Historic MHRA rally in Toronto huge success


Truly an historic moment as MHRAs gather at Queen’s Park in Toronto to support CAFE’s efforts to educate the public on the crisis of men and boys in our society. Counter-protesters were present but had little effect thanks to Toronto Police.

Broken women on men and fatherhood


Women who have a history of bashing men, spreading lies about men, and pretending to be oppressed by men are also big on whinging about what’s wrong with modern men and what men have to do to make their lives better. A Grumpy Old Man takes them to task, and rather effectively we’d say. We also say it’s about time.

Domestic violence: The real victims

Real Victim

Paul Elam resurrects an old article as a contribution to Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is offered here in the hopes that readers will help raise awareness by passing it on to other venues where it may shed some light on the problem.

The Indifference to Male Pain


The man’s name was Thomas Ball, and he doused himself in gasoline, then ignited himself on the steps of the courthouse in NH. Mr Ball chose to use his own self selected and agonizing death to focus public attention on the corruption of the family courts. He did this two days ago. And before just now, you have probably never heard of him. The mainstream media has no interest in human suffering, when it belongs to a man.