University of Toronto

Did you know women hold up half the sky?

Neither did I. At least, I didn’t know it until having it screamed at me by the protestors of the Nathanson and Young talk at the University of Toronto.

Lord of the Flies. This is the only comparison I can make that will convey a sense of what I just experienced tonight. As predicted in an article published earlier today on AVfM, a contingent of 70 to 80 radical feminists converged on the CAFE presentation of Drs Nathanson and Young. I had arrived, along with fellow MHRAs Dan Perrins, Christian Chiasson, Agent Tungsten and a handful of others, eager to hear Dr. Nathanson and Dr. Young speak. We loitered near the building’s entrance, drinking coffee and meeting each other face to face – most for the first time. About an hour prior to the scheduled start of the CAFE presentation, the feminists arrived, equipped with placards and signs on posts, from the direction of Spadina Avenue. Weirdly, on observing a handful of Men’s Human Rights Activists, they veered away from the building’s entrance and took up a position on the boulevard at the end of the block.

We were puzzled by this. After a few minutes, I made my way down to the grassy knoll at the end of the 100 block of Harbord street where I discovered that chanting in rhyme appears to be what now passes for a serious rebuttal to the Men’s Human Rights Movement. “MRA’s telling lies – we wont fall for your disguise!!”

I asked what lies. They chanted louder. I didn’t ask what disguise – that much was obvious. Many of the protestors, particularly the male feminists in attendance, wore full face masks like low rent extras in a Hong Kong Kung Fu flick. I asked questions. What is it you object to? Are you protesting the authors of Legalizing Misandry? Why are you wearing masks?

The masks were apparently worn to prevent MHRAs from identifying, harassing, stalking and interfering with the employment of “legitimate protesters”. I was not aware we did that and challenged this assertion with requests for specifics, examples or even a cited source. Apparently if I don’t supply the evidence in arguments made against me I am beyond any help of gods or men. I tried, without success, to engage any of the apparent leaders of the rhyming chanters in discussion.

The insistence ensued that I (as well as others at AVFM) personally harassed, stalked and interfered with the families and employers of those violent bigots who assaulted and harassed attendees at Dr. Warren Farrell’s November 2012 lecture, and apparently has more to it than histrionic narrative building. It was preemptive rationalization and projection and what should be expected from those who claim the sky needs to be held up by women or by men.

“Don’t believe MRA Lies! Women hold up half the sky!”

And no, I don’t know what “hold up the sky” means either.

Dialogue is the opposite of war,however, and the subject of tonight’s CAFE presentation.

“From Misogyny & Misandry to Intersexual Dialogue”

“We don’t speak to you scum” was about the most civil reply I could elicit. Several signs naming me personally as well as referring to the dog-training metaphors of my recent writing on AVFM was heartening. At least I know my writing has an attentive audience. One poster repeatedly claimed that M(H)RAs referred to feminists as dogs to be trained, betraying purposeful self selected victimization of the canine metaphor. No, little femmies, we’re not saying you are actual, literal untrained house pets. Puppies are cuter and not generally driven by such purposeful malice.

After repeated attempts to engage civilly with children of the leisure class met with nothing other than more accusations screamed in rhyme, we withdrew to find our seats for the scheduled lecture.

MRAs! – No way! Shame on you promoting hate!

Shame on you and the U of T for allowing misogyny!!

This is the caliber of counter argument against a human rights movement seeking to address issues such as male homelessness, suicide, educational disparity, sentencing disparity, healthcare disparity, family court discrimination, paternity fraud, lack of reproductive rights, forced conscription, child soldiers, incarceration for profit, genital mutilation and employment marginalization among other problems.

One poster read “Misogynist Rape apologetic Assholes”.

Wow, well argued. Convincing too, especially the rhymes and near rhymes.

Predictably, they set off the fire alarm. Yet again. That’s right, men addressing male human rights issues must not be allowed to meet or speak. They must be stopped at every turn because of Patriarchy! And Penis!

I had 50 conversations like this:

Him: “You’re a rape apologist”!

Me: “Dude, I’m a person. I’m a human standing right here. This is me”.

Him: “Fucking MRA rapist”!

Me: “I’m a person in front of you, standing here. Are you really telling me I’m a rapist”?

Him: “Your website supports rape so you do too”!

Me: “I write for AVFM, and nobody there supports rape. You’re accusing a real person (me) of a violent crime”?

At this point – his brain made a “click” noise. I’m sure I heard it. CLICK!. He then indexed the next accusation, just as if his rape-apologist narrative had never happened.

Him: “You’re a privileged, sexist, sick and twisted cis-gendered privileged white male and you should be put down”! Yes, he really said that.

Me: “What on earth makes you think I’m “cis gendered”?

I hear his brain go CLICK again as the next accusation indexes into place.

Him: “Well you’re a sick, privileged white overlord scum”!

Me: “Why must you reduce me to a racial stereotype, can’t I just be human”?


Him: “You’re a hatemonger racist”! I had to cut him off here.

Me: “Nope, we’re going back one. You called me white scum. What does my ethnicity have to do with anything? I don’t care what color you are. It’s a trivial detail”.


Him: “How dare you disregard something so fundamental to my identity”!

And on it went. He accused me of every egregious category of bigotry he could think of. Each time I demonstrated the illogic and simple falsehood of each accusation, like a talking doll with a pull-string in the back of his neck, he indexed to the next attack, with seemingly no awareness of what he’d said seconds earlier. One argument of this pattern would be surreal. I had over 50 conversations of this shape, each with different individuals. Some of the accusations even circled around to repetitions of themselves.

When, after the fire alarm was sorted out, we returned to the lecture hall to proceed with the presentation, the “protestors” waited a discreet four or five minutes before following us in as far as the outer hallway where a dozen police halted their progress where, of course, they began chanting again.

Having stripped off the cardboard placards, they now carried 4 foot long 2 inch by 1 inch wide wooden sticks which they used in unison to hammer on the floor in tempo with a chant of:

“MRA’s telling lies! We wont fall for your disguise!! Boom boom boom.” Those without wooden clubs kicked doors and lockers, matching those hammering the floor with wooden clubs, and shouting: “We wont fall for your disguise!”, while wearing bandanas and black balaclavas.

I could not make this up.

“We have clubs and crazy eyes! A scene right out of Lord of the Flies!” That’s my rhyme. They didn’t chant it but it would have been fitting.

I walked into the middle of this mob and stood, waiting for whatever was next. To those who got right into my face I asked, “What if you’re wrong”? This just made them shout their rhyme about lies and disguises louder while hiding behind their disguises. Nobody struck me or anyone else with a club, although after this bit of drama several other MHRAs suggested I had put myself in unnecessary danger. I reserve my disagreement. Considering this display of attempted intimidation I can only imagine the outcome had the same event occurred without multiple camera-equipped Men’s Human Rights activists to guarantee public accountability of whatever transpired.

After the presentation’s many delays only about 6 people had an opportunity to pose questions. One of whom was a man who had previously been seduced by a self avowed feminist. Her stated goal in life was apparently to bed as many men as possible in order to level false accusations of rape against them for her own satisfaction. The false rape accusation phenomenon was something at least 6 attending protesters insisted to me in the most urgent tone cannot, does not, never has and never will happen and doesn’t exist.

After the question period, Dan Perrins interviewed Dr Paul Nathanson before both Nathanson and Young were escorted by multiple police officers to their cars. Roughly 20 officers attended, including 3 undercover officers. The threat of violence by campus feminists was taken seriously.

I’m flying back to Vancouver tomorrow where I regret the necessary admission that Feminists in my home town are not sane either, and likely just as dangerous.

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  • Feuillet

    “Women hold up half the sky” is a propaganda solgan during the Mao period of China.

    • MRA Greatest Hits

      I’ve always wondered what the hell that meant.

    • Mateusz Wacek

      You beat me to it. It does lose something in translation.

      • Murray Pearson

        And here, I thought it was just air pressure that kept the sky up. Silly me. I wonder who holds up the other half? Otherwise it’d be all crooked.

        • Cousin Dave

          “Women hold up half the sky!””

          I need to know which half, so I can avoid standing underneath that half without a hard hat.

    • Ray

      “‘Women hold up half the sky’ is a propaganda slogan during the Mao period of China.”

      That must have been really difficult for those revolutionary feminists of Mao’s revolution, given how dedicated Mao was to laying on top of them.
      “Mao’s private life was very secretive at the time of his rule. However, after Mao’s death, his personal physician Li Zhisui published The Private Life of Chairman Mao, a memoir which mentions some aspects of Mao’s private life, such as chain-smoking cigarettes, rare bathing or dental habits, laziness, addiction to sleeping pills and large number of sexual partners.[241]”

      • Correctrix

        I notice another of them talking (irrelevantly) about ‘paper tigers’ (纸老虎) too. More Maoist jargon. I know that these expressions literally translated from Chinese sound rather cutely poetic, but why try so hard to link yourself to a brutal dictatorship? I suppose it gives us a taste of how men would fare if she were in power.

        • megatron

          Although most hardcore leftists officially reject Stalinism, you would be amazed how many resort to Stalinist/Maoist tactics and rhetoric or shame, guilt by association, and slander.

          Most leftists like putting anything that is backwards on a pedestal. Anything associated with ‘whitey’ or western civilization is automatically bad. Anything bad from the east, the third world, or less technologically developed people is appoligized for.

    • IrieDave

      There you go, and the group protesting was likely a Maoist Communist organization. We shouldn’t feel bad that these people don’t like us, Mao killed something like 40+ million of his own people. This is who they look up to.

      • Dean Esmay

        Over 60 million, according to The Black Book of Communism (which yes, I’ve read in its entirety, recommend to anyone who thinks Communism is just a “nice idea that didn’t work” and is written mostly by leftist academics, which makes it all the more damning to the apologists).

        • Mateusz Wacek

          Well, more like Mao abandoned all pretenses of communism pretty quickly. He started out by leading peasant revolts against feudal landlords, giving land to the farmers. Problem was that “Fight the power” loses some of its appeal when you are the one in power.

          The Chinese Communist Party never really allowed communism (which advocates for the state to wither away), and was barely even socialist. It ended up a heavily statist dictatorship, with elements of far-right fascism emerging over time (such as ethnic nationalism, and unregulated corporate freedom, to the point where Party members have direct connections to companies, if they aren’t owners of the companies themselves). It’s led to a country with huge lack of regulations (the government helps companies get away with murder… sometimes literally, if it’ll make a profit, and the officials get a cut of that profit). They also don’t allow labor unions here, nor collective bargaining. Workers demanding fair treatment from employers, or a say in how companies are run is just far too commie for the Chinese Communist Party.

          • Kukla

            “with elements of far-right fascism emerging over time (such as ethnic nationalism, and unregulated corporate freedom”

            I’ll probably get thumbs down for this but oh well:

            The Fascist definition of corporation isn’t the same as ours(companies like Apple etc.). A Fascist corporation is where the state takes control of the means of production and brings them together into a corporation(or multiple corporations) OR “the theory and practice of organizing society into “corporations” subordinate to the state.”(such as military, agricultural, labour, etc.). Doesn’t seem too bad. As for ethnic Nationalism, I don’t have a problem with that as long as it isn’t detrimental to other groups(theirs probably was though).


          • IrieDave

            It’s funny how each time a country puts in communism it’s never this supposed pure form of communism that’s awesome but rather the only one that has ever actually existed in practice where millions of people starve to death and are murdered en mass.

          • Mateusz Wacek

            Since the Reply button won’t let me reply directly, I’ll just quote:

            “It’s funny how each time a country puts in communism it’s never this supposed pure form of communism that’s awesome but rather the only one that has ever actually existed in practice where millions of people starve to death and are murdered en mass.”

            Not that funny… happens with plenty of countries. Is American-style capitalism the awesome kind that is all about everyone working hard and getting rewarded justly, or the kind that allowed Africans to be sold as slaves, and Native Americans to be butchered so their land could be possessed, or that justifies war in the Middle East to protect economic interests? For all the talk of equality and justice in the founding of the United States, our first leaders owned humans as property and supported genocide.

            It’s not uncommon to claim to support something publicly, but go completely against those principles. Considering China has private companies and a free market system (It’s easier for me to find a Starbucks, Wal-Mart, or McDonalds near my apartment in Nanjing than back in the US), it’s pretty hard to see the title Chinese Communist Party as in any way even close to what Marx laid out.

            By all means, hold nations accountable for their crimes and hypocrisy, but don’t assume that those calling themselves communist are unique in their crimes and hypocrisy. It’s especially problematic for the MRM, where it’s easy to get sucked into thinking that all you have to do is fight the leftists, and men will have their civil rights, or that the Marxists are the only ones practicing chivalry.

            “I’ll probably get thumbs down for this but oh well:

            The Fascist definition of corporation isn’t the same as ours(companies like Apple etc.). A Fascist corporation is where the state takes control of the means of production and brings them together into a corporation(or multiple corporations) OR “the theory and practice of organizing society into “corporations” subordinate to the state.”(such as military, agricultural, labour, etc.). Doesn’t seem too bad. As for ethnic Nationalism, I don’t have a problem with that as long as it isn’t detrimental to other groups(theirs probably was though).”

            Ah, sorry… my mistake. I should have said fascism (such as ethnic nationalism), and unregulated corporate freedom. You made a good point, that traditional fascism strongly allows state control.

            I do feel differently about ethnic nationalism, though. It doesn’t necessarily lead to racial discrimination, but usually does. It leads to the idea that only certain ethnic groups (or a certain ethnic group) belong in a country. It shows up in the British National Party as a core tenant, in the Minutemen in the US (who freak out about Mexicans), and in the official position of the CCP.

      • ImNotMraBut…

        But Mao wasn’t a White male so it doesn’t matter – and of course as the Junior League Feminists take issue with anything that could be construed as racist, there was and never has been any patriarchy in China …. and The Chinese male has never oppressed and only ever been oppressed by the White Guys.

        If these Dingbats had any intellectual capacity it would be worth bothering with them for Re-education Moa style. They show such affinity and suitability for Thought Reform – but as it is they are so Ovine in nature, even thought reform is not really possible as they are one trick ponies and one chant is all they can learn.

        • unknowntrolldier

          I was actually involved in a debate with a feminist once regarding history, chiefly her assertion that every evidence of “patriarchy” seen throughout the world is a direct result of European intervention. Including foot-binding practices in a country with records of doing it before/during the period of time the Silk Road opened between China and the Europe that this particular femistorian was speaking about.

          Of course, the last time the Silk Road was open was during Rome, and at the time that society was about as feminized as ours currently is.

          • ImNotMraBut…

            Yup I’ve seen many get confused with history and geography and I too have had to correct feminists who have been spreading the false idea that Europeans introduced foot Binding to China. I think a number got emotionality involved in the idea after seeing Ingrid Bergman in “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness” 1958. – go to time point 55 Minutes.

            And I’m not joking about that – I’ve had to deal with feminists who demand that fictional renditions or real people and events from Hollywood are proof for feminists to use without reflection or verification. It’s like using the content of the film “The Matrix” as supposed explicit proof of social changes due to I.T. and the internet.

            However – I also have to point out that the term Silk Road is misleading – and is better rendered as Silk Routes. They are still technically in use today but altered by the addition of mechanisation. Also even with pack horses, camels and foot power they were very active long after the fall of the Roman Empire – Just look at Marco Polo. Don’t make the mistake that lack of Historical record means lack of history. P^)

    • ImNotMraBut…

      Actually the “Women Hold Up Half The Sky” idea – cultural reference pre-dates Mao by a few Millennia. Even Confucius made reference to it.

      I’m glad to see some feminists embrace it, as it identifies explicitly that men and women are different but complimentary – Yin and Yang. The chant is not about female power but equality in complementarity.

      Of course the cretinous and racist feminists chanting it at UofT have made it only one sided and missed out all the Cultural and RACIAL HISTORY because they are Caucasian brats who can’t see past the end of their limited racist constructs. And they are the one’s who keep accusing others of being filled with Hate Speech and not knowing the subject? They are so childish as to be infantile.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    • harrywoodape

      There is a relatively new organization that really likes called “Common Causes”.

      …look at their mission is their website

      They are a collective of extremists that include radical feminism along with their ideas of creating a “anarchist-communist” Canada.

      The idea is that different groups like “Idle No More” (natives), radical environmentalists, labour unions, and radical feminists adopt “tactical unity” in order to take power. This is a communist organization that wants a “cultural revolution” aka Mao.

      People would laugh at the thought of these people being taken seriously…but they absolutely should be taken seriously for this is the preferred instrument of the elite to keep the people in their place…an unbalanced and violent group has the will to try to stamp out any real people’s movement from rising using intimidation and control.

      It should be noted, that just like Mao’s Cultural Revolution (where one of the slogans was “Women Can Hold Up Half the Sky”) these people have no intention of being democratically elected into power. Instead they operate in subversive ways and would seek to create a crisis for the current “patriarchy” in power and then capitalize. Kind of like the IMF and EU.
      The elite’s at the very top are quite pleased with feminism…all totalitarian regimes have a facade of fighting for a just cause. Many people identify with women’s rights…and don’t associate radical feminism with violence and malice because they don’t usually see it. We have seen why that is…because the mainstream media is blacking it out. The mainstream media pumps artificial ideas into people to pacify them and condition them. The mainstream media gives the people the elite’s chosen perspective for a purpose.

      It’s dirty stuff. Here is a speaker on “How to destabilize a society”. His name was Yuri Bezmenov. The video was made in the early 80’s. Much of what he says…you can see has happened or is well underway.

      He was former KGB and if you listen to what he says, you will see what subversive ideologies like feminism are really all about. “Useful idiots” is a term he uses to describe the “half-baked intellectuals” and extremists that devote themselves to the cause. Once a society has been subverted and so-called “normalization” has begun (think Mao’s Cultural Revolution)..the “useful idiots” are disappeared and executed. This is the sure fate for radical feminists and others that are repaid for their hard work in turning society upside down…their victory party will hardly have ended before a new enemy from within is declared that want to return to “democracy” or “patriarchy”. Then every possible enemy will be targeted and the lefty nutters know to much sooooo…off with their heads.

      • Cousin Dave

        I’ve heard PM feminism referred to as “Marxism packaged so as to appeal to women”. It’s a pretty good working description.

    • Aimee McGee

      And it works for zeta women who are willing to do the work to hold up the sky – but I don’t see these lazy, self absorbed little girls wanting to take it on

  • onca747

    Excellent report, JtO, you surely have brass balls and patience to match.. I’m pretty sure I could not have kept my cool under those circumstances.

    Oh and if they really wanna get technical, in Ancient Egyptian mythology the entire sky (represented as the goddess Nut) was held up solely by Shu and other male gods (over the earth Geb and his erect phallus).

    • Correctrix

      Indeed, I was just thinking that JtO must have to walk with bowed knees under the weight of the fist-sized brass balls that it took to walk into that crowd.

  • TheSameDog

    Just a short word of comment on the footage I’ve seen so far: that pink-haired lady in white is a pure gem (of the “who needs allies when…” kind).

    • scatmaster

      Where is this “footage” you speak of?

      • Dean Esmay

        Give us time dude. It’s going to take a few days to sort through the video, clean up the sound, get it processed and uploaded. We’ll be on it most of the weekend I suspect.

        • scatmaster

          See my comment below Dean.
          Did not mean to push. My apologies.

      • Paul Elam

        Here is a sample, scat. Much more to come

        • scatmaster

          Thanks Guys!!!!

          Was not meaning to make extra work.
          I was just wondering if I was blind as TheSameDog said he had viewed footage and I could not find it.
          Sorry for the confusion. :D

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            Late last night some early video was posted in the Feminism, With And Without The Mask post.

            You aren’t blind or going nuts. Some of us just had to peek at our presents early…

        • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

          Wow. I am reminded of the lyrics from a classic Billy Joel tune, Anthony’s Song:

          You should never argue with a crazy mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mind, you oughta know by now.”

        • Ray

          They clearly appear as no more than stupid, sexist and racist bullies, IMO, using the imprimatur of a university campus to try to bring a facade of decency and legitimacy to their vile, thugocratic agenda.

          • Ray

            What’s the U of T’s policy on bullying – enroll them in Women and Gender Studies curriculum, where feminist bullying is apparently accepted and taught? :-/

        • Roland3337

          A day will soon come when Feminists will be very very sorry they adopted the meme, “This is what feminism looks like.”

          They are showing not just us, but everybody else too. And we certainly see…

        • Nostradormouse

          Have we finally identified a role for which a Women’s Studies degree prepares you?

          Qualification: Wimminz Studies (Spinster of Arts)
          Skills: Holding up Half the Sky.

          • Wilf

            I think you need at least a Masters Of Arts degree in Women Studies in order to find gainful employment:

          • Grumpy Old Man

            It’s got to be someone else’s fault I owe 60K on a MA in women’s studies and can’t find a job, in addition to being a mother on government aid. It appears the people have done their fair share, now it’s time to make some good decisions.

        • Nostradormouse

          MRA Check-list for next UoT lecture;

          A proactive Fireman, just in case someone, oh I don’t know, mucks about with the fire alarm.

          Whimsical MHRM signs
          “MRAs want ERA” (yes I know it is Canada, but you get the point. Mess with their heads.)
          “Is half the sky holding Women Down?”

          Bingo Cards
          Feminist Clichee Bingo
          Feminist Shaming Bingo
          Colour Coded “Shaming Tactics” Bingo Cards

          “Excuse me? The lady activist with the bull-horn. I wonder could I possibly persuade you to vilify me? I just need… let me see… a Tan, a Blue, and a White, and I win the ‘Feminist Shaming Bingo’. The prize is a bottle of Scotch, so any time you’re ready. No pressure.”

          “Are you suggesting that I’m some sort of a feminist cliche?”

          “No. I’m stating it, and I’m afraid that’s no good. I’ve already got a Grey. Keep going.”


          “Great. White. Super. Well don’t stop. Two more.”

          “You’re really cynical.”

          “Ugh! Maroon. Nope. Sorry. Already got me one of those. I don’t think you’re trying, and I am candidly, a little disappointed.”

          I’m thinking of patenting the tag line “Feminist Shaming Bingo Cards. Finally, Feminist Shaming is a game you can win.”

      • MGHOW_AU
      • TheSameDog

        The specific take I’m speaking about is this:

        But there’s more, wait a sec.

        • Correctrix

          What a charming young lady. ‘Shut the fuck up’ is the response to every question. She’s doing our job for us.

        • Kimski

          “We are working on it, and you guys are trying to dismantle it!”

          60 years of radical feminism and that’s the best they have been able to come up with, while simultaneously claiming that women can do everything better than men can, and in stiletto heels too.

          Hmm. Let’s take a brief look at every male driven cultural revolution throughout history for a moment. Almost every single one of them was succesfully executed and in place in less than ten years.

          So chanting, singing kum-ba-ya, and disscussing personal feelings on just about everything must have taken up the remaining 50 years, as far as I can see.

          Excellent report from the event, JtO.
          I can’t help noticing that you sound somewhat surprised that they’re crasier than shit house rats.

          Considering they are supporters of an ideology that is based on lies, distortions of facts and truths, and apperently believe in this stuff, it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

          I also notice that the police is still having problems with upholding the laws on wearing masks in public.

          They obviously came to the same conclusion that you did:

          More or less harmless nutcases, that would have been locked away in an asylum, if society could afford the expenses associated with keeping such a massive amount of them locked up and sedated.

          • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, feminism has become a hate ideology based on Borderline pathology.

            Throw in some narcissism and sociopathy (and sometimes psychopathy) for good measure and voila. Logic and reason are hate crimes. Criticizing a woman, no matter how merited, is “like rape.”

            Here’s what I heard when I watched the video Paul posted above:


            Glad everyone who attended survived the Snake Pit.

          • Suzanne McCarley

            “We are working on it, and you guys are trying to dismantle it!”

            Translation from Hamsterese:
            ‘We are trying to re-frame all of these problems we have created, so the no longer look like problems, and you guys are trying to stop us from covering our asses!’

        • August Løvenskiolds

          She’s reading almost word-for-word Lindy West’s screed at Jezebel…


          “Feminists do not want you to lose custody of your children. The assumption that women are naturally better caregivers is part of patriarchy.

          “Feminists do not like commercials in which bumbling dads mess up the laundry and competent wives have to bustle in and fix it. The assumption that women are naturally better housekeepers is part of patriarchy.”

          • August Løvenskiolds

            Sorry, I should have said “part 4″ of Lindy West’s screed…

          • tamerlame

            The feminist construct of patriarchy is a collective mental illness. Just like the Nazi’s blaming the Jewish bankers for everything.

        • scatmaster

          Thanks. See my above comment.

  • Ray

    Sounds like they’re living proof that de-evolution is a reality for the feminist members of our species.

    I think what they really meant to chant was:

    “Don’t believe our feminist lies! After Women’s Studies our brains are fried!”

    • Bewildered

      “Don’t believe our feminist lies! After Women’s Studies our brains are fried!” ”

      DEEP FRIED !

      • Near Earth Object

        “DEEP FRIED !”


        • ImNotMraBut…

          Fried does not men cooked. If logic and reason doesn’t work, why do you think that heat would make a difference?

          • Near Earth Object

            “Fried does not men (sic) cooked.”

            Oh, but it does—in this part of the world.

            Both ‘fried’ and ‘cooked’ are euphemisms for fuckedrightup.

  • Kevin

    Nothing can be done, except to just keep on keepin’ on. Eventually the presence of MRA’s is bound solidify in people’s minds, and those who have to drum up psychotic behavior every month or so will run out of steam. I don’t think they have anything better to drive themselves with.

    • Dean Esmay

      I don’t think they’ll run out of steam. They’re privileged little brats leading lives of no accountability, there on either the taxpayer dime or mommy and daddy’s trust money. They, especially the women, are among the most privileged people on Earth, mostly spoiled brats, and have never had to act like adults a day in their lives. Such people never learn to stop having temper tantrums.

      • Bewildered

        This will be vehemently denied !

        Life is all about fun eh? At whose cost ?

        • Kimski

          Ironically, Cyndi Lauper had a nervous breakdown when she later discovered that having a hit meant you had to go on the road, and actually _work_ to promote yourself.

          Perhaps girls just want to have fun, because that’s all they _can_ do?

          • Bewildered

            You hater! :wink: THEY ARE ENTITLED TO IT ! Don’t threaten to take away their rights !

      • Mark Trueblood

        Another problem is, their beliefs are a faith in untruths, half-truths, emotion, and projection.

        It’s not as if reasoned arguments and evidence will convince them to change their perspective.

  • Never Blue Again

    “Women Hold Half The Sky”

    Except they just don’t know how big the sky actually is….!! So whatever portion they holdup they think that is half of the full sky.

    And from the description of the protest . . . . . .
    I thought there are still some differences between protesting and terrorizing. But it seems feminist don’t know the difference.

    Great Work JtO.

  • Mike Buchanan

    JtO, it sounds like another result for the MHRM. Well done! Presumably someone (Dan?) will be posting video footage?

    What would these people do if the police enforced a ban on crazy rhyming slogans? We need to ridicule them relentlessly and mercilessly.

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)

    • Christian “xXToYeDXx” Chiasson

      I’ll be posting another video series on my youtube channel. I got quite a lot of great footage that I’ll need to edit together though. Might take me a few days but keep an eye out for it.

      • August Løvenskiolds

        The twits in the Toronto newspapers complain that the footage was edited (and hence, somehow less than credible). In addition to the edited version, would it be possible to post the raw feed so that we can us it to potty train them by rubbing their faces in it?

    • Dan Perrins

      Since you folks paid my dime to go and get that footage I leave it to Paul to do the honours, spread it around you might say.
      It was a circus. The ‘fuck you’ spewing harpy was a gem. I asked her to stop yelling I was right there, nope. I tried a couple of other times but meh she just wanted to scream how all of a sudden feminism is our friend, has all the answers.
      When questioned for those answers she got creative with another copulating phrase.
      Meh better shows to keep an eye on and people to watch over.

      • Falcor

        As I watched that video, my first response was “OK, let’s say you are doing that. Why are you so hostile to MRA groups which are trying to accomplish the same things you purportedly are?”

      • Murray Pearson

        Dannyboy, you are a king amongst men.

    • Ray

      “We need to ridicule them relentlessly and mercilessly. “

      They’re no more than stupid, sexist and racist bullies, IMO, using the imprimatur of a university campus to try to bring a facade of decency and legitimacy to their vile thugocratic agenda.

      • Ray

        What’s the U of T’s policy on bullying – enroll them in Women and Gender Studies curriculum, where feminist bullying is apparently accepted and taught? :-/

  • Jay

    Thanks so much for this report JTO. I hope we can get more details of this event; such as more details about the issues the lecture covered, and video of the Lord of The Flies scene. Sounds crazy dude.

    To think, that we are taught university is a place of discussion and debate. These protestors sound like brainless zombies. That’s because instead of actually examining their own views and articulating why they are calling you all these nasty things, they resort to even more ad hominem attacks and more weird zombie style chants.

  • ComradePrescott

    I suspect that everything you said was true, but one should never fall into the mistake of trusting others simply because they like them!

    I think peer review and scrutiny are the true foundations for truth and enlightenment! Not simply one’s feelings or perceived superiority. I look forward to seeing the videos you took of what transpired.

    Still, I don’t think I’m too early to say thanks for honestly reporting something mainstream journalism ignores or lies about.

  • AConcernedMan

    It gets far worse.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      I’m a big fan of this channel, “Violent Women Among Us” (of course). I was expecting a censorship attack sooner or later. It is surprising that it would come from a post on “after-birth abortion” though, since this is not considered to be violence by forward-looking authoritarians.

    • Near Earth Object


  • knightrunner

    Weren’t they supposed to physically oppose us or something? I guess words count as physical force to these people. And Im pretty sure that the sky stays up on its own. At least that’s what I was taught in kindergarten.

    Im sorry John. You made the trip to Toronto to be beaten up by feminists only to have nothing happen. Im sure your as disappointed as the rest of us.

  • Suzanne McCarley

    Great report JtO, and I’m glad you all came away safe. Looking forward to soooo much more!

  • AConcernedMan

    “And following all of this, I’m flying back to Vancouver tomorrow where I regret the necessary admission that the feminists in my home town are not sane either, and likely, just as dangerous.”

    Like this one, for instance?

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    Women hold up half the sky….

    Shit that’s a hard act to follow.

    • onca747

      *Repeatedly clicks upvote button*

    • Bewildered

      She does that with such grace ! WOW!

    • Shrek6

      Huh, not this type of woman. They are pathetic and weak.
      Now if she was green and very large, then I would believe she would hold up MORE THAN HALF the sky!

      • Never Blue Again

        That means GREEN and very LARGE men holds less than half the sky…… ??

        Oppression of WOMEN ….. OMG ….. !!!

        • Shrek6

          Well, there’s two reasons why fat green men don’t hold up even half the sky. One, the fat green women are too volatile to argue with and secondly, most fat green men don’t give a toss about the bloody sky in the first place and aren’t stupid enough to stand around all day holding it up.

          So, we just let the large fat green women hold it up, just so they can brag about it. And we all sigh and give a quiet clap.

    • Kimski

      Don’t you know it takes years of hard practice and work, along with a high degree in women’s studies that are absolutely useless in the real world, to stand in that position with such grace.

      You have obviously not tried to be a woman, while attempting to do that.

      Shame on you, for your disrespect of the finer art of female holding-up-the sky-casually.

      • ImNotMraBut…

        Multi tasking just don’t get the applause it should! Hold Up Sky with left hand, Hold banner in Right Hand, use Twitter with other hand to notify associates of male amazement.

        And some wonder why female gods and deities have such odd bodily forms and added on bits!

        • Cousin Dave

          While walking backwards in high heels, no less.

      • scatmaster
        • Bombay

          LOL – another nice pic!

          • scatmaster

            I aim to please and bring a little humour (spelled the international way just for you Paul) to the discourse Mr Bombay. Not on the level of Dr. F’s intellectual humor but I hope it suffices.

      • Suzanne McCarley

        I’ve been a woman for five decades and let me tell you, holding up that damn sky is WORK!


        • Grumpy Old Man

          “I’ve been a woman for five decades.”


          What did you do before that? ;)

          • Kimski


          • Suzanne McCarley


        • Grumpy Old Man

          Sorry, I could not help myself.

          Because in my gender studies class I learned being a woman is only a social construct. :)

        • Cousin Dave

          Us guys went off and invented poles for that.

  • Gamer

    So they DID pick up on that dog thing from your last post? HA! I called it!

    Don’t take this the wrong way: I’m glad you’re safe man, but a part of me wanted them to fuck you up a little bit, just so you could film it, put it online, and discredit them even more. Oh well, maybe next time, lol.

    When they say, “women hold up half the sky,” you should have responded with, “but we’re here to discuss the other half.” Or, “you do know that half means only 50 percent, right?”

    I think MRAs would do well to come up with their own catchy rhymes. Let me help:

    “Man-haters, go away!
    Men’s human rights are here to stay!”

    “Rape, she said? Rape, my ass.
    It’s not rape if she said yes.”

    “Feminists, the sky is vast!
    Men hold up the other half!”

    Still a work in progress, but if you chant it, it’s catchy.

    Cheers! :)

    • Bewildered

      Men’s rights are radically human !

    • Kimski

      “I think MRAs would do well to come up with their own catchy rhymes.”

      No way! Forget it! Count me out!
      Not when there’s so many other much more interesting and ridiculous things to do:

    • Zarathos022

      “A message for UTSU’s staff:
      You Feminazi Reptiles make me laugh!”

    • August Løvenskiolds

      In order to speak truth to pussy in language that they can understand, we need to make a poster festooned with slices of bread, pink safety razors, and pink dog collars that we wave about as we chant “Make me a sammich! Go home and shave!”

      • Gamer

        Um, that might, kinda sorta, play into their delusions of patriarchy.

        Besides, I wholeheartedly reject traditional gender roles because I dismiss them as matriarchal. The last thing I want is for a woman to stay home and make me sandwiches, because that would mean I’d have to be her worker bee/slave.

        Instead, I want all women to keep their grubby hands off my wallet, so they better get off their asses and get to work because I’m sure as fuck not giving them a single penny! I will never be used as a utility in that way.

        Plus, as a seducer/pua, the idea that women should hold sex hostage for money is repugnant. They must work. I’ll make my own sandwiches. But thanks.

        • August Løvenskiolds

          Indeed, Gamer – that was a parody of what they seem to be expecting of us. Lowering our level of discourse to theirs would great folly indeed, but threatening to adopt some of their tactics will make them actually THINK, a process that, on an individual level, they have neglected.

          A feminist who begins to think for herself, evaluate evidence for herself, and free herself from the expectations of her women’s studies cohort will inevitably break from feminism and earn a new name – “honey badger”.

          Also, they love to quote-mine from AVfM (it is not like they can think up slogans themselves) and if they quote me at their next protest, it will inevitably lead folks back here. Not that that’s my evil plan, or anything.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      you do know that half means only 50 percent, right?”


    • the lion

      I would rather not participate in meaningless yelling and actually discuss the issues and statistic.s if only the feminist felt the same way i did, these issues could be resolved but i guess is easier to make up a meaningless chant then think.

      • Gamer

        It’s not either/or. MRA’s should do both. Take care of the substance AND the image. Right now, the movement has an image problem, which can be successfully resolved without compromising anything of substance.

        Instead of chanting rape slogans, which stupid feminists think MRAs are doing, you should be chanting:

        “Feminists, look and see
        Men have fucking dignity.”

        The superficial stuff will attract the masses. Once you have them on a hook, you can reel them in with the intellectual stuff. But no movement was ever successful without taking care of its superficial image due to high and mighty rejections of shallowness on intellectual grounds.

        You must take care of both. As a seducer, I know this first hand. This is PUA 101.

        It’s stupid!
        It’s shallow!
        It’s necessary!


    A good collection of vids can be found here:

    One of them show Dannyboy getting screamed at by a rabid red-head in white, titled “Shut the fuck up”
    Maybe someone can mirror or back them up?

    • onca747

      I’ve downloaded all 18 vids on both pages. I’ll begin mirroring on YT if people so wish.

      • MGHOW_AU

        Make sure you’ve got them all properly, because I’ve had some issues with some of the vids not playing properly, eg. vids stopping half-way

    • rompastompa

      The people with the FSAC group noted that the red head in the white shirt was exceedingly unstable.

  • externalangst

    But where was Vanja Krajina? Could the reports of her flying back to her home planet be true? This is like science fiction except without any science. Anyhoo, mission accomplished. Well done all!


    Still watching the second page(about halfway down) and to my surprise JtO also talking to the same red-head in white and another bloke

    • AConcernedMan

      Great videos. I hope someone is archiving them.

    • ImNotMraBut…

      I see that the race issue kept on coming up – and Orphan Annie of the Faux Red Hair was fixated on Whiteness. So puerile and ignorant.

      Why do I get the impression that her parents just gave up dealing with her fantasy life and demands at around age 3? If you look at the stages of Piagetian Developmental Psychology she fits totally within The Preoperational stage.

      Let me think of some History – White Guys and Genghis Khan – That Silk Road Thing with heads on Spikes – and even Hawaii and a white guy who discovered Australia ending up a bit dead. That’s just three continental and oceanic groups covered … do I need to use more to debunk a Navel Gazing Centric White Gal who see’s all race issues from her own White Privileged mind set as a Caucasian female with Chips on both shoulders.

      The Intellectually Incompetent Testa Rossa and her ever revving mouth that kept on showing her racism – She believes that none Caucasians have throughout History not had any agency to dislike white skin on sight and somehow or other been mesmerised by the silky soft sheen of white male skin (Nivea For men and Metro-sexuality in 1066 – Beckham was an Icon of the Dark Ages and used to advertise the Papacy?).

      The way she speaks is almost religious, and I wonder if she is an Art Historian Minor, because she speaks about men as if they are a cast in western art – there is some bias there with Jesus, God and Angels being depicted as Caucasian males. Her limited views and conceptions are themselves racists as she see’s White men as negative and all other races as positive and not able to be negative – both immature and intellectually dishonest.

      Having Globalised her views (Derived from comedian Louis C K – a most suitable academic source) and applied them to all of history she states “White men have never been oppressed ever in the history of anything for being white men.”

      I was wondering about that and some history I have been studying recently in light of the claims made else where that only Black African people were subjected to slavery by Transportation. Some see history as only Black or White – they are so intellectually dishonest and incompetent that they want everything Black and White and race treated the same way.

      They miss out such matters as the Barbary pirates who captured and took over 1 million men, women and children from the coastlines of Europe, and then transported them to North Africa to use as slaves. They didn’t just raid the Mediterranean either but went Oceanic and raised in Ireland, England, Wales, Belgium, Holland and all down the African Coast.

      The Caucasian slaves traded all over the Ottoman Empire and were even made to work as Galley Slaves rowing the ships to capture yet more Caucasian men, women and children to enslave. They even made Caucasian slaves row down the coast of Africa and allow more Black African’s to be enslaved. No doubt that just proves the Racism of Caucasian men and a willingness to Co-operate in the oppression of others?

      Now call me negative, misanthropic and even deluded but I have a hunch that at least one white guy was taken and Systemically oppressed, used as a salve and treated negatively because he was … well… White!

      No doubt the Orphan Annie and her red hair could not handle such an idea as it oppresses Ottomans and Turkik peoples … and that has to be racism in the flaming world of the cerebral feminists on a Sugar Rush. Only White men are racists for Miss Red head bullhorn Intellect. If she screams it, It will be reality and denying her demanded reality is sexism and Misogyny?

      Orphan Annie would know such things if she was not fixated on her own Whiteness and her own experience and not showing her Covert Racism and thinking she is clever, empowered and even has some form of Intellectual authority.

      Her crass inability to deal with reality rather than constructing a Globally racist attitude around her own whiteness, experience and Caucasian mind set is an example of why she believes what she chooses to swallow – and She is in a Cult. Her thinking and illogical biased Logic is so Cultic as to be hallmark.

      She Truly is a bigot and her Amateur Dramatics lack style or real comedy value to provide here with even an opportunity to be seen as endearing in the most patronising of ways… the sort of thing you do to a five year old as they impersonate Cher singing “If I could turn back time” as they straddle a rocking horse.

      What’s the betting that the Faux Red Hair, dramatic fashion sense and Bull Horn Vocals don’t last beyond 2013? … and for heaven sakes No one should do a revival of anything by Berlin, Fields and Fields or little Orphan Annie will impose herself further upon the stage!

      … And I hate to think what she’s like when she does her Ethel Merman Impersonation. “There’s No Business Like Show Business….”

      • Wilf
        • ImNotMraBut…

          … but Wilf – White cargo only supports all feminists views of White men as negative. That is why I specifically mentioned only none Caucasian slavers who used the Empowered and Unoppressable Wwhite male as slave.

          If it’s white people using other white people as slaves – kidnapping children from the streets – transporting them to other continents – selling them for profit…. It may mistakenly look like there has been an incident where a White male may just possible have been oppressed by another white male… but as it’s not possible under feminist Matriarchal logic for white male to oppress white male under the construct of Patriarchy… any such matter vanishes in a puff of purple smoke and has no reality. Don’t you know that?

          If you point out that there has been no purple smoke this is because all men, especially white men, are rapists and too busy either raping, or thinking about raping, or recovering from their latests rapist activity to notice anything beyond the end of their patriarchally empowered forking dongles.

          Only White males Oppress – and it’s not possible for White males to be oppressed – unless they are queer, trans, disabled, immigrant, and don’t speak the local Lingo. Even then, they are not really oppressed, but just sharing a few feminine characteristics which are on loan and have to be handed back upon demand.

          It’s so odd how the slavery issue keeps coming up and how so many wonder at the demands of feminists which seem to be about enslaving men through mindsets that are so very dominant and highly controlling.

    • TigerMan

      The red haired woman does seem to believe volume of voice equates to relevance of argument but what impressed me most was John Hemblings calm demeanour. The red haired (dyed I suspect, not that is any of my business) woman was visibly wincing when John calmly but firmly insisted he be allowed to respond but to her credit she did not try to shout him down or shut him up as was the case earlier, the guy with her too seemed more willing to engage in a reasonable civilised manner. I was very heartened to see this because I’m sure that once some of these protesters start actually LISTENING to what we have to say they will discover we are not the misogynistic monsters they have been led to believe we are and that we might have some pov’s that they will find very difficult to disagree with.
      When you treat human beings as human beings even those who oppose you it makes it hard for them to maintain the poisonous dehumanising narrative they had been entertaining, they might not verbally acknowledge it but the chances are they sure felt it.
      That was a good example set by John Hembling of how to interact with opponents. My hats off to him. :)

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        How much can you shout down someone when they are discussing stacks of privileged white corpses?

  • Imdefender

    I look ford to the video of all of this happening I’ll have the popcorn ready Paul says he’s providing the alcohol he promise’s to shout everyone one beer for each time a feminist use’s logic…

    Oh boy its going to be a long time between drinks

    • Steve_85

      “he promise’s to shout everyone one beer for each time a feminist use’s logic”

      So… the event is dry then?

      • ImNotMraBut…

        What do you expect when you are dealing with an ideology and groups that trace their roots all the way through the W. C. T. U. (Woman’s Christian Temperance Union).

        It’s fascinating to track the records of Coffee Houses across the USA, and wonder at the caffeine levels. P^)

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        No. There will be plenty of fermented Kool-Aid.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      A quicker way to get your buzz on would be to do a shot every time a feminist says something crazy, but then we run the risk of mass alcohol poisoning of MHRAs.

  • rompastompa

    I cant believe this is happening in the west. This manner of behaviour is just a tiny step below something I’d expect from hardcore salafists here in the middle east.

  • Greg Canning

    thank you thank you thank you UT Feminist’s – more great advertising for men’s human rights, please keep it up.

  • Redfield

    I am thankful that it was at least a physically non violent demo … good on you guys!

  • St miracle


  • Bewildered

    Women hold up HALF the sky
    But western women just can’t have enough of the pie
    The rest of the world wonders why
    In the west pigs do fly !

    [With the feminists around anything is possible !]

  • Lebowski Emancipated

    Somehow, in the back of my head…I heard the ghost of Johnny Carson applying the sardonic acid of his wit.

    “Women hold up half the sky? I…did not….know that.”

    Then again, Johnny never ever checked his privilege.

    Somebody email the downloaded Ryerson college vids to Mykeru. If anybody can make this stuff into lulzy satire…it’s the happy-fun-time-dead-cow-head guy.

  • Correctrix

    ‘What on earth makes you think I’m “cis-gendered”?’

    Haha, golden response. Fuck, I hate it when they use that as an insult. I’d love to be cis-gendered! I’ve heard it’s awesome.

    I have three close friends who are also trans, and we all think feminism is bullshit.

    If I lived anywhere near Toronto, you can believe that I would have been right there with you. I might have been a liability though, as I am not very good at not fucking people’s shit up if they get in my face.

    • Stu

      You have three close friends who are also trans. So white, male, patriarchal, privileged, cis gendered birds of a feather do flock together. :)

  • Andy Bob

    “Very good. You can yell. How about we talk rationally?”
    John Hembling.

    The moment of confused silence that descends immediately following Mr Hembling’s sensible suggestion sums up the vacuous inanity of these morons. Thankfully, Mr Hembling is an experienced moronologist, used to venturing close to the precipices of intellectual feminists voids such as these – without falling in.

    Anyone disappointed that their much-heralded threat to rain revolutionary hellfire upon us dissipated in the spring sunshne should rest assured that these protesters didn’t do themselves, or their ’cause’, any favours. Their antics were hysterical and infantile, firing off false allegations and fire alarms with singular immaturity and ineptitude.

    To all MHRAs who attended, great work. We salute you.

  • ImNotMraBut…

    How Big Is the Phenomenon of ‘Undue Influence’?

    “And on it went. He accused me of every egregious category of bigotry he could think of. Each time I demonstrated the illogic and simple falsehood of each accusation, like a talking doll with a pull-string in the back of his neck, he indexed to the next attack, with seemingly no awareness of what he’d said seconds earlier. One argument of this pattern would be surreal. I had over 50 conversations of this shape, each with different individuals. Some of the accusations even circled around to repetitions of themselves.”

    I read that and had flashbacks to:

    “..the peculiar law unique to all cult movements was fast at work: the more money, time and effort a cultist devotes to his Cause, the less concerned he is with the tenets and beliefs of the Cause.”

    God is a Millionaire – Faiths, Cults, and Sects of America, Richard R. Mathison, 1960.

    The patterns of thinking and behaviour shown at UofT are Hallmark Cult:

    1) The group and its members are special – all others are not. Anything which speaks Ag inst the Special has to be resisted by “B”ehaviour – “I”nformation – “T”hinking – “E”motion … and the more publicly these four factors are displayed the better one will be judged as a Cult member.

    2) Induction of guilt, and the use of guilt to manipulate cult members – the projection of all external groups as nasty to make the internal guilt appear less. Using externalised hate relative to internal hate does not remove hate, just make one appear better and preferential to the other.

    3) Unquestionable Dogma, Sacred Science, and Infallible Ideology – Do as we say and no matter what other says just repeat the right magical words and mantras to protect yourself and the Universe, and DON’T THINK! We will impose reality – If we call you rapist and by our magical thinking you shall be one – if we call you racist you shall by oour magic be made racists – and if we call you Asshat, by out magic you will have a hat for an ass – or maybe an ass on your hat… we’re not sure what it means but by magic we combine wordsa nd give them magical meaning such as “Rape Culture”, “Gender Identity”, “Penis Envy” …a nd we even magically combine Mickey and Mouse.

    4) Instant Community – Join us and we will Love you and protect you from all the nasties out there. No additives guaranteed – we even do Vegan options and have such community appeal that anyone can become instantly communed, and we will get to the details afterwards once we have checked you out … and figured out which button are available to be pressed.

    5) Instant Intimacy – Now you are with US we all share the same minds, thoughts, ideals and views and as we are all correct and always right, So Are You. (If In Doubt Chant about Rapists and holding Things Up) We will bake you cakes and remember your birthday (even if Birthdays are just a manifestation of the Patriarchal Hegemony and used to define women and repeatedly remind them of their oppression in carrying Male Children … which programmes all males from conception to assume they own women’s bodies and may enter at any time for comfort … so we will remember your birthday and make sure you know why celebrating it is not acceptable and just a patriarchal behaviour that has to go…..)

    6) Surrender To The Group. They surrender even their own sexualities, bodies and human rights as individuals to join the group and be a groupy. And then people wonder at the behaviour at a Justin Bieber Concert?

    Women Hold Up Half The Sky? … and that is just group think, where chanting and repetitive slogans are part of Cult behaviour and self Justification. If in doubt use a Thought-Terminating Cliche to first stop your own thinking and secondly to signal to the environment your Group membership and allegiance. Also Using such verbal signals encourages others to do the same and provide peer support from within the Group think.

    I wonder if C.A.F.E. shouldn’t invite someone such as Steven Hassan of Freedom of Mind to talk on the subject of how people give away Human Rights for themselves and others when they fall into the Cults of the Modern world.

    “Undue Influence” is bigger than what people perceive as mind control and also more insidious – and those who have come from dysfunctional backgrounds are all too often predisposed to being Unduly Influenced .

    How Big Is the Phenomenon of ‘Undue Influence’ ? – see the video

    Who is Vulnerable to Undue Influence?

  • sondjata

    “However, considering this display of attempted intimidation, imagine the same event occurring without multiple camera equipped men’s human rights activists to guarantee public accountability of whatever transpired.”

    -Just so you know. Cheap Chinese clip on cameras are available online. I keep one on my person at all times.

  • by_the_sword

    Women hold up half the sky…

    …while standing on the backs of men.

  • napocapo69

    “Women Hold Half The Sky”

    …ssshhhh…do not tell them that men are increasingly less interested in holding the other half…

  • Mark Trueblood

    On “we’re working on men’s issues” –

    If they are working on men’s issues, why would they disrupt a speech also working on these issues? Why would they harass other people working on these issues? If they really wanted to help, wouldn’t they want to come into the speech, sit down quietly, and learn how they can further the productive dialogue?


  • Robert St. Estephe

    “Him: You’re a privileged, sexist, sick and twisted cis-gendered privileged while male and you should be put down! (yes, he really said that)”

    “Put down” in this usage is a phrase I only hear when the killing of an animal is described, so I’m assuming that is what was meant.

    Is it possible for the politically correct progressive “community” to be any closer to the Mein Kampf style of thinking, rhetoric and intention?

  • Jared White

    “he indexed to the next attack, with seemingly no awareness of what he’d said seconds earlier.”

    That’s like a running theme with feminists. They will make a claim and then defend it vehemently but right when you disprove that claim it will either be twisted or disregarded for something else.

    In short…feminists are stuuuupid :)

    • Mark Trueblood


    • Near Earth Object

      “stuuuupid” works.

      I prefer ‘Social Disease’!

  • malcolm

    Of course I know that women hold up half the sky. I learned that at the Dr. Warren Farrell event.
    I’m just surprised that they have time to attend protests with their onerous sky-holding-up responsibilities. They must be good at multi-tasking.

    • Near Earth Object


      Mediocrity spun leftwards

      • Kimski


  • FacelessFather

    The men’s revolution is here ladies. And yes. IT WILL BE TELEVISED.

  • Umfweto

    If these people are all Uni students is it safe to assume that their average age is 20-22?

    They are just a bunch of bored kids really. They haven’t even had to look after themselves in themselves in the real world yet but they claim to know better than most on how the world ought to work.

    Children (because they are just children) who act they like they do are usually called spoiled brats.

    I wonder if they would all be so pro-Marxist after spending just a few weeks in a North Korean concentration camps.

    Personally I think the MRHM shouldn’t waste their time on a bunch of naive children who have yet to learn about the real world.

    Once these kids are faced with the real world most of them will very quickly change their point of view.

    I urge everyone in the MRHM just to ignore them. Of course make necessary plans to counter any violence they plan at MRHM events but that is all the attention they should be given.

    I mean call me old fashioned, but sometimes children are to be seen and not heard.

    • Near Earth Object

      A very rational and logical post.

      It all looks good on paper.

      In the real world—in my experience—ignoring them does not work.

      Ignoring them is no longer an option!

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    MRAs – shut the fuck up! We’re working on it. BEEN workin’ on it a looooong time. Shut the fuck up and stop hatin’ on us,racist rapists! We got you penciled in, you fucking violent oppressionistic misogynists, so shut the fuck up and be fucking patient.

    After all – SOMEONE has to hold up half the sky AND figure all this shit out for you incompetent privileged patriarchal pricks!

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      OHPC, the “Men’s issues – we’re working on it” reminds me of the joke image of a complaint box place on top of a paper shredder. Don’t know if this link will work. Scat is the master of img links:

      I’ve used the phrase “I’m working on it before.” Mostly when I was a teenager and was shining my parents on about doing something I had absolutely no intention of doing. Ever.

      • Phil in Utah
      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Auugh! It didn’t open for me.

        I’ve been watching too many Deadwood reruns lately…

        Anyway – it reminds me of my favorite all time movie, FARGO, where Jerry Lundegarde avows “I’m cooperatin’ with ya, darn tootin’! I’m workin’ with ya on this thing”.

        • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

          Great film. Steve Buscemi being fed into the wood chipper has become my go-to simile (or is it analogy) for men’s experience of Family Court.

    • Mark Trueblood

      Well, the reality is if we were to follow their plans for “working on it” we’d be reinforcing misandry and digging the hole deeper.

  • prince_tybalt

    I had better interactions with protesters at the last event:

    I didn’t even bother trying to talk to anyone at this one, because I’m not going to attempt to have a discussion with someone with a megaphone. I still want to know who holds up the other half of the sky, or is it the other half that chicken little keeps telling us is falling.

    (I meant to post that article of mine on the forums a while ago, but I’ve had issues logging on for about a month now).

  • Umfweto

    On the planet Mao 6 in the far away Stalin Galaxy the well-behaved Femitubbies have to hold up the sky because their planet is flat.

    Whenever the Femitubbies venture too far out in to the sea they have to be saved by the Noo-noo before they fall off the flat planet Mao.

    That is why you must never challenge a Femitubby to much because the Noo-noo does not want the Femitubbies to fall off the flat planet.

    Eh oh!

  • VAWAVictim

    I’m feeling neglected. Why don’t the feminists ever hate on us “privileged black males”???

    • Grumpy Old Man

      Don’t feel too neglected. It’s kind of like watching your sibling get beat then hiding in the other room hoping your mother does not notice you, but she will eventually. :)

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      //(sarcasm)//Because Feminist’s OWN black male oppression, and if you are indeed a privileged black male it’s due to white women’s benevolent hard work on your behalf.

      Now go back to blaming and hating white men or risk losing everything they fought for you.//

    • ImNotMraBut…

      “Why don’t the feminists ever hate on us “privileged black males”” – they just aint got round to you yet? They have been getting the unprivileged one’s locked up for years, but you sound good for taxes and feeding into federal funding.

      Just remember the words of pastor Martin Niemöller, “First they came for…”.

    • sondjata

      “I’m feeling neglected. Why don’t the feminists ever hate on us “privileged black males”???

      Dude, while I’m considering the MOST tongue in cheek sarcasm EVER, I will post the following links JUST in case you weren’t:

      I wrote the second piece on my third alcoholic beverage. lol

  • ImNotMraBut…

    I’ve been looking closely at Video and Photos and I can’t help but notice that some of the celebrities(sic) who made themselves so central to past events – they are conspicuous by their absence.

    Does this indicate that they feared attending, or did their past performances just show a lack of X-Factor?

  • DavidicLineage

    Brawndo’s got what plants crave. It’s got electrolytes.


  • Phil in Utah

    I think Screamin’ Jay Hawkins has articulated what it feels from their end to get out a single, rational thought (no disrespect to Screamin’ Jay, mind you; he’s fucking awesome):

  • ImNotMraBut…

    I’ve had an associate who deals in Chinese looking at the “Holding Up Sky” thing – and she is quite sure (as a Chinese Woman) that the correct translation is “women CAN hold up half the sky”.

    She’s a bit pissed at lazy western women (especially the white one’s) who keep being so lazy with translation and other people’s lives. A literal translation removed the word “Can”, but a translation which communicates meaning has to use the word “Can” else it’s not a Translation and fails to communicate the Idiomatic meaning and the Chinese reality of langauge.

    Using The Slogan as a single sex issue means you fail – Holding up half means nothing is held up. Half an Arch does not work is the equivalent western Motif.

    The Chinese World View is primarily of gender symmetry (Yin And Yang) not an opposition view of one against the other. That oppositional view is from Western Feminists.

    So every time they chant “fu nü neng ding ban bian tian” incorrectly and misuse it, all they do is prove their self righteous ignorance and racism. How can these children just keep on getting it wrong on so many levels?

    1) Mao era poster with Translations. “fu nü neng ding ban bian tian”
    2) Chinese – English Dictionary.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      You mean all this holding up half the sky was for naught?

      I mean…it looks so GOOD on a resume!

      Are you saying women DON’T hold up half the sky? Or are you saying the sky doesn’t need holding up in the first place – that the sky won’t fall down without strong and empowered women to hold it up?

      • ImNotMraBut…

        All of the above – and with half lidded knowing look that only a wise Confucian can muster! P^)

        • Kimski

          So they’re basically attempting to dig half a hole with that statement?

          Okaayy.. o.0

          • ImNotMraBut…

            The Zen of Men’s Human Rights kicks in at last! P^)

  • donzaloog

    Good work, JtO. It looks like the feminists learned how to behave after being soundly embarrassed by Steve Brule’s video. The tide is slowly turning.

    • Near Earth Object

      “The tide is slowly turning.”

      It is!

      Hopeful. I like it.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    This is like going to a Hockey game and not seeing a fight :). Except your pretty happy about it after its done. I guess we can put our water bottles away for a few days, the kittens are behaving.

    Thx for the report and glad you and the other guys are safe.

  • rexxthunder

    I personally think this is all great! They’re turning up the volume and will only continued to turn up the volume. It’s only a matter of time until the media gets a hold of them. I might be optimistic here, but I suspect that people are going to deem them to be simply crazy. I’d say keep up the coverage, and push them to the point where they start making their own version of It will be so full of emotionally charged non-sense, that anyone with half a brain will be able to see right through it.

  • Paul Elam

    One question. How can women hold up half the sky if they cannot even hold up their half of selective service?

    • scatmaster

      NOW is strangely silent on this issue Paul.
      Manjaw as well.

  • Anonymister

    If I may, I’d like to make a suggestion…

    Trying to engage in a dialogue with the protesters, particularly as a group, is and always will be impossible. You need to show that you’re the sane and rational side through action.

    They’ll consistently parrot their catch-phrases — they’ve been trained to do just that. It’s a way of ensuring that they can not only ignore, but also dehumanize you. On some level, they actually don’t even know what they’re saying. Trust me on this one.

    Don’t try to rationalize. Don’t try to use logic. Don’t refute. It simply will. not. work. And it will make you look bad on video, especially after they edit it. They’re trying to get a rise out of you, and it one day might work.

    So here’s what to do: You need to control the situation.

    – Create an “Open Dialogue Zone” nearby, where YOU control the space. Don’t do it on their turf. Find a wall, or ideally two, so you don’t have to worry about guarding all four sides.
    – Ideally, have a sign that says “Open Dialogue Zone”, (keep it professional looking), have a camera set up, and a few chairs. YOU set the ground rules. Make it clear that there is no yelling or use of megaphones in the ODZ.
    – Now of course, they won’t come by willingly. But you can walk up to the protesters can give them a small piece of paper inviting them to the ODZ. A “Blueprint To Dialogue” if you will.
    – There’s a good chance they’ll charge the ODZ. Try to control the perimeter. But if you can’t, get it on tape.

    Stay calm, carry on. And keep your cool. You’re fighting the right fight, but they have the tactical advantage. You are the underdog, but don’t froth at the mouth.