Vladek Filler describes his anguish after Kellett hearing concludes


Vladek Filler speaks to AVfM’s Acting Correspondent Scott Soley after the hearing in which Assistant District Attorney Kellett received a slap on the wrist. Filler describes the personal destruction out of control Kellett has had on his life and his children’s lives. All starting from a false accusation by his wife. However all may not be lost yet as Judge Gorman delays imposition till the end of this week. Kellett says she regrets what she did.

Breaking news: Mary Kellett free to practice law


Mary Kellett is suspended then gets her suspension suspended. Justice Gorman has essentially cleared Kellett of all charges and Kellett’s only punishment was to say (paraphrased) “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. Promise.” Before the decision was handed down Filler gave a moving statement about how Kellett’s criminal actions have permanently damaged his and his children’s lives. After the judgement Kellett was unavailable for comment.

Ellen Gorman: conscience of a judge


“Justice” is a title reserved in the United States for those who sit in the highest seat of of authority within the court system, both at the State and Federal level. A Justice in Maine named Ellen Gorman now has an opportunity to prove that the title of Justice actually means something, and is not an archaic title. Will Justice Ellen Gorman seek justice? Dean Esmay asks some questions we hope she’ll read and contemplate. [Illustration by Typhonblue]

Mary Kellett and Vladek Filler


If you’re still trying to put together what the Mary Kellett/Vladek Filler saga is all about, and why you should be in Portland Maine on Monday July 15 if you can be, Girl Writes What has an article that lays out in written form, in very plain and understandable language, what’s happening. It’s a text version of a recent video she did, which is great for those of you who prefer to read–or want something you can search and reference.

Kellett’s dominos need to fall


Mary Kellett is going to escape justice. Are you going to let that happen or are you going to take a stand against prosecutorial misconduct and men’s lives being treated like meat in a slaughterhouse? Vladek Filler and every other man who has been thrown into the judicial grinder needs you to give a shit. Remember when you see another man cut down, it means you’re next.

Team Kellett pulls fast one


Mary Kellett, the corrupt prosecutor in Maine, may still escape justice. AVfM has received word that a backroom deal has been struck for Kellett. With little advance notice, a hearing for Kellett was scheduled for the morning of Monday, July 15th in Portland, Maine. The system is protecting one of its own at the expense of men like Vladek Filler and we need your help.

The case against Mary Kellett


The day is nearing when prosecutor Mary Kellett will possibly face the music for her conduct in the case she prosecuted against Vladek Filler. And as it unfolds it reveals a much more widespread problem of false allegations and the corrupt court officials that pursue them. Robert Franklin reports.

Filler case nearing conclusion, perhaps

Mary Kellett

The wheels of justice, or as the case may be, injustice, continue to turn slowly in the case of Vladek Filler, which is now a case of prosecutorial malfeasance against Mary Kellett, which has been referred to the State Supreme Court of Maine for action. Paul Elam gives an overview of the cases history, as well as a message to the Supreme Court of Maine.