Kellett faces suspension


We have just been informed that the Bar Panel for the Main Board of Overseers of the Bar have sent the recommendation to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court that Hancock Country Prosecutor Mary Kellett have her license to practice law suspended for prosecutorial misconduct.

The panel found Kellett, in her prosecution of Vladek Filler, guilty of “failing to make timely disclosure of the existence of evidence, suppressing evidence, trying to mislead a jury, failing to employ reasonable skill and care, engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice and engaging in conduct unworthy of an attorney.”

This is according to a just released announcement by the Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

The ruling means that Kellett will face yet another hearing at the Supreme Judicial Court to determine what amounts to the future of her legal career.

More details on this will be made available as they come in. In the meantime, we are cracking open a cold one here.

Or three.

Score one for justice, for a change.


Bar Panel’s written decision.

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  • Paul Elam


    • Cultural_Expat

      Thank You Paul and all of you at AVFM. I have no doubt that this publication forced that shithole of a da’s office in Washington county Maine, to discontinue their support of that, ivy edubacated, interloper, ADA Mary Kellett.

      At heart the feminist DAs office is more selfish than loyal and they’ve set Kellet out to sea.
      That DA’s offices bread and butter is prosecuting mostly false claims of violence against men that are already living on the financial edge lumbering, fishing, and laboring for the insular extreme wealth at nearby Bar Harbor–likely what attracted these interloping prosecutors from ” away” anyway.

      Most of those guys can’t afford a lawyer, or to miss time of work so they just plea out and go back to their backbreaking dangerous work. VAWA stats rack up, federal money comes in.

      Without AVFM I’m certain it would be business as usual up there.

      • Rad

        Manufacturing criminals is the practical outcome of a creed that believes that men are “the” violent aggressors of society.

        When real men don’t actually live up to this dogma, when reality doesn’t support “the numbers”, the vision of “how things are” must be created somehow. If men are not committing more crimes, there can be only two options. Pursue the innocent and incarcerate them (subsidies are a great incentive), or alter the laws to make it harder (for men) to be innocent.

        You’ve read the theory, and this is the practice. But what the theory never accounted for was men finally refusing to be sacrificial pawns. What it never accounted for was men stopping their competition over women to unite as brothers. What it never accounted for was women of independent judgement casting off the conditioning of the culture and coming to the aid of these men. What it never accounted for was more and more men taking the red pill. What it never accounted for was all of these things converging to FTSU in a major way.

        Paul should be damn proud, and hopefully Vladek (and other unnamed victims of Kellett) can have a few moments relief, to know that other people care and they can make a difference together…even if he had to stand alone when it came down to it.

        Whatever happens to this bitch, at the very least, her professional career will be under a microscope until the end of her days. I feel another “vacation” coming on, this time past state lines.

        • Suz

          Beautifully said.

        • Alek

          Pursue the innocent and incarcerate them (subsidies are a great incentive), or alter the laws to make it harder (for men) to be innocent.

          This is the best description I’ve yet to read. The feminist theories being passed around on sex and harrasment make it literally impossible to be innocent.

          Especially with sex. They literally have theories where it is IMPOSSIBLE for a man to have had sex (or even kissed a woman), and not fit under a crazy theory’s definition of sex.

          The most interesting part about theories is how detached from reality they are. For example according to these theories for a man to be innocent one of the criteria he must meet is that he needs to RE-CONFIRM consent on every single move in the sexual process. Yes, that would amount to formally stopping the actual sex several hundred times on each and every move that’s different “Ok, I am now licking your right breast slowly, do I have permission to start licking it faster?” “Ok I have just been stroking your right thigh, may I have permission to now stroke your left thigh?” “Ok, I’ve been riding you with an 80% erection, but now my erection is getting harder, may I still proceed? Do I have permission?”

      • James Williams

        Spot on with your comments. These legal dogs are the worst kind of leaches imaginable

    • JJ

      Damn boy!! Open the can on dat ************!

      There is a God; and no PE is not Him! However; as far as Kellet may be concerned, PE is like His herald……….of legal destruction! Hahahahahaha

      F-Her Whole Universe U

      F-HWUU (Pronounced: F Whooooooooooooooo) Hahahahahahahaha

      So like Paul; you wear shiny skin tight armor when you go surfing? lol

    • phatPhuk

      Congratulations to Paul and all those involved.

    • Loy Finly

      Mr Elam, We are devastated.

      Many of my Wrongarians have already gathered at the local pub for group hugs and comfort that will go well into the night.

      Just like you and your cohorts, we will be drinking long into the night but for our pain.

      • Roger O Thornhill

        Mr Finley,

        I have it on good authority that you have one Shandy and then you’re anyones!

        • andybob

          I heard that sweet sherry and ginger ale was his tipple.

      • Paul Elam

        If you drink too much, be sure to have a bloody Mary in the morning. It’s so…..fitting.

        • Roger O Thornhill


        • Mr.Zeph


          Listening to the radio bit, I found it interesting that the “counter argument” paraphrased to “Well, those who are judging us don’t really know what they’re doing, so that might work against us”. I’m not sure if that is irony or not.

      • Dr. F

        Mr Finly,

        We couldn’t be, shall we say “harpy-er.”

        • Turbo

          That is brilliant Doc.
          We could not be Harpy-er,
          oh yes that works a treat.

    • Ray

      This is great news, but I’ll hold off hoisting a toast until the day they disbar her and throw her in prison. She more than deserves it, and true justice more than demands it, IMO.

      All the same, a salute to all those who’ve worked so hard to bring this criminal to a just reckoning.

      Let’s hope this sends a message to gender feminist scofflaws everywhere that they’re responsible for their criminal behavior.

    • JJ

      Hey Pauly!

      I swear; I have been trying, and trying; but maybe it is just my drunken stupor? Or maybe your beta wannabe doppelganger at the Bangor Daily News has yet to post anything about it? What; nothing to assassinate Filler’s character with today?

      I especially love his new photo with the name tag saying the “real media!” Yeah, like that means anything anymore.

      Yeah, I love it when my “little woman” takes photos of herself in the “exposed” position. Or maybe that is not what he meant when he aimed it at you PE? No matter; the way you and your crew took it to him is good enough for me. I hope he gets real silent; and fired quietly so he can go to obscurity the way he deserves. No fan fair.


      As soon as I see that IVd with feminist catnip poser of a journalist post something I will let you know.

      I honestly do not understand how that D-bag got his credentials? Either journalism is not what it “used to be,” or it never was. Either way; that dude needs a pink slip. If Filler gets out of this the way he should; I hope an attorney takes his slander case against that beta-orbiter post haste; and pro-bono. I think if I was filler; I would do that just to pour on the hurt to that area for what it does to men; not just to me.

      If he doesn’t though; I would understand that too!

      Great job Vladek; we got you bud.

    • Mr.Zeph

      Well done for all of you who put your time, energy and sweat into it. Good on you.

    • Usagi Yojimbo

      We need to keep this up. It’s not over until this person is disbarred.

    • bubbajoebob

      Seeing as statistically there is no way that Filler was her only prosecutorial misconduct, does this open the door for all those other put away on phony rape charges?

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Mmmm, Santa, it’s just what I wanted!

    • Robert St. Estephe

      I’m greedier than you. That’s what I wanted too, but I also wanted a commemorative urinal bearing the Maine Kidnapper’s vile portrait baked into the ceramic.

  • Iron John


    Sorry for the all caps, but I’m thrilled right now!

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      It’s a Justice-gasm! Multiples.

      By the way, what does it say about our system that a blatantly corrupt ADA being suspended is such a cause for celebration? This thug in a LL Bean skirt suit should have been disbarred and jailed long ago. The foxes have been policing the hen house for far too long.

      Since the system won’t police itself, I think Mr Filler, AVFM, SAVE et al have shown that the people can. One down, many, many, many more to go.

      Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

      • Iron John

        In all fairness to the system, maybe it means I need to get out more? LOL!

  • scatmaster

    t’s likely to be awkward for Kellett to continue her work in her office, which Almy says is already shorthanded.

    ten bucks says she carries on like nothing happened.
    The arrogance is strong in this one along with her superior.

    Great news however and I am lifting a CC and coke.
    The drink of choice in these here parts.

    • Paul Elam

      She can’t carry on as though nothing has happened if her license to practice law is suspended. No, no, no. It will NOT be business as usual for Mary Kellett.

      • scatmaster

        Agreed but am I reading it wrong. Her license has not yet been suspended is what I infer. Could be wrong though and if I am right I can just see this arrogant biatch showing up for work tomorrow as if nothing has happened.

        • Paul Elam

          Well, yes, the recommendation now goes to the Supreme Court for another hearing. And I assume she can work until then. But I don’t imagine it will be business as usual now.

          Kellett is in actual, real trouble here. The Supreme Court owes nothing to Carletta Bossano and her crew of cronies. They are out of their realm of influence.

          Filler may even have a new chance to get the court to consider ALL the evidence against her.

          This is a huge win in any way you look at it, and it is going to be eating Kellett’s lunch. Her whole legal future is on the line, and it is not looking good.

          • Augen


            Nothing could be better for this case than to be moved to the state SC where the reputation of the state (if not pristine justice) will carry far sway and local nepotisms count for nothing.

            In fact, the more she fights it at that level, the more limelight she places on herself and the more self-damning. Basically a matter of relishing the juicy delight.

          • JJ

            F-WHUUUUUUUUUUU hehehehehehehehe

          • scatmaster

            Totally agree again Paul. Hope I did not take away your thunder. This is a huge win and you and well I will say it, all of us (including me) who emailed, picked up the phone, attended Bangor, Maine (txs Suz) deserve a round of applause. I apologize if I was out of line.

          • Ray

            “the more she fights it at that level, the more limelight she places on herself and the more self-damning.”

            Yes, expanding on the point Augen is making, isn’t their some point where a criminal like Kellet is supposed to show contriteness for her crime?

            At some point, doesn’t her fighting and denying her obvious crimes begin to work against her, because she is so obviously guilty of the crimes enumerated?

            At some point shouldn’t she be admitting her guilt if she expects any leniency from those sitting in judgment of her?

            If she can’t recognize her own criminal behavior and show remorse for it once it’s “on her record,” then she should never be allowed to practice law again, IMO.

            Mary Kellet should be very publicly ashamed of herself, IMO, since her crimes were so prominently in the public arena.

            In addition to action the Maine Supreme Judicial Court takes: Vladek Filler, his family and friends, the State of Maine, and every U.S. Citizen deserves to hear a very public apology from Mary Kellet.

          • Turbo

            @ Ray

            I meant to say it before but I ran out of time. I think that is a really good point Ray. Let us hope she retains her smugness and sense of invincibility to the end, it may well be what finally does her in.

          • TPH

            Absolutely correct, Kellet’s career and ass are on the line big time. Attorneys who faced off against Kellet are going to have a field day if she gets disbarred and removed from her position by the Supreme Court of Maine. Every single case Kellet tried can and will be put under a microscope.

            I suppose Bassano and her minions are bracing for the shit hurricane headed their way.

    • JJ

      Hell yeah! Time to break out the good rum!


  • djwork

    When you said “cracking open a cold one” I miss read it as “cracking open a cold case” aka looking into other cases Ms Kellett has potentially mis-handled.

    Oh well maybe next time

    • Paul Elam

      We will not be done with Kellett as long as there is any possibility she can practice law. So your “misread” was actually right on target.

      • Ray

        “We will not be done with Kellett as long as there is any possibility she can practice law.”

        Outstanding! Dangerous dogs must be kept on a very short leash – even more so dangerous, gender-feminist-trained (VAWA) prosecutors.

    • Raven01

      At this point we shouldn’t have to.
      Pending the outcome of this final step, if Kellett’s career is swinging from the yardarm you can count on a flock of young lawyers descending on the area for profit and to make a name for themselves, offering to help other wrongly convicted men.
      It rankles a bit that Bassano seems likely to get off one a free pass but is far outweighed by a man getting justice for a change.
      We had a similar case here with one Dr. Charles Smith causing the wrongful imprisonment of several parents, claiming abuse was the cause of various childrens deaths. When the evidence was later reviewed by a qualified physician Dr. Smith’s testimony did not match up with actual facts. Once this was exposed in one case, every other innocent person (and likely a few guilty ones) applied to have their cases reviewed by qualified people and many were released in the aftermath.

      • JJ

        Hahahahahaha, for once, our 750,000 lawyers (70% of the world’s whole batch) could be useful for once. Hahahahhahahaha

  • Roger O Thornhill

    Thank the deity of your choice for that one folks!

    • TPH

      Hail Flying Spaghetti Monster! His meatballs are righteous, his sauce is supreme!

  • Augen


  • rper1959

    Finally a win for justice in a legal system of systemic corruption and anti male bias , may it be the first of many. Congratulation’s to Paul the AVFM team and supporters and all those who lobbied the Maine authorities. Onward and upward.

  • RM1970

    It’s the kind of news that cheers me up, as a lawyer I always appreciate when I see the Justice working well.

  • cvar

    My lack of alcohol to celebrate this is total bullshit. I hope somebody got a few shots to Mr. Filler so that he can celebrate a bit of justice being done.

    • JJ

      I second your choice to “get into the spirit;” preferably not while driving on the way back mind you! LOL

      • Tim Legere

        Agreed. In Southern Ontario the R.I.D.E. (Reduced Impaired Driving Everywhere) and M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) programs are in full effect.

      • Ray

        Okay, I’m breaking down too and having a couple of those liquor filled chocolates I got for Christmas. This is great news.

        • JJ

          Get a bowl (microvawable), fill it with chocolate. Melt said chocolate and mix in coconut rum of your choice.

          Pour into ice trays and freeze. Goes great with rumMMMMMMMMMM!

          I call them “little harpy chocolates.” I think I will make a post in honor of this occasion; and shove it in David Futrelle’s face with my recipe; that giant testiculating wannabe sack of fat boob. I called him and his cat worshippers “little harpy chocolates.”

          I think it fits; cold, bloody (cause of the alcohol which makes men have poor judgement; namely marriage; just kidding baby your awesome hahahaha), and goes back into the glass with rum once again because one good mistake deserves another! That means having a kid!

          The pirate in me says MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

          And yes; I am defintely celbrating Muahahahahahahahahaha

          I’m not as think as you drunk I am!

          So Bloody-Mary Kellet; one lump or two you harpy?

          Two you say???!! I will give you two, and raise you a supreme court hearing in honor of PE! Hahahahahahahahhahahaha

          This sailor is runnin it like Captain Barbossa! heheehehehehe


          • Ray

            Tis the season. Stay safe brother – and happy.

  • Jay

    That’s amazing.

    I hope this happens — the corrupt Maine system that has been described in this case gives me more than the chills.

  • Tim Legere

    Thank you Mr. Filler for standing up to injustice.

    • Augen

      One man standing up for his own justice has been an act of standing up for everyone’s justice … everyone’s: men’s, children’s and, women’s.

      Justice is justice, not power. Kellett was exercising a local fief of tyranny in the name of women by the power of feminism. Her reign of terror was one small step for opacity and one giant leap for tyranny. Women whose lives and livelihoods are protected by justice and whose interests are threatened by tyranny in anyone’s name – that being the majority of women and people everywhere – are lifted up by this.

    • scatmaster

      Yes Tim in our zeal I am ashamed to admit that I sometimes forget about Mr Filler’s contribution.
      Standing O Mr. Filler

    • Turbo

      Indeed, well said Tim, we must remember that without his courage it would not have happened.

  • Codebuster

    Good news, made my day. So does this mean that Mr Filler was able to bring to the table all those issues that his attorney Davis tried to keep out? Were submissions he applied for finally allowed? Hope so.

  • Turbo

    Brilliant news.

    I just had a feeling about this, I do not know why, there just seemed too much wrong in this case for them to slap her on the wrist and move on.

    So now a single judge will determine how long the suspension will be, if any. At least the recommendation is in.

    I must say though, without meaning to put a damper on this, but how in the hell does this

    “failing to make timely disclosure of the existence of evidence, suppressing evidence, trying to mislead a jury, failing to employ reasonable skill and care, engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice and engaging in conduct unworthy of an attorney.”

    not lead to a recommendation of complete disqualification!
    Unbelievable really.

    Anyway, great news and enjoy the “coldie”, I shall share the joy later on with same, well done guys.

    • Laddition

      I share your sense of mystery.

      An ADA guilty of those behaviours should just be gone, surely?

      Best she starts looking forward to duping some sucker into allowing her to be a SAHM. Assuming that she swings that way (IDK or care).

  • Mr. XY

    It should not be overlooked that the panel recommended her suspension despite Bar Counsel only seeking her to be reprimanded.
    That is huge.

    And apparently the revolution will be televised!

  • Cultural_Expat

    Its bad in Maine. Another interloper ada leanne zainer let Amber Cummings walk after she plugged her husband twice in the back of the head while he slept, while their 9 year old daughter was in the house.

    he was essentially the one tried…by the the feminist and incompetent Bangor Daily News. I don’t care what the BDN wrote…he wasnt there to defend himself and Zainer did a feminist flop, took the plea, no testimony, no cross examination, nothing. 8 year suspended sentence for premeditated murder.

    Amber walks away with her dead husbands multimillion dollar trust fund. ill bet money Zainer ends up working for the defense attorney in short time as I dont believe she is ada of that county anymore.

  • Roland3337

    Picked a bad day to give up drinking.

    • scatmaster

      I see what you did there but surely you can’t be serious.

      • cvar

        He is serious and don’t call him Shirley!

        • scatmaster

          You speak Jive sir??

          • Turbo

            Check it, bleed. Bro… was on! Didn’t trip. But the folks was freakin’, man. Hey, and the pilots were laid to the bone, Home. So Blood hammered out and jammed jet ship. Tightened that bad sucker inside the runaway like a mother. Sheeeeeeet.

          • scatmaster

            Captain Cvar, white courtesy phone. Captain Clarence Cvar, white courtesy phone.

          • Turbo

            No, the WHITE phone !!!

          • cvar

            My beats are not phat, fresh or stylin, I’m ashamed to admit. They are not in fact, the shit. Quite the opposite, I’m afraid. I have no hopes of ever getting paid. I’d quit my day job, but my daughter needs me, so I’mma float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

            I haven’t actually seen Airplane!. I just know that quote. Sorry to disappoint Mr Scat.

          • Turbo

            @ Cvar

            Try to make a point of seeing “Airplane” of “Flying High” as it was known in Australia. Very funny, and try to see 1 and 2, the sequel is almost as good as the first.



            Sorry guys, had a celebratory coldie, feeling alright.

  • Raven01
  • Codebuster

    As the news of this victory for Vlad Filler sinks in, let us pause a moment to contemplate the consequences of “suspension”. I take it that what this amounts to is that she can’t get a job in her field of… ahem… “expertise”. For perverting the course of justice. For trashing lives. Am I right, or am I missing something here?

    There are many among us who, maybe as whistleblowers (for doing the RIGHT thing), can’t get jobs. I thought that deliberately perverting the course of justice was serious and imprisonable. Maybe not. Maybe it’s a judicial perk, a freebie that comes with the job.

    Still, getting the system to admit that serious transgressions have occurred is a huge step in the right direction and worth celebrating. But this scam needs to be investigated, along the lines of a government enquiry.

  • mongo

    This is a very big win for men.

    No matter how you look at it, the bar panel is making it clear that Mary Kellett is bad for business and they want to be disassociated from her. They’re cutting her loose.

    Coupled with the full on treatment the feminist brownshirts at the University of Toronto are getting, and I would say this has been the best week a lowest caste male like me has experienced in more than, oh, 50 + years of living in a Western Feminist hell-hole.

    I have never known the sweet taste of justice. I have never been able to look at others delighting in seeing tyrants getting theirs without thinking “they’re delusional – tyranny continues behind the headlines” – but now I get it. I want to see Mary Kellett hung out to dry. I want to see her get a small piece of the misery she trafficked in and daily dished out to others. Even now I don’t really believe that will come to pass – but I can at last entertain the possibility, and that makes me understand the joy I have seen in those who danced when Caecescu was toppled, when Mandela prevailed, when Mubarak was overthrown.

    It doesn’t matter that what follows isn’t perfect. It’s enough that those who feed on imperfection, and get fat on it, no longer have their stranglehold on the future.

    I hope you have a very, very un-Mary Christmas Kellett. Think of it as a small taste of what you have been dealing in coming back.

    • mongo

      Forgot to thank Paul for his part in all this. You are a legend mate.

  • greg

    I’m sure Joe Biden has already sent her a dinner invitation, and arranged employment at the National Hotline For Domestic Violence, or Verizon. Anyone remember their “Monster” video???

    Steve Berkimer, Let’s get together. I’m just computer illiterate, and can’t figure out how to sign in to Forum.

    Dr T, Facebook sent me a “do you know these people” thing, and imagine my surprise(SHOCK), that your name was there, and you have a “friend”, who is my exwife. The False Accusing, Parental Alienating (which as of April 2012, the Illinois Legislative Body, acknowledges, as a “Form of Child Abuse”, destroyer of My Son. Let’s chat as well. greg

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Hi Greg,

      All but 3 or 4 people on my FB friends “network” are actually my real friends and none of them are your ex — either because they’re male or have never been married/still married to their first spouse.

      Everyone else has contacted me via S4M and I wouldn’t know then if I walked past them on the street. I do not use FB with anyone I have an actual meaningful relationship with.

      • scatmaster

        Just something that FB does Tara and greg.
        They cross reference people who knew other people who knew so and so. I would not worry about it. Trust me greg Dr T is a friend (not white knighting). She is one you can trust!!!

      • greg

        I believe I saw your name and picture. Please Forgive me if I’m wrong. Very Important to me…. Dad’s are important.

        • harrywoodape

          Dad’s are important Greg and so are you. There are good people here.

    • TigerMan

      When the term “snake oil salesman” was coined it was for a guy exactly like oleaginous Biden.

  • Andy Man

    Excellent news!

  • Dick Almighty

    When we get done with her, no one will even hire her as an office clerk. 5 years from now you will see Kellett wearing a tacky polyester uniform saying “May I take your order, please.”

  • greg

    And Paul_

    If I can leave a comment here, AVfM has my email address, I would think, obviously, PLEASE, pass it along to Steve Berkimer. There’s Work to be done.

    • Paul Elam

      Will do.

  • Howard Gordan

    Fantastic!! Thank you Paul and AVfM for all that was done. A shout out to Save Services as they worked hard as well.
    The biggest positive to come out of all of this is that we can help make a difference and change things. To all those that also made phone calls, signed petitions and sent letters and emails, this outcome was surely at least in part because of us. There are those that just complain and rant about the state of misandry and those that say we are too small to make any difference. This shows that taking action, no matter how small it might seem, will make a difference. Let’s hope now there will be less complainers and nay-Sayers and more action-takers so that other changes can be made for men and boys everywhere.

    • TigerMan

      SAVE are awesome – any WOT users should get over there and give their page a rating as many pro mens and fathers rights web sites are being downvoted by angry feminists who believe we should not have any rights. :)

  • Mr. XY

  • Kimski

    Congratulations to Dr. Elam and the team on AVfM.

    The winds of change are finally picking up speed, and I look forward to the next red pill blizzard of justice, descending on the ideology of hate.

  • Christian “xXToYeDXx” Chiasson

    Fucking eh Paul! This is great news. For awhile there I was almost certain she was getting away with it. Now we just need to find out how long the suspension is for. But for now, let’s celebrate this victory!

  • Woolybumblebee

    A huge round of applause for all those involved in fighting this injustice. I could not be happier to hear this news. Awesome!

    • scatmaster

      Glad Wooly is keeping an eye on the proceedings.
      She is one of us.

  • Roger O Thornhill

    It doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum these Harpies perch, we can knock them off!

  • Suz
  • Cumbria

    Well it’s about time! She ought to be in PRISON!!

    What a day here today. I’m going to sleep good tonight.

    Thank you for all your hard work, AVfM! The cracks are starting to show.

  • Aimee McGee

    Smiles from this side of the pond :)

  • Obaoill

    If their is a higher power thank you, Filler truly is worthy of this, he has had a long long battle that was totally unnecessary.

  • andybob

    Man-hating feminists everywhere can smell salt – that’ll be a sea change, ladies. Mary Kellett’s professional demise signals the beginning of the end of their hegemony.

    Well done to everyone who agitated to F her SU so successfully. This is brilliant news.

    • Roger O Thornhill


      Are you sure it’s not the stench of their own fetid urine?

    • Laddition

      Hopefully she’ll roll over on her enablers – her bosses – who allowed her to do this. I don’t see why she has to do the time on her own. but no deals for her, she should do the full time for the crimes.

  • Jim Muldoon

    This is tremendous news. To have got this far, regardless of the eventual outcome, is a great success.

    Well done to all involved.

  • harrywoodape

    It is good news for justice and I am happy to hear this. The story of Vladek Filler has a couple bright spots.

  • Introspectre

    Wha….., you mean it might still be possible to achieve some semblance of justice in the west? REALLY?

    Damn good to hear actually! Kellet’s ability to practice law, need’s to be diminished to near non-existence though, to ensure that she can’t engage in her railroad men for profit, schemes, anymore.

  • Tawil

    This is just wonderful – to see justice. Whatever the Supreme Judicial Court does we can say that Justitia played a hand in the verdict of the Bar Panel.

    Thanks for relaying the good news, Paul.

  • Primal

    Bingo. Let’s hope she goes down for good. Be nice to see her cool her heels in prison too.

  • Roger O Thornhill

    Time to Woman Up!

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      I say, time to Feminist Up.

  • Ambiorix

    Cheers! Proost! Sláinte!
    These days it feels like the 100th monkey effect is really kicking in for the MRM.

  • Roderick1268

    Very excited and utterly delighted,
    This has made my day!
    Our meeting is today and we will be cheering you all involved, and cheering all your hard work.
    Respectful UK.

  • MenDiscontinued

    So, is she going to get a slap on the wrist or worse?

  • oldfart

    To be honest I am surprised the Bar had the integrity to make the ruling.
    Wonder who (and how) changed the consensus from ‘disbarred’ to ‘reprimanded?’
    I think it was the media exposure brought to bear that held them accountable.
    Perhaps a round of contacting major media outlets in major cities in Maine to throw light upon the upcoming Supreme Court hearing would be in order,so THEY know the People are watching.

    Funny how the little guy gets a ‘trial’ whilst the big guy gets the ‘hearing.’
    Props to SAVE services,the folks here who made the contacts,Mr.Filler himself,the Maine newspapers who did cover the story,however PC they may have been.
    Props to the Maine Bar,by golly.
    Good point Paul,that the local cronies will not longer be able to suppress evidence.
    They may be able to try to punish Mr.Filler further,but that would be a mistake upon their part.
    Perhaps set up a legal fund for Mr.Filler to go on the attack,and just keep attacking like they’ve done for him!
    That is what I would like to see,lawsuits against all the conspiring parties involved until justice is done,whatever the cost may be.

    For the DA and the defense to conspire to suppress evidence is unconscionable.
    Sue them,and others.Then sue some more.Then keep suing.
    He’s come this far,and they never cut him any slack,he could very well be inclined to return the favor.It would be nice to fund that for him if he’s so inclined.

    • Ray

      “To be honest I am surprised the Bar had the integrity to make the ruling.”

      Maybe they weren’t looking forward to seeing a bunch of bumper stickers all over the NorthEast and beyond, VISIT MAINE – WHEN HELL IS FULL :-(

  • TigerMan

    I am delighted for Vladek, his children and for those others who may have or would suffer at her hands. I hope this case brings about a closer investigation into all those who rubber stamped her appalling conduct and helped to perpetuate her errors. Clearly she isn’t the only rotten apple in the barrel.
    Cheers to Paul and all @ AVFM as it may well have played a role in ensuring that justice was done and not swept under any carpets. :)

  • malcolm

    Incredible news, persistence has paid off, and she will hopefully never have the opportunity to screw over anyone else.

  • UKMan

    Do you think David Futrelle will be “reaching out to her” for being ‘doxxed’, or is Kellet not cute enough?

  • michael steane

    Hopefully, suspension will just be the start of it. Perverting justice is a crime and should be dealt with by criminal charges, not just an in-house hearing.