Another step toward femocracy

german flag and sky

In Germany moves are currently underway to pressure the voting public into electing more female politicians in the name of equal rights. Jon Gunnarsson explains that the move is more about gaining equal outcome than equal rights.

Why I do wiki and what’s a woozle!


The AVfM Reference Wiki is turning into a thing of beauty–one you can contribute to making even more awesome. AVfM welcomes new contributor Isaac Quill to tell us more about his own contributions there, and introduces a term we should all learn: The Woozle Effect.

Only one thing left…


Last year Thomas James Ball stepped up to the front of a family courthouse, doused himself with gasoline, and self immolated in protest of the courts treatment of he and his children. The media, and thus society, scarcely batted an eye.

Spare Me Your “Weinergate”!

Anthony Weiner and I have at least one thing in common: We’re both men. A politician’s manhood is under intense scrutiny, in the midst of a misandric culture. Therefore, I do not wish to remain silent.