Manboobz earns his name

There is a group of feminists who have set up a pro-violence subreddit and modeled it to appear to be MRA owned and operated.

r/beatingwomen was set up by some of the same people that brought us r/SRS, an openly anti human rights group of feminists who have attempted to attack the MRM for some time. Some of you I am sure will remember the self-imploding SPLC fiasco comparing MRA’s to mass murderers, and that it blew up in their face.

Apparently not getting enough attention from the new subreddit, they have decided to up the ante. I followed an email link sent to me today there for the first time, and was treated to an image of me in the side bar, with the supposed quote from me “Best Subreddit of the Year.”

It is clear that since they are able to convince fewer and fewer people that MRA’s are the kind of human garbage they accuse us of being, they have become the caricatures they paint of us, and indeed have begun using our names in order to mislead the public about the MRM.

Aside from once again proving to be dishonest, bad actors, another little tidbit has surfaced in the midst of things, courtesy of Agent Orange, who contacted JtO today with a piece of intel about the subreddit.

It appears to be the work, if not the brainchild, of our one and only David Futrelle. And as fate and outreach would have it, yet another source that will remain anonymous, confirms the same information.

I know that some of you might be asking, “Damn Paul, why give this clown the attention his dysfunctional parents chose not to give?”  And it is a valid thought, but we still have an opportunity here.

Since every move these clowns make is something we can use, then the question becomes how to best use this.  I am thinking we expose them and shut them down.

We already know they are cowards. I made a single comment about them using my name and photograph and within minutes they took it down, replaced “Paul Elam” with “Dr. Paul” and used an “artistic” likeness of me. This lets me know they don’t have the spine to be doxed and outed, which we will also do.

To all of them.

Agent Orange is already in, as is at least one other.  Further word is coming.

In the meantime, contacting reddit, for those interested, with complaints about the pro-violence nature of the offending subreddit would be in order. I don’t suggest you bother telling the SPLC. Except perhaps, after the fact, as an object lesson.

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  • http://www.avoiceformen.com John the Other

    I must admit to a certain degree of amusement at the fact that opponents of the human rights of men and boys continue to deliver themselves – on silver platters to us to be held up in public as the violent, dishonest, and frankly stupid sociopaths they are. However, I am also a tiny bit disappointed that the several guides and how-to manuals for attacking the MRM, written by Paul and myself have been so roundly ignored.

    As easy as it is to point to stupid morons, pulling their stupid moron stunts, and declare “hey look, the stupid morons are at it again” – the mens rights movement really would benefit from some better, smarter, and more intelligible criticism.

    “how to attack the men’s rights movement”

    from Paul : http://www.avoiceformen.com/feminism/an-offer-of-help-to-feminists/

    from me: http://www.avoiceformen.com/feminism/feminist-lies-feminism/open-letter-thank-you-feminists-and-ideologues/

    and for the lazy, taken from my own helpful notes offered to opponents of male human rights:

    “If if your enthusiasm you forget yourself and publicly endorse child abuse, physical violence, eugenics, or murder, we will publish your name. Not because we wish for harm to befall you, no. We will do this because a civil society cannot continue to function when mainstream media becomes a conduit for the advocation of violence.”

    • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      These sorts will never be up to par. Ever.

    • Rad

      That’s beyond creepy.

      “Sociopath” is indeed the word.

    • Bubbles

      “…the mens rights movement really would benefit from some better, smarter, and more intelligible criticism.”

      Not holding my breath. The best of our opponents would probably be overwhelmed by raw data and having their kneejerk misandristic ideas reframed by illustrative gender reversals, and that’s just for starters. They’d freak out, smile nervously and make some vague statements through clenched teeth as they slowly but urgently ooze towards the nearest exit.

      They’ve painted themselves into a corner, and now all they seem to have left is these juvenile cheap shots.

      Every once in a while I go to manboobz just to see what kind of cud fatty is chewing, and it’s just sad. I’m not surprised that he’s been named in this reddit thing at all.

  • MrWombat

    A thing that strikes me about this is what an offence against scholarship it is. These people tend to have degrees, even if it’s only gender studies. Universities should be (and probably are) teaching that there are things that a scholar does and does not do, and forgery is in the “do not do” list. Especially when that forgery relates to your own field.

    It’s only a matter of time before we see papers coming out citing the contents of this reddit. The great circle-jerk of female victimhood, women frightening other women with wild, improbable, and false stories, continues.

    I’d like (for someone with more gravitas than me) to
    1 – get dox
    2 – establish if any of these people have academic credentials
    3 – get ’em hauled up in front of whatever committee is responsible for maintaining a shred of public respect for academia.

    • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Any university that charges $100,000 + for a degree in “Gender Studies” isn’t exactly what I’d call a reputable institution of higher learning. In fact, it shows a lack of integrity.

      Most universities ostracize academicians who speak out against the lies that are promulgated by feminism and Gender Studies. Look how academia has treated Christina Hoff Summers.

      Who do you think taught these Gender Studies graduates to be intellectually dishonest?

      • Steve_85

        Those prices are stupidly high.

        I’m studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at the moment and I’m looking at about $15000 all up. I hope those degrees come with a blow-job button, because the prices are ridiculous.

      • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

        With a team of professors and educators in India we will be creating Masculinists University. Male studies will be a major program. We will even have gender studies and feminists studies. We will consistently review and deconstruct their claims. ALL things are going to require evidence to backup anything taught. Not just claims.

        Basically in India the Masculinists there have already begun the pressure on the educational institutions to require science in these things and not conjecture. We’re going to bring that to you in the West.

        • TigerMan

          “Basically in India the Masculinists there have already begun the pressure on the educational institutions to require science in these things and not conjecture. We’re going to bring that to you in the West.”

          This is a very welcome development indeed – gender studies has for too long been controlled by idealogues not genuine educators.

          • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

            It will be a slow process there for sure. But they have many more Masculinists in one country than there are activists in all of the west. We intend to change that and they are helping us grow our numbers here rapidly. But the more we get the more we can speed that along. The Masculinists University will create additional pressure as Men choose to go to it instead of the feminized colleges.

      • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

        Oh, and it is going to be an Open Source University following open source teaching models. So tuition will be much lower than at any other university and courses can be taken online.

        • http://www.mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/ Masculist Man


          I wonder why men in nonwestern countries embrace masculism better than men in western countries? Could it be the religious beliefs? The societal norms?

          • Atlas Reloaded

            Aoithoir is banned but can be reached at Masculinists.net

      • Primal

        No worries. The trillion dollar college loan bubble:http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/13/business/student-loans-weighing-down-a-generation-with-heavy-debt.html will collapse soon. Since academic sticker shock is largely thanks to the inflation that naturally follows from all that ‘easy’ money, the collapse of the debt bubble will surely result in a collapse in tuition as well. Even more happily, there will be NO surplus money to waste on stupid, dishonest, activist ‘disciplines’ like Gender Studies.

    • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

      “The great circle-jerk of female victimhood…”

      Says it all.

  • http://jmnzz.wordpress.com Jared White

    The way the world works is kind of funny.

    You have a group of people that promote violence against another group of people, propagate hate and lies against another group of people, and successfully enact laws and policies that discriminate against another group of people.

    The group of people being attacked point this out to the public and the public ignores all of this, because the group of people being attacked isn’t currently in favor.

    Then, those same people turn around and say that the people they are attacking are the actual ones who promote and commit violence…yet they have no proof…so they pretend to be the people they are attacking in order to display that proof…they promote violence and hate while pretending to be the people they claim promote violence and hate…

    Then when they get exposed not only for their actual promotion of hate and violence, but also for their fabrications of promoting hate and violence under the guise of the people they are attacking…

    ……………….They turn around and say THAT is the proof of the people they are attacking promoting violence and hate. And they are given credibility through organizations that are supposed authorities on identifying hate groups…

    Don’t know if I mentioned this before but I REALLY hate the circular stupidity of society.

    I mean it hurts…the stupid…it literally hurts…

    • napocapo69

      It is not stupidity…it is hate!

    • Paul Elam

      Hey man. Sent you an email.

    • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      I don’t typically post links to my site here, but this piece I wrote on DARVO (Deny, Attack and Reverse Victim and Offender) seems to explain what’s going on. Just shift the context from what goes on between individuals to groups:


      • http://jmnzz.wordpress.com Jared White

        This pretty much hits the nail on the head. Good thing we got a DARVO buster in agent orange.

  • napocapo69
  • Iron John

    While this is most definitely a smear campaign, it might actually work in our favor. If it can proven that Futrelle was responsible for this, it could be used not only to discredit him but those who take him at his word, say like the SPLC? In fact, he may end up defeating himself using the very lies he wanted others to buy. Poetic justice?

    P.S. Thank you Paul Elam and Agent Orange for your vigilance.

    • napocapo69

      Well I do not think we should discredit Futrelle…also becasue it may be that we discover that he is not behind this stupid thing.
      We just have to create awareness about the isnane shit he publishes. He’s just a frustrated man looking for free advertising and consensous among some “particular” females. He hates men because they are so much better than him.

      • ThoughtCriminal

        We just have to create awareness about the isnane shit he publishes. He’s just a frustrated man looking for free advertising and consensous among some “particular” females.

        Wouldn’t giving him more free advertising be the opposite of what we want to do? Futrelle is an abject failure.His writing is horrible, he’s stabbing his brothers in the back for money and then we want to what-shout his name from the rooftops?

        No. He’s a loser. Let him stew in his diaper alone with the “particular” female losers who’ll toss him aside for the next loser after they’re tired of his shoddy writing and complete failure to address us adequately.

        • napocapo69

          Maybe I expressed my thought in the wrong way, I apologise. I just want to avoid that he falls in the victimhood syndrome, and get further support from women…just that. I think we should be cool, stick to facts and enpahsize his contradictions and his bad will, but not attack him frontally because my experience with “manginas” is that they will deny their responsibilities and raise the victim status shield. But it is just my belief.

        • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

          Well no…Futrelle ought to be an object lesson, and an “archetype”, so that we can recognize similar people and behaviors in the future.

          And educate the public about such people and behaviors.

  • Shrek6

    These people are lunatics full of hatred and in my experience of observing these people over the past decade, they tend to be feminists, who as gutless as they are, feel the need to stab when their intended victim isn’t looking.
    These are the hate filled abusers of men and children, who destroy every relationship they ever have.

    Here is another bunch of feminist losers who are worthy of note and should be resoundly laughed at for their pathetic nature: http://ozpigpage.blogspot.com.au/

    These “PigWomen” have gone to great lengths to try some ‘name and shame campaign’ against MRA’s in Australia.
    Just read it, you will get the drift, because they all come out with the same old vomit.

  • Muk

    I haven’t read anything yet, but I LOVE that picture they made of paul

    • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      Always celebrate whenever they attempt to satirize you. I do.

    • Rad

      MSPaint-level skills using a pirated copy of photoshop.

      Well…Paul should eventually make it his avatar.

  • ThoughtCriminal

    Feminism,a whirlwind of psychotic asshattery.

    They can’t beat us in an argument,so they’ve taken to mummery and beating themselves up.

    Paul, when do you think they’ll get around to bombing abortion clinics and saying we did it,and why the fuck won’t anybody in law enforcement STOP these freaks?

  • Tawil

    Can I assume that a complimentary subreddit entitled r/women’sRightToBatterMaleChildren will soon appear, with a picture of Futrelle saying, “Best Subreddit of the Year” ?

    That should do the trick…

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    What we are witnessing is a lorry load of mean clowns zippered up in clown suits.

    The cops from Keystone may well tumble about each other and fall together as flesh dominoes, but when the reel is over the actors face the audience and take a bow. Not this scurvy lot at the hastily erected studios at Reddit however.

    No, their form is to part the curtains at a horror show they filmed and point at the screen. “Look. Just look at the MRA’s doing their violence. This is not make-believe. This is a documentary.”

    I say relax, as this has been done before and we know the drill now.

    In the summer of 1944 the Nazi’s made a film for the Danish Red Cross showing the wonderful living conditions at the Theresienstadt concentration camp in the Sudetenland.

    The film showed smiling cherub faces glistening in the sun and well fed “citizens” gardening and so forth. It was a lie then and will never be anything different.

    Now here today the feminists responsible for this Reddit mockup have been inspired by the cinematic integrity of their WW2 brethren. The only thing different from then to now is the medium and the uniforms are hidden.

    The German Nazi’s showed a wonderful life and their hand in it, and the Reddit Nazis show horror and point to an MRA hand. Finger pointing in or finger pointing out – same lie, different direction.

    It does not matter which way a crocodile swims as it’s always a crocodile, and this is a lie now and always will be.

    Thank you Paul for drawing this to our attention. Sigh.

    The drawing stinks.

  • Kimski

    The sorry excuse for a man sure goes to great lenghts in his attacks on what he claims to be a bunch of ‘basement dwelling losers and woman haters’.
    Let’s pause for a moment and think about that, because that raises the next obvious question: Then why would he choose to spend so much time talking about us??
    He apparantly sees us as much bigger threat to his continuing bias against and hatred of men, than he wants to admit to himself, considering the amount of time and work he spends on all these moronic attempts to paint us as equally minded hate mongers.
    The man is a waste of fat tissue, and just keeps reminding me that snot is transparent, except when one is suffering from a cold, and he fits the description of both substances.

    • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      Funny thing is, my totem is a badger, so I LOVE living in basements. I’d live 5 stories underground if I could. But the rest of the villagers so far in A Village For Men want huts and to build up. 😀

      • Kimski

        I’ll come over and help you ‘build’ down, Aoirthoir.
        I love manly caves and basements. Every home should have one.

        • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist


          We are truthfully looking for Men that want to do this with us. We now have two men here in Cleveland. That’s a start for the first village. Now to push on to our goal of 167 Men for the first village. And even take it on the road and plant them all over the USA. and the world. (Work is already going on to do the same in Philippines, India, Malaysia and more.)

  • gqbrielle

    as a SRS user, please just fuck all the way off. we aren’t responsible for /r/beatingwomen.

    MRAs don’t need such cheap tricks to discredit the men’s rights movement. MRAs themselves discredit the movement enough as it is.

    • Kimski

      “MRAs themselves discredit the movement enough as it is.”
      Coming from a TRUE follower and supporter of mens rights, I take it?

      Yes, shame on the bad MRA’s for wanting basic human rights for men. It just should’nt be allowed. Let’s remove their right to free speech, while we’re at it.

      /sarcasm off.

      -Another unconscious yell the dark, from an equally obscured mind.

      • gqbrielle

        Nah, coming from a feminist. A surprise, I’m sure. Lol basic human rights for men. Men already have those.

        Actually I do agree with some MRA issues – I think custody in the US is tilted in favor of the mother, & I do think circumcision is fucked up, and I do think male rape victims are not taken seriously by most of society.

        But for the most part? MRAs are a bunch of misogynist jackasses.

        • Paul Elam

          Kindly go to our facts page here http://www.avoiceformen.com/mission-and-values/about/

          then come back and tell us about men’s basic human rights.

          And bring some manners with you, cupcake. No name calling MRA’s here, ever.

          You are temporarily banned from this site. If you use the contact form within 24 hours to apologize to all the MRA’s here, and also include your detailed rebuttal of the facts, then I will consider letting your entitled ass back in here. Ciao for now.

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            Translation to cupcake:

            You will be gone now for… you know… ever.

          • napocapo69

            Actually Paul, I would let her in…
            It would be good to debate with a real feminist!

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            To napocapo69,

            Letting her back in for “debate” will show you one thing and that is that they never ever hold their own – ever.

            Always they lie and resort to cliched chanting and when that doesn’t work they have a tantrum and resort to name calling.

            This one did it from the start with words like “jackass” for example.

            I can see the merit in Paul opening the door to her, but I know the merit would not be seeing a debate. The merit would be an affirmation that they cannot debate the truth with whoppers only.

            Debating with a real feminist = debating with a real liar.

          • Steve_85

            “It would be good to debate with a real feminist!”

            Arguing with a Feminist is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It can’t be done, it annoys the pig, and even if by some miracle you do manage to get a singing pig out of it, no one wants to see a pig sing anyway.

            Don’t argue with idiots, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

          • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

            Beginning her discourse with “Fuck all the way off” leads me to believe this individual isn’t capable of engaging in meaningful, rational debate.

            It’s the “adult” version of a toddler screaming “I hate you” to her parents when they tell her “No” or hold her accountable for misbehavior.

            Adults don’t argue with children.

          • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

            “t would be good to debate with a real feminist!”

            Please don’t. I’ve fucking had it with debating femicunts. If you want to debate them (Irish for “waste your fucking time”) then you can always visit their spaces, and have your logical arguments summarily deleted.

            I did an experiment once. I posted logical arguments and these were deleted. So I posted some pejoratives. These remained. They claim to remove insulting comments but its a big fat fucking lie. They WANT the pejoratives so they can say, SEE misogynists! Men have power! See!

            Fuck them. They dont belong in male safe spaces.

          • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

            Awe come on, Paul, let us play with it.. pretty pleease…

        • Kimski

          “Nah, coming from a feminist.”

          You already outed yourself right there, cupcake.

          Why would I want to discuss basic human rights with a follower of a hate ideology, when I also won’t discuss my money with a thief, or violence with a mugger?

          • Sad Dad

            That’s a good point never thought of it in those terms before.

        • napocapo69

          Laws are in favour of mother? Really? what have you done to change it? Tell us.
          What about affirmative action, is not discmination aganist men?
          What about reproductive rights? Are those fair rules?
          What about CSA. Is it ok to send to prison a father because he cannot afford it?
          What about quotas? Is this meritocracy?
          What about the male bashing in the media? did you realize it, do you guess what effect has on joung boys?
          What about health? Why despite higher mortality rates among men and shorter life expectancy, why focus on women?

          Men take seioursly rape, and for this reason that rape false accusations should be taken seriously. Do you believe that VAWA respects the habeas corpus and the “innocent until guilt is proven” principle?

          Just wonder, can you mention a particular law or norm that is steered in favour of men? Tell us.

        • Agent Orange

          This SRS troll is none other than ArchangelleGabrielle, one of the moderators (and one of the more “moderate” ones). Now that their love interest, David Fat-trolly, is being exposed as a true bigot, SRS is trying to cover their tracks and disavow any involvement with what has happened. Nice that they would send the mod least likely scream bloody murder, but still a feminist’s true colors show right through.

          Unfortunately, not all of SRS is on this mod’s “moderste” bandwagon. There are quite a few of the other mods who actively pursue to libel by proxy any member of the MRM. There are active alliances between the r/beatingwomen, r/rapingwomen, r/feminisms, r/twoxchromosomes, and r/gameoftrolls members (all hidden in the political play between individual members, and mostly unknown to even regular subscribers of those reddits).

          The end goal is not only to cause the regular trolling cases (about 90%) of their efforts, but to come up with ways to “get back” at the MRM….and this has occurred with greater frequency of late (due to our momentum).

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            Mr Orange,

            We do not know who you are and maybe we don’t want to ?

            Secretly I want to be just like you. I want to wrap a cloak around me and ensconce myself in their Borg matrix and let fly with a virus that will have the lot of them fold at their knees.

            Good on you. I just adore how you burrow in their smelly and dank moss lined vaults and click away with your screen saver camera.

            Oh my lordy lordy be, how they would trade their kingdom for a horse that would ride them to your name.

            In fact, your radar dodging ways have me arch my head back and crack out laughs that hurt my sides.

            Oh fuck ’em, and bloody well carry on Mr Brother of us all.

          • white demon

            I love it when scum like these get exposed!

          • JinnBottle

            Agent O – THANX for ALL you do. What is a “mod”?

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            Mr Orange,

            You might be getting a right royal hiding from an incredibly lucid and forward thinking individual soon.

            It’s called a “Sophonax” and I swear it has much oomph and tremendous grace as well.

            Quite frankly I am scared of the persuasive powers of the Sophonax and am now thinking of throwing all this silly MRA nonsense to the seven winds and spending all day with my feet in a blow up wading pool instead.

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            To JinnBottle,

            “Site moderator”

          • Stu

            There you are fembots. Agent Orange is on to you yet again. You must be really wondering who he is, but you will never work it out. You are all to stupid to even look in the right place for him lol

          • JinnBottle

            Thanx, Doc F.

          • FarmCat

            She* also appears to be “hellkell” on Manboobz itself.


        • white demon

          I quote: “Lol basic human rights for men. Men already have those.”

          Oh ye? Care to explain then why sites like AVfM and the like exist? I love to hear it!

          “Men already have those” so typical of feminist eh?

          Oh and let me tell this: because feminist have been given far more rights than the rest, is why sites like Radfem and it’s like are still up and running, Tom Martin’s case gets thrown out of court and feminist like You can come and put such comments on sites like AVfM.

          • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

            25% of men a year in prison are raped. 98% of prisoners are men.

            She can fuck the fuckity fuck fuck off.

        • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

          Oh joy, the ice cuntress has come swinging her prickly vagina.

          Child theft
          Male Rape Epidemic

          Not a bad start, too bad your schizophrenia kicked in so quickly, I might have actually mistaken you for human for a second there. Feminism, schizophrenia- who the fuck can tell a difference?

          Had your impairment not kicked in, you in all of your vast humanity, would have gone on to add:

          For men voting is not a right, it is a privilege contingent upon acceptance of the responsibility of conscription. You know what conscription is, right? That little thing where you get sent off to murder strangers and get blown to bits in the process..?

          Females have the ‘right’ to male property, excluding men from the right to their own property, that they earned with their own blood and sweat.

          Females have every reproductive ‘right’ conceivable. Men have every reproductive responsibility conceivable, and NO FUCKING RIGHTS.

          Females have the ‘right’ to be away from work and bond with their child for months. Men DO NOT have this ‘right’.

          Men have the particularly luxurious ‘right’ to debtor’s prison.

          Females have the ‘right’ to steal jobs and educational slots through violent government coercion, from hard working deserving men, depriving them of the ability to attract a hypergamous female mate and reproduce. This is all the way fucked and you know it.

          Females have the ‘right’ to live nearly a decade longer then men, and somehow simultaneously have the ‘right’ to billions upon billions of tax dollars in health care to the explicit exclusion of Men.

          Men have the ‘right’ to filthy primary aggressor laws.

          “Lol basic human rights for men. Men already have those.” Lololol ha yer so funny, hey look a funny feminist klanswoman, whoda thunk? State the “rights” that men have and that females do not have. State them. State the “‘rights'”, feminist.

          “But for the most part? MRAs are a bunch of misogynist jackasses.”
          Let the record show that we are as repulsed by futrelle as by you, ruling out the possibility that our disgust is sex based. Your ‘misogynist’ card is all the way fucked. We are equal opportunity haters, hating on assholes of any genital configuration, equally. Indeed, as evidenced, MRA’s are the true egalitarians.

          • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist


          • Kimski

            Awesome, bro’.
            Just.. awesome.

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F


            I remember a time back when you were onto a scurrilous femster in MRA simpatico clothing.

            You remember her ? She was the one who whooped up the crowd with her good links and all the rest of it and by days end she was trounced upon when it was discovered she giggled at a bloke getting his penis cut off.

            Remember how you had her mapped as did our Scatters, and in the thick of it there was me and Andybob who thought maybe this dame was one of us?

            Well, we caught up and learned – that street wise with femmo antenna doesn’t always go in true step with good manners and Aussie education.

            From there I learned, as did our Andybob, that if you play the good card to these guys… things… then you will be on a back foot from the start.

            I read your post here, and for those who are from the fresh eyed perspective of the “breeze-in purple pillar” and well you know what… “it stinks” they might say.

            I mean look at it. It reeks of a girl hatin’, bloke shinin’, good tahm fuckwit with a “dropped baby” syndrome trailer park, misogynistic Y-chromo “feel up the sheila” dickhead stripe.

            Now I tell those purple pillars, (yes you lot who look in and shuffle off with no question mark over your head) to please look here at just one man who maybe has a brain with a different thought. A different thought that is not tethered to a tit that gives milk from a river of absolute and unfettered poison.

            If him, then who else here might have another perspective ?

            I have learned from your grand antennae and I ache for just one (1) more person to do also. Maybe this is you whoever you are ?

            Please consider in the face of his post of misogyny of “rights”.

          • andybob

            So true, Dr F. The good manners, Aussie education and handsome profiles enshrined in our constitution were no protection against the trollery of Neely Steinberg. We should have known better. This creature was raised by persons who deemed it appropriate to name their daughter after the foul-mouthed, drug-addicted whore from a Jacqueline Suzanne kitch-fest. She was bound to have credibility issues.

            Like you, I lived and learned. All hail Perseus!

        • TigerMan

          “But for the most part? MRAs are a bunch of misogynist jackasses.”
          Those aren’t real MRAs – they are your plotting bedfellows!
          The MRAs here put you bigots to shame because unlike mainstream feminists we really DO believe in egalitarianism and are ALWAYS willing to pull our weight.

          • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

            If MRAs were what they said they were, then why would they need to create fake groups pretending to be piece of shit mras?

            Honey we are wise to your schemes. (Last not directed to you Tiger…but to the broad in question..)

          • Ballast

            lol. As a liberationist for both men and women I’m not seeing any proof of that argument.

            And to be completly upfront here I’m not a secret agent or what not, though I’ve recently had that levelled at me. A voice of dissent, sure, but not against men as a group, or women, just conservatism and all it entails.

        • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

          All right, say what you wish about “MRAs”, but what about all the other non-feminist men and women on planet earth? Are they misogynist jackasses also?

          That’s your potential constituency there, and you had best make kissy-kissy and not alienate them.

        • Ballast

          They certainly know how to win hearts and minds with piss and vinegar.

          I know, I know, I’m probably going to be banned for that. Seems to happen to any voices of dissent out here in the wilds of the net, be it on feminist forums or masculinit ones.

    • Paul Elam

      “as a SRS user, please just fuck all the way off. we aren’t responsible for /r/beatingwomen.”

      Yes, you are. Every last stinking one of you.

      • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

        I read her two line screech in the trash.

        She’s very different, interesting, a blazer of trails and empowered by the sounds of it. Also a victim at the very same time.

        An extraordinary creature really, and AVfM will be (guffaw) worse off with her absence.

    • Zarathos022

      Hello troll. I’m going to laugh at you now…

      • Zarathos022

        And while I’m at it, here’s one for your good buddy Dave “The Dipshit” Futrelle, too.

        Have fun being exposed for the REAL jackasses that you are.

        • 4thtroika

          Might as well join in.

    • Patrick Henry

      “Fuck all the way off.” As opposed to what, fucking half way off? Is this like I’m still a virgin because I only give bj’s thing?

      • JinnBottle

        Dr T et al. – Actually, I thot “fuck all the way off” was the best (LOL) thing gabrielle said. So I bet it ain’t hers. (Actually, I’d read Paul’s quote of that before I read any gabrielle; I thot it was *his*! Sounds like an Elam original!…To paraphrase Oscar Wilde – “It’s isn’t Mr Elam’s, but it deserves to be.”)

      • Ballast

        I’ve never understood why its a bad thing to “fuck off.” Its the most pleasurable experience a person can have thanks for millions of years of evolution inspired biological imperative.

    • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      Uh huh. You convinced me.

      Oh and happy cunthers day to you too.

    • http://www.mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/ Masculist Man

      Do you still beat your kids?

      • father marker

        I thought that was supposed to be “Have you stopped beating your kids yet?”

  • Merlin

    Flush them out…flush them all out for the vile, discreditable trash they are.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    More, and lastly on this feminist breeze in gqbrielle.

    She says this here, http://gqbrielle.tumblr.com/about

    ” i am a 23-year-old white queer cis woman named gabrielle. i have bipolar 1 & so that will be mentioned occasionally as it plays a fairly significant role in my life. i consider myself an agnostic atheist. my place of residence is currently in the state of washington in the united states with my fiancé and his family. i am generally liberal, feminist, and sarcastic. i usually look something like this. i have been sexually assaulted, so that may be referenced here and there. anything else? just ask.”

    What a shock.
    Entitlement through “victimisation”, jazzy omitting of uppercase lettering, mention of “sarcasm” as a sassy attribute and the “cis” hip wanna-be enlightened sister.

    ‘Nuff said I reckon.

    • Kimski

      Fits the profile perfectly.

      All the usual crap there, right down to the alleged sexual assault, and the mental disorder. 10 times mentioning “I” or “my” or looks in 5 sentences, and just another ‘Me-me-me’.
      I’m not surprised here.

    • napocapo69

      I confess guys, I’ve been sexually assaulted few times.
      And my wife in most cases was my predator.

      • Kimski

        It’s OK, napocapo69.

        Noone who has tried saying no to a woman who wants to fuck, wants to go there twice. The seemingly endless discussions that follows such a no are unbearable to go through again, and fits into the describtion of verbal violence quite nicely. It usually starts off with a ‘why don’t you love me anymore?’, in a childish, whining voice.

        Anyone who doesn’t believe that should just go ahead and give it a try.
        You’ll be amazed, to say the least.

        • Ballast

          Sounds like you’re dating the wrong people.

          • Kimski

            Fuck all the way off.
            I decided to be a user instead of an abused, so I only fuck hookers nowadays.
            At least they’re honest about it, and they leave when I’m done.

    • ThoughtCriminal

      So basically,this cunt is all fucked up. Near as I can reckon,”cis” is their term for heterosexual. She’s saying she’s both gay and straight.Then she says she’s an agnostic atheist,as in she believes in the concept of a god but isn’t sure which one exists if any,and simultaneously does NOT believe in the existence of a god.

      Is it PC that has people speaking in this nonsensical cognitively dissonant manner or are confused idiots simply more likely to be feminist? When the MRM succeeds,perhaps we should put our top scientists on that one.

      The only people who care about your race are other racists like yourself.The only people who care about your sex are other sexists,again like yourself.The only people who care about your sexual orientation are others like yourself to whom being gay is of some special significance,likely homophobes or maybe even heterophobes.The only people who care about your religion are religious zealots.

      Your labels mean nothing to me. You might as well be regaling me with a line from “Hop on Pop” for all the sense it makes.You display them like they’re war medals. And if you truly had been sexually assaulted,you wouldn’t be telling total strangers about it in such a cavalier way.I’d believe Elvis had risen from his grave sooner than I’d believe that you were sexually assaulted.

      Not only am I not going to “ask” (for more irrelevant facts about you),I wish you hadn’t volunteered the tripe I already read. Fuck you.

      And no,my animosity toward you has NOTHING to do with the fact that you’re a woman,it’s because you’re a dumbass. And the reason you are a cunt is because you are a member of a female supremacist cult that wants to kill me,my father,my brothers, and my sons and you DARE to lecture these men about sexism.

      Your side fired the first shots in this battle of the sexes,whatever you get,you brought upon your own damn selves.

      • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

        Cis is from the latin, basically meaning Same. So Cis-male is a man in a mans body. A trans man is a man in a womans body.

        We Masculinists do not argue this point or even care. We hold that All Men are Men the moment they self identify as a Man. So if someone in a female body identifies as a Man, so be it. If someone in a boy body identifies as a Man so be it. If someone in a Man body identifies as a Man, so be it.

        The funny thing is, too many MRAs refuse to use the politically correct language taking affront to it. (Not saying you are Brother). We Masculinists wrap ourselves in their politically correct language and they cannot fight us, but we have the weapons to fight them. Given to us. By. Them.

        Thanks ladies! We greatly appreciate it!

        • ThoughtCriminal

          You may not be saying I am, but that is what I am doing.It’s gibberish.These assholes wrap themselves in greek and latin terms because it sounds suave and exotic,when in reality the translation of their terms yields the phrase “I am full of shit.” stated so many different ways.

          I refuse to present myself to others as a fool unless I’m getting paid for it.

          However,if it works for you to spit their gibberish back at them, more power to you. Ultimately,I’m about results.If it works,I applaud you for your ingenuity.

          I don’t want to encourage the morons,myself.It’s obvious,at least in MY opinion,that their patterns of thinking breed stupidity,lower intelligence,and are highly transmissible.

          Can anyone explain how “agnostic atheist” makes any sense? Would anyone not using PC thinking come up with something like that?

          Why even communicate in words if you’re not going to observe the fact that they mean specific things?Why not just grunt and use hand signals? Those can mean anything depending on the “tone”. Sounds like it’s right up a feminist’s alley.

          • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

            Yes I can see how agnostic atheist makes sense.

            In any case thank you for your words.

            I also suggest that MRAs start to do what we Masculinists have been doing for the last ten years, learn game theory and learn the rationality of irrationality. It works. Use it. Destroy them every chance you get.

            Google “Aoirthoir” if you want examples.

          • FreeMan

            Agnostic = one without knowledge; specifically, one who professes to possess no certain knowledge of the existence or nature of a deity or deities.

            Atheist = One who does not believe in the existence of a deity or deities.

            So an agnostic atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in a God or gods, but doesn’t claim to know for a fact that a God or gods don’t exist. Or put another way, they assume that God doesn’t exist but they’d be willing to revisit that assumption in the face of compelling evidence.

            Compare to a gnostic atheist, which would be someone who is convinced of the certainty of God’s non-existence.

          • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

            So the answer is yes, someone can explain.

      • ThoughtCriminal

        So an agnostic atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in a God or gods, but doesn’t claim to know for a fact that a God or gods don’t exist. Or put another way, they assume that God doesn’t exist but they’d be willing to revisit that assumption in the face of compelling evidence.

        Compare to a gnostic atheist, which would be someone who is convinced of the certainty of God’s non-existence.

        Haha,leave it to men to punch through the bullshit and carve meaning out of even the meaningless.

        I still say the fact that you were able to come up with a cogent explanation doesn’t mean the term itself has any meaning.At best,it is an extremely unwieldy term subject to misinterpretation at every turn. The only person I have ever conversed with who self-identified as an agnostic gave a summary of his beliefs that ran very similar to the description you gave for “agnostic atheist”.

        He simply called himself an “agnostic”,though.

        The term “gnostic atheist” is even less meaningful,because your definition would mean something similar to Dawkinsesque “militant atheism”. The problem with that is that there is a sect of fundamentalist Christians known as Gnostics who have existed much longer than the term “gnostic atheism”. The tenets of atheism are completely irreconcilable with the tenets of Gnosticism. To someone familiar with both terms,it sounds like an oxymoron.

        That was a very good stab at it,however, and I do give you points for cheating a bit to cobble your explanation together,it shows creativity. When factors outside the narrow scope of the conversation are not considered,it holds up very well on its own.That’s the thing that makes most feminist reasoning dangerous,as well as highly transmissible. It’s the same kind of thinking that leads to pay gap myths and Apex Fallacies.

        • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

          Words mean what Men say they mean. That is why I am fully comfortable with PC language. Let me give you an example of some defintions:

          Definition: Feminis hate monger.

          Definition: Feminist hate monger.

          Definition: Feminist hate monger.

          Anti-Nonneurotypical hater:
          Definition: Feminist hate monger.

          Etc etc.

          • Ballast

            Rolls eyes.

    • BeijaFlor

      “i am a 23-year-old white queer cis woman … (who lives)with my finacé and HIS family.”

      “Queer”, which in Sixties-speak meant homosexual (i.e., in a woman, lesbian) – but “engaged” to a man, and living with HIM and HIS FAMILY.

      What kind of man brings an admitted carpet-muncher into his castle? … Oh, yeah, a mangina.

      Please pass the hemlock.

    • Phil in Utah

      What a winner. Yuck.

  • Patrick Henry

    Spineless cowards, all of them!

  • Derek

    Spineless chicken shit who lives with his mommy

    • BeijaFlor

      Hey, Derek, I represent that remark … although, after I reached 24 or so and had the money to pay all the rent, my Mommy Dearest lived with me.

      Just sayin’.

  • white demon

    This kinda thing makes me feel so sick!

    Also, isn’t it obvious that it is David Futrelle IS the ‘man’ behind this as it mentions at the head that the site is made and run by Manboobz?

    Now, PLEASE, I’m not trying to put down anybody here, but…….;

    I remember when I posted an off topic comment with a link on a previous article that Futrelle was at it again with a topic calling women names=human rights advocacy to AVfM? I was given a reply saying that Futrelle wasn’t even worth our ridicule?

    Well, from what I have learned in life thru experiences I’ve had is that even small things done against You should be addressed as small things, in most cases, grow to BIG ones.

    That said, I feel that Futrelle and his like are desperate, that’s why he and his likes are doing this kind of sick, retarded fucked up shit!

    To any rational person, in my opinion, who reads this site and/or it’s brother sites and listens to AVfM radio, it is obvious Paul Elam has NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING! to do with this!

    Oh ye! I forgot! To David Futrelle and his lot or whoever did this: I can’t believe that shit like You exist! It’s beyond me!

    • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      Ridicule them all always.

  • JinnBottle

    Paul – Great work from you, Agent Orange + the Man o Mystery, our new agent, in tracking down, identifying, and outing Futrelle and the other radfems behind this would-be dirty trick.

    I can’t imagine Futrelle or any man, no matter how sociopathic, being this degree of radfem without compensation, tho. But labor intensive as his lying propaganda-slanda is, the effectiveness of his efforts ain’t worth a dime!

  • dejour

    This is important. This should be properly documented and publicized, so that Futrelle loses whatever credibility he had.

    • rams888

      Credibility, what credibility. Futrelle is on an ego trip, nothing more and nothing less. Very sad actually that a “human being” can sink so low in order to garner favor with women … well nothing new there then.

  • re-construct

    History will show that the southern poverty law center (Who had a track record of fighting for poor southerners who were being persecuted by law enforcement); has now been taken over by white Gender-feminists, who are Now one of the driving forces behind the perversions of American law enforcement that are now persecuting poor southerners.

    • BeijaFlor

      When will they change their name to match their shame … and admit they’ve become the “Southern P(_)$$y-Lickin’ Coalition”?

  • operationoptout

    Mr. Manboobz, the trivial blogger who produce nothing of relevance unless we adopt a rating system of “Shit Floats” to determine success. Manginatits should really consider coming clean about the secret crush he has on Elam, Price and JTO. God knows this troll focuses the majority of his time on these individuals. Titboy, feminists may stroke your fragile ego in public but privately they laugh and poke at your very existence. Bernard has you pegged to a tee. Blog that you sniveling child.

  • Yalpe

    Fatrelle is a twat. You don’t need to make up fake stories about him to “expose” him, just point out actual real stories, that guy is the definition of mangina. Making shit up might work once in a while, but you’re hurting the MRM, man.

  • dumpstercake

    The amount of evidence provided for your claims is staggering. I’m just in awe of how incredibly factual and non-biased the author of this article is. Before this point in time, I never thought a piece with so much credibility was physically possible.

    I have to leave now, i’m getting evidence overload. This happens when someone provides so much proof for something that it causes time and space around the cognitive center of my brain to warp and implode.

    • Paul Elam

      Whatever you do, please don’t leave. I’ll do anything so you will stay.

    • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      I am with Paul on this. Please please dont leave!

    • TigerMan

      “I have to leave now, i’m getting evidence overload. This happens when someone provides so much proof for something that it causes time and space around the cognitive center of my brain to warp and implode.”
      If the lowest form of wit was rocket fuel I dare say you would be well on the way up to Uranus – have a nice trip :)

      • Kimski

        “If the lowest form of wit was rocket fuel I dare say you would be well on the way up to Uranus – have a nice trip”

        You should’ve excluded the ‘to’, Tiger.. 😉

  • AntZ

    Here was my response:

    Dear feminist creator of this reddit,

    Right about now, I think the feminist who set up this disgusting reddit (possibly David Futrelle?) is realizing that he made a big mistake. Why?

    1) Because it is immoral or unfair to fight the men’s rights movement by making a feminist-run website? Nope. Feminists have no moral compass and would not know what “fair” meant if it was stapled to their noses.

    2) Because it is immoral to glorify violence and disgusting dehumanization? Nope. Dehumanization and violence are a central part of the feminist religion.

    3) Because they are realizing with horror that their little art project is attracting REAL PSYCHOPATHS, VIOLENT CRIMINALS, AND OTHER GUTTER RATS WITH HEADS FULL OF CRAZY? Bingo!

    It looks to me like this foul feminist farse is taking on a life of its own. Yes, I know that many of the disturbing posts are feminists in disguise. But my experienced MRM nose is smelling the stench of genuine rage and violent fantasy in a significat number of the posts here.

    Bravo, Feminist. Your little creation will likely soon claim its first real victim. The sick encouragement that you are giving to the cess pool of humanity will reach out and touch someone. Maybe right now, a woman is being savagely brutalized because of what YOU did. Are you proud of yourself, Feminist?

    Sadly, I think he is. Yes, its a he. Like most male feminists, this artist is a closet psychopath. His hatred of all men comes from his loathing of his own hidden self. He revels in all of this filth, while pretending that it is a clever strategic anti-MRM ploy.

    You don’t fool me, Pig. You need the madness, the violence, and the rage like a vampire needs blood. You devour the pages of filth produced here. The cold blood that coagulates in your fake feminist shell comes to furious life as your read this sick shit. Your woman-hating heart comes alive at last, and for a few moments you live as you really are — a sociopath who does not have the courage or conviction to live your own fantasies. So you live by proxy, goading the vulnerable and disturbed into doing what you are too much of a coward to do yourself. You are a worm, Feminist. A shallow and hollow piece of shit.

    • BeijaFlor

      Whew! That was perceptive!

      Maybe right now, a woman is being savagely brutalized because of what YOU did. Are you proud of yourself, Feminist? Sadly, I think he is. Yes, its a he. Like most male feminists, this artist is a closet psychopath. His hatred of all men comes from his loathing of his own hidden self.

      I suspect you share my horror of a male femmunist who would pull such a quisling stunt as this subreddit.

      • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

        Hear hear.

    • Lee

      Hmm…I don’t suppose that stayed there.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    To all,

    Brace your face as we might (might) be getting a visit from a lovely thing called “Sophonax”

    I think it’s a cupcake with warm fuzzy center of fecal spray.

  • Andrew S.

    I find it amusing how David Futrelle and his band of freaks are trying to label the vast majority of men in this movement as awful people because of stuff said on the internetz.

    Lots of bad things are said on the internet, on both sides, and what this fat fuck doesn’t seem to understand is that the internet is a sea of hate, and it’s not just MRA’s who say things that aren’t very nice.

    I guess my question for Futrelle would be if he can ever silence the MRA’s that say things he doesn’t approve of what area of internet “hate speech” will he take on next??

    How about girls bullying other girls into suicide?

    I think his best bet though would be when I see women mocking and making fun of fat/unattractive men on the internet. I see this quite often and I’m thinking this one would be right up his ally.

  • Not buying it

    To David Fucttoralla, I got No doubt you troll this site as a matter of fact because of your psychotic Gabrielle friend you will definitely read this article & more than likely the comments to, I would like to inform you that any body who carries out an act of pretending to be an (MRA) or any other group of people for that matter, just to smear them with negative characterization that he willfully knows not to be true then claims to be a defender of the rights of others & an intellectual who’s just holding a different ideology or a point of view
    Is neither worthy of being adversarial opponent (not that you worthy to begin with) nor an honorable human being for that matter.

    You are a joke & a fraud masquerading as something he is not when in reality you are a Lowlife. Who is trying to make name for himself as a so called good man or an honorable one & you are neither, you are a disgrace just like your comrade in arms Hugo the shit Schwyzer.

  • http://aleknovy.com/ Alek Novy

    I predicted a few times, both here and on Manboobz site that there will be an AvFM/Elam lawsuit against manboobz eventually.

    It’s only inevitable.

    • Ballast

      That wouldnt surprise me in the least.

  • yurlungur

    Do our opponents have any shred of human decency or any sense of fair play?
    I think we know the answer to that one. 😛

    It’s unfortunate that this stuff often works on the unwashed masses.

    Those are the people that will never look and the other side of the argument – because they think they already know it.

  • Not buying it

    To dumpster cake

    How do you know that David fucttorala did not do what he is being accused of ???

    After all the fembots past track record speaks clearly & loudly about the misinformation, lies, made up stats & factoids that stinks till high heaven & even if you had doubts about the accuracy of the basis of the accusation, you could had waited till the dust settled & the truth came out which it always does in the end instead of accusing your side of fabricating stories, let me tell you what, most of us commenting don’t know on what basis the Pizza face fucttoralla is being accused of pulling that act , but I take Paul’s & (a voice for men’s site) word for it for two reasons.

    The 2the reasons are as follows :

    1- fucttoralla is a proven lier who will try any gimmick to derailed the men’s movement (his past) & at best he is a misguided idiot who couldn’t see the truth of gender politics if it bit him on the ass & fat tits of his.

    2- as far as I know I haven’t been lied to by Paul or his site so far on top of the simple fact that the dumbest MRA is more in touch with reality at least when it comes to what feminism is then a PhD holding feminaze or a mangina.

  • keyster

    The internet is not your Pravda!
    Just because you say so, doesn’t make it true.

    They can’t be honest because they’ll lose.

    • Ballast

      A statement that is so very true, for all sides.

  • TigerMan

    OT alert – just got this linked to me in Twitter – A guy who worked as a club bouncer was abused by his petite wife for years until she went too far and plunged a steak knife into his heart. He survived and has told his story here (Daily Mail article) http://bit.ly/L19GiH .
    This is the bit that gave me hope:
    ‘I’m speaking out because when I finally found the courage to tell Norfolk Police what had happened they were brilliant, they didn’t judge me and they took me seriously so I want other men to know they can report attacks.”
    It is good in the UK at least that men can finally be taken seriously when reporting assaults on themselves by their wives. :)

    • Stu

      I don’t believe the UK men will be taken seriously. In this one case he may have been, but is the story over yet. What will happen when she claims that the reason she stabbed him was the many years of torture and abuse that she suffered at his hands. Sorry, but the pile of male bodies and women getting off making unfounded claims, is piled very high. One case going against the grain doesn’t change the culture. This is a country that is seriously considering closing all women’s prisons and not having any jail sentences for women……for any crime at all.

      • Stu

        Ah, I read the whole story. Now you know what cooked her goose…….she lied and said that he fell on the knife. Now if she had of said straight up that she stabbed him, and claimed he was attacking her, just like every other night, only worse, things would probably be very different now. But I still say that the story is not over. In years to come, you will see her again, probably writing a book about how she had years of abuse and was forced to stab her husband, and then in the panic after realizing what she had done, made up stories not to cover the fact that she stabbed him……but to avoid having to tell the world WHY she stabbed him…….she was trying to protect her abuser from being found out……and was concerned only for him…..such is the extent of her Stockholm syndrome.

        Fucking hell, that’s not bad is it…..I should have been a feminist lawyer. If they had me on their side they wouldn’t have to talk about closing women’s prisons, because there wouldn’t be anybody in them anyway :)

        • Shrek6

          It’s not much different here in Aus.

          There is only one dedicated women’s prison in Western Australia and a female wing in a few of the regional/country prisons. However, they don’t have many women in them, because it is against the policy of the courts and govt to imprison women for anything they do.

          Yeah they do put them inside for some crimes, but not too often. Women get huge discounts purely because they are female. In most cases where a woman murders a man, she never goes to prison. The claim the abuse/victim ticket all the time and are believed and forgiven. They commit perjury, steal, abuse and kill children and men, but are rarely held accountable for these crimes.

          However, if they steal from the govt, then they are usually locked up. Not for long mind you!

          • Stu

            Yeah I know what it’s like in Aust Shrek, I’m Aussie too.

            I knew a female warden who worked in one of the women’s prisons. She reckons they are just holiday homes anyway, and lesbian paradise, about the only thing a woman misses out on in there is cock, and if you happen to be lesbian, it’s actually a nice place to live.

        • TigerMan

          I am happy to see a chink of light in the darkness is all – tomorrow can have all the what ifs for once! lol :)

  • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

    I don’t plan to visit that cesspool, but if they ever smear my good name, somebody please let me know. . .okay? 😉

  • Truyardy

    Absolutely pathetic. Our opponents have to make shit up in order to prove that we’re a hate movement. Hey! SPLC, it would be wise of you to swallow your pride now and admit you made a mistake. The longer you take, the harder and more embarrassing it’ll be for you.

  • tallwheel

    The subreddit is so blatantly misogynistic there is a petition by feminists to get it taken down.

    Damn. If it gets taken down we won’t be able to get away with discussing and getting advice on beating our women anymore. Whatever will we do? /s

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    Aoirthoir: you might find it easier to start Badgerville in Kansas, Toto or not:


  • Auntie Pheminizm


    How ironic: feminism fosters violence against women, then blames MRAs!

    When enough men get jailed just for being “accused” of rape; when female DV against men gets routinely lauded; well, some men will prolly think murder justified.

    That is, if they’re going to prison anyway, they might as well commit suitable crimes.

    I’m not supporting that; just saying societies could be headed that way.

    When mere accusations by females get guys jailed (and “ha ha” raped by other men inside); when careers are crushed by deliberate lies; some of the accused might decide to get their money’s worth.

    That is to say: as ever-more trivial “crimes” result in ever-harsher sentences, some guys will make sure their accusers suffer equally, perhaps ensuring the latter push up daisies.

    Again, I’m not sayin’ that’s good. Just reminding sistas that if you keep kicking a dog long enough, one day it WILL chomp your leg.

    If feminitwits continue to criminalize everything, turning misunderstandings into capital offenses that ruin guys’ lives, some men will respond by exacting the price they’re going to pay anyway.

    Male patience and tolerance is not infinitely elastic. Feminists who push too hard and too long will snap the elastic holding societies together. They shouldn’t act surprised when that happens. Or whine about how different and hard life becomes.

    If drunk sex results in the same penalty as killing, well, what might happen over time?

    For too long feminists vilified men while secretly COUNTING on traditional male chivalry. They’d accuse men of all sorts of beastly deeds knowing most men would obey the First Feminist Commandment: “Never Hit A Female…Even When She Hits First.”

    And now? Well, I suggest feminists are severely underestimating how angry men are…and how justified that anger is. Guys are tired of being slammed by quadrisexual tattoed twits with degrees in “Quear Theery Wimminshidt” as well as pampered housewives sipping cosmos poolside on prairies.

    Enough is enough!

    Most men will not be physically violent. However, more and more WILL kick ass and FTSU politically, financially, academically, socially, and so on.

    Simply put, after 5 decades of being “nice guys” and trying to “understand” the Little Ladies, males are fed up. Tapped out. Done. The time to have made peace with them and “talked things out” was BEFORE arrogant, smarmy, snide, snarky, entitled, solipsistic, nattering-nabobs-of-narcissistic-negativity feminists fired the first shots.

    THEY loose’d the dogs of gender war. Payback will be “interesting” …to say the least.

  • TheDoctor

    I wonder if manboobiez ever gets sick of putting out and not getting any poontang.