The sobering reality of the feminist agenda hits #DrunkGirl

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Recently a team of pro-feminist film makers tricked actors into role playing “rape culture” scenes while not informing them that that’s what they were doing. The film was passed off as real to the public, leaving the actors to deal with being duped by the film-makers and with hostility from the general public.

False rape allegations—A 120-year tradition

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The following gives an account of false sexual assault and rape allegations, and the reasons women manufactured them, that were commonplace 120 years ago when the below article was written by E. Belfort Bax. Were the methods of evidence-gathering 120 years ago faulty? Definitely. Were some genuine victims of sexual assault disbelieved? Unfortunately, yes. Were […]

The profit in sex addiction

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David Ley is a clinical psychologist working in the area of human sexuality. In this article he contends that the branding of male (and female) sexuality as “addiction” brings in big money for therapists pretending to fix it.