Music & Men’s Issues: The approach, female space, and “street harassment”—”Let Me Down Easy” by Chris Isaak

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Author’s Note: There’s been a rapidly ramped-up cultural shift toward pathologizing male initiation of contact on multiple levels, starting with initial approaches to get women’s attentions. We are told that “street harassment” is not only culturally normative and epidemic but part of the “rape culture” continuum, emblematic of a wider cosmological worldview that men are […]

Rape accusation culture

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To hear some people tell it, there exists a culture where rape is socially acceptable. Not under some foreign “Islamo-fascist” regime in a land far, far away but right here in America. Chris Cantwell has a look.

University of Oregon men face witch-hunt rape accusations

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False rape accusations are nothing new on university campus, but what is new is that men are beginning to fight back. Kevin Hornbuckle gives details of the latest “rape” claim from the University of Oregon, along with the many anomalies that authorities turned a blind eye to in their enthusiasm to brand male students as rapists.