Filler faces political imprisonment

Vladek Filler has been ordered to report to jail on October 17, 2012.  For anyone not familiar with the details of prosecutor Mary Kellett’s misconduct and pending disciplinary actions in the Vladek Filler case details can be found here.

For the past 1 ½ years, AVfM, SAVE, NCFM, F&F and many others have advocated for justice for Vladek Filler after his now ex-wife Ligia Filler made false spousal rape and assault accusations against him during their divorce and child custody dispute.  Vladek won sole custody of his children but was criminally prosecuted for 5 ½ years by ADA Mary N. Kellett and her office.  Maine Courts and the Board of Overseers of the Bar concluded that Kellett engaged in prosecutorial misconduct and her public disciplinary hearing will now be held on October 22-23 at the Penobscott Judicial Center in Bangor.

Kellett and her DA office’s misconduct yielded a fraudulent class D misdemeanor assault conviction against Vladek Filler for one allegation that he shoved his wife in 2007.  For that conviction, the judge Robert E. Murray sentenced him to 21 days in Mary Kellett’s jail and the Law Court refused to address charges of misconduct in the retrial.

Kellett’s disciplinary hearing was originally scheduled to take place in August and DA Carletta Bassano wrote a letter to the Court demanding a warrant for Vladek Filler’s arrest before he was scheduled to testify at Kellett’s hearing.

In July and August AVFM initiated a campaign to contact Maine officials.  SAVE Services issued several press releases calling on Judge Robert E. Murray to vacate Vladek Filler’s fraudulent conviction and for Mary Kellett’sdisbarment at her disciplinary hearing.  After suffering injuries in an auto accident in Atlanta, Vladek Filler was granted a 2 month stay of sentence until October 17, but Mary Kellett’s August 31 disciplinary hearing was then unexpectedly cancelled due to what the press called ‘witness availability’ issues.  As Vladek Filler was available, it is not clear whether the suddenly unavailable witness became Kellett herself.  But she is apparently available now and her hearing has been rescheduled to take place on October 22-23 in Bangor once again coinciding with Vladek Filler’s 21 day detention in Kellett’s jail.

Sadly, it does not stop there.  Since Vladek Filler was granted a stay of sentence in August, Kellett’s colleague ADA Paul F. Cavanaugh Jr. took it upon himself to contact Vladek Filler’s healthcare providers in Atlanta apparently to intimidate them in to providing information about Vladek and to accuse Vladek of falsifying medical letters “in an effort to avoid jail.”  The part about the jail was key in order to spread fear and suspicion among Vladek’s healthcare providers.  Apparently it worked.  According to court documents Vladek was immediately denied completion of ordered medical treatment.  Kellett’s corrupt DA office has reduced itself to a gang of thugs using the color of law and State power to terrorize and hold key witnesses in their jail.

Mary Kellett

One wonders what the Board of Overseers is willing to do about Mary Kellett and her office’s unabated corruption. The answer is not clear.  AVfM has learned evidence exists which conclusively proves Mary Kellett’s rampant misconduct, withholding of vital facts and evidence and lying to judges and jury members in a ruthless manner that makes Michael Nifong look like a choirboy.  The Board of Overseers presumably has evidence that Kellett engaged in very serious misconduct, violated court orders, withheld vital discovery, and ordered numerous police officers to violate defense subpoenas and withhold evidence from Vladek Filler’s attorneys.  Just those few charges warrant Mary Kellett’s immediate firing, then disbarment and criminal prosecution.

Yet the signs and continued misconduct coming out of Maine suggests Kellett’s accountability might not be sought to the degree it clearly warrants.  Kellett has not even been suspended after the Board of Overseers found back in September 2011 that probable cause exists that Kellett engaged in serious misconduct. In fact, neither Mary Kellett, nor her boss DA Carletta Bassano, nor Kellett’s assistant ADA Paul Cavanaugh Jr. have even blushed as a result of the Board of Overseers disciplinary actions, and the Attorney General’s office is legally representing Kellett instead of criminally prosecuting her.

This past June, just weeks prior to Kellett initially scheduled disciplinary hearing, she prosecuted two more completely innocent men for sex crimes without any probable cause whatsoever.  One man was prosecuted for sexual assault for touching his sister in law’s waist which Kellett argued was rape.  It took a trial for a judge to finally throw the case out.

When questioned by Bangor Daily News reporter, Kellett was quoted as declaring that so long as her office (meaning she) believes the accuser’s story then that alone is enough to obligate her to criminally prosecute the accused.  Any lawyer would say that policy is a clear violation of the law and Bar rules governing prosecutor’s responsibility, code of conduct, and evidentiary requirements for pursuing criminal prosecutions.  Yet Kellett, who apparently never met a woman she didn’t believe, openly admits to local newspapers on the eve of her disciplinary hearing that she engages in what is clearly harassment and civil rights abuse of men.  Attorney Robert Franklin analyzed Kellett’s June 2012 misconduct in his article titled “ADA Kellett Strikes Out in Two More Cases.”

The question remains what will the Board of Overseers do about a corrupt prosecutor and a DA office that is so out of control that they openly without fear of recourse corrupt the justice system, local law enforcement, and openly lie in Maine Courts to punish innocent men like Vladek Filler.  Who is going to stop their crime spree and hold them to any meaningful account?  If the Board of Overseers cannot even remove the likes of Mary Kellett from her prosecutorial throne, then it is clear that Maine is simply not capable of enforcing its own rules to protect the public from corrupt and abusive officials.

Now comes Vladek Filler, a man who after two criminal trials and two appeals still refuses to give up his fight.  He has now filed for appointment of counsel for a post conviction motion to vacate his fraudulent conviction and for another stay of sentence so Vladek can complete his denied medical treatment.  Now some of you might imagine that DA Carletta Bassano’s office would not object to allowing a man they know is innocent to continue to remain free on his $50k bail to get medical treatment for a few extra weeks, but you would be completely wrong.   No need to take my word for it, now comes Kellett’s assistant ADA Paul Cavanaugh Jr. to make it blatantly clear why Kellett’s office is objecting to Vladek Filler’s motion for stay of sentence.  The objection states:


[Vladek Filler] has been heavily involved in the bar complaint against ADA Kellett.  Her hearing is scheduled for the end of October.  Will [he] be well enough to travel to attend the multiple day hearing in Bangor? If so, he is well enough to meet his obligation for this sentence.

The objection does not really center on whether Vladek Filler is “well enough” to be denied medical treatment but instead it centers Vladek being “heavily involved in the bar complaint against ADA Kellett” and asking whether he will in fact appear to testify against her, and “if so” then the DA office is objecting to his stay for medical treatment.  You cannot make this stuff up.

It is another arrogant admission by a DA office that is seeking to punish  and retaliate against their victim for filing a complaint and appearing to give testimony against a corrupt prosecutor.  If any private law firm engaged in such intimidation of a witness there would be criminal charges, but DA Carletta Bassano’s office flaunts its unaccountability.  So what will the Hancock County Court, the Board of Overseers, and the Attorney General’s office do about the malicious prosecution, false conviction, and political imprisonment of Vladek Filler?

This man has been deprived of due process and a fair trial for 5 ½ years and prevented from presenting clear evidence of fraud and misconduct committed against him.  If his motion for stay is denied he will be taken and remain in custody as a political prisoner during Kellett’s disciplinary hearing without any contact with the outside world for 21 days.  He will certainly not be able to speak to reporters or anyone else about how he is being treated in Kellett’s jail.

As it stands, Kellett’s disciplinary hearing will be held on October 22-23, 2012 at the Penobscot Judicial Center in Bangor Maine. These historic proceeding against a sitting prosecutor are a first in the State of Maine and will be open to the public and the media.  Select instances of misconduct chosen from Filler’s disturbing Bar complaint will be presented by Bar Counsel J. Scott Davis.  Prosecutor Mary Kellett will be represented by assistant attorney general Ronald W. Lupton.

The hearing will be presided over by a 3 member panel that will decide whether Kellett’s lying, withholding of evidence, violation of court orders, and ordering police officers to withhold evidence rises to the level for her to be disbarred.  AVfM has managed to identify the 3 panel members as M. Ray Bradford, Jr., Esq, Sarah McPartland-Good Esq, and Norman A. Ross.  These panel members apparently live or practice law in the greater Bangor and Ellsworth area and according to the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar’s website Kellett’s boss DA Carletta Bassano also sits on the same Grievance Commission with all 3 of these panel members that will decide Kellett’s fate.

The crimes and civil rights abuse of DA Carletta Bassano’s office has caused corruption of the justice system and abuse of countless men and families.  It is time for that crime syndicate to be held to account and put out of business.

AVfM is calling on 3 immediate actions to be taken on behalf of Vladek Filler and justice in Maine.

  • We are asking supporters to call on the Hancock County Court to free Vladek Filler and vacate his conviction on post-conviction review. The contact info is Hancock County Superior Court, 50 State Street, Ellsworth, Maine 04605 Phone: 207-667-7176 then press “0”.
  • Call on the Board of Overseers of the Bar and the 3 member Grievance Panel to hold prosecutor Mary Kellett accountable by recommending her disbarment. Grievance Panel Members:  Chair M. Ray Bradford, Jr., Esq, Sarah McPartland-Good Esq and Norman A. Ross. Contact info: Board of Overseers of the Bar, 97 Winthrop Street, P. O. Box 527 Augusta, Maine 04332-0527. Phone: 207-623-1121 Fax: 207-623-4175 E-mail: board@mebaroverseers.org
  • Anyone in Maine or with the ability to travel there who is sick and tired of the abuse and corruption that this now infamous prosecutor and her DA office has unleashed on men and boys is urged to attend this historic disciplinary hearing in Bangor Maine on October 22-23.  Come to show your support for justice, bring signs and statistics and camcorders to witness and document the proceedings for the whole world to see how a prosecutor who lies and abuses her community is dealt with by Maine Courts, the Board of Overseers, and by the Attorney General’s office.  It is important to show support for Vladek Filler and his 5 ½ year battle with one of the most man hating and corrupt prosecutors in the US.



Penobscot Judicial Center
78 Exchange Street,
Bangor, ME 04401-4913
Phone: 207-561-2325


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Act for AVfM is an account set aside for action alerts on the advocacy cases furthered by A Voice for Men. The article above this description is your chance to step up in the name of justice and compassion for men and boys and to let your own Voice for Men be heard.

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  • externalangst

    Email sent to Board.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

    I want to add something else to this regarding ADA Paul Cavenaugh’s claim that if Filler is well enough to testify at Kellett’s hearing then he can serve jail time.

    The fact is that Mr. Filler was seriously injured in an automobile accident. He has prescribed treatments remaining that involve the use of general anesthesia. He can appear at Kellett’s hearing and still get those treatments, but he cannot do so while incarcerated.

    So, Cavenaugh is speaking from an orifice other than his mouth about a medical matter for which he has no qualifications to address as an ADA.

    It is clear that his intent all along was to bully the medical team treating Vladek Filler so that they could get him behind bars for Kellett’s hearing, and they were willing to sabotage his medical treatment to do so.

    This thing stinks in so many ways it is very hard to tell where the stench is coming from. One of the sources for sure, though, is the Ellsworth prosecutors office. Their behavior is every bit as despicable as anyone they have ever locked up.

    • Aimee McGee

      I know how much doctors have to pay for malpractice insurance in the US…if he is giving medical opinion sue his arse for malpractice…that will make his eyes water!

      • dhanu

        Problem is, in this case the case will be against one of those who themselves make the judgement. And in a corrupt justice system they stand together to defend any action against any of them. Because if the case against one of them went through, it would set a precedence against all of them.

  • Turbo

    Pack of disgusting pigs !!

    If anyone is unable to read the full email address for the Board of Overseers (I was unable to see it all) it is


  • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

    If Joe Stalin were alive today he’d fit right in with that group.

    • Darryl X

      If Joseph Stalin were alive today, Mary Kellett would be prosecuting him for rape. She does everybody else.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW

    Geneva Conventions….

  • TPH

    It’s utterly amazing the freaking demented ego these assholes are displaying. Denying Vladic medical treatment and jailing him violates a huge fucking load of state and federal laws. Do these morons think that they won’t be called out on their shit? Jailing Vladic at the time he is to testify against Kellett in a disbarment hearing is just so over the top. Anyone can see they want to shut him up badly and make him go away.

    Unfortunately for those corrupt puke’s, the more they dig holes for themselves, the more we will kick the walls of the trench. We’ll even hand them a shovel, but it seems they are doing just fine in implicating themselves in a massive corruption scheme that will come crashing down upon them as their nicely dug trench caves in.

    Vladic, we’ve got your back on this one and won’t give up until true justice is administered to those who railroaded you.

  • napocapo69

    unbelievable, but sadly true

  • Alek

    Do these fools not get that they’re just digging a deeper hole for themselves. I really pity these fools.

    The more they’re called out, the more they abuse the law to get away with and hide previous abuse… Do they all want to end up in a national documentary about legal abuse? Do they all want to end up with criminal charges?

    Why don’t they just cut their losses? I think it’s arrogance. Their ego won’t let them accept that they weren’t able to get away with their power trips this time around, and they’re still struggling to accept that they have been uncovered and beaten by “common folk”.

    • Darryl X

      “Why don’t they just cut their losses?”

      Because they haven’t lost anything.

      They are malignant narcissists. They have no conscience, empathy, remorse, shame or guilt. They have no analytical skills or logic. They are parasitic, opportunistic, manipulative and deceiptful. They are short-sighted and unable to plan. They are compulsive pathological liars. They are addicted to power and control. They have shallow affect and are disingenuous and insincere.

      They are the empty shells of what used to be humans before they started making very bad choices at the age of three and never looked back since. They are basically overgrown three year olds. They cannot be reasoned with. The only way to stop them is by force. There is no political, legal, social or financial solution to our dilemma.

      The only provision our forefathers left us for dealing with these developments is revolution as an affirmative defense in response to the violence that was done to us first and without provocation. These people are evil and must be stopped by any means possible. This is a war. Men are dead and in prison. They are on the street and in exile. The system breaks them and then punishes them for being broken.

      And the war will not be over until every one of these men has been fixed and their persecutors have been eliminated. Mary Kellett and her chain-of-command and her enablers must be destroyed.

      • cooterbee

        Agreed reluctantly. It is past the point where Filler is the subject of unfair persecution because he is a male suspect in a crime. (bad enough in my estimation) He is now being persecuted because he is Vladek Filler — a man who dared contradict criminals by being innocent of any crime and having the brazen audacity to prove it publicly.

        Alek is right. They haven’t suffered anything. Maybe we need to make them suffer? The residents of Maine are in the best position to do so. Pressure them.

        It would not be difficult to close every airport in Maine until the desired results are achieved. When I was working, I could have done it and I was only a lowly GS-12. Grease the right palm and there you have it.

        Truckers could refuse to deliver loads to Maine. People with Maine license plates could be senselessly hassled everywhere in the country. Those of us who are merchants can refuse to honor credit cards associated with a Maine address.

        It is unfair to target a group of people because they have a corrupt government? What in any part of this quagmire is fair? The people most affected will be innocent and have no involvement or even knowledge of the Filler case? Why don’t they have knowledge and why haven’t they interceded already? Dereliction of their civic duty. All other states are just as corrupt? We’ll take them all in their turn.

        There are a billion ways that a small group can make life measurably worse in Maine without violence until something positive is done.

        It’s just too bad that it has to come to this.

        • Darryl X


      • Augen

        Very often it seems to me that much of what you have going on with MRM is just a matter of decent people who have come into an adult knowledge of what it is that indecent people do, or just how much power these vacuous folks hold.
        Throughout high school and college I knew many empty folks. Less immoral than amoral. They grow up. They get careers. They often perform well, gain recognition and promotion. Leadership vacuums form in the career space in front of them and they are there to fill those vacuums.
        Then the empty shell of a person who occupied the desk next to you is making decisions and giving commands that necessitate the capacity to recognize that other lives, exist, and actions, have consequences, and consequences, keep going on in the real world, long after the vacuity has moved on.
        It’s a serious problem. It will take many of us and it requires we all get on the ball. Maybe leadership has never held much pull for you … there is a vacuum of decency in leadership though: your services are needed. A collective of leaders, who operate in good conscience together, can do multiplicatively more than a leader acting alone or individuals without leadership. Perhaps more importantly – even when they do act, they block out through simple presence in leadership the filling of leadership by those without decency.

  • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

    Should I make a “Mary Kellett’s Highlight Reel?” It could easily be tawdry enough to appeal to a broad audience! (I can have it done by bedtime tonight.)

    Another question: can anybody recommend a ‘people search’ database to which I might subscribe, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Splendid idea :)

  • J3DIforce1

    “One man was prosecuted for sexual assault for touching his sister in law’s waist which Kellett argued was rape”

    Touching somebody on the waist is rape now? Are you fucking kidding me? If thats the case I myself have been raped countless times over! Why don’t they just get it over with and say procreation of the species is rape and therefore punishable by death! Jesus Christ this world has gone straight fucking mad!

    • Darryl X

      The feminists already did identify procreation as rape when they identified all sex as rape. Can’t have procreation without sex. So all children today are the product of rape. Manipulation of everyone with the public spectacle of their chronic victimhood. It’s worked for forty-four years. Why not another forty-four?

    • Alek

      Wow, according to Kellet I’ve been raped over 5000 times in my life by women and gay men…

      Omg, do I now get an official victim card?

      • Greyfeld

        If I remember correctly, sexual abuse (or was it harrassment? I get confused on the exact terminology) requires touching of the chest, butt or groin. The argument Kellet was using is that the waist is an upper part of the butt, and thus qualifies for sexual abuse.

        It’s stupid, and ridiculous on any number of levels. But I just thought I’d elaborate on the actual facts, since “touching the waste is rape” wasn’t the exact official statement/charge.

        At least, I don’t think it was lol. I don’t know what Kellet said “off the record.”

        • Darryl X

          I don’t know all the legal terminology and mumbo jumbo but generally sexual harassment is in a work environment and an employee uses his/her position of power to exploit a subordinate for sexual favors. For instance, a female supervisor exchanges promotion for sex with a male subordinate. But it generally is anything a woman wants it to be. For a man, it is much more restricted.

          Sexual discrimination is more vague and harder to prove. In my work place, thirteen of the last sixteen hires were female and the females do less than twenty percent of the work and the males do more than eighty percent. But for the women in this instance, all the men are guilty of sexual discrimination and the women are not. If the situation was reversed, the men would still be guilty of sexual discrimination and the women would not.

          Sexual abuse and rape and related crimes are pretty much anything a woman wants them to be (ie touching a waste). Unless the woman does it. Then the man is still guilty of rape or sexual abuse.

          If you need further elaboration, you can consult an attorney who will tell you a bunch of bullshit which will be completely irrelevant in court. Chances are s/he is fucking the DA and they’ll figure everything out. The facts of your case won’t matter. Oops. That sounds a little bitter. Essentially, you’re a man and you are guilty just for waking up in the morning. Or for going to sleep at night for that matter.

  • http://human-stupidity.com/irrationality/stupid-dogma/mens-rights-feminism Human-Stupidity.com

    This woman is not just committing LEGAL abuse due to biased anti male laws.

    She is actually going BEYOND the LEGAL misandry and committing illegalities.

    As if the biased laws and removal of due process for men were not enough already.

  • http://mrathunderinthehammer.blogspot.com/ Dannyboy

    Email sent.
    Someone mentioned a way to send a fax via the internet if that information could be re-posted It would be greatly appreciated.

    • scatmaster


      You get to send two free faxes per day.

      • http://mrathunderinthehammer.blogspot.com/ Dannyboy

        Thanks Scatmaster.
        On it now

    • http://mrathunderinthehammer.blogspot.com/ Dannyboy

      Call made as well and recorded.

  • scatmaster

    Touching somebody on the waist is rape now?


    If they had their way they will have all us males walking like those horses in Central Park tethered with blinders on, heads down surrounded by a haze of bottle flies whilst whipping us in orgasmic glee.

  • keyster

    I still don’t understand why the citizens of the Bangor area remain complicit in their silence. Are they afraid too? Or are they in agreement that men should be aggressively prosecuted for sex crimes, regardless of the evidence against them? …even if some are unjustly persecuted…starved of funds for legal fees, etc.

    Obviously a message is being sent loud and clear to men in the area – – “Feminist Law Rules Here! Mind your P’s and Q’s or ELSE!”

    • Mr. J

      “Americans” EVERYWHERE are complicit and empty-headed, it isn’t just Maine.
      Most of them are too interested in obsessing over grown men who play games to pay attention to anythng else.

      • Mr. XY

        Americans are amazing, decent, and generous people. Just because America is now under occupation and is being victimized by “their” anti family/anti male/anti Constitutional assault does not mean Americans are “empty-headed”.
        Look at the rest of the world…many of the “developed western nations” are completely under the control of the fascist/marxist thugs.
        No my friend. This is the front line. There is no place to run. This is the place to fight. This is a great nation and a great people to fight for. It is a great time to be alive.

        • Mr. J

          Who let the occupation and victimization happen?

          • Mr. J

            Besides that, the “people” have let this stuff go on for a long long time, it isn’t just a lately “occupation”.

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    I believe we need to ask every member of the Maine House and Senate who is running for re-election, and all their challengers, what their position is on this rogue and her boss.

    If I gather the appropriate names and FAX numbers and email addresses will folks help with that?

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam


    • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ


    • Darryl X

      Yup. I have a great eight page form / prepared letter for legislators which I’ve been broadcasting for over a year. It comes with a half page summary / abstract at the beginning. I’m happy to address it to those in Maine. Just the facts but with a few editorials and personal thoughts thrown in for good measure about our Constitution and fundamental legal principles and a little math just to keep it fun and engaging (I’m assuming they still do math in Maine but I’m not so sure).

  • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

    Here’s another attention-grabbing-headlines type of post, complete with several links, including some state legislators. Feel free to use it!


  • TheSameDog

    This is only tangentially related, but part of why I gave up djembe after 15 years of playing was because the scene got overrun by “when the drummers were women” types and their male enablers. I bet this photo of Mary Kellett was taken at a women-only playshop.

    Where did you get the pic?

  • Kimski

    Ubi Dubium, Ibi Libertas.

    ‘Where there is doubt, there is freedom’.

    Something Mary Kellett has obviously chosen to consistently disregard. I sincerely hope the ones now putting her on trial will return the favour in full.

  • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

    I don’t think they’ve ever given a Darwin Award to a prosecutor, but truly these knuckle-draggers from Maine are more than qualified as throw backs to Neanderthals. Their witch-hunting modus operandi is right out of more primitive times.

    Witch-Hunting Males was made to describe the misandrist, inhuman practices of legal systems running amok with misandry, but these Maine monsters take misandry to a whole other level. http://tinyurl.com/65dpzwu

  • Gamer

    Has anybody tried to talk to this lesbian? I’d love to watch an interview with Kellet. I want to know her thoughts and see how this cunt justifies herself. Does she not believe men are human beings? What is her philosophy? Does she believe in exterminating all men and establishing a lesbian utopia?

  • Tim Legere

    My e-mail:

    Dear Board,

    For some time I (like many other people around the world) have been following the case of Mr. Vladek Filler.

    I understand that from October 22-23 2012 a Grievance Commission Disciplinary Hearing will be held concerning Assistant District Attorney’s Mary N Kellet’s and her conduct with regard to Mr. Filler.

    However, during this time Mr. Filler is also scheduled to serve a 21 day class D misdemeanor assault (i.e. for an allegation that he shoved his ex-wife in 2007).

    How can justice be served if a key witness (i.e. Mr. Filler) is not available for testimony? Couldn’t the sentence be scheduled and served after the hearing?

    Tim Legere