Everything is wrong with MGTOW


According to gynocentric social conventions MGTOW is an affront to the smooth functioning of today’s society. John Hembling showcases some of the more common arguments made against men going their own way, which he says amounts to the same old shame-sandwich that MGTOW men are rightly rejecting.

Sex and attachment


Why do we fall in love? Our analysis of the issues surrounding Men Going Their Own Way continues with Peter Wright’s overview into the nature of attachment and why humans are so fond of each other. The science about attachment that he reveals may surprise you and this historical context of just why we believe what we believe about men’s sexuality will definitely enlighten.

Love and MGTOW


Scholar and Man Going His Own Way Peter Wright has a look at people’s ideas about love and marriage throughout history, and concludes that much of what we today call “romance” is a historical aberration starting in the middle ages with the concept of courtly love and the image of white knights on bended knee, begging for a token from their Lady.