5K and pushing forward!


That being said, the fundraiser will continue for the entire two weeks as scheduled. There are a couple of good reasons for this. One, if I were able to raise $5,000,000.00 it would not be enough to fuck their shit up the way I would like to. Two, and very importantly, nearly 40% of the current total ($2,000.00) was donated by one individual who has been a regular, anonymous supporter.

Without this person, we are still at 60% of goal.

The fembots are already bent out of shape


I am using it, in this very article, to point to the enemy (that would be you) and serve it up to my many readers who find you as disgusting as I do. And if Wikipedia revokes my license to use their software, I will rebuild the site with .asp or some other technology and use Wiki’s attempt to censor me in several articles, drawing even more traffic to the site.

Fuck Their Shit Up Fundraiser and Beer Bash


Since our opening day here we have been mentioned by the New York Times; we have been the object of ire and frustration of feminist functionaries like Mary Kellett who by proxy attempted to get a gag order placed on us regarding coverage and activism in the Vladek Filler false rape trial. We have forced other feminists, like domestic violence advocate Christine Armstrong to silence her hate speech and false accusations and scurry of into the dark corners with the other roaches.

We have launched a growing internet radio show that carries the unabashed word of the MRM every week to thousands of listeners. And we have put together a group of men and women whose writings on the issues of men in the misandric zeitgeist is without parallel.

Mainstream acceptance is for losers


Our “product,” is for a growing elite. We are uniquely gifted in that we can not only see through the falsity of the misandric system, but we can also see through the trap of biology and how it relegates men to lifestyle subservience. We will never be mainstream, but we will become a large and flourishing subculture.

(Don’t) Fuck the Police


When human beings are brutalized in a society which lacks a legal framework for redress, a population will develop alternative forms of redress. Retributive violence is, in my opinion, a very bad option – to be avoided – but it is a probable outcome of the dysfunction and abrogation of legal and political redress of grievance.

Connecting the Dots


Everything you know comes from your brain. It’s like a library, but before you can know something your brain has to get the information, it has to put books on its shelves. Your brain collects information your whole life and stores it in your library, in your brain. Just like a library you can’t read all the books at the same time, so when you wonder about something or become curious your brain will check to see if it has information that it can give you.

The unspoken side of rape


I turned and pushed her into the refrigerator and pinned her against it. I was already hard (hey, I was 21) and pushed my erection into her thigh. I ran my hand up inside her sweater and over her breasts and I leaned in to whisper in her ear, “I know what you fucking want.”