Teach men to not rape


Men, those crazed and out of control beasts must be trained to override the violent instinct to rape women – so says the feminist narrative of “rape culture.” As wider culture begins to reject this feminist stereotype, John Hembling warns that biographies of those who perpetuated it will be eternally stained with the conclusion ‘there lived a bigot’.

How the German legal system failed Horst Arnold

Young man behind the bars

Imagine you are accused of a terrible crime you didn’t commit. Jon Gunnarsson recounts the story of school teacher Horst Arnold who was falsely accused of rape and imprisoned without a shred of evidence. Despite being eventually found innocent, the corrupt judiciary who placed him there have never been held to account.

E-mail RAINN on Saturday, March 15, 2014

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The current FBI definition of rape refers to the penetration of the vagina or anus without the consent of the victim. Clearly this erases all victims of rape who are forced to penetrate, generally men or boys forced to have sex with women. To help correct this definition we urge you to join us in writing to key organisations, starting with RAINN on March 15.