I Don’t Thank Slaves, Rape Victims or Soldiers

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Rape, slavery and war all involve abuse of human bodies. We would never praise rape-victims for giving pleasure to their rapist, nor laud slaves for being good whipping boys. Ayami Tyndall explains that, by the same logic, he cannot praise soldiers for having their bodies and minds subjected to horrific abuse.

Beyonce Knowles is an MRA


The future distopia imagery escalates with an early shot of several dozen armoured riot police rushing past the camera at about 20 seconds into the video – the shot cuts to Beyonce triumphally raising her arms from atop a burned out car.

A Father Burns Himself to Death


The most remarkable thing about this, is not that a man was so brutalized by the family court system that self immolation seemed a logical choice to him, but that this story is not on the front page of every news site in North America. The carnage of a feminized family court system written on pavement in charred flesh, melted human body fat and blood.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend


Women, all claims of patriarchy aside, are in charge. Women control 2/3 of disposable income. Women control access to sex, women own all rights of reproduction, and thereby, control men. (Whether they wish to admit it or not) More women than men vote. And, it is not a coincidence that in this society we keep calling a patriarchy, it’s 93% of workplace deaths that are men.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes?


When women talk about shoes, I don’t suppose a lot of them have these images in mind. While they are buying a pair of the latest fashionable boots from the hottest ‘designer of the moment’, many families are affected and grieving for the men who have donned, and lost life and limb, in his particular footwear.

Evolution of Understanding


The continually escalating narrative of “protecting” women by affording them ever greater protection and privilege above and beyond the legal rights of “bad” men is designed to produce a society in which nobody has legal rights except for the members of a few banking families. Not even women will have human rights in that world, because the men who would have protected them will be, and are being reduced to the legal status of furniture and appliances.

War’s Sacrifices: Has U.S. Forgotten?

Cannon Fodder

The woman heard about these men suffocating [screaming for fresh cool air, stampeding on the bodies of the dying to pull them away from a crack to get oxygen, brains boiling, chewing off fingertips and sucking on the sweat and blood to get a few drops of moisture.

Peace Needs a Woman Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle


The only women who are going to be invited to the peace negotiating tables are women who can be just as ruthless, uncaring, spiteful, greedy, and violent as the men who are sitting there. In short, the really nasty sort of feminists. To be more specific, not the sort of women who are truly anti-war.

The Reason Men are More Violent Than Women


I was up burning some 4:00 a.m. oil when I ran across a comment just posted to my YouTube video “Domestic Violence, Women are Half the Problem.”  Actually it was a two part comment. The first half was just standard shame trip and ad hominem. Not worth posting here.  And while the second half of […]