So what’s a Zeta Male anyway?

Zeta male

The ‘Zeta’ male rejects the suffocating stereotypes of Alpha, Beta and Omega masculinity, and goes his own way. We are pleased to republish a series of earlier AVfM articles that describe the Zeta male and his relevance in an increasingly gynocentric world.

The delusion of glory


No child is without a glorious hero whose name will go down in legend, and almost every child dreams of being the person who would fight for such things no matter what the cost

Single and singular


This is a feminist society which treats men as walking cash and sperm dispensers, and whether most men characterize the situation in the stark terms I’ve used, they increasingly understand it.

So What is a Zeta Male Anyway?


Social expectations of both alphas and betas (being providers, chivalry, etc) are tossed aside, and we refuse to see ourselves as inferior because of it. We are doing what we want, taking our lives into our own hands.

Avoid Getting Fucked by White Knights, Feminists, and Manginas

If you find yourself at war with your wife or girlfriend a low-tech handwritten journal can save your life, and keep you out of jail. A history of “normal” journal entries prior to issues of conflict will be useful in establishing the stress and pain created by attacks against you by your ex wife or girlfriend. Use a notebook with a traditional binding – not a spiral bound or a 3-ring style binder. Also, never tear pages out of your journal, as that will be used to present a case against you of fabricating a false history.

A Brief Review of 2010


It has been an interesting year for MRA’s. Some highs, some lows; never a dull moment. We have seen a lot over the past year and as it has gone on, I have been compiling a list of some of the most monumental moments across the world. These may in fact be some of, if […]

Feminism’s Victim Complex- and Consequences


The zeta male however is not playing that game, understanding as he does, that while he’s expected to assume that risk and damage, the side of the social contract compensating him and valuing him as a man is no longer operative. The zeta male’s identity is one developing around conscious evaluation of behavior’s risk and reward, and disparaging of traditional social control through shame or prestige.

Birth of Vagicon

There just aren’t many good words to describe how women manipulate men and those that do have long fallen out of use, now meaningless to most modern ears—words like termagant, virago, fishwife. All of these words are ancient, dating back to the Middle Ages or earlier, and focus on the nagging, scolding, nattering nature of women known to […]

Post-Modern American Honor

If we as a culture (and as men) do not learn to honor love, freedom, peace, and truth above all else, then I doubt it will matter very much what we do honor, if we honor anything at all.

Pat Tillman: Dying Like a Real Man

If we want to teach men to quit killing, we must first teach them to quit dying.And to do that, we first have to go where no one really wants to. We have to teach men to reject the pressures put on them to be protectors and providers first, self valuing human beings a distant second.