriarchy. See “The Personal Is Political” for an “explanation”.


  • gateman

    18% rape cases false: Study

    NEW DELHI: A little less than 20% of sexual-assault cases reported in and around Delhi are false, shows a five-year study. In almost every fifth incident, or, in 18.3 % cases to be precise, rape is used as a weapon to malign and attempt revenge, found a group of psychologists who assist Delhi Police in investigating sexual assault allegations.

    The conclusion was drawn from 113 cases in the last five years. Anger towards the accused prompted allegations of rape in 25% of the false charges. An equal number of such cases were filed at the behest of family members. Every fifth false allegation was made by a minor `coached’ to cry `rape’ as an attempt to settle family scores. About 15% were situations of panic after clear consent, while the remaining 15% defied categorisation.


    • KeanoReeves

      Hahahahahaha. You live in a fantasy world Gateman. The study you mentioned looked at First-Information-Reports filed with the police. But there are thousands of cases where people are hurt, without FIRs. Consider this case (it is a template for many cases) –

      Woman accuses man -out ofrevenge. Police arrest him. He is jailed. Police investigae. Find the accusation false. Man released. He has gone through harrowing experience. If you consider all this, the insidence of false rape accusations is very high.

      I’ll see if I can get a Govt report on this.

      • Laddition

        I’d be very interested if you can get some official numbers. I’ve seen far higher than 20% quoted anecdotally (e.g. an Austrian Police Chief iirc?), I’d love to see some numbers that I can use that I can defend over their objectivity.

      • gateman

        I agree Keano, 18% is the minimum figure.

  • Mr. XY

    • Laddition

      I’d love to see the police guy on the stand being cross examined over his ‘only one’ false accusation in 4.5 years.

      But even if it were true, how about the “If it saves just one life” argument?

      I don’t believe the stats that FRAs are rare, but as soon as any are acknowledged to happen, then the issue is a legitimate one. What sane, reasonable person could claim that it never happens?

      • Kimski

        Sane and reasonable are oxymorons too, when you’re dealing with these people.


        • Laddition

          that’s a fair point, I apologise for oxymoroning the thread 😉

          • gateman

            An extremely biased report but what would you expect?
            And could they cut GirlWritesWhat’s interview any shorter?

          • scatmaster

            And could they cut GirlWritesWhat’s interview any shorter?

            It is the CBC after all. They must be in shock that a woman has let down the sisterhood. At the CBC the wimmin folk can do no wrong.

      • feeriker

        Exactly. Murder is rare (and becoming more so), as a proportion of overall violent crime, so does that mean that it should be ignored or downplayed?

        • Murray Pearson

          Murder IS ignored and downplayed. When I went to press charges of attempted homicide by my ex-wife, when she strangled me in front of our daughter, they responded with “Those are very serious charges, Mr. Pearson!” as their excuse to do nothing. My response, “Well, DUH, that’s why I want the charges PRESSED for PRECISELY that reason.” It was ignored. Later I tried the RCMP; Michel Crevier said, “Well, it was a long time ago, and besides, it’s only homicide.” See if you can figure THAT one out, I sure as hell can’t.

    • Rad

      The worst thing in that report is the statement from the police.

      What’s demeaning to whom? What fucking spin.

    • Aimee McGee

      Get a freedom of information request in on false allegations in sexual assault to the State Police. You won’t get an answer but it will make them sweat

  • Kimski

    Contrary to the feminist meme of fixing things that doesn’t work with more of the same, more posters should be the only response to the tearing down, since this is obviously working.
    I suggest putting these posters up all over the place, in every western city in the world with a college campus. And keep doing the same thing, everytime we come across something that works to this extend.

    Let the media response do the work for us, and do something useful for once. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

    • scatmaster

      Kimski: Agreed, as MrShadowfax42 asks. Is there a source file anywhere. I have run out of AVFM stickers and would love to get my hands on this poster. The femirroids at University of Ottawa and Carleton “Cartoon” U’s heads would assplode.

    • The Real Peterman

      Absolutely! Wherever you see a “don’t be that guy” poster, put up 2 “don’t be that girl” posters.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    FRAUD: Karen Smith, executive director of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton lied to CBC news: “It just doesn’t happen. Nobody would report sexual assault needlessly because it is a grueling process to go through.”

    Crime records show it does happen. Karen Smith has just publicly produced false claims about the topic sexual assaults. Contrary to with Smith says, the perpetrators of false allegations may very well enjoy every second of the attention gotten and drama unfolding in such a reporting process, the same process that a non-liar would find a “grueling” disincentive.

    Karen Smith should step down, having been publicly exposed as a liar.

  • Duke00x

    I just thought of something why not have mens rights edmonton post a poster that has both posters in one and put a few of them up a long with the normal “Don’t be that girl” posters. It would be like taking the high ground and would prove that it is 1. really about false allegation. And not some kind of parody meant to “delegitimizing” rape as some have claimed, and 2. that it is to show the double standard about it and to show the shaming tactic in the “Don’t be that guy” posters.

    • feeriker

      Excellent idea!

  • TPH

    Oh Hell Yes! Hit a fucking nerve! It’s about time the MSM engage with us. This is just wonderful news. The MSM can write all the hit articles they want, but now the publicity will cause rational men and women to question the “Don’t be that Guy” campaign. Congratulations Men’s Rights Edmonton. Turn up the FTSU knob to 11! This is some seriously good news, it even details the campus cops engaging in censorship by tearing down the posters. Time for another poster run with some super sticky FTSU glue!

  • Duke00x

    Use clear industrial glue and a pant brush from now on.

  • scatmaster

    This is on the front burner right now but let us not forget Kellett. Finished sending off my email yesterday.

  • ManUpManDown.

    Perhaps it has already been mentioned or it is patently obvious, but I STRONGLY urge Men’s Rights Edmonton, Karen, avfm, etc to work closely with Pierce Harlan of The Community of the Wrongly Accused. He is always out front on the issue of false accusations, he is packed full of data and analysis of that data, and really knows how to use it in an argument. PLEASE don’t let this opportunity pass without at least trying to join forces with him on this. I am unable to post a link to his response to this ordeal but it’s on his website, Community of the Wrongly Accused.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/MrShadowfax42 MrShadowfax42

      Let’s see if I can dodge the spam filter.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      I couldn’t disagree with COTWA more when they contend that a false rape accusation isn’t as “bad” as rape.

      There are varying degrees of everything here, and a man beaten, lynched and burned alive over a false rape accusation has it a LOT worse than a woman too drunk to remember whether or not she agreed to sex the next morning.

      You DO know men have been beaten, tar and feathered, tortured, castrated, murdered, and wrongly convicted to face a lifetime in prison?

      …but that ISN’T “as bad”?

      Let’s put it this way – women raped in the worst possible way can and HAVE over come the worst of the worst with time, strength, support and love.

      You can conquer AnyTHING with those elements.

      Falsely accused men spend the rest of their lives NOT BEING ALLOWED TO EVER GET OVER IT.

      Even as a helpless disabled elderly person they will not be allowed in a nursing home, much less to live, work, marry or have children without stigma attached not only to themselves, but those who love them.

      It’s a never ending lifelong punishment for the falsely accused no matter how much they try to escape – they have no choice in the matter.

  • J Galt

    In the case of a rape allegation where a subject cannot give consent as a result of intoxication feminists, police and main stream media are inciting both rape and false accusations of rape.

    How does one provide evidence in court of intoxication without a breathalyzer or blood alcohol test? Would a responsible prosecutor take such a case? (aside from those such as Kellet) Even to suggest that a person cannot give consent while intoxicated without the ability to prove intoxication puts people at risk, by suggesting that personal responsibility for their own safety is rescinded.

    While the belief that intoxication removes consent the law does not remove the responsibility to provide evidence of intoxication. Don’t be that Girl.

    Shame on feminists, the law and main stream media for promoting the reckless behavior of intoxication as safe for anyone. Disgusting!

  • scatmaster

    Just heard from Mzzz Gotell.


    • jgr12

      No surprise there!

      • scatmaster

        Was expected. I was not surprised one bit.

    • feeriker

      “Not interested. I’ve given you enough time.”


  • feeriker

    “I want to make it clear that that is so inaccurate,” said Karen Smith, executive director of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton to CBC news. “It just doesn’t happen. Nobody would report sexual assault needlessly because it is a grueling process to go through.”


    No doubt she said that with a perfectly straight face.

  • Doc

    Almost every man out there has seen a woman like the one who is portrayed in the poster. By failing to acknowledge the existence of such women, Feminists ensure that every man takes everything they say as “bogus bull-sh*t”. It is *very* common for women to regret things she did, and cry rape, because it’s easy to do so, with no repercussions for her.

    I’ve seen it first hand a number of times. She’s all over him at a party, they disappear for a while. They come back, she’s still all over him. You hear several days later he was arrested… You find out it’s because she said he “raped” her when they were gone – you know it’s BS – you saw how glued she was to him before and after. Then you find out, she was pissed at her boyfriend… Ah – clarity… She’s saying it was rape because she was pissed at the BF and made up with him, so of course, she isn’t a slut… So it had to be rape…

    Saying that it doesn’t happen, just makes it so that whenever I hear a woman say she was “raped” I automatically dismiss it unless she had the crap beat out of her and was hospitalized – because it probably wasn’t rape. It really is as simple as that…

  • http://salientsight.com/ergot/ Limeywestlake (Neil Westlake)
  • http://commonmanmedia.blogspot.com TCM

    Fuck yes. I’m laughing my ass off right now. All those professors who supported these double-standards are going in the Misandry in Education hall of fame.

  • http://salientsight.com/ergot/ Limeywestlake (Neil Westlake)

    I would not automatically dismiss it if a woman said she was raped. If she said she was raped, there is a fair likelihood that she was. We must not forget our compassion in the midst of all this. Let’s keep our gaze firmly on those who lie about it.

    • Aimee McGee

      Absolutely, and one bit of work that the female MHRAs can do is encourage women who are raped to turn up early with forensic evidence.
      The last thing you want to do when you have been violated is have a medical exam…but this is the point…you need to park the emotions for long enough for the professionals to do their job.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        I would “encourage” anyone making a rape claim to do so at their earliest possible convenience.

        You cannot wait a few weeks, months or years, destroy the evidence and lose witnesses and still expect to be believed (although, yes, it certainly does happen, I wouldn’t advise anyone to count on it).

        I also “encourage” any and all rape victims to actually REPORT the crime before complaining about not being believed or complaining the system isn’t accommodating. How would you know all this IF you didn’t report? Do you just take someone else’s word it will be “grueling”?

        Lastly, not reporting a rape means another woman – or several other women – will become victims before one finally gets the gumption to report it.

        So yes. The buck stops with you IF you take the responsibility of reporting the crime, and yes – YOU are victimizing the next innocent person by not reporting.

        You can put THAT in your “victim blaming” pipe and smoke it.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      After having a son falsely accused and working in a High School for 9 years, I must admit to being very skeptical when I hear rape accusations. I AM hyper sensitive to the subject, unlike most people whose lives a false accusation has never touched.

      I don’t automatically dismiss every accusation I hear – but I DO dismiss a LOT of them, and I haven’t been wrong yet.

      I’ve lost count of how many pregnant bellied high school girls breathlessly whispered they were rrrraped – only to find out they married their “rapist” a few months later. In this day and age a raped woman rarely carries a rape to full term. It would be “rarer” than false rape accusations. Not even religious whack a doodles do that these days.

      I’ve heard girls conspire with a Rape Hotline operator to “leave a paper trail” on a particularly disrespectful guy by having all their friends call in a rape complaint. The accusations aren’t pursued, but hearsay accusations can and ARE used against him in court now days. Same for male teachers who gave them a bad grade they really, really didn’t deserve.

      “You can get custody of the kids” by making false rape accusations – but we all know women have too much integrity to resort to lying in family court…don’t we?

      I automatically presumed the DSK accuser was lying, and Crystal Mangum was lying about the Duke LaCrosse team.

      Didn’t see the Jessica Lynch false rape claim coming, however. Of course – she blames it on her male ghost writer MAKING her do it.

      Even though this country has a long and shameful history of white women making false rape accusations against black men that resulted in horrific consequences for them, it’s still somehow RACIST WHITE MEN’s BLAMED for believing them – the white women making false accusations are somehow never to blame.

      THOSE false rape accusations don’t count.

      In fact – NONE of them do. Just ask any False Rape Accusation apologist – it’s soooo rare it doesn’t count.

      Nobody says women never murder their own children, even though it’s “rare”. No one denies that women inflict injury or illness on their children, even though it’s “rare”.

      Only sexual misconduct, abuse or false allegations by women seems to be in full fledged denial mode.

      Wonders why…?

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DannyboyCdnMRA Dan Perrins

    Bloody awesome MRE.
    Here’s something to add to the Canadian content.

    “Among seven Ontario police forces, 2% to 34% of complaints of sexual assault were considered unfounded.”
    Interesting govt paper.
    They criticize the false allegations police data. (Doesn’t say who criticizes the data, feminists perhaps?)
    Dividing the difference of the reported numbers (2 – 34%) the middle would be a 16% false allegation rate. (I lean to the higher side of the numbers but for arguments sake..)
    At a 16% false allegation rate don’t the feminists, most notably in this instance Gotell and Smith, think that there should be some questioning of an accuser? Don’t they think that the rule of law in which the burden of proof for criminal acts is beyond a reasonable doubt and the right to confront your accuser should apply in order to reduce a possible and very plausible false accusation rate of 16% ?

    Hats off to you folks in Edmonton.
    Talk about taking care of your backyard 😀

    • http://themrmglossary.blogspot.com/ dhanu

      Dan, the middle would be 34+2 divided by 2, that is, 18% :)

      • Mr. E

        He was giving the Feminists a head-start…


  • yinyangbalance

    The key to success is media. Period. Strike when the iron is hot. It is very easy for the media to stop covering this, as long as they are, we need to speak up!

  • Kimski

    A special thanks to MR-E for the blogwar in the globalnews link. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy those, and the comments in that thread are just awesome.

    Thanks to everyone who participated, too.

    The feminist ownership of the discourse is swiftly becoming history by now, and I’m seeing the same thing happening over here.

    It is a good day to be an MHRA.

    • scatmaster

      National Post has been fun as well Kimski.
      I post under another name over there.

  • http://commonmanmedia.blogspot.com TCM

    You have to understand how these people think. In the Feminist mind, rape is an act of terror. All women are victims of this terror because they must limit their autonomy and freedom of association to conform to it, which means that all women are victims of rape, even the individual woman who herself has never been assaulted.

    That is why these Feminists can say with a straight face that every woman who makes a rape accusation against a man is a victim of rape, even if she knows that the woman is lying.

    These people are habitual and pathological liars who change the goalposts and modify reality to suit their misandric prejudices 30 seconds at a time into a conversation. There is no way to play nice or reason with them.

    There is only FTSU.

  • ARK

    Brothers and sisters of the movement. I congratulate you all on this huge exposure to the public perception. This is a Madison Avenue level of success. Corporations pay big dollars for this type of OR. It is doubly sweet to me as Edmonton was where I was introduced to the giant lamprey known as Family Court. I guess TheBubble guy was right all along about the posters. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Way to go Edmonton!

  • GT66

    Kudos MRE! Hang in there!

  • Andy Bob

    Blogged this comment:

    Gender feminists, like Lise Gotell, fear any challenge to their narrative – a collection of lies (1 in 4), fallacies (patriarchy theory) and slogans (‘all men are rapists’/’women never lie about rape’). They always opt for censorship over honest discussion and debate.

    Men do not rape – only rapists rape. Plastering the Western world with posters implying that all men are responsible for rape is an act of hatred and bigotry. Rapists will never be deterred from committing their crimes because of some poster, and feminists know this. The purpose of the posters has always been to demonize men as default/potential rapists, which is as offensive as it is untrue. Feminists know that, too.

    It is Ms Gotell who ‘perverted’ her propaganda campaign by infusing it with her anti-male ideology. Edmonton Men’s Rights simply called her on it, and revealed her arrogant dismissal of both male victims of rape and false rape accusations. No number of hastily strung together lies, fallacies and slogans can hide this glaring fact. Feminists are their own worst enemies

    • Kimski

      “It is Ms Gotell who ‘perverted’ her propaganda campaign by infusing it with her anti-male ideology.”

      Completely agreed.
      The hypocrisy is mindblowing, even when you think you’ve seen it all from that camp. I kept wondering how they are able to look at themselves in a mirror after this latest presentation, but I think I discovered the true purpose of make-up in the process.

  • prince_tybalt

    On this CBC report, Karen Smith says 1 in 6 women will be victims of sexual assault, and 1 in 3 men… pretty sure she would say she got her numbers backwards, but regardless, why doesn’t her campaign address men who are victims?


    ***Just finished to the whole thing, and she then repeats it, says they focused the campaign on men as well (I couldn’t find examples other than one depicting two gay men), and yet she still says the majority of victims are women. Math fail, 1 in 3 > 1 in 6.

    • Mr. E

      Because FEMINISTS are only concerned about THEMSELVES.

      Men are only necessary to Feminists as FOILS. Without MEN to blame, Feminism cannot exist. For there would only be left, Egalitarianism, which is equality for EVERYONE.

  • unpcmsw

    I have worked with many women as a therapist over the years and while there have been an unfortunate number of them who have been violently raped, there have been a good number of women who reported having sex with someone consensually and as they began to regret their decision they started to say they had been raped instead. Some of these women were very mentally ill but some of them were mostly normal. As someone said before, the fact that it happens once means that it could happen again. It’s just ignorant to say it never happens and how can studies be accurate on this subject? If you make such a serious allegation that is untrue would you really tell a researcher that it wasn’t?

    • Mr. E

      Thank you for your honesty.

  • Anil Kumar

    Firstly, Congrats to MRAs, Edmonton. You will be remembered in history.

    Indian Courts warn of False Rape Cases. They get cover fire from MRAs and hence speak without fearing feminists or Slutwalks. Yet, things have to go a long way. We have got a 50 year war ahead.




    • http://fathers4fairness.blogspot.ca/ fathers4fairness

      Lets hope we can shorten that time frame abit.

  • donzaloog

    Isn’t parody covered under free speech laws? Then the copyright infringement suit is a bust. Feminists really hate the taste of their own medicine, don’t they?

    • Mr. E

      Sure, but it doesn’t stop them from banging their pots and pans.

  • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

    With so many high profile cases like Hofstra, Strauss-Kahn and Kobe, which are obviously just the tip of the iceberg, how can anyone be permitted to get away with such treacherous statements, particularly in such positions of power, authority and ‘public service’?

    I often read that police officers- those on front lines- state that upwards of 90% of accusations are false. Well fucking duh when it’s incentivised.

  • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

    Posters State the Obvious.
    Male-hating Cult Outraged

  • GQuan

    While getting people to acknowledge that false rape allegations happen *is* important, let’s not allow anyone to move the focus from what the real issue here is, and what the original point of the parody was. That is: to demonstrate that when you frame bad behaviour in terms of being something an entire sex, (or race or ethnicity, etc) needs to be warned about lest they spontaneously do it by virtue of their nature (implicitly, anyway), you are causing harm…and that people will object.

    Yes, feminists and other people hyper-sensitive to slights against females (real or imagined), this poster *does* imply a malicious and harmful message…solely as a means to parody, and as a commentary on, another poster you all supported. It’s *supposed* to be distasteful, but the purpose is to make people realize that the original is equally distasteful.

    Sadly, I suspect most feminists won’t get this. Once again, we are playing chess against a pigeon. I fear that the Edmonton folks are sitting back grinning at having just declared “Check!” to the feminists…but all that will happen is that the pigeon will strut around knocking pieces over and then it will shit across the board. Effective parody and other forms of rhetorical influence only work when the other side is capable of acknowledging what you did. Feminists will denounce this poster as harmful without understanding that, yes, that’s the point…because….

    They won’t make the jump. They won’t relate the parody back to the original. They’ll just make it all about the parody. They’re already doing it. This isn’t about false rape allegations, feminists. This is about your “rape culture/ all men are (potential) rapists” nonsense.

    • Mr. E

      Has anybody put the posters back up?

  • pilit

    there should be a campaign of do not be that guy with men in wheelchairs and without limps or dead at work or as soldiers, policemen or fire fighters.
    It should be made clear to men that the narrative for heroes is a deception written to appeal to men’s egos but in fact hero is a synonym for slave. And so it’s the leader. It should be made clear that the so called alpha males are nothing else but the first in line for death. Again history books were written to appeal to men’s ego and say look at what you can accomplish as a leader disregarding the fact that 99.999% of all the one who leads are in the front lines. They are the one actually leading and by leading they get killed by the millions

    • driversuz

      Good idea!

      • pilit

        Don’t be that man, don’t be that stupid

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