Girl Writes What on the Mary Kellett Hearing

As you all know the Mary Kellett hearing has been set for the early morning of July 15th, monday of next week in Portland Maine. It’s expected she’s offering a plea to avoid a lengthy trial that might bring to light uncomfortable truths about the justice system in Maine.

Maine’s Bar referred Kellett to the State Supreme Court after the Bar found her guilty of 9 counts of prosecutorial misconduct and conduct unbecoming an attorney. The original complaint that compelled the Bar to make this ruling against Kellett was her 2009 prosecution of Vladek Filler, during which Kellett withheld and concealed evidence in order to obtain a conviction. You can find more information about the Filler case here, here and here. [Need more? Do a search at A Voice For Men on Mary Kellett or Vladek Filler. Don’t bother with the MSM, they aren’t interested.]

The Violence Against Women Act contains grants to encourage mandatory arrest and prosecution policies, increased convictions, and harsher sentencing in cases where men are accused of violence against women. As a result, federal dollars are being made at the county level by railroading men with false allegations and this kind of prosecutorial misconduct.

When the law contains incentives to increase pursuit of these cases, with no safeguards to discourage malicious prosecution, corruption and tyranny is the inevitable result.

Malicious prosecution is destroying our freedom (actually mostly men’s freedoms) and we’re footing the bill for it.

But I’ve said enough, Take it away, Girl Write’s What!

Editor’s update: you can find info on where the hearing is right here: Hearing schedule.

About Alison Tieman (Typhonblue)

Alison Tieman (aka Typhonblue) is a Canadian writer and social observer. She is a Senior Contributor and Editor to A Voice for Men, penning superlative works that analyse gender-related behavior in men and women. She also writes for Genderratic, and is a founder and member of The Honeybadger Brigade.

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  • scatmaster

    GWW makes it easy to understand. Even for a boot like me. Great stuff.

  • Shrek6

    Well, I guess I’m a bit too far to help, but I do have a comment on this.

    One can only expect that this criminal prosecutor will be protected, when you can safely say that all those who belong to the British Bar Association are either full on criminals, or criminals in the making.

    There are few lawyers or judges anywhere on this planet who are honourable. And I am being kind here. I don’t personally believe there are any, but I have been known to be wrong, so I’ll concede that there must be some.

    It also amazes me that no one has said anything about the lunatic in the wig who is continually granting this woman’s criminal actions to occur. If she is rotten, then so are the judges who keep facilitating her criminal rampage against innocent men.

    Oh to see these criminals locked up in prison for their crimes against humanity, would be a thing of beauty to behold!

  • Kimski

    When you start paying people who are supposed to uphold justice to put other people in jail, based on 3rd party hearsay, you really get to see who chose their line of profession for the money, and not for their sense of right and wrong.
    Unfortunately you also get the kind of society you payed for.

    Kellett will be offering her plea for one reason and one reason only: The 9 counts of prosecutorial misconduct are only the very small tip of a Titanic-killer of an iceberg. Noone starts out with the level of criminal behavior she committed in the Vladek Filler case. She’s been doing this for a loong time, before she got too careless for her own good, and everyone in Maine county are now busy trying to hide the extend of it all, because everybody has been making big money from it.

  • Ben

    The other day, I went to sing Karaoke. I got there kind of early when it was slow, so I was practically the only one there. One of the waitresses was reading the paper and chit chatting with the bartender and another waitress while reading the newspaper. One waitress asked her what she was reading. She said she was reading about all the rapes in the military. She was obviously reading one of the big military sexual assault stories. She said she thought it was messed up how women in the military needed to protect themselves from men who are supposed to be on their own side more than the foreign enemies they are all sworn in to fight.

    I casually chimed in and asked her if she had heard of Mary Kellet. She said no, so I told her that she had 40 times the prosecution rate of the average district attorney in this country when it came to rape and sexual assault. The two waitresses said that was awesome and that she deserved some kind of award. Then one waitress said that the military should try to recruit her to become the military sexual assault officer to get the situation under control. Then the other waitress said it sounds like that the other district attorneys in this country need to catch up by a factor of 40.

    I never indicated what side I was on. I let them take control over the conversation and just smiled and nodded to see what course it would take.

    I am happily single.

    • feeriker

      I let them take control over the conversation and just smiled and nodded to see what course it would take.

      Welcome to Freezer-temperatureIQland, my friend. You’re braver than I would have been in that same setting. Just having to listen to “conversation” like that, let alone joining it, would’ve probably sent me into a seizure. At a minimum, I would’ve started drinking more heavily than usual.

  • Mr. XY

    I agree. This is not about VAWA. Kellett is a radfem by night who gets off on destroying men by day as a prosecutor. She did some radio show and it was on line where she had some radical feminist ranter calling for the end of patriarchy and for an all female ruled communal system of government. I tried posting a link but they pulled the whole thing down from the net.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      I dunno – I think radfems are attracted to VAWA money like flies are attracted to shit. (My apologies to both flies and shit.) The VAWA money created a perfect storm that drove the radfem Kellett into overdrive.

      Although convictions are not necessary to secure the funds, prosecutions are, and Kellett’s zeal could have been driven, in part, by her need to cover up her consciousness of her own guilt (mens rea).

      Surgeon’s need to close their incisions, and once Kellett started a case, she needed to follow through, and each case she lost would’ve been a mark against both her and VAWA.

      Like the Filler case is turning out to be.

  • the hermit

    Now i realize how serious this is. If that’s true- that this woman made jokes about Filler’s criminalizing- she deserves to get behind bars as soon as it is possible. Obv she’s not only a man hater, and not only incompetent to do this kind of work, but also very inhuman.

    Nice job, AVFM.

  • 86

    I am always very impressed with the graphics at this site — they are often wonderful and way above what I would expect from what I suspect is a pretty small budget.

    But uh, redo that graphic of GWW, try it again with her eyes open.

    • Dr. F (Ian Williams)

      The budget for the artists is zero, and you are seeing the work from Typhon, myself, Roger O’ Thornhill and now the talented Mr Europa Phoenix.

      We do this for the reward of knowing that our passion for men also keeps the site looking unique and keeps the influence of commercial endorsement at bay.

      If there are MHRA artists out there wanting to have their work appear on the pages at AVfM please let them know.

    • MrShadowfax42

      Are you confused with the graphic of Mary Kellett?

      • Typhonblue (Asha James)

        I’m amazed.

        GWW looks great; Kellett looks like a snake about to bite.

        • Robert Crayle

          Compared to any woman on this site, Mary Kellett looks hideous, but her character and actions make her hideous compared to anyone. If taken into account, it’s hard to contrast Kellett against Josef Goebbels.

  • Dr. F (Ian Williams)

    Karen thank you for giving the evidence that at AVfM we will stick to unfettered injustice like stench to a skunk. (It’s part of our mission statement and a comfort knowing that it’s being respected)

    After all, the stench is the truth showing fibs, and the skunks are looking for the sweetest cologne they can find. Pity we aren’t handing out any of those vials here.

    So will July the fifteenth be Judgement Day for Kellett and Cupcake Co? I highly doubt it too, but I don’t doubt that any protégées under her wings might now be checking the Yellow Pages for less risky work. I mean, who would be foolish to follow in her flaming high-heeled footsteps after this fiasco?

    There has to be some good from this. There just has to. How long has this Filler whopper being going on for now, almost three years? He’s had enough, and so too Gordon Smith and the other eighty or so blokes wrongly slapped in gaol by her protected hand.

    We wait. We wait and we’ll see what happens, and they have a prayer thinking the muff-pass broom can sweep this under any rug they can unroll.

  • Andy Bob

    “The judgement against her is disheartening for all of us.” Chris Almy

    Why would it be disheartening to anyone concerned with the judicial rights of citizens that a prosecutor be disciplined for conduct which has so egregiously sabotaged those rights?

    Chris Almy’s squalid attempt to circle the wagons, rather than uphold the integrity of the office entrusted to him, is, of course, entirely predictable. Yet, one wonders how much of it is driven by self-preservation, and how much is driven by his fear of the sisterhood that has riddled his profession with their dogmatic ideology.

    As Karen Straughn said: “It’s all about the sisterhood.” For men like Chris Almy, it’s all about placating the sisterhood by turning a blind eye to their corrupting misandry, and dodging his obligation to the very same community he is supposed to serve.

    Whatever the outcome of the Mary Kellet hearing, the fact that it is happening at all must be at least a little unnerving the sisterhood. They are not above the law, or immune to public censure – something also brought home by the recent political demise of Australia’s ex-prime minister, Julia Gillard. These women went too far.

    There are limits to what people, and even the system, will tolerate. Feminists have demonstrated singular ineptitude in gauging and recognizing the public response to their ever-escalating antics.

    Radical feminists, like Mary Kellet, are handicapped by their inability to disguise the cavalier smugness of their rampant bigotry. This compels them to lope inadvisedly over moral, ethical and legal boundaries, revealing the toxic nature of their ideology. The violent protestors at the University of Toronto were another example of this.

    Excellent summary and commentary, Ms Straughn.

  • prince_tybalt

    “Don’t bother with the MSM, they aren’t interested.”

    What is MSM in this context? In my line of work MSM is men who have sex with men.

    • Rex

      MainStream Media. I personally despise the plague of “time saving” acronyms, so much confusion.

    • dhanu

      MSM here is the Mainstream Media.

      Edit: Ah, Rex beats me to it :)

  • Jim Doyle

    Taking Mary Kellett out is just the phase. Her boss who either shielded her while she was doing all this for years or was unaware of the behavior of one of her subordinates is a problem too and she needs to go. If she remains there will always be other Mary Kelletts. And the system that allowed this boss to either shield her or remain unaware is a problem too and it needs to be cleansed by fire too.

  • Jared Spencer

    What utterly reprehensible behavior. The blarney stack saying that scrutiny of this nut job is troubling should probably have a good look taken at him. Only mice get nervous when the traps come out. As for Mary Kellett, her bullshit train has earned her the basest opinion I can have for a person…that woman is an ankle.

  • scatmaster

    that woman is an ankle.

    Nah, Jared.

    She is a festering puss oozing boil on the buttocks of the world.



    Beep beep beep…

    Peeps blog invasion needed before comments are closed particularly if you have had or have teenagers…

  • scatmaster

    Maximum 30 days suspended suspension for Kellett.
    Judge to rule by next week on length but if it is suspended she goes right back to work. Unfreaking believable.

    Pain in the ass to read article validation through survey on website to read article.

  • Henry Ross

    Scatmaster…. it ain’t over until the ADA sings