Boy receiving treatment for wounds

It’s plausible to think that ignoring the murdered boys, and paying extra attention to the kidnapped girls in Nigeria is merely because the latter are still alive and can be potentially saved. But, do you seriously think that if a terrorist group captured 200 boys and slaughtered thousands of girls, the headlines would be #bringbackourboys?

I Don’t Thank Slaves, Rape Victims or Soldiers

war wounded military Flickr 538 x 354

Rape, slavery and war all involve abuse of human bodies. We would never praise rape-victims for giving pleasure to their rapist, nor laud slaves for being good whipping boys. Ayami Tyndall explains that, by the same logic, he cannot praise soldiers for having their bodies and minds subjected to horrific abuse.

The misandry of Code.org

Close up of woman eye with futuristic interface showing binary codes and circuit board

As women and girls grow ever more special in our culture, the fix is now in on getting more women into the field of computer programming. Since we can’t ask them to compete with men or each other to earn it, we can now simply pay off the teachers who might refer them.

Art imitating life…and afterlife


With the recent publication of my novel, Oh Hell, inspired by the suicide of Thomas Ball in June 2011, it seemed right to update an article that appeared here just over one year ago, entitled, Only one thing left…. (Oh Hell spoiler alert.) Shortly after Thomas James Ball’s death on June 15th, 2011, I read […]

Alimony slaves can do it!


Men stuck in debtors’ prisons for failure to pay either alimony or their wives’ debts sometimes found a way out by putting their lives at risk on the battlefield. Robert St. Estephe reports from the trenches.

India decides feeding men doesn’t matter


Forty percent of India’s population – millions of people – are impoverished. The nation has an epidemic of hunger, and thousands of homeless, mostly men. The government has decided to address the issue by initiating a food stamp program. The problem? They’re only giving food stamps to each household’s eldest female resident. This will leave thousands of men starving.

The Western butler and his manhood


What is the garb of the modern Western male? Is it boots and chaps, work shirt or coveralls? Is it a business suit or a military uniform? Is it all these things? Not so much, says Gordon Wadsworth, who explores the servile fashions of modern western men in all their “glory.”