Angry Harry’s MRA Corner: with Dean Esmay

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Angry Harry, considered by many to be the father of the online men’s movement, has started a new series he’s called “MRA Corner” wherein he interviews Men’s Rights Activists. For his inaugural interview, he honored AVfM’s Managing Editor. We hope you enjoy it and that it gives you insight into how some of us think.

More on Selective Service

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In this video Barbarossaaa delivers a passionate rant about selective service and the equal rights amendment, finally asking men to consider whether they are human beings, or mere beasts of burden designed for the expendable whims of a gynocentric system.

Yvette Cooper says more feminism needed in schools

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In a recent Independent article Yvette Cooper laments that girls are routinely called “whore, bitch, slag, slut,” by boys, have their shirts forcibly undone, their skirts lifted and held up by groups of boys, and have half-naked photos shared around as acts of revenge by gangs of misogynistic boys. Josh O’Brien calls bullshit.