Historic MHRA rally in Toronto huge success

At 11am today (28 Sept 2013) in Toronto’s Queen’s Park, for the first time, men’s human rights activists (MHRAs) gathered together as men’s human rights activists from A Voice for Men and other organizations to show their support for men and boys and to raise awareness of the crisis so many of them are facing today..

The rally followed a presentation given by Dr. Miles Groth at the University of Toronto the night before, where counter-protesters from the U of T Student Union were expected but failed to materialize. During previous events hosted by CAFE, there were strong showings of disruptive and sometimes violent protesters who pulled fire alarms and wielded ax handles and bull horns.  CAFE was fined by the U of T administration for police security just days before the event.

The number of MHRAs at the rally numbered just around one hundred and fifty people, mostly men in their mid 30s.  There was a counter-protest numbering around twenty-five people – again, mostly male, calling themselves “Bash Back” who heckled the MHRAs with charges of homophobia and misogyny. There were about 20 Toronto Police officers who, early on, separated the two groups in order to prevent an altercation and allow the MHRAs to conduct their rally.

“The police acted admirably and discharged their duties professionally,” said Paul Elam, who was a keynote speaker at the rally.

Attila Vinczer was the opening speaker, with Paul Elam following. Dean Esmay, Karen Straughan, Tom Golden, Suzanne McCarley and others spoke to the crowd, which convened for over two hours.

For most attending, it was the first time they had met in person since getting involved in activism.  The centerpiece of the event was a pre-recorded speech given by Warren Farrell in which he outlined his history with feminism and his eventual development as an MHRA.

“This was one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life,” said Elam. “Meeting all of these people and talking to a crowd that was five times bigger than the opposition was a remarkable event.”

Press from Vice Magazine and the Ryerson Student Union were present and interviewed several principal staff from A Voice for Men (AVfM) including Elam and Straughan.  AVfM Radio broadcast live coverage of the event with James Huff, Robert O’Hara, Erin Pizzey and Mike Buchanan providing commentary.

“This is the first time I can remember men’s rights activists gathering together and protesting,” said Pizzey, a forty-year veteran of men’s human rights advocacy.

More details of the event are forthcoming. AVFM thanks all those who attended the event and all our supporters around the world who made this day possible.

About Robert O'Hara

Bob O'Hara is the U.S. News Director for A Voice for Men. He is a men's rights activist living in the Washington, D. C. area who has done work with S.A.V.E. and is the host of a weekly radio show with news and analysis on men's and boys' issues.

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  • James Williams

    Daughters ashamed of those of us who are MHRAs? I am very confident that my daughter is not ashamed of me and in fact I know that she is proud of my stance.

    • Karen Straughan (aka GirlWritesWhat)

      Yeah, that one bothered me a lot. My daughter, for her Theory of Knowledge requirement for IB (essentially a course on critical thinking) did one of her bigger oral presentations on violence against men–how it is ignored or laughed at, especially when the person committing the violence is a woman. She chose the topic without any input from me, other than being interested enough in what I do to have watched the ABC “What Would You Do?” segment on how people respond to a woman assaulting a man.

      I know she’s proud of me, just as I’m very proud of her. Incidentally, she got a grade of 95% in that course, and her presentation was one of her highest-graded assignments.

      As for the other accusations, racist? Our rally was not all white, and the audience at Dr. Groth’s talk was fairly diverse. Certainly, many of the people who insisted on shaking my hand (or getting a hug) and thanking me for speaking up, were not white. How racist is it for the protesters to erase those people? To treat them as if they don’t exist? To do so, even as they were able to see with their own eyes the presences of non-whites at our rally?

      Sexist? Thanks for erasing me, Suze, and the other women present at the event and the rally. Anti-gay? Again, as a non-straight, I’m kind of stymied by the juxtaposition between how many people at the event and rally wanted to thank me personally, all while the protesters were forced to pretend I (and anyone in the movement who is non-white, non-male, non-straight, non-cis) don’t exist.

      Adam McPhee, who interviewed me for a Sunday Tea with CAFE, works within the LGBT community as a social worker, coordinating services, housing and resources for LGBT people struggling with AIDS, discrimination, depression and other problems. But he’s “anti-gay”? Seriously?

      Where are these people getting their information? From VICE? Oh wait, according to the minutes of their strategy meeting, they’re getting it from Manboobz. Never mind.

      • Francis Roy

        > Adam McPhee, who interviewed me for a Sunday Tea with CAFE,
        > works within the LGBT community as a social worker, coordinating services,
        > housing and resources for LGBT people struggling with AIDS, discrimination,
        > depression and other problems. But he’s “anti-gay”? Seriously?

        My response: To you Toronto folk, if you know where these people hang out, please deliver this message to them.

      • prince_tybalt

        It’s essentially a tunnel-vision of hatred. Focusing on the people you hate and ignoring those present who are participating and embody that which you claim THEY hate.

      • Mark Trueblood

        George Orwell described language that comes “from the throat” and the “sexist, racist, anti-gay” labels are examples of that. They are thought-terminating cliches that non-thinking people of a politically Left persuasion throw out at their perceived foes. On the Right, similar labels are “communist, america-hater, socialist, etc”

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    It’s an amazing day!

    Kudos to everyone involved in making today happen. I am so very proud of AVFM and admire all who took part in this historic event in person and from the sidelines.

    Well done.

  • Iconoclast Dynamite

    Fantastic news! Here’s hoping similar rallies will soon be organized in America.

    • Bewildered

      Very badly needed !

  • Kimski

    A good day to be an MRA.

    “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.”
    – Winston Churchill.

    • Laddition

      cool quote, nice one

  • James Williams

    Listening to the AVFM blog talk radio show covering the rally – well done guys for everything. I was glued to it. It was as good as any cliffhanger sports game I have ever listened to. James Huff, Erin, Robert and Mike I salute you for putting this on and making it work. It is a historic occasion. Feminists suck!

  • Mike Buchanan

    Well done to all in Toronto, to Erin – on great form despite her recent stroke – and to James Huff, Robert O’Hara, and others. Looking forward to the video footage – I’m sure it will be amazing. It was a privilege to appear in the same episode.

    One day 100,000 men will claim they were at the Toronto rally today haha.

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)

    • Kimski

      You made an excellent contribution yourself, Mike.
      We really need to start banging that male income tax percentage drum more incessantly.
      It’s a damned good point, considering where the majority of state fundings go.

      • Mike Buchanan

        Thanks Kimski. For anyone who’s not familiar with the gender-related income tax issue, here’s a link to my AVfM article on the matter:

        In the UK men collectively pay 72% of the income taxes which largely finance the state which disadvantages them. Women collectively pay just 28%… and in return the state advantages them. I’d love to know the comparable figures for the US. I doubt it will be hugely different.

        In the UK four out of seven unemployed people are men, and two-thirds of public sector workers are women, yet the Equality Act (2010) allows public sector organisations to preference women over men when hiring and promoting. Patriarchy my ass / arse! (I felt the need to be bilingual there).

        Mike Buchanan

        • theoutside

          Very interesting points. Highly significant, and great counters to the “wage gap” rubbish, among other things.

          • Kimski

            Include this little gem in a wage gap discussion, and the next counter from the opponent will be..


        • Fish Enigma

          Enslavement, execution and world domination is the ultimate agenda. Take away the weapons oppress imprison and emasculate the male population and what’s left? I am woman, hear me roar?? (meow…)

          I have never been to one of these events. Just stood about ten feet in front of the Bash back crowd absorbing the moment with a blank stare, Most of these people were rabid and refused to make eye contact, but were yelling at the top of their lungs while using bullhorns as if trying to scare cattle… I was in awe directly experiencing the fine art of social engineering. After about five minutes of listening to these people the security asked me to move away from them and to move my truck off the property (so I parked on the street). Anyways, listening to the opposition, made me take a look at myself to wonder, how much more deprogramming I need to do on myself… If I want to be a part of the MRA. I surly don’t want to be like those people…

          It was absolutely amazing. Did the Bash back people really believe what they were saying? They were Demented!! It was sad, because they all looked like they took showers… After witnessing this, I feel it is my duty to attend rallies and offer monetary support whenever possible to the “Back bone” of the MRA. Because if this is any reflection of the feminist movement that’s backed by the Government, we are in deep shit if we don’t. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised and would bet money that there are people that wield allot of power in politics that have the exact mindset these Bash back types have towards the MRM. Wanna bet?

          Thus, I worry (neurotic introvert) that when you start throwing a wrench in the in the political machine of the global interest, they will come after you in very insanely intelligent ways. And as you can see, feminism’s destruction is on a global scale. Obviously it’s a MAJOR tool; I worry for the safety of the leaders of our MRM. I wonder how we can keep them safe.

          • Fish Enigma

            And far as the 900 bucks and some change goes, I personally think we should let that slide for the sake of politics, However never again…

  • Jonathan Taylor (TCM)

    Awesome :)

    Now go donate folks (if you haven’t already):

  • externalangst

    The 25 odd counter protester’s heckling of homophobia and misogyny demonstrates the false and deluded nature of their indoctrinated minds. The counter protesters were counter productive.

    Apart from the (not so) secret meeting to attempt to defame and derail the MHRM, where were the counter protester’s illustrious leaders. You know the ones – Jeff Perera, Steph Guthrie, Ashleigh Ingle and Michael Laxer. All did a no show and presumably, were hiding under their beds.

    They did manage to sent their duped minions. Their (not so) secret meeting was full of lies about MHRAs. To paraphrase a quote:

    ‘When a group’s rhetoric is dishonest, their time is coming to an end.’

    Perhaps their lying leaders could see the writing on the wall. Perhaps not.

    • Laddition

      I love that the empowered, strong blah-blah-blah women didn’t have the guts to turn out, but they sent their deluded minion men to do it for them…priceless. Even better, some of those guys might have got the message about men’s rights applying to them too, perhaps they’ll not bother coming next time, or even better, attend the meeting constructively.

  • LionsGate

    Fuck Yes! Wish I could have been there.

  • JJ


    The fact that the other side has barely said a peep of this, and those who lied about us were a no show tells us the material our opponents spines are made of, yellow jello.

    They are nothing without government support, and a media who quietly attack us on their behalf. I can’t wait to make it to the next event.

    • John Narayan

      “They are nothing without government support”

      Yep, and the sooner men stop supporting government, ie use cash and bata, the sooner we can defeat feminism. Peer to Peer trading should be the MHRA economic model.

      Femini$m…..YOUR taxe$ at work.

      • Jay

        That would be an interesting plan Karma, however I just cannot see it being logistically possible within the short term unfortunately.

        • John Narayan

          The short term? We don’t do the short term in the MHRA. :) This should be a change for life.
          Think an MHRA/MGTOW fiscal underground railroad.

          Jay is a painter and his fellow MHRA John (Karma) is an electrician, John’s house needs painting and Jay has just brought an old house that needs its switchboard and wiring replaced as the current wiring was installed in 1958 and is unsafe. Jay paints John’s house with John as the trade assistant, a few weeks later John and Jay rewire Jays new house with Jay as the trade assist, John signs off Jay’s house for electrical safety as he would with any Job.

          Jay also owes John a slab of beer (cash only sale) for no other reason that I am the keyboard. Yay!

        • John Narayan

          Stores? Cash? Sure you can’t avoid the banking/government system for everything but one can have fun trying.

          Femini$m…..YOUR taxe$ at work.

          • crydiego

            “Femini$m…..YOUR taxe$ at work”


          • Meanderthal


  • OzzieMatt

    Historic and courageous.
    The men’s movement is growing.
    If the Feminist movement hadn’t taken its current route of fighting for equal rights by trying to destroy, demonize and hate boys and men, a Men’s Rights movement wouldn’t be necessary.
    Unfortunately, it is.
    You are carrying a beacon of hope.
    The dialogue on gender politics is changing. But we can’t let up.
    Your efforts gives us all hope that the hate campaign against boys and men will one day stop, and those who continue to lie and deceive will be exposed and those in power and the wider community will actually think about the real consequences of just accepting blindly what feminists say and demand.

  • GQuan

    Well done and a very deep thank you to everyone involved. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and admired.

    This year has indeed shaped up to be the year in which the tide has begun to turn.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Wish I had been there. It looks like the anti-human rights folks (hate-filled rioters and all) whose utopianist cult believes men (heterosexual men, that is, they tell us) are not deserving of equal human rights are what made this wonderful event come together. Their rioting shocked many people into recognizing how creepy the social engineering “gender” cult really is. CAFE is doing brilliantly. And they must demand that the extorted funds be returned to them. Yessir. Wish I had been there.

    • theoutside

      “And they must demand that the extorted funds be returned to them.”

      Good point. Yes, they should do that. Maybe a suit of some kind?

    • Fish Enigma

      Personally, I think they should let this one slide for the sake of politics, however never again…

  • Shrek6

    Congratulations, well done and thank you very much, to all who organised the event, to those who gave up their time and money to give a talk, and especially to all those wonderful supporters who gave up their time and money to attend and support this event. I am so proud of all of you for turning this into a very successful event, made even more successful with the looney fringe dwelling dropkicks out front screaming their usual hate and poison against good men (and women).

    These clowns (feminists) only serve to prove our point and they are the ones who cement the logic in our argument. I sincerely hope they continue to turn up to every event screaming their hatred and violence, because this will only serve to expedite a speedy change in the social construct that has been in place now for the past 50 years.

    I take my hat off to all of you!

  • Phil in Utah

    I’ve heard of Bash Back. They’re a violent, anarchistic LGBT group. They and ACT UP! were behind the defilement of St. Patrick’s cathedral in New York City, an event in which Eucharist wafers were intentionally dumped on the church floor–a highly offensive gesture in Catholicism. They’re “officially” disbanded, though, so I’d say they’re not worth our time.

    • Shrek6

      Being a practicing ‘orthodox’ Catholic as I am Phil, I can say that I sit here with visions of horror at what you describe. For those who believe, those Eucharistic wafers, are the Blessed Sacrament, which is indeed The Lord’s Body. For those who do not believe, they are just discs of bread and nothing more.

      Those evil people knew exactly what they were doing and why. And they should be resoundly condemned for it and never supported by this organisation.

      I make the above statement, because I believe AVfM should never support any radical organisation.
      There are radical homosexual, feminist, religious, political and men’s rights organisations that would destroy our reputation and cred if we ever supported them. We must remain apart from them and never allow them to distract us in any way at all.

      AVfM supports ‘MEN'(and boys) in all areas of society, regardless of their sexual, religious or political persuasion. Moving from this position, will then see AVfM lose its ‘Human Rights’ tag that it now so proudly ‘AND RIGHTLY’ attaches to its cause.

      Purity in truth, will see us prevail. Anything less, is an insult and let down to our brothers out there who have no voice and whom are suffering under this terrible burden inflicted upon them by feminists and the pseudo men who enable and support them!

      • John Narayan

        Yep our independence is our main strength, our foundation. I would prefer to do this from a tent then have a corporate and/or government fish hook up my arse (ass)!

    • theoutside

      Probably Soros-funded useful idiot, along the lines of the Ukraine-based FEMEN.

  • Astrokid

    via twitter..
    Plenty of photos of the rally, the protesters, and even some video here, by a citizen journalist

  • DavidicLineage

    Proud as hell of the movement and all you guys. I’ll make it out there some day!

  • Victor Zen

    I am proud of each and every one of you!!

    I SO wish I was there.

    But you know what? Wishing is fucking useless. I WILL be at the next rally if I have anything to say about it.

  • Roland3337

    As someone that was at both events, I think I can say the best part was finally meeting so many of the people that I’ve known about for so long. Some of them for years. Up to those moments, they’d just been voices in my head. Now they’re (I hope) new friends.

    The only disappointment was the lack of feminist antics at the lecture. I was really hoping to see that, much the same way that people hope to see the monkeys up and around and playing when they go to the zoo, rather than sleeping in their little monkey houses.

    But there were some loudmouths at the rally, and that was a bit of excitement. On one hand, it was pretty amusing, but on the other, it was a bit frightening to be so close to such ignorance, hate, and evil.

  • onca747

    What a fantastic turnout, congrats to all the people who took part in this momentous rally. You are an inspiration to us all. I’m most pleased that there was a minimum of trouble this time round.

    Now why do I get the feeling the student union told the feminazi crowd to pull their heads in this time, coz they are only making themselves and the bigoted SU look bad. But I’m glad this Bash Back turned up, they sound like a great mouthpiece for the radfems.

  • ringo-boby

    Well done to everyone involved. I’m in Australia so I couldn’t go, but I truly wish I could have been there. To the people who organized it and went along, thank you from all Australian MHRAs. You guys rock!!

  • Bill Paxton

    I am glad I spent the money and took the time to get my butt down there for the rally. It’s one thing to upvote YouTube videos and like comments or support from afar, but from what I saw, I definitely got the impression that what they really needed the most, was for people to step up publicly and let themselves be seen and heard. I know everyone is proud of the turnout, but to me it still seemed like a rather modestly sized crowd, and it really put things in perspective for me to see just how much they needed people like me to physically be there.

    I was a little nervous since I’m relatively new to this whole movement, have never done anything really ‘activist’ related before, and was a little worried about future harassment, but I figured, if worst comes to worst, at least I can say I stood up for what I believed in.

    Having gone through the experience now, I feel more inclined to do it again, since it made me feel like I actually made a difference, much different then just casually agreeing with the cause or donating money. The next time I decide to support a group like this I will probably try to do it in an active way (I guess that’s why they call it activism), I feel like I learned a very important life lesson today.

    • theoutside

      Good points.

      The fact that more people are willing to go public using their actual identities is very important. And likewise the obvious intellectual respectability of the various speakers (well-known professors of psychology and philosophy). The MHRM can no longer be seen as a “hate group” staffed by “angry, confused” “white males” who have “failed to adjust” to the Feminist State.

      Kimmell is probably very worried. I wonder what his response will be.

      • Fredrik

        If we’re lucky, it will involve a twitbeef of lolpics. (Like Jimmy’s thing with Kanye.)

    • onca747

      Congratulations Mr Paxton, you successfully made the transition from slactivism to activism 😉

  • John Narayan

    I will see if I can turn up next year, I will bring some sammish.

  • Roland3337

    I have some uploaded footage from the rally:

    The moment was when the opposition appeared.

    • Iron John

      Thank you for this video. I noticed another moment which coincided with the appearance of the opposition. And that was the moment I’ve been waiting years for. It was the moment that the shaming language finally fell flat. That all the false accusations didn’t work any more and casual observer could easily tell who the bigot’s really are. For all those who made this happen, you have my deepest admiration. You have taken the only real weapon our enemies have and used it against them. Well done.

      • Iron John

        I forgot to add that IMO those who use shaming language have officially become a caricature of themselves.

    • Riku

      Hmm, little numbers of MRA. Imagined it to be bigger. Numbers are very important in a protest. Would you say you had a huge impact?

      But A Voice for Men climbing the global website ranking ladder at rapid speed is positive, so what went wrong? Perhaps I only saw a fraction of the attendees. I sincerely hope you got numbers and it went well!
      I guess the number of attendees will grow exponentially too as awareness is raised.


      • Tom Golden

        Riku – You are right that we need bigger numbers. However, we had a fairly good turnout for the rally. I never counted up those who were there but I would guess it was at least 75 and maybe more near 100. You can check out the picture in this photo album near the end to see from behind the counter-protestors and up towards our event. It shows the relative size of both groups. Notice that there are only about 15 of the counter protestors and likely 75 or more of us. It was a great start and a great group of men and women! I loved the way when the feminists would scream into their bullhorn and call us “assholes” that people in our group just smiled or chuckled. No one got upset and the show went on without a glitch so the counter protest failed to disturb or distract.

      • Fish Enigma

        Just as the first flight of the Wright Brothers Kitty hawk flew only a few feet, it was a major step witnessed by the world…The same will be for the MRM which will take to the skies in a similar procession..

        • Iron John

          Indeed. I think this past weekend has shown us all that we *can* fly, in a manner of speaking. Next stop is the sound barrier, then the moon! Maybe just as fast? Maybe faster? Whatever the timeline turns about to be, the knowledge and exhilaration of flight will become part of our world from now on and it will free us to travel to places we only dreamed of before.

  • Bewildered

    ” Congratulations and jubilations I want the world to know I’m happy as can be “

  • Unregistard

    Once again AVFM pushes forward and takes a world first. Congratulations to the MRAs who made this happen. I hope there was a party afterwards because it sounded like it was a lot of fun.

    This truly is a historic moment. For about seven years now I have watched the MRM wake up, open it’s eyes and find it’s voice(s). Awesome MRAs in England, Australia and Canada have found their shoes and taken the first step.

    Where are the nay-sayers, the tone-police poo-pooers, and the keyboard warriors? Sitting in the same spots, making the same noises they were they were the last time MRAs got out there and did something.

    It’s time for others to find their shoes.

    Once again, congratulations MRAs.

  • Andy Bob

    Congratulations to all who organized and attended both the lecture and the rally. As the minutes of the recent U of T strategy meeting revealed, feminists are flummoxed by how to effectively respond to the MHRM and its inconvenient refusal to retreat. Their go-to tactic of violence and intimidation has been a PR nightmare for them.

    What are their other options? Obviously, participating in an honest dialogue about our concerns is out of the question because that would reveal their ideology as the hate-mongering morass of lies that it is. So, they’ve decided to go back to plan A: ignoring us in the infantile hope that pretending that we don’t exist will make us disappear.

    This weekend’s events have proven that the MHRM doesn’t need to debate, promote or negotiate any of its issues with feminists. We neither seek nor need their understanding, compassion, approval or permission to fight for the rights and welfare of men and boys. Feminists can show up and reveal themselves for what they are, or stay at home and sulk. Either way, it simply doesn’t matter, because the indisputable fact is that our issues stand on their own merits. Whether or not feminists comprehend this, is irrelevant.

    Karen Straughan has already highlighted the absurdity of Bash Back hurling accusations of homophobia at organizations, like AVfM, that are passionately supported by gay and bisexual people like ourselves. Bash Back’s sad little canon-fodder parade only succeeded in proving that, unlike them, whatever entity wields the idiot stick does not discriminate. Men’s rights are human rights – only morally and ethically-challenged bigots could possibly disagree.

    • rayc2

      “As the minutes of the recent U of T strategy meeting revealed, feminists are flummoxed by how to effectively respond to the MHRM…..” ~ Andy Bob

      Yes, it must be difficult for them since we aren’t trying to ‘roll back’ anything; we are simply trying to get the same rights, equal treatment under the law, and the same cultural standards to apply to us that apply to them and that they consider so important for themselves.

      We aren’t trying to take away their reproductive rights….we are simply asking for equivalent rights for ourselves.

      We agree with them that civil marriage is, and always has been, oppressive…no fault divorce is only a half measure…let’s end the civil marriage institution completely and replace it with individually tailored domestic union agreements between equals.. and let’s be all inclusive as to who can enter into these types of agreements.

      We agree with them that human beings should be free autonomous individuals and, among other things, should not have other people’s moral standards imposed on their sexuality. This should apply to men as well.

      If I was in their position, I think that at this point I would probably try to create a diversion to distract and weaken the MHRM ….something along the lines of creating a new movement with a stated goal of addressing these inequalities. I would probably call it something like ‘the gender equality movement’ and I would throw men a crumb once in a while to make them think they are making real progress. Instead of robust equivalent reproductive rights, for example, I might allow that there is, in fact, a certain injustice in having laws that force men to pay child support for children that aren’t even theirs (DUH!). Then men would see how fair and just feminists are and, upon feeling that the world was once again a safe and happy place for them, could go back into the basement and play video games.

      Meanwhile, the Feminist Coven Masters (TM), can continue to work covertly behind the scenes to transform their hate into the creation and maintenance of laws, policies, and cultural influences that keep men in their rightful place as disposable tools and fools.

  • jesus_marley

    I logged in today to see how the rally had gone. I’ll admit that at first I found myself a little disappointed that the opposition was so minimal and ineffective. Then I realized what that truly meant. It meant that a group of likeminded individuals were able to come together, largely free of meaningful harassment, under a common cause. I then realized that what happened yesterday, was infinitely more positive than anything we could have hoped for. I am much happier now, knowing that the rally was a success. While protest drama would have certainly been more visible, I’m sorry I missed the positive energy that flowed forth from all of the people, men and women of all flavours who attended. Men’s rights are human rights indeed, and this is another big step down a long road towards that goal. Congratulations to everyone. Good job.

  • Tman

    There a part of this that Paul needs to correct.

    He wrote:
    “There was a counter-protest numbering around twenty-five people – again, mostly male, calling themselves “Bash Back” who heckled the MHRAs with charges of homophobia and misogyny.”

    He should have wrote:
    There was a counter-protest numbering around twenty-five people – again, mostly male, calling themselves “Bash Back” who showed up to blindly protest against their own human rights”

    Well done to all on a stella day. About a year ago I remember some MHRA on AVFM radio speculating what things will be like when the movement one day will take to the streets to protest. Now we know, because that day has finally come.

    • Stu

      Notice that the protesting groups at each event have a large contingent of men. I wonder what they will do when the men wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Bewildered

        They won’t wake up. They are the walking dead !

      • sadman365

        It’s more like a large contingent of MANGINAS and white knight wannabes. Brainwashed manginas and pussy beggars is what they really are.

      • Tom Golden

        Yes, the majority of the counter-protestors were men and almost every screeching voice from their bullhorns was male. I don’t remember hearing any woman yelling though sometimes I would just turn them off mentally so there may have been a screeching woman. There were women in their group but they let the men do the screaming. Maybe someone else who was there can comment. How sexist to let the men take a leadership role. Marginalizing women don’t you think? lol

  • Attila L. Vinczer


    It gives me a great deal of pleasure to inform you that “Men and Boys in Crisis” rally in Toronto at Queen’s Park was a complete success.

    Saturday, September 28, 2013 will be remembered in history as one of the most important turning points for Men and Boys in Crisis. I want to thank all those who attended and those who delivered speeches as a means to tell the world that Men and Boys are in Crisis. People came from as far as Edmonton, California, Texas, Georgia and many other distant places. The comradery and essence of compassion and care towards men and boys could be deeply felt within our group of men and women.

    Our numbers was over 100, assembled peacefully while, our adversaries of about 20, made a feeble and equally futile attempt to disrupt our event by repeatedly cursing, being belligerent and even disgracefully climbing atop the war memorial at Queen’s Park. Totally disrespecting the souls of those soldiers who died and fought to enable all of us our freedom to speak that day. These thug like fools demonstrated their destructive childish behavior void of anything constructive.

    I will be issuing an official press release as well as writing a comprehensive article about this auspicious event. Discussions have begun to plan for the next rally. We have a lot of work ahead of us, before we can say that Men and Boys are no longer in Crisis.

    Our Rally Event Page, Men and Boys in Crisis, continues to be under attack and bashed.

  • crydiego

    The rally was perfect, thank you all! The fact that feminist stayed away is very telling and that “Bash Back” somehow thinks we are their enemy is also a win. The city of Toronto administration has approved this rally; the police have seen one of our rallies; and the label of, Hate Group, has been proven false once again. This little rally is a win on so many levels!
    The most important win was the inaction of feminist groups! The important question for us to consider is why they chose to ignore this rally. It was held by their opposition, -on their turf and yet they didn’t even make a small showing.
    I think the answer has two parts. First is the, “Fight or Flee instinct” can cause inaction when someone is not sure. The second and this is all important, -the feminist leaders are threatened for the first time.
    It is time to ignore the lemmings and speak only to those people who hold themselves up as leaders in Toronto feminism. We have gone up one step in the feminist hierarchy and these people have something to lose; that’s what brought on the Fight or Flee!

    • Mark Trueblood

      I don’t think they’re conceding anything. I think they’ll just rely on their power centers within the media, the government, and academia to do their dirty.

      • crydiego

        That’s a very good point and you could add that we don’t get coverage, so our protest would be silent. However, for all counter protests from them to stop like this means there is direction from the people who speak for feminism in Toronto; one step up from who we have been dealing with.
        I believe this is far more of a personal matter than strategic for these leaders of feminism in Toronto. If it escalates, -it goes higher and forces them to the front, and yet, if they back up they concede ground and look foolish. They have chosen to ignore us and that is Fight or Flee! It means that some people, with something to lose, are nervous.
        We need to elevate our questions to them. I personally think the debate challenge by Men’s Rights Edmonton is a great strategy. Call the weasels to come out of their holes!
        They are afraid to fight, so they may run or they may concede. Call them out!

  • donzaloog

    I’m so glad to hear everything went smoothly. This year was promised to be a banner one for the MRHM and it certainly has been.

  • Turbo

    Congratulations to everybody concerned, sounds like it was a great success.

  • Paul Elam

    Thank you all for the great comments, coverage and support for the rally. I will be taking a day or two off then coming back with a couple of articles on this historic event.

    • Riku

      Skip work, post right now!
      Can’t wait 😀
      Video footage too?

  • Tom Golden

    For anyone interested I have put up some photos of the event with a couple of short videos here:

    It was a great time.

  • crydiego

    For all those who were at the rally and particularly the members and supporters of AVfM, Thank you so much for what you have done; A dress rehearsal for things to come. Thank you for your effort, thank you for following through and thank you for being the first.

    The important thing is for us to stay together at this time when we have moved to a new level and things are unsure. The rally was the right size, in the right place, at the right time.

  • sadman365

    I hope we have something like this here in Vancouver.

    I dream of not 100, 1000 or 10000 but a million man march for men’s and boys’ rights.

    • crydiego

      Yes Vancouver or the den of the beast, Seattle!

  • JinnBottle

    CONGRATULATIONS ALL who participated, either at the Event itself, or as sponsors, audio engineers, etc, etc. I’m gratified not only that a *major amplification* of a voice for boys & men got out there Saturday; but that the Staff & contributors to AVfM received a reward of acknowledgement and morale-boost for dedicating their time, their energies, their money – their lives – to this cause. Thanks especially to Paul. You all deserve it – just as men & boys worldwide deserve YOU.

  • choozred

    I was at this event, and found myself completely baffled by the hypocrisy coming out of the feminist group that showed up to yell at the people in attendance. They attacked the MHRM people for being racist, sexist, homophobic and fascist. This made no sense at all, since the men’s human rights movement mainly deals with issues regarding gender inequality, not race or sexual identity (and the whole ‘nazi’ thing was insane, especially coming from people with soviet hammer and sickles on their shirts. Do they understand how fascist those people were?) Apparently they think they’re being discriminated against by the MHRM, based on their race, sexual identity and gender. They then proceed to attack the people at the rally based on their race (white), sexual identity (hetero), and gender (male)! Have they no shame at all? Not to mention they’re yelling this garbage right at people they can clearly see aren’t white (myself included) and aren’t male! And what about the people who spoke on behalf of transgender men, and those in attendance who weren’t straight? This was my first time attending a rally like this, and I was disgusted by the bigotry coming from people who claim to be solving all the problems of the world. From what I saw and heard, you are the problem.