The myth of patriarchal oppression in Iran

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Western media and feminists portray Iran as a nightmare for women. Look closely, under the veneer of Islamophobic hype courtesy of feminist media, and the bad dream dissolves into one of the most luxurious, indulgent, gynocentric places on the planet.

Spare Me Your “Weinergate”!

Anthony Weiner and I have at least one thing in common: We’re both men. A politician’s manhood is under intense scrutiny, in the midst of a misandric culture. Therefore, I do not wish to remain silent.

How research is used to promote male hatred

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For White men, being the target of widespread cultural hatred is a new experience. For Black men. now targeted again, it will be nothing less than a return to their early post-African roots. For Black men, feminism is the end of their civil rights movement.

Filthy Rhetoric That Is Not Safe for Work


Modern feminism, in keeping with modern feminist tradition, has expanded modern feminist sexual harassment law to include just about anything that a modern feminist doesn’t like, or that she claims years later not to have liked, and left out entirely what any man out there may not like. In short, with sexual harassment law, it is men who are screwed, not women.

A Pussy Pass in Italy


Pussy pass articles are mainstream and completely accepted as a normal part of our process for determining guilt and innocence in the court of public opinion. So much so, that CNN no longer bothers to discuss evidence in articles about attractive young female killers. Instead, the “news organization” jumps directly to baby pictures and pink parasols.