Your brain on porn: It’s NOT addictive

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There has been a tremendous amount of hyperbole about porn use, with many authors claiming that viewing porn triggers dangerous neurochemical changes in the brain. Dr, David Ley provides groundbreaking new research that proves it just ain’t so.

Gynocentric etiquette for men (part 2)

Man kissing a womans hand at a romantic dinner

“It must always be borne in mind that Woman’s social superiority lies at the root of rules of conduct for men.” Such is the expectation of male servility toward women detailed in traditional etiquette manuals; evidence that puts a lie to feminist mythology of male dominance.

They’re right, I DON’T understand feminism

Scratching Head

Anyone following the ‘Women Against Feminism’ hashtag on Twitter will notice the angry replies of feminists claiming non-feminists are idiots, morons, retards and other epithets. Ron Collins stands guilty as charged: he does not understand feminism.

Purple Heart’s Final Beat

Purple Heart

This award-winning video co-written and co-produced by Terrence Popp, puts a damper on the obligatory mocking of “male privilege” by mainstream media. We at AVfM are not fond of trigger warnings, but for new readers we will say that this video may prove difficult to watch.